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Rambly Me

This morning has dawned a bit chilly despite the sunshine. I am enjoying my first cup of coffee. Stella got up long enough to eat and go outside. I don’t blame her. I can barely keep my eyes open myself. I woke up at one point to glance at the clock trying to figure out if I had the day off or not. Just today and tomorrow. But my brain also remembers the last day off. That would be last Friday. With everything that has been going on it has been a super long week.

We got a good rain last night, so everything looks fresh and happy. I will get out with the camera and get some photos to share. I didn’t get any yesterday. My days are all starting to mush together. I don’t like it when that happens. I feel like a paint mix of many colors that is just is slowly blending together.

Stella has come out to lay by me. She is getting loved on, so she is happy. Tonight will be the hardest. I am closing manager so I could be home as late as 10:30pm. Then back up at 5am for work the next day. I might be asleep by midnight. I might not. I will be tired enough. I am worried about her hips though. I should probably start giving her glucosamine again. When she stretches she has loud popping noises. She did that when we first got her because her hips popped in and out easily from the abuse she’d had. We knew that she would have problems as she got older. She will be like her sister and not let on that she is in pain.

This weekend will be the actual start of the silly season. The National Cherry Festival kicks off in Traverse City. No one wants to be anywhere near Traverse this time of year. I should probably wrap this up. I am not really focusing on this anymore. I will go and get a few photos to share then get this posted. Sorry for the rather long ramble. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Sussing Out the Breadcrumbs

There is so much rolling around in my head this morning. My brain and body are finally to the point that when I crash at night, I crash hard. So I am starting to get some steady sleep. That being taken care of for the time being I am turning back to my writing. I am going to try to set aside time on my days off (to start with). I just realized that I signed up for the July NaNoWriMo Writing Camp. Oof. I did that in a peak of creative hope at the beginning of June. I can but try. I also sent an email to my editor at the paper saying that I was ready to come back. I hope I am not over doing things. I can but try. I am going to not doing much to doing a lot again. But maybe not. We’ll see.

It is pretty nice out so once I post this, I will take Stella for a walk. I should drive her to the park. But I have a feeling that if I plan to get any writing done, I need to just to our back 40. I am trying to focus on forward without constantly looking back. I will be turning 50 in a little over a month. I need to be looking forward. Not back.

I find myself wanting to stay home more and more. A lot of that is because I deal with people all day. The other part is that I am just not up to running around all the time. I need some down time. (This from the one who just filled her plate back up. Sigh.) But I also need new experiences. I need to be alive. Not in a fog reaching out for sleep. So I guess…. I guess I need to figure things out a step at a time. Time to make more lists!

Stella is restless. I don’t blame her. I haven’t spent much time with her lately. I am going to wrap this up and get her outside for a bit. Then I will write one page on my novel. I can do this. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Storms and Buds and Goats! Oh My!

OMG. There are goats across the street. I heard what sounded like a whiny human child but the more I listened (and there was a lot to listen to) it sounded like what it was. Goats. They were quiet for a few minutes but then started up again. I have no idea if these people looked to see if they could have goats on their property or if their neighbors will be knocking on their door to complain. And I also wonder if they have put any thought into what is going to happen once winter sets in. I see a large fenced in area but no out building for them. This will be interesting.

Things feel like they are going borderline crazy anymore. Like someone who is barely holding it together. One wrong word will set them off. And you don’t know what that word is.

I am going to have to shut the front window. All I can hear are those goats. So much for getting a nice cross breeze through the house. Bah.

I let myself sleep in. I could’ve slept longer but I wanted to get things done before I had to leave for Mom’s. I slept about 12 hours as it was. Mom keeps trying to weasel out of going to the doctor. I don’t want to go anywhere today so it is difficult to keep pushing her to still go at times.

I’m going to go over and smack those kids. The human ones, not the goats. They find it entertaining to get the goats to bleat. No sooner are the goats quiet then I hear a human child make the bleating noise only to have the goats mimic it. And so it goes. I am glad I am not next door.

