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It’s Gonna Be All Right

I had a hard time getting up this morning. My body wants to catch up on sleep all at once. Just a few more days and we will be on vacation. Thursday’s meeting has been pushed to next week so that will be something to get me out of the house. This week it means I can stay home after work that day. I am grateful for that. I think next week will also see a lot of me in the gardens doing clean up.

I have a decent crew at work tonight. I hope all goes well. This morning when I went to open the sliding glass door I stopped. I saw a small hummingbird feeding on the flowers right outside of the glass. I stood and watched her for probably less than a minute as she went to all the flowers on the porch. She hovered and looked at me for a few seconds before she went to a few more flowers and left. That is the second hummingbird visit in as many days. Yesterday also brought me a brand-new Monarch butterfly visit. This beauty’s wings were freshly dried. That is how I know I am starting to destress. My nature friends are coming back.

I want to take Stella to the park for a walk but with the sickness that has been going around I need to keep her home. Walking her in the back 40 makes both of us itch because the grass is so tall (we let everything do what it wants). And she is itching enough right now.

It wasn’t supposed to rain today but I think it will. The skies are darkening and the temperature is dropping. As much as I am enjoying it, it is good sleeping weather and my body would really like to do that. It will be a struggle to keep awake. Hopefully the shower will help. I will share a few photos. Oh, we have two more cantaloupes! We ate our two tomatoes yesterday and they were amazing! I hope you have a spectacular day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Drifting In the Memories

I have a Pitbull asleep in my lap. I am typing one handed as I scratch her with the other. Stella is doing better, thankfully. After reading various news reports of dogs getting sick up here, I am wondering if our walks in the park caused some of the issue as well. It seems that parks have been spraying for bugs and such and that has made a lot of dogs sick. Maybe it is a good thing I am lazy?

I don’t want to go back to work today. I am just not feeling it. But I have to. And next week is going to be difficult as it is inventory on the 30th. I am ok with my liquor but my beer department… that is a bit overwhelming. I am going to guess that Monday will be a long day. They are asking that we have our counts done on the 29th. I need to ask if there is anything special to do besides ask people to mark things off if they pull from my backstock. Cigarettes won’t be a big deal. I don’t have to count them.

My mind is everywhere but here. A fellow blogger was recounting his trip to Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum and I spent some of the best parts of my childhood there with Dad. As I was going through his photos I let myself remember. My dreams were like that today too. I was trying to clock watch and still get some sleep. So I would be dreaming but crack an eye long enough to register the time then drift back into my dream. Very surreal.

Stella has drifted out to lay in the sun. I want to work more on my novel before work (I did do some work on it yesterday). I also need to shower. That way I can just feed Stella and hunker in bed after work tonight. I am hoping for an easy night tonight. But we’ll see. I should probably wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Stella came out here to be with me for a little while. I think she isn’t feeling good again. And I think it is because she is liking the lotion off of Chris. He has a special lotion that he uses and Stella loves licking and giving kisses. We tell her to stop but she manages to sneak in a few licks anyway. She got love from me for a bit then walked outside. I thought she was going to lay in the sun, but she came back in and went back to bed with Chris.

The flies in the house have become all but unbearable. We have fly strips up but there seems to be no end to them. I am constantly waving my hands around myself (or Stella) to get rid of them. They are even active at night (despite what everyone says). As I try to type this there are about 5 flies accosting me. Even outside.

We have another roof estimate being done at 1pm today. I hope it doesn’t take as long as the window one. That was almost… no it was 3 hours. Chris left at 3pm and the guy didn’t leave til after 4pm. We just want an estimate. Not the history of the company (which apparently is required when the guy comes to get the info for the estimate). I need some time without people.

I am still not in a good headspace, but I am a little more functional. I came home in a good mood yesterday. As lack of sleep kicked in, I could feel myself getting crabby, so I tried to reign it in. We needed some family time. I am hoping that I can start to get myself together. Everyone keeps sending messages so I find that I am avoiding my phone. Mom finally gets it and has been leaving me alone. I don’t want to spend my time on my phone (more than I already do). And it seems that once people get in touch they just keep talking. So I have been avoiding everyone. There have been a blessed few that will not talk my ear off and I am very grateful for them.

