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Busy Little Bee

I am hoping today goes smoothly. Oh snap! Hang on while I get my charger! My phone didn’t charge (even though it lit up like it was😡). Ok, I’m back. Stella is beside me snoozing.

I got a lot done yesterday. Dishes, planting, mowing… oh and trimming with the weed whacker, I ran out of energy before I got to the raised beds. That will have to be on my next day off. I got all the plants potted or put in the ground though. I had to go to the Dollar General and get some more pots though. The ones I had weren’t big enough for the plants I got. My timing was awesome though! Everything was on sale so I essentially got two free pots! I do need to get my seeds in as well. I might save some of them until next year though.

I treated myself to a Vincent Price movie on Shudder after my shower last night. It was The Haunted Palace. They combine the Poe poem and the story The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by H.P. Lovecraft. It was pretty good. I have loved Vincent Price since I was little so I will watch anything with him in it.

Ok, even though it is way early I am going to try to share some photos I took yesterday. I think I have enough time. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Following My Dreams…. Sort Of

This morning has been a bit of a slow roll. I let myself sleep in but when I got up, I attended to laundry, made coffee, cleaned a counter (I was going to do it later but…) and made Stella breakfast. I have been reading your various posts and contemplating class. I really like my teacher, but this class is not what it started out to be. With all the difficulties getting online to our Google group that everyone has had it has been a fiasco trying to learn anything beyond the basics. Everyone is more concerned with why and how to get into the group that they ask all those questions in class instead of ones about writing. Then there are the ones who came into this with no writing knowledge that want a template to write from. I feel as if I am the only one there to improve my writing. Everyone else seems to want to know how to do it. It is frustrating.

Hopefully we have a solution for next week. I will download everything onto a flash drive and bring it. Another classmate will bring his computer that we can hook up to the overhead and read our work from there. I would like a writing group again, but I honestly do not want to drive all the way to Traverse to do it. I might put something up at work. I don’t know. I miss having someone to talk shop with and be accountable to.

Today I need to get all my plants in the ground. I should plant my seeds too. I have been worried because it has gotten really cold at night. But today is the day. I also need to replace my one hose. It will not connect with my old one and not leak. And I need a long hose because my spigot is at the front of the house, and I need to water all my plants at the back.

Mowing the front and back is kind of on the table. Chris wants it done before we are supposed to get rain. There seems to be a slight chance tomorrow but my weather app (The Weather Channel no less) is notoriously wrong. It has been raining and it said it was sunny. No rain predicted (yet other weather apps other people had said there would be) and here we have rain. Or the opposite will happen. But I cannot find one I like. (Oh and my notifications are in Celsius but my app is Fahrenheit.)

I should wrap this up and get out to gardening. And writing. Oh! A smile story! So the other night when I closed the coworker working the gas window and I had been singing with the music (we had a good station on). All of the sudden “Y.M.C.A.” by the Village People comes on and we start doing the dance as we sing just really having fun. I turn around to check that no one is at the gas window needing our attention and I see that all the gas pumps are being used. AND everyone is doing the Y.M.C.A. dance with us! It was awesome! On that smile I will wrap this up. Thank you so much for your support and comments! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Early Morning Weirdness

Stella did the weirdest things this morning! When my alarm went off she was already up and had pushed the bathroom door open (my phone charges in there and the phone is my alarm). She was also pacing like she had to go out so I opened the door and out she went. When she came back in she actually ate breakfast. Once that was done she popped herself right back in bed with Chris.🤔

We didn’t get much sleep as I had to do laundry and shower after work. But it was an earlier night than the night before so I am grateful. I also got praise from the store owner yesterday. My check was extra big because I got a bonus for all my hard work with the plant sale. And I was encouraged to go for the liquor manager position if I still want it. It seems I am the top candidate! That being said all the applicants will be talked to over the next week or so before any choices are made. So I am feeling pretty good about things at work.😊

Even though the sun is almost completely up (if feels so weird because it’s so early) the time feels off. When I get home this afternoon I need to get my last page written and submitted for class. It is gonna be a process because I will have to submit it via my phone. Long story (ha ha). I see by the clock that I need to get myself together for work. Sorry for repeat photos. I haven’t had time to take any new ones. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Looking at the Bright and Right

Looking at my paycheck this week last week was almost worth it. I will be able to catch up on a few things as well as take care of some purchases that I need to do. Simple things like jeans and shorts for work (I currently have a pair of each) and a pair of boots (my current loves are coming apart from the inside out).

The sun is out and the temperature is mild. I was gifted a bunch of plants last night as well as two broken bags of dirt so I want to get as many plants in the ground as I can. Well, pots. I think some of the plants will go into the memorial garden at the base of the tree as well. I got some unusual herbs as well as some common ones to grow. Once again I am trying a tomato plant. For whatever reason I can’t seem to grow tomatoes.