We had storms roll through in the wee hours this morning. Stella was not a happy girl. I had the light on for a bit to help. As soon as the storms ended, she hunkered right back in and went to sleep. Everything got watered well from the storm. I have been taking my little watering can and watering everyone outside. The hoses leak more water than they disperse so I have given up on them. Pepper plants have buds and are blooming. One of the cantaloupe plants has a big orange bloom open. I also used some fresh basil and oregano in dinner last night. I marinated some chicken then grilled them in a tin foil wrap with the fresh herbs inside. We also had a ranch bacon pasta salad. Not a lot but I felt that I should make dinner on Father’s Day for Chris.

It looks like it wants to rain again. If we have storms it will be hard to leave Stella. I might just have to take her with and stay in the car with her. I can’t leave her freaking out at home. But we’ll see. I did take lots of photos yesterday so I will share some of them today. The plants are the recent editions to the gardens. Everything was budding like crazy yesterday so the rain will be a push for things to get moving. I’ll get more photos in a few days to show their growth. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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With a Cause

This morning’s anxiety attack I understand the cause. I talked with both my parents last night (this wasn’t my intention but oh well). Mom has not been doing well. She needs to go to the doctor. She tried what we refer to as rent-a-doc or Urgent Care. They pretty much said ‘Take two aspirin and call if it gets worse.” I hope that going to her regular doctor Monday will tell us something. Mom kept trying to back out of going. I finally asked if she wanted me to take Monday off and drive her. She agreed so I texted my boss immediately asking to have Monday off. I have it off and he also said to give her their best (meaning work).

I feel like I am running behind. I see by the clock that I am. I had things to take care of here before I did this and that used up a bit of my time. Stella came out to be with me. She is curled in a tiny ball behind me. I am very tired. I slept but I am still catching up on sleep from previous days. My brain is all over the place. I am just a cashier today so that might help.

I’m sorry this is a bit all over the place. On the flip side it will be short. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Following My Dreams…. Sort Of

This morning has been a bit of a slow roll. I let myself sleep in but when I got up, I attended to laundry, made coffee, cleaned a counter (I was going to do it later but…) and made Stella breakfast. I have been reading your various posts and contemplating class. I really like my teacher, but this class is not what it started out to be. With all the difficulties getting online to our Google group that everyone has had it has been a fiasco trying to learn anything beyond the basics. Everyone is more concerned with why and how to get into the group that they ask all those questions in class instead of ones about writing. Then there are the ones who came into this with no writing knowledge that want a template to write from. I feel as if I am the only one there to improve my writing. Everyone else seems to want to know how to do it. It is frustrating.

Hopefully we have a solution for next week. I will download everything onto a flash drive and bring it. Another classmate will bring his computer that we can hook up to the overhead and read our work from there. I would like a writing group again, but I honestly do not want to drive all the way to Traverse to do it. I might put something up at work. I don’t know. I miss having someone to talk shop with and be accountable to.

Today I need to get all my plants in the ground. I should plant my seeds too. I have been worried because it has gotten really cold at night. But today is the day. I also need to replace my one hose. It will not connect with my old one and not leak. And I need a long hose because my spigot is at the front of the house, and I need to water all my plants at the back.

Mowing the front and back is kind of on the table. Chris wants it done before we are supposed to get rain. There seems to be a slight chance tomorrow but my weather app (The Weather Channel no less) is notoriously wrong. It has been raining and it said it was sunny. No rain predicted (yet other weather apps other people had said there would be) and here we have rain. Or the opposite will happen. But I cannot find one I like. (Oh and my notifications are in Celsius but my app is Fahrenheit.)