I am going to see about enjoying the silence for a bit. Maybe a shower will help. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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The Big 5-0

Somehow, I managed to make it 50 years. I have done so much… Yet it feels as though not much time has gone by. This year is kinda special because everyone is going out of their way for my birthday, family and friends alike. I have decided to call this the “Fabulous 50s”, not nifty 50s.

Stella has been in my lap almost since she has gotten up. She is on a bland diet so see if that will help. She is also on a cancellation list so if someone cancels and she is still not doing well I can get her in. They are booked solid til September. I know she’s not doing well. But I will try to keep her happy til we can get into the doctor.

Yesterday we went to the Secretary of State and got my tabs. I was pleasantly surprised to get in and out within 5 minutes. I did not know if I would be made to wait because I had no appointment. I walked in and up to the counter and did my thing. So both the car and motorcycle have their new tabs. I called the vet’s office while we were in the parking lot in case they could get her in. Since they couldn’t we went to the park for a walk. She has strained her left shoulder, so we took it slow. I’m not sure what she did. It seems to come and go. I am trying to be positive but a Momma knows. She is doing a lot of the same things Moosie did after he was diagnosed with kidney disease.

I have people stopping by throughout the day to say hi. Mom wants to get together so I hope she would consider coming out here. I don’t know when everyone is stopping by. Dad wants to chat as well. I feel a bit like a queen waiting to receive her tributes, lol. But since I have the day off people have just offered to drop by with cards and to say hi. I am extremely grateful.

We just had a brown out with our electricity. No weather to speak of, blue skies and no clouds or wind. Just sunshine and warmth. So I had better get this posted before it happens again! Thanks for reading and thank you so much for your concerns. I appreciate the suggestions. Stay safe!

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I was pleasantly surprised when we went out for my birthday brunch yesterday. When we got in the door Chris kind of turns to the left and waves. People wave back. It took me a second to realize that I knew all these people, lol. A certain loving husband went and got a small surprise party together for me! There were three of my coworkers from Younker’s, our neighbor’s from across the way and then the Girls (Chris works with them and we have become very close, so we just refer to them as “the Girls”). It was really good to meet and catch up with everyone. I even got to wear my Minion tank top that I wanted!

Tomorrow is the big day. I do feel better about it. And a big part of tomorrow is that it is a day off. Several of you have commented that it sounds like I am quickly approaching burn out. You are probably right. I have too much going on and am too much in my head lately. I am going to try to get my tabs for my vehicles this morning. I have tried setting an appointment, but their web sites are not working correctly (at least not for me). Since I did not get any paperwork in the mail this year, I am hoping that they can get me in. It should be very quick. I hope. I also need to call the vet about Stella. I hope we can get her in this week some time.

Aaaaand I can feel the anxiety kick in. One of my coworkers last night was talking about some of the medical stuff she was going through, and Chris and I just looked at each other. It all sounded a lot like me. I am going to wrap this up and try to go get my tabs. It is cool enough I will take Stella with me. Part of me wants to wait until tomorrow but that is not a good idea. I want some sleep tonight. I am sorry for the repeat photos. I will make an effort to get fresh ones to share tomorrow. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Storms? Inside and Out

Well that was a bit wet! I woke up to a lightening strike notification on my phone. Concerned I checked my weather app (The Weather Channel”. No chance of rain and nothing on radar. I go about my morning routine. I see more lightening. Thinking it must be heat lightening I stick my head outside. Nope. It is distinctly chilly out. Stella gets up and eats. I hear soft rumbles in the distance. As she finishes eating I notice things are getting a bit louder and brighter outside. Fortunately she got outside and did her business before it all broke loose! Within a few minutes the skies opened up and it just poured down, accompanied by the song and dance of thunder and lightening. It lasted around 10 minutes but everything got a good soaking. The brief storm seems to be moving off to the north west, flashing as it goes.

Yesterday was not my best at work. Things were crazy and we were short staffed. I found out that a coworker is going through a bad separation. She is leaving an abusive relationship. So I am doing my best to make things as easy as possible for her. She is now staying an hour away at a safe house so she needs to work less hours as a result. Stuff like this makes me realize how lucky I am to have Chris. There is so much wrong going on out there.

