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Mitigating the Migraine

I’ve had maybe an hours sleep. With the weather changes the headache has become a migraine. I just want to curl up and be left alone.

I have both pups wrapped around me on the love seat. Chris is asleep in bed. I would give a lot to stay home with them today.

I have to stop at the post office on the way home. Our neighbor on the corner sent me a text last night letting me know that our mail person told her she needs to put her mailbox with ours. She has one by her house. No one sees a need to move it. I done want her mailbox on our property. That means she (or her boyfriend) will be stopping out front at all hours. They have a sketchy relationship. We don’t need that drama out front. So I need to find out what is up.

All is set for me to get out a little early Sunday so I can cover the Kids Christmas Party. I just need to figure out if I am stopping by home before I go to the park. Probably not. I will just have to bring my camera to work with me.

We drew names for the Secret Santa yesterday. I think there are three people left that need to draw names. Everyone seems very excited about it. I also am pulling the pot luck together I guess. Someone asked me to ask the manager if we could have one this year so I did. Now somehow I am in charge of it.

I think I will wrap this up and try some more medicine for my head. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Shuffling the Holiday Cheer Around

The winds have been blowing since yesterday. The power has gone out and come back on. We got a little of the promised rain last night but with the temperature drop what precipitation we get will be snow. We are also under a winter storm advisory. Things are starting to get interesting.

Yesterday found me all over the place. I did get most of my running done but I got home a few hours later than I hoped. Mom and I spent time chatting over coffee at her place then we went out to lunch. We both had a very good time. Times like this I wish she lived closer. She needs to get out more than just to the senior center and the store.

I have also agree to add two more articles for the paper this month. I asked if they wanted someone to cover the Kids Christmas this weekend and Santa is coming to the Village Market on the 19th. They said yes. So I will be covering both along with photos. I enjoy doing articles with photos. So Sunday after work I will buzz over to the park and do my thing. I need to remember to bring my camera to work. The event starts at 1pm so I will have missed the first hour. I am tempted to ask is the night shift manager would mind coming in early so I can get there when it starts. I would like to get some photos of Santa arriving. I will talk to her today when I go in. I also need to drop off the stuff I got yesterday from Mom and my friend for the event.

Despite having two days off I have not touched my novel. Part of me is angry with myself but then there is the feeling that there is something cooking with it. That is needs to be left alone for right now. So I am not going to beat myself up for not working on it. I am going to trust the process.

I need to figure out a way to make sure I don’t forget my extracurricular activities. I get so much going and then I will get lost in the daily regular projects and completely forget the extras. Like I need to draw names for the Secret Santa at work today. Which reminds me, I should bring something to draw from. A Santa hat or some such. I could bring a stocking. That also reminds me that I need to get a stocking for Archie (I kept saying Moose in my head). This is why I have tons of lists all over the place..

I ought to wrap this up. My mind is whirling with things that I need to do. I did not get any new photos yesterday so it will be some repeats. Sorry about that. I hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Feeling Good

Well yesterday was a full day for me! I did laundry, dishes, watered the plants, filled the bird feeder, swept the kitchen, played with the pups AND made my first turkey soup from scratch! It turned out really well. I boiled all the wings and made my own broth then once I got the meat off the wings (I let them cook for several hours) I added all kinds of fresh stuff: potatoes, onions, mixed veggies and even fresh herbs from my garden. This time I added about half a stick of butter for a nice rich flavor base.

Stella is beside me on the love seat smiling. I have covered her up and wadded a blanket for a pillow beneath her head. She was so cute when she nibbled the blanket before trying to cover herself up with it.

Archie is on the floor chewing a bone. He has been very good about giving Stella her space this morning. Last night he decide that he wasn’t close enough to me (Stella was beside me) so he wedged himself across the top of my head. There wasn’t any room so he would whine every little while until I finally scooted down further on the bed. Then he oozed himself further onto my pillow.

I have a full morning planned. As soon as I post this I am headed to Kalkaska then to Mom’s with a few stops in between. My goal is to be home by noon or so.

I do have several new photos to share. Hopefully I have enough room in my media. If I don’t I will update as soon as I get home. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Day Out and About

I guess I should’ve plugged in the laptop after yesterday’s post. We’ll see how far we make it before the battery goes dead. Yesterday was a busy day. Chris and I spent some much needed time together doing early Christmas shopping. I came home with new boots and three new pairs of jeans. I really love my new boots! I have been dreading replacing my old boots because I don’t do frilly. I don’t need all the designs, colors and stitching on them. I just want a basic boot that is hard working (I wear my boots year round with the exception of Summer). And I think I got that in the new pair. They are comfortable even before being broken in.