I got a page and a half written yesterday before work. I decided to put forth my novel in class instead of writing something new. The hard part is that I have several novel beginnings to choose from. I got almost a full page in when I discovered a more recent novel start that I think will be better suited. The problem is pulling all the information from all the starts together. I am also worried that some of my classmates might not like the genre so I might get some harsh critics because of that. I guess we’ll see. So the big question is do I finish that last half page today or tomorrow? I should do it today since I need to upload it onto out class page. But I am not sure if I will have enough time for all of it (I have to save the document, send it via email, upload it… oh and write that last half page). Yesterday I got called in early. Tomorrow I get out early so I will have time to get things together before class. I need to figure out a better writing schedule. Leaving all this last minute means no one really gets to read much before class. And I know that I haven’t read anyone else’s stuff. Maybe it is a good thing I don’t belong to a writer’s group. So much gets going on lately. It feels like I barely have time to breathe. And when I do try then I feel guilty because there is so much that needs to be done.

Stella actually got up with me this morning. With the nice weather she has been in and out of the house. She is also bored. Unlike Essie and Moose she will probably stay inside when I go out to putter in the gardens. Speaking of which I need to wrap this up of I am going to get anything else done before work. How dare I try to get some sleep and have a life! I will leave you with a few photos of my new plants. The potted plant that is all leaves is a hydrangea. Oh and the little bird on the grass? A woodpecker! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Moving Through the Fog

Today is a big change mentally from yesterday. I woke feeling a bit defeated. The skies are overcast and the wind is a bit chill. I got plenty done in the house that needed to be done. Laundry, dishes, the mouse cage, the snake cage, carpets vacuumed, floors swept, trash taken out, fish bowl cleaned, bottles and cans taken to the garage (we return them here for 10 cents each). Heck I even repotted a plant! But no writing until I was in bed. And that was only in my journal. I was hoping that having class would motivate me to put pen to paper more. But my brain seems to have dug its feet in even deeper than before.

My goal is to try again today before work. I found a few writing prompts that I might try. I need to do something to get out of this rut. It’s like I no longer enjoy writing. Part of it is that I have been writing articles for so long that my mind id in that mode of less is more. But with fiction you want to have a little more description etc. When I try to do that it feels wrong and my brain says, “Huh uh. I have no idea what we are doing here.” and bogs itself down. That was another reason I took the month off. To see if that would help my fiction writing. I wanted to write a short story for a contest and I never did. The deadline was yesterday. There is another one coming up mid-month that I am shooting for.

I did manage to get decent sleep last night. The first time in a while. I close again tomorrow so hopefully tonight will be the same. Thursday I open so I won’t get much sleep Wednesday night. Ok. I need to wrap this up and get writing. Thank you for all your comments and follows! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Pushing Reset

This morning has dawned damp and chill. Our much-needed rain started last night. I am grateful for it not only because of the plants and yard but because it keeps me inside. There is so much I still need to do outside! But on the other hand there is so much I need to do inside as well. The mouse cage needs to be cleaned (it has needed to be cleaned for a while now but I just haven’t had the time), the snake cage needs to be cleaned, floors swept, vacuuming done, inside plants tended to, office cleaned up, books and movies gone through…. you get the idea. Oh and let’s not forget my writing for class as well as working on my novel. This will be the only day I have to get my classwork done.

That being said I don’t expect to get everything done. I am content to take my time with life today. There has been too much rushing and cramming this past week. Even my days off were not my own. So today is mine to do with what I will.

Chris and I spent some quality time together just hanging out. We grilled some steaks (well he cooked them in the smoker) and our side was some baby potatoes in spices. It was good to just spend some time together. We even managed to tire Stella out between the two of us! At one point after chasing her ball she hopped back on the couch, let go of the ball so it was beside her and rolled over on her back going promptly to sleep.

I have a bunch of irises that are blooming this year. It is rather cool because I transplanted a lot a few years ago so each year a different area blooms (my irises seem to bloom every other year). I am going to sneak out in the rain to get some photos to share with you today. I am very proud of what I have gotten done so far with all my plants and gardens. I just hope I keep my momentum for the whole season!

I see that my laptop battery is running low so I need to wrap this up. I also think I am going to use my laptop in the kitchen nook today. My first draft for class will be with pen and paper but I think I will put it into digital form in the kitchen nook (my brain keeps calling it my garden nook for some reason). So, off to click some quick pics to share and get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Ian a hot mess this morning. My phone doesn’t seem to want to recognize my finger this morning and that makes it difficult to type. Being so tired that I can’t see correctly isn’t helping.

I stayed later than I intended yesterday. The whole thing was not the best. (Sorry, my wording this morning is off.) I got there to find out the reservations had been changed. That meant I was the only one there. After I messaged everyone they began to slowly arrive. It was no big deal to them because most of them lived in the area and the few that did not were staying several days. It was a big deal to me because I was driving almost three hours one way.