I can’t believe it is almost August! The Summer has just flown by!😳 Before I know it we will be knee deep into Fall. Which means the big 5 oh is only 2 and 1/2 weeks away. I think I will ask to work morning shift if they are going to have me work on my birthday. It’s on a Tuesday this year so nothing exciting will happen the day of. We’ll see. I have a wedding that Saturday so I’m not sure what our game plan is.

Oops! I need to get moving. It is almost time for me to head out the door. Thanks fir reading! Stay safe!

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Good News For the Busy Bee

Oh morning how I don’t want to be with thee! I’d much rather be asleep after an 11 hour shift of dealing with the public! But it is a short shift and I have tomorrow off. I can make it. I hope. Baby Stella has chosen to get up with me this morning. I feel blessed because I pretty much came home, fed her and let her out, showered and went to bed.

I got called in early to learn that I got another promotion. I can now add liquor manager to my ever expanding repertoire. It came with a raise as well. All I have to do is learn the ordering system. The coworker what had the department before me will be showing me that part hopefully Sunday morning. The rest of the day I was hoping. I don’t think I really sat down unless I was counting drawers. And I even got to those late because I was so busy.

I guess I will be receiving a gift from a customer I helped last night at the gas pumps. He was trying to put gas in the car while his wife got groceries. He’d just had a stroke and was still getting around with a cane. He came to the gas window apologizing that he needed help because he put his credit card in the slot that the receipt came out of and couldn’t get it out. He was so sweet and kept apologizing. I told him that he wasn’t the first and certainly wouldn’t be the last. I worked on the machine for almost an hour and still couldn’t get the card out (coworkers came out later and were able to get it out… someone else had gotten their card stuck and not bothered to tell anyone so we had two cards). I took their name and number and called them when we retrieved the card. While I was trying to get the card out we chit chatted. They were from downstate and we talked about the Detroit area (since that is where I grew up). He was very interesting and we had fun. He and his wife were so grateful that it wasn’t made into a big deal that they are bringing me a “gift” for everything. I told them no but they were insistent. As it was the stinker tucked a $20 into my pocket.😊

About a third of our freezers were down as well. So an added bonus was that the frozen delivery was left out (long story and not our fault). As a result several packs of ice cream were unsaleable. However they were still edible. Since we got credit for the mishap we were able to share the ice cream (bars and popsicles) with the staff. We had enough for both day and night shift. That brightened everyone’s day!

I see I have been rather long winded this morning. If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading and stay safe! Oh and the photos are repeats. I hope to have fresh photos for tomorrow!😊

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What Did I Get Myself Into?

I really hope I Have Monday off. I need a day to sleep in. I have hit my wall. It has been a hell of a week and I am beat. My family still has not made plans for meeting up tomorrow. It’s ridiculous since it is tomorrow. I may just go down and meet up with my Aunt and to hell with the rest of them. I have neither the time nor the patience for any of that.

I was busier than busy yesterday. I ended up outside helping but then I ended up running the plant sale. My coworker came in sick and ended up leaving early so I was doing the manager thing and running the plant sale outside. Today I am strictly plant sale. There is so much going on! The problem is that we have no staff. They are looking to promote someone and there is no one to promote! Most of the folks working there are holding down two jobs now.

Class was a bit of a mess last night. Which falls in with the rest of the day. My going to the wrong place on the completely wrong side of town (thank the Goddess I left early (ha ha I was still running late when I left)) aside the class… the people in the class seem to want a diagram of how to write. They are older for the most part (although I am closer in age to many than I would like to admit) and are looking for a cut and dry method to write their novels. Then there was the issue of the link to our group site on Google. The first link sent most people couldn’t get to work. I think maybe six got it to work. So a second email was sent. That was a hit or miss as well. I got it to work after fiddling around with it for a bit. That whole thing with the link (how to get it, what to do, where to go, what it is for, how to set things up, etc) took up a lot more time than our instructor wanted. He also was patiently frustrated. I was just frustrated. I was there to learn and talk about writing. Oh! And as I was running late when I got there I found four other people lingering outside the building. They too were in my class but the building was locked and they couldn’t get in. Someone saw us and let us in not long after I got there. I think class was about 15 minutes in and they were still trying to figure out how to login on the computers in the classroom.