Other goodies we came home with included a double bowl holder for the dogs as well as a new collar and harness for Archie Bear. He likes the new collar but is very unsure of the harness. It is the same one that Stella has but in red. I was over the moon about the bowl holder. It is supposed to be for a food bowl and water bowl but I am using it for their meals. It is so much easier for them to not have to bend all the way down to the floor when they eat! And Archie doesn’t chase his bowl around the room when he eats either. I wanted to make one from spare wood but I never got around to it. For me it was worth every penny. It is also easier to feed them. They are face to face instead of side by side as Bear tends to try to help Stella eat her food once he has finished his. This way she knows where he is as she eats. (I stay with them and keep him out of her business until she has finished eating.)

It was good to spend time with Chris. We do it so seldom with our work schedules. We chatted here and there but were content to just sit in silence while we drove (although the drive home we were singing to ZZ Top). We will have company for Thanksgiving this year. I invited a friend over (the same friend that lives down the street and has been having problems). It will be interesting to see how Archie Bear does with a new person. I want to take them both with me to work today but I’m not sure how long I will be. Atleast an hour. I don’t want them in the car for that long. But Stella needs to get out and I want to get Bear used to being in a car.

Well the battery is about gone. I will take a few quick clicks with the camera and add them to this post. A big thank you to everyone that has reached out over the past few weeks. It is great to hear from my readers! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Doggie Duo

Oh my goodness! So busy! I was hoping not to have to go out today but I am out of medicine. And when I need to put more in my system that is when the coughing gets out of control. So I am getting better but I am not out of the woods yet! For as busy as I was yesterday things went pretty smooth. The biggest moment for me was when I came home from the second meeting. I put Bear (I have named him Archie Bear) in the cage because I wasn’t sure how he would do (he only gets into things once, he is told no and he listens). When I got home I was greeted by two dogs. Not one. Do you know that he got into nothing? I am so very proud! Part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop. He is such a good boy! Tomorrow will be another test. I am closing so it will be a long day for them. Then we’ll see how he does with Chris while I am at work in the mornings. Right now he is snoring in my lap. I am thinking of using some of my sick time next week and take some extra time off (Chris will have the whole week off).

Bear will be a very big boy if he grows into his paws. He is just a big cuddle bug. He doesn’t like it when we bark/sing. He tends to hide behind me. He turned 6 months old yesterday. I called and have a vet appointment set up for him. He will need his rabies shot and he needs to be fixed. He’s not a fan of cars (he gets spooked when they drive by if he is out in the yard I guess). I had to pick him up to get him into the car to bring him home. Since I need to go get medicine I might bring them with. But I may not. I might just run to the store and run back. I do need to get him acclimated to going in the car though. Stella loves rides so that should help.

Winter has officially moved in. Snow, ice and wind have been our constant companions. Bah humbug. I am going to share some photos and then get this posted. Both pups are dreaming right now. Good grief! I hate to wake them to get the camera but….. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Big BIG Changes

This will be a somewhat brisk and possibly garbled post. So much has gone on in the past 24 hours! I have given my notice at the paper. As much as I love my job there I just can’t give them the quality articles that they deserve. I have so much going on with all my new responsibilities at the store I am cramming my life into my two days off. And when (like today) one of those days off has two meetings that makes everything harder. Today will be crazy because yesterday we brought home a new family member. His name is Bear (we both keep calling him Moose on accident because he is so much like him). He is 6 months old. He is a very good boy and listens for the most part. He is actually very well behaved for his size and age (at 6 months he is the same size as Stella who is 5 years). I had forgotten about the meetings when the opportunity to get him came up. So I will run to Elk Rapids for the first meeting and then come back home to hopefully a happy family (Chris and Stella are still in bed… Bear won’t sleep in bed so around 6am I came out here to sleep on the couch with him because he was crying). I don’t know what he will do on his own. We have a cage set up for him for when we are both gone (that will be later tonight when I go to my second meeting). But you see what I mean? my life is just getting so busy that I have to let somethings go. I sent an email to both the newspaper owner and my editor. I said I would work through the rest of the year but after the first of January I would be done. I haven’t heard anything yet.

Bear (I keep calling him Moose… sigh) is wandering checking things out again. He has pulled out most of the bones from their toy box. He and Stella seem to be getting along well. He is a bit too busy for her sometimes. And a bit too much in her business. But no fighting or anything. And I need to get this posted. Posts this week are apt to be a bit crazy so I apologize now. I will get photos of everyone today (hopefully). Sorry about no pics today. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Craziness and Options

This medicine has me all over the place mentally. Part of me is still asleep, another part is trying to wake up while yet another part is already trying to get through my day. I made it through yesterday but it was crazy. When I got there I found out that about half of the parking lot was blocked off. So that meant parking on the grassy hills on the other side of the store (by the time I got out my car had sunk about 1/4 inch). Then there was the fiasco with the new phone system. They were trying to get it installed and teach everyone how to use it. Since I had just me to run various things so others could get taught I never got to go back and learn. By the time I got back there the guy had started packing it all up. He knew I hadn’t been back yet.