I should wrap this up and get out to gardening. And writing. Oh! A smile story! So the other night when I closed the coworker working the gas window and I had been singing with the music (we had a good station on). All of the sudden “Y.M.C.A.” by the Village People comes on and we start doing the dance as we sing just really having fun. I turn around to check that no one is at the gas window needing our attention and I see that all the gas pumps are being used. AND everyone is doing the Y.M.C.A. dance with us! It was awesome! On that smile I will wrap this up. Thank you so much for your support and comments! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Looking at the Bright and Right

Looking at my paycheck this week last week was almost worth it. I will be able to catch up on a few things as well as take care of some purchases that I need to do. Simple things like jeans and shorts for work (I currently have a pair of each) and a pair of boots (my current loves are coming apart from the inside out).

The sun is out and the temperature is mild. I was gifted a bunch of plants last night as well as two broken bags of dirt so I want to get as many plants in the ground as I can. Well, pots. I think some of the plants will go into the memorial garden at the base of the tree as well. I got some unusual herbs as well as some common ones to grow. Once again I am trying a tomato plant. For whatever reason I can’t seem to grow tomatoes.

I got a page and a half written yesterday before work. I decided to put forth my novel in class instead of writing something new. The hard part is that I have several novel beginnings to choose from. I got almost a full page in when I discovered a more recent novel start that I think will be better suited. The problem is pulling all the information from all the starts together. I am also worried that some of my classmates might not like the genre so I might get some harsh critics because of that. I guess we’ll see. So the big question is do I finish that last half page today or tomorrow? I should do it today since I need to upload it onto out class page. But I am not sure if I will have enough time for all of it (I have to save the document, send it via email, upload it… oh and write that last half page). Yesterday I got called in early. Tomorrow I get out early so I will have time to get things together before class. I need to figure out a better writing schedule. Leaving all this last minute means no one really gets to read much before class. And I know that I haven’t read anyone else’s stuff. Maybe it is a good thing I don’t belong to a writer’s group. So much gets going on lately. It feels like I barely have time to breathe. And when I do try then I feel guilty because there is so much that needs to be done.

Stella actually got up with me this morning. With the nice weather she has been in and out of the house. She is also bored. Unlike Essie and Moose she will probably stay inside when I go out to putter in the gardens. Speaking of which I need to wrap this up of I am going to get anything else done before work. How dare I try to get some sleep and have a life! I will leave you with a few photos of my new plants. The potted plant that is all leaves is a hydrangea. Oh and the little bird on the grass? A woodpecker! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Ian a hot mess this morning. My phone doesn’t seem to want to recognize my finger this morning and that makes it difficult to type. Being so tired that I can’t see correctly isn’t helping.

I stayed later than I intended yesterday. The whole thing was not the best. (Sorry, my wording this morning is off.) I got there to find out the reservations had been changed. That meant I was the only one there. After I messaged everyone they began to slowly arrive. It was no big deal to them because most of them lived in the area and the few that did not were staying several days. It was a big deal to me because I was driving almost three hours one way.

Lunch went well. I caught up with part of my family. The long table made it difficult to talk to everyone. Afterwards we decided a handful of us would go to Bronnor’s. (This is a Christmas store that people from all over the world to visit.) I had not been there since I was little. This also shows my love for my family as I am not a fan of Christmas. Working at Younker’s ruined my love of Christmas. Working retail showed the ugly greedy side of Christmas.

I knew they would take a long time to wander (the place is massive) but my Aunt said she would drive me back to my car and come back to finish shopping. I think I stayed an extra hour. That got me home around 7pm.

I am tired enough that I am considering asking the night manager to come in early so I can go home. Anyway I need to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe! Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be more coherent.

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Felling Cray Cray

This will be a quick one as I still need to shower before I leave. I don’t want to go but I promised. Yesterday was both hard and fun. I spent the day outside and it was beautiful! I got to putter around in the plants as well. I LOVE talking plants with people. They always have such wonderful stories that they share. If I wasn’t chatting with customers I was watering and condensing the plants. At the end of the day I and one of the carry out broke down the empty three rows made from pallets and cement blocks. I probably shouldn’t have but I am not one to sit and watch someone else do all the work. My back was really bad once I got home but this morning it isn’t too bad. We’ll see as the day goes.