Lunch went well. I caught up with part of my family. The long table made it difficult to talk to everyone. Afterwards we decided a handful of us would go to Bronnor’s. (This is a Christmas store that people from all over the world to visit.) I had not been there since I was little. This also shows my love for my family as I am not a fan of Christmas. Working at Younker’s ruined my love of Christmas. Working retail showed the ugly greedy side of Christmas.

I knew they would take a long time to wander (the place is massive) but my Aunt said she would drive me back to my car and come back to finish shopping. I think I stayed an extra hour. That got me home around 7pm.

I am tired enough that I am considering asking the night manager to come in early so I can go home. Anyway I need to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe! Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be more coherent.

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Felling Cray Cray

This will be a quick one as I still need to shower before I leave. I don’t want to go but I promised. Yesterday was both hard and fun. I spent the day outside and it was beautiful! I got to putter around in the plants as well. I LOVE talking plants with people. They always have such wonderful stories that they share. If I wasn’t chatting with customers I was watering and condensing the plants. At the end of the day I and one of the carry out broke down the empty three rows made from pallets and cement blocks. I probably shouldn’t have but I am not one to sit and watch someone else do all the work. My back was really bad once I got home but this morning it isn’t too bad. We’ll see as the day goes.

I asked for Monday off and got it. I have no special plans but to try to reset after everything this week. And I need to get my two pages written for class. If I can’t figure out the whole Google docs thing then I guess I will print a copy and bring it. I don’t know if I will continue the story from the first exercise or not.

Right. I need to wrap this up. I am sorry for all the repeat photos. I just haven’t had time to download the last from my camera. And this is another one of those times. If I get home early enough I will download them to my phone so I will have them for tomorrow’s post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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What Did I Get Myself Into?

I really hope I Have Monday off. I need a day to sleep in. I have hit my wall. It has been a hell of a week and I am beat. My family still has not made plans for meeting up tomorrow. It’s ridiculous since it is tomorrow. I may just go down and meet up with my Aunt and to hell with the rest of them. I have neither the time nor the patience for any of that.

I was busier than busy yesterday. I ended up outside helping but then I ended up running the plant sale. My coworker came in sick and ended up leaving early so I was doing the manager thing and running the plant sale outside. Today I am strictly plant sale. There is so much going on! The problem is that we have no staff. They are looking to promote someone and there is no one to promote! Most of the folks working there are holding down two jobs now.

Class was a bit of a mess last night. Which falls in with the rest of the day. My going to the wrong place on the completely wrong side of town (thank the Goddess I left early (ha ha I was still running late when I left)) aside the class… the people in the class seem to want a diagram of how to write. They are older for the most part (although I am closer in age to many than I would like to admit) and are looking for a cut and dry method to write their novels. Then there was the issue of the link to our group site on Google. The first link sent most people couldn’t get to work. I think maybe six got it to work. So a second email was sent. That was a hit or miss as well. I got it to work after fiddling around with it for a bit. That whole thing with the link (how to get it, what to do, where to go, what it is for, how to set things up, etc) took up a lot more time than our instructor wanted. He also was patiently frustrated. I was just frustrated. I was there to learn and talk about writing. Oh! And as I was running late when I got there I found four other people lingering outside the building. They too were in my class but the building was locked and they couldn’t get in. Someone saw us and let us in not long after I got there. I think class was about 15 minutes in and they were still trying to figure out how to login on the computers in the classroom.

I only have a few minutes before I have to leave so I’d better wrap this up. I have no idea what is going on for tomorrow so… good times! I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Feeling… Accomplished

The morning has dawned very cool. Not a bad thing after yesterday’s heat. I enjoy the contrast. I did a bit too much yesterday and am paying for it now. But I got so much done! The front gardens are completely done and the front yard has been mowed. I even got some ant stuff out (I’m not sure if it kills them or just sends them someplace else… either is fine with me). I am very proud of what I got accomplished.

Stella and I went for a walk on the property before I got started. We had to stop at the garage for a rest because she was too tired. I felt bad because by the time I had finished everything outside I hopped into the shower. Once I was done with that my body said, “No more!” and I was done. I did throw her ball several times but I don’t think it was enough for her. Right now she is snoozing after her roam of the backyard.

I dread to see what chaos I will be walking into today at work. It has been a bit of a mess over the holiday weekend. I am glad I took the month off from the paper. I know that my frustration would show on the page. But I got enough done at the house that I don’t feel like I need another day to “finish up.” Does that make sense? I have more to do for sure but I got what I intended to done and I really do need a few days to recover. (I took four big wheelbarrows full of stuff from the gardens yesterday!)

She just looks so sweet there sleeping with her head on the arm of the couch… I forgot to take photos to share with you (I did with my phone but those take up a ton of space on here when I upload them) so I need to sneak out there and take a few. I still have a lot from the other day to share as well. I hate to wake her but if I am going to get this posted I need to get out there with my camera. I hope to get some other writing done as well before work. Oh, and I have to be back at 6:30am so tomorrows post might be light. Onward and upward! Thanks for reading and stay safe!