I almost didn’t get my cigarette order done and my liquor barely got stocked because I was seemingly needed everywhere. Not long after my shift started someone cut a finger on the meat slicer in the deli. So that was a while filling out the accident report and then making sure all was well. (It wasn’t serious thankfully.) it just seemed to be one thing after another.

I have found a possible pup for us. He is just down the street on Valley. He looks very much like Moose. There are only two boys. One looks like Moose and the other is a brindle like Stella. I am hoping to go meet him Monday or Tuesday. If it goes well then I will bring him home to meet Stella and Chris. There is still the pup downstate but I’ve not heard back from his owner. I like both options but I am leaning toward the local one. If something happens or it doesn’t work out they are just around the corner (literally). I would hate to drive all the way downstate for things not to work out once I got him home.

I should wrap this up. Wish me luck today. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Old Memories With New

Oh Friends… it is going to be a long and desperate day. While last night was fun that might be the nail in my coffin for this week. Stella seemed to understand it better than I as she has been a quiet cuddle bug since I got home from work yesterday.

It was good to catch up with both of our friends we all agreed that we needed to get together more often and at a more reasonable hour for all of us. It has me wondering if I should plan a few meals to have guests over. I could use a good excuse to try one of my long lost recipes.

I really missed having Chris with us. Going to see “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at a theatre (movie theatre) was one of our… shall we call it bonding experiences? We both had fun when we went in California together and still laugh about it now.

I guess our group of revelers was the largest the theatre has seen since 2019. We filled the house. Everyone had fun and knew the words to atleast one or two of the songs. Like me there were a lot of people adding new memories to old (one gal in line with us was at the actual release of the movie in Boston and the pair of guys behind us were father and son, they had gone together when the son was 10 years old… the son was now in his 40s and listening to those two throw out the one liners was so funny).

Since I tried to get more than 4 hours of sleep this is all I have time to write. I will try to share some photos of last night as soon as I can. Probably Monday. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Creepy Skies

We woke up to everything cast in an eerie yellow light. It gave everything a rather sickly glow that made you think something bad was about to go down. Right now it’s not as yellow but the grey skies still have a slight tinge to them. It’s like everything is starting to go bad visually.

I shed a few tears yesterday. I found out that one of my favorite people, Leslie Jordan, passed away. He was one of those people that just lit up a room. He could always make you smile no matter how bad your day was. He was always fun to watch (so much energy in that tiny package!). I sent one of his dvds to Dad to help him through some of his PTSD. I never got to meet Leslie but he has helped me and mine through a lot of things.

So today I am trying to put on a sort of happy face and move forward. Mom still hasn’t gone in for her phone repairs so I had better call her today. Dad and I also need to talk. I have a meeting at 6;30pm so I’m not sure how to fit all this in. Do you ever make plans in the future and get all excited about them but the closer it comes to doing them suddenly you don’t want to do it? That is how I am about this week. I have so much going on… Fun stuff to be sure but I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

I did get some significant work on my novel done yesterday. I plan to keep shipping away at it. I have also found a fellow traveler on the writing path that has decided to put together a small group to help each other over some of the writing hurdles we encounter. I need to make sure that I put forth the effort to keep in touch on there. I am very bad at that. It sounds great to get together and have fellow writers to talk to but then I let myself drift off and lose touch. I can think of several times that I have done this.

Since I got up late I suppose I need to get myself motivated. I am contemplating taking Stella to the park. Yesterday was raining so we stayed home. Today is overcast but no rain yet. Ok, I can do this. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Fall Day

Stella is hunkered in on the couch dreaming. There is an annoying lone fly buzzing in the near vicinity. The weather has turned itself back to Fall. The past two days we have been in Summer mode. That meant a lot of people got their yard work done (unless, like me, they played hooky and just enjoyed the weather). Today I just want to chill for the day. No plans. No expectations.

I did manage to get some sleep. It got broken up between the storm and my back. But I got some and I am very grateful for that. I know I have been hard at things at work this week so I expect my body to be unhappy with me. Especially since it realizes that today I stay home.

I cannot believe that October is almost gone! When did that happen?! Soon the ground will be covered in white. While I am not looking forward to the cold and snow I am looking forward to hunkering in. Maybe get the house in order. There are several mini projects I have wanted to do around here. Hopefully I will follow through with the ones I start.

I have been taking photos a lot so I have fresh ones to share. To that end I will need to set up my birdfeeder soon. I try to wait until the first serious freeze that way they know it’s there when they need it. Right now there is still plenty for them to eat in the wild. Once they start coming to the feeder I can bombard you with bird photos. 😉

I’m sorry, I seem to just be rambling along here. Maybe that is a sign to get it together and start my day. Oh and my laptop has gone into battery saver mode. So I guess I will add some new photos and get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!