I asked for Monday off and got it. I have no special plans but to try to reset after everything this week. And I need to get my two pages written for class. If I can’t figure out the whole Google docs thing then I guess I will print a copy and bring it. I don’t know if I will continue the story from the first exercise or not.

Right. I need to wrap this up. I am sorry for all the repeat photos. I just haven’t had time to download the last from my camera. And this is another one of those times. If I get home early enough I will download them to my phone so I will have them for tomorrow’s post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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What Did I Get Myself Into?

I really hope I Have Monday off. I need a day to sleep in. I have hit my wall. It has been a hell of a week and I am beat. My family still has not made plans for meeting up tomorrow. It’s ridiculous since it is tomorrow. I may just go down and meet up with my Aunt and to hell with the rest of them. I have neither the time nor the patience for any of that.

I was busier than busy yesterday. I ended up outside helping but then I ended up running the plant sale. My coworker came in sick and ended up leaving early so I was doing the manager thing and running the plant sale outside. Today I am strictly plant sale. There is so much going on! The problem is that we have no staff. They are looking to promote someone and there is no one to promote! Most of the folks working there are holding down two jobs now.

Class was a bit of a mess last night. Which falls in with the rest of the day. My going to the wrong place on the completely wrong side of town (thank the Goddess I left early (ha ha I was still running late when I left)) aside the class… the people in the class seem to want a diagram of how to write. They are older for the most part (although I am closer in age to many than I would like to admit) and are looking for a cut and dry method to write their novels. Then there was the issue of the link to our group site on Google. The first link sent most people couldn’t get to work. I think maybe six got it to work. So a second email was sent. That was a hit or miss as well. I got it to work after fiddling around with it for a bit. That whole thing with the link (how to get it, what to do, where to go, what it is for, how to set things up, etc) took up a lot more time than our instructor wanted. He also was patiently frustrated. I was just frustrated. I was there to learn and talk about writing. Oh! And as I was running late when I got there I found four other people lingering outside the building. They too were in my class but the building was locked and they couldn’t get in. Someone saw us and let us in not long after I got there. I think class was about 15 minutes in and they were still trying to figure out how to login on the computers in the classroom.

I only have a few minutes before I have to leave so I’d better wrap this up. I have no idea what is going on for tomorrow so… good times! I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Little of This, a Little of That… Oh and Some of This Too

The temperature is climbing quickly today. I am bouncing between writing this and talking to my friend online. She is in the hospital waiting for her man to come out of surgery. They found cancer in his kidney so they are going in to remove what they can and see what comes next. He should be coming out of surgery soon so I am trying to keep her occupied.

Miss Stella is not happy that I am doing this. She wants to be the center of my world and get love n’ scratches. As soon as she got up she made a bee line out the door and stayed there for quite a while. Once she got too hot she came in and laid in front of the AC for a bit. Now she is on the love seat behind me.

Since Chris got the backyard mowed I think I will do the front after he goes to work. I will also do my best to knock out the last of the front garden. I don’t think it will take too long. I will need to cut the tree back though. And that means climbing on the ladder. I am not looking forward to that part but it has to be done.

Well this has turned into a busy morning! As I was wrapping up that last paragraph I got a call from a cow working asking if she could stop by and get some of my lilacs to send to her daughter. Her daughter wanted them for her wedding (I guess she got married on Memorial Day) but it was to expensive to send them via a florist. As a surprise my friend is sending some she got locally. Problem was after the rain and heat we got over the weekend most of the lilacs are spent. My purple bushes are still looking good but the white ones are really wilted. She took several bunches to send. She was so excited!

And now my train of thought has completely derailed! Lol. Ah well. I will see about adding some of my photos from the other day on here then get this posted. Have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!