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Looking Ahead

This morning hasn’t dawned yet but it is raining. We could use the rain. I took the tarp off of the memorial garden. Not because of the beautiful weather we have been having but because the storm last Sunday pretty much killed it. The winds were strong enough to get beneath the tarp and freeze the plants. I am hoping that most of them will come back in the Spring. It will be a wait and see. The nice weather has thrown everyone off as bad as the time change. It feels like June out even though it is November.

I am still on the look out for a “new” car. I plan to sit down and do a serious search after work today. I need to find something soon. I need to get Moose in for his check up too. If I don’t have a replacement vehicle then I’ll have to borrow Chris’s truck. Moose needs another test run for his kidney disease. His kibble arrived on Saturday and his medicine should hopefully get here today. Then we should be set for another few weeks.

I am gaining new respect for the local tattoo artist who has a shop at the other end of our street. I am seeing more and more of his work and I am impressed. So I may look into getting some ink once things settle down around here. His prices seem reasonable as well. And the best part is you can get in right away. Not like the guys I’ve been going to where they are like 6 months out. So I may start culling my list of ink I want to get. I really want to get a paw print below my family tattoo. But then I also want to do a group tattoo with Chris and some friends (the idea is to get the protection tattoo from “Supernatural”). Maybe both if the price is reasonable. Maybe a reason to get Mom out here too. We can do a mother/daughter day at the tattoo shop! Lol

Before I wrap this up I just wanted to share a cool thing I found at work last night. We carry Matchbox cars and I happened to be looking through them and I found a Mercedes Benz that had been driven by the female touring car Grand Prix winner Ewy Rosqvist. Her quote on the back is “They said I could never finish. So I finished first.” Love it! So I think I am going to do a bit of research on her. If you know anything or have heard of her let me know! As always thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Dreams and Games

I had a dream I was running way late for work (that last 30 minutes before the alarm went off) and now I am.  Weird dreams from my past mixing with the present.  Weird is the right word.  Oh well.  I did come up with a cool tattoo for the next time the local tattoo parlor is having one of those Friday the 13th specials (you get a tat for $13).  Since they only do smaller ones I thought (for those of you familar with Stephen King and It) A small red balloon.  So I did get something useful out of my weird dreams this morning!

Yesterday because sunny and warm as the day progressed.  We had the door open and toys were tossed and dogs chased.  By the time we got to dinner I felt like someone just flipped my off switch.  I was just suddenly exhausted.  But the kids had a fun day.  We did a LOT of tug-of-war and tossing of toys.  I even got a big scene in the novel written before Chris got up.  Mom and I had a good chat.  She hadn’t played solitare with cards in so long she wanted to make sure she had the game right.  Which got us talking about canasta, card decks we have, backgammon, 31 (don’t ask, I just know that it is some kind of card game) and… nuts.  I can’t remember the last card game.  But it was kind of fun.  I will probably be printing up various game rules for her over the next week.

Everyone has gone back to sleep.  Today is rather scary at work.  The last of the personal property goes out today.  The only thing that will be left at the lot are four vehicles.  To my knowledge no one else has been hired.  So I am just counting down my days I guess.  I don’t want to have to find another job.  But since I still have this one I need to get moving.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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Remembering the Past While Working to the Future

It is bitterly cold but not snowing.   My car is no longer stuck.  Both the yard and driveway have been plowed.  All four dogs are sleeping as I write this.  Moose and I curled up on the couch together after they ate and went outside this morning.  It helped but I have a feeling that I’m fighting a losing battle with this cold or whatever it is.  But I will still fight it.  May be it won’t hit as hard.

I got a bit of frostbite on my calf from getting the car out.  Who needs post cards from adventures?  I collect scars and other marks.  Lol.  That is the big reason I have my tattoos and will continue to get them.  My family has a history of dementia.  I want to be able to look at my body and use it to remember myself.  Be it a scar or a piece of ink it all happened as a result of something that happened to me.  That is also why I carry around a 3×5 card with all the tattoos I still want to get around in my wallet like some kind of donor card.

Some designs are more pressing than others.  I have paw prints that I want to get for my kids.  I have my infinity symbol with family written in it over my heart.  I plan to put a paw print below that for the kids.  I also want to do some kind of memorial tattoo for the ones that have passed.  I’ve thought about either a bracelet around my wrist or around my ankle for them.  There have been a lot and I still have four alive so I may do both.

The flip side of all this is moving forward and looking to the future.  In that regard I am trying as well.  I got two small articles published this week.  They arrived yesterday in the local paper.  I need to find a job (even if I start part time and work my way up) to move forward with things.  The local paper wants to keep me but it is small enough that only the owner is full time.  Everyone else comes in and lends a hand as they can.  So that means I need something to go with that.

It’s hard to think about moving forward under all this snow.  That has been my big stumbling block.  I just want to hibernate til Spring.  Part of me worries that I am making the future look better for doing things rather than right now.  Regardless things still are going to get done now.  They have to.

My coffee is almost gone and I need to take a round of medicine to fight whatever I have so I will end this for now.  I’ll share a few photos of the morning.   Cheers!


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Thinking of Spring

Well the internet is wonky but my laptop is connected via the router versus my phone.  The snow that was to have stopped around midnight is still going strong.  Dante came in covered in white.  I think even Dante is ready for Spring.

To cheer myself yesterday I was looking at flashwork (this is the drawing used to do the tattoo) as well as actual tattoos.  I already have quite the list of ink that I am going to get (I keep this in my wallet in case I can get something done spur of the moment) but as any ink lover will tell you there is always room for more.

A lot of what I looked at were smaller pieces but my favorites were the ones with soft vibrant color.  I saved a lot of them for reference.  There were fun paw prints, beautiful butterflies, watercolor flowers and even some dragons and wolves.  I found some beautiful pieces that went around the ankle and some around the wrist.  They were simple and delicate.

I prefer to get my ink during the Spring and Summer because then I can have them exposed and not itching under clothing.  And I can show them off.  I like ink that inspires me and makes me feel good.  My biggest piece to date is for a friend I’ve never met in Ireland.  He has a shopping list of cancers and we became close over the years.  He found this piece of art and we both loved it.  He was shocked when I finally got the piece done.  It is a heart made from two dragons.  It covers a lot of my back and I am always amazed when I catch a glimpse of them in the mirror.  I have three tattoos on my back that I don’t see and sadly forget about from time to time.  The other seven are on my front.

I will include some of the pieces I was considering with this post as well as my dragons that are on my back (I have four dragons total).    Oh and I will share Dante when he came in this morning.  The snow seems to have stopped for the moment.  Yay!  Cheers!