I only have a few minutes before I have to leave so I’d better wrap this up. I have no idea what is going on for tomorrow so… good times! I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Little of This, a Little of That… Oh and Some of This Too

The temperature is climbing quickly today. I am bouncing between writing this and talking to my friend online. She is in the hospital waiting for her man to come out of surgery. They found cancer in his kidney so they are going in to remove what they can and see what comes next. He should be coming out of surgery soon so I am trying to keep her occupied.

Miss Stella is not happy that I am doing this. She wants to be the center of my world and get love n’ scratches. As soon as she got up she made a bee line out the door and stayed there for quite a while. Once she got too hot she came in and laid in front of the AC for a bit. Now she is on the love seat behind me.

Since Chris got the backyard mowed I think I will do the front after he goes to work. I will also do my best to knock out the last of the front garden. I don’t think it will take too long. I will need to cut the tree back though. And that means climbing on the ladder. I am not looking forward to that part but it has to be done.

Well this has turned into a busy morning! As I was wrapping up that last paragraph I got a call from a cow working asking if she could stop by and get some of my lilacs to send to her daughter. Her daughter wanted them for her wedding (I guess she got married on Memorial Day) but it was to expensive to send them via a florist. As a surprise my friend is sending some she got locally. Problem was after the rain and heat we got over the weekend most of the lilacs are spent. My purple bushes are still looking good but the white ones are really wilted. She took several bunches to send. She was so excited!

And now my train of thought has completely derailed! Lol. Ah well. I will see about adding some of my photos from the other day on here then get this posted. Have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Looking For the Path

I felt good when I was sitting in bed just doing nothing. Now… Stella is doing something odd too. She hunkered down on the love seat behind me, so I covered her up (it is almost down to freezing this morning). Every time I turn around to check on her, she is sitting with her head up just watching out the window. I expect her to have her head down and asleep. I am using her to distract me from myself.

Yesterday was hell at work. Everything that could go wrong did. Gas pumps were going down, we had no sale signs to put up until late (maybe an hour before I left the signs arrived from the other store), I was the only one concerned about getting any signs put up… I had new people that I was trying to train and keep busy, but everyone spent a lot of time standing around but me. I got home exhausted, and Chris tried to leave me to my own devices to unwind. I am so grateful for that! All I seemed capable of was watching tv. Oh, and throwing a ball. Stella was happily entertained.

I am dreading facing another day. I let myself stay in bed as long as I wanted. I am trying to coddle myself a bit where I can. I don’t expect others to. I want to hunker in and do some writing this morning. It might just be in my journal, but I need to do something. (The sun came out as I typed that last sentence then disappeared.) Maybe that will help. I am still on the fence about taking the writing course. It would mean driving to Traverse every Thursday night after work. I think I can swing it financially. I would be giving up one of my meetings. But I think that would be ok. I need to decide soon though. The class starts in June. And it could very well be filled up. So I guess I call tomorrow and go from there.

I am trying so hard to get everything done in our yard. I did make a decent dent in the side garden, but I still have the front, back and raised gardens to do. I also need to get the backyard mowed. Maybe a good cry is what I need. I don’t know. There is so much to be done and not enough time for it all. I think I will cancel the barbeque for work. There is too much going on for everyone. I can’t get it all done before everyone comes over. And several coworkers will be post-surgery. So maybe later this summer I will try again. Right now there is too much.

I see that I am no longer an employee. The past month or so I have been just scheduled as manager. Before those of us who were night managers would kind of rotate thorough and be manager one night, cashier another and gas window another. Not me. And I see that I will be working Sunday mornings while my coworker is recovering from surgery. I usually close on Sundays. This week will be two closes and three opens. The bonus is that this will be a busy weekend and I actually get to leave before things get really ugly.

I see that I have gone on quite a bit. Thanks for listening to be complain and brainstorm a bit. Stay safe!