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I am trying not to be bitter and angry as I see all the out of state license plates as the tourists start to pour in for the holiday weekend.  I get especially angry when I see plates from states with growing COVID-19 cases.  I really wish they would stay home.  Up here we are fairly isolated so we haven’t been hit hard.  But I am willing to bet that after this week and weekend we will see a very large spike in cases.

Local government and the State government both require travelers to self isolate for 2 weeks after their arrival.  No one is going to do that if they are only up here for the week or weekend.  Hell I doubt if they would do it anyway!  I understand that people are a bit stir crazy from all this but now they are putting all of us at risk just so they can have a good time.  And once everyone gets drinking I’m pretty sure that social distancing will be forgotten.

It is so frustrating to be doing the right thing and seeing that it is working then in a matter of days it all gets thrown to the wind because people from out of town come up here and don’t give a damn.  They might be forced to wear masks at home but by God they are on vacation!  They don’t have to!  Besides, everyone up here is relatively healthy so they don’t have to worry about catching anything.  Selfish bastards.

I apologize for the rant.  The kids and I ran to the vet to get their monthly medicine and M72 was packed with tourists.  I even saw plates from Texas and that really got me going because Texas and California are the two hot spots (oh and Florida) for the new outbreaks that are getting out of hand.  Yes, please come and share.  Grrrr…  And the fireworks.  The dogs don’t like it any more that the vets with PTSD.  But no one bothers to think about that.  Especially right now.  With everything going on it is showing how selfish people can be.

Chris has the rest of the week off.  If he wants to go anywhere I might have to say no unless we are riding the motorcycles.  And even then I will probably refuse to get off and go in anywhere.  Atleast on an a motorcycle I have my helmet and such.  I have fussed enough.  Thanks so much for listening.  Stay safe!

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The Floating Rib

I got a lot done yesterday.  Mom and I hung out in a parking lot and talked for a bit (I remembered to give her the flamingo mug and paid her back for her help with Essie).  Then I came home and did some work in the yard.  I got both my big rose bushes trimmed up and weeded around.  I also washed the front of the house.  Unfortunately in all that I managed to pop out my right floating rib.  It hurts but I can deal with it.  The highlight after that happened was I went to the store and they had ordered my Magic Hat #9!  I haven’t had that beer in years!  I could find it all over the place up here… then it was gone.  It is just as good as I remembered!

We are supposed to get storms tonight.  I need to figure out if I am putting some of the plants in the ground or not.  Even hurt I should because the rain will help them get settled and grow.  I just need to figure out which ones.

Yoga should be interesting this morning.  I did my plank last night.  The rib didn’t being to hurt until I was almost half way done so I am going to try some yoga.  I will probably skip some of the poses (like anything that involves twisting) but I want to atleast try.  This kind of puts a kibosh on my riding this weekend.  All the kids were really good in bed last night.  No one bashed into my side or plopped down when they changed positions.  Although I did have to get up at 3:30am to let everyone out.  Oh and a little bit before we got up Moose kept wanting to lay his head on me.  Which was right on the rib.  After moving around I finally just laid on my stomach so he could rest his head on my back.  That got me a bit more sleep.  Sadly every time I moved last night I woke up.  Ahh well.

I got two more Supernatural novels to read (they are based on the tv series had happen between the episodes portrayed on tv).  I thought I had gotten the next two as I got the first one published but I seem to have skipped from the first season all the way to the last season.  Soooooo…. But they are still good.  I will sit down and read once I try the yoga situation out.  I just don’t want to be inactive.

On that note dear friends I need to wrap this up.  Wish me luck!  Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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What the Future May Hold

Apparently there is something wrong with the laptop. It acts like it gets online but then it cannot find anything online. So I guess I will be doing the blog on my phone. Joy. It if frustrating because it gets online for my email but it cannot find anything once I get into the main search program.

I am trying not to be frustrated with my Mom. If I tell her about Dad’s family or a mutual friend she turns nasty and starts making derogatory comments. To which I always reply keeping things is a positive light but I am getting tired of the nastiness. It is pervading more and more of our conversations regardless of the topic. So no, I can’t not mention someone or something and she will stop. She is turning into a bitter woman. And she knows that she is too. She just doesn’t care. It is very frustrating.

I ended up doing my main yoga routine outside on the deck yesterday. I still surprise myself as to how much I can still do. There are only a few poses that I can’t do fully. I’m pretty proud of that! Now to just keep it worked onto my morning routine… and that will mean getting up early when I finally go back to work. But there it is.

I find myself unhappy that the lockdown is ending. Mostly because I will have to deal with people on a regular basis. Despite being able to highly function when I am out and about I don’t do well with people. I don’t like going out and being around them. This seems to have developed over the past few years. On the outside you would never know but on the inside…. that is why I am thinking I might stock groceries or something instead of deal directly with the public (such as being a cashier). The lockdown has really brought out the ugly in people here in Michigan. I just don’t want to deal with it.

It sounds like Chris will finally have a weekend off! Yay! I know he wants to dig into his project bike (I want to get the Pearl into the garage and out of that cramped shed too). I offer to help as a) I enjoy stuff like that and b) his shoulder might prevent him from doing something. It should be fun for both of us. If my arm is stable enough I might take Rogue out for my “around the block” run (about a 30 minute ride). I am just concerned that I won’t be able to hold the grip. There are times when my right hand will just let go of whatever I’m holding. Not a good thing on the motorcycle.

Goodness! I have been going on! I need to wrap this up and go and read your posts! I hope you and yours are safe! Thanks for reading!

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Late but Motivated

I slept way later than I had intended.  Last night’s meeting lasted three hours so my brain was still thinking it was earlier than it was.  So I ended up going to bed a lot later than normal.  I’m surprised the kids let me sleep so late.  It was almost 9am when I rolled out of bed.  I’m feeling guilty because that means Chris isn’t getting his normal allotted time alone to sleep.  I hope he sleeps later since he was out the door by 1:30pm yesterday with all that he had to do before work.

I am on my second cup of coffee if that tells you anything.  The rain has finally stopped and the wind is down by maybe half but it is still blowing around.  And it is still very cloudy.  Yesterday it was announced that certain parts of the state would be opening this weekend with restrictions.  And guess where…. the upper part of the state since we are the least affected.  Problem is that means people from downstate are going to come up here.  And everyone is so stir crazy from being stuck at home that no one cares.  They will just pack up and go to get out of the house.  A lot of the communities up here are very anxious about this weekend.

I did do yoga after I posted yesterday.  It was a bit tricky because Moose was sure that I either needed help or that I need a coach.  He finally just sat down beside where I was doing my poses on the floor and watched.  Towards the end Stella drifted over to see if she could help.  I didn’t do the four times through the warm up.  I just did twice.  But I did do two times through the Sun Salute.  I did feel a lot better afterwards.  I didn’t think much of it then I noticed that I actually did feel noticeably not in pain.  I forgot how much I enjoyed yoga.

This weekend is supposed to be nice again.  Maybe I will try taking the motorcycle out.  If that is too much for my arm I may just take the bicycle down the road and back.  I should be doing that anyway.  I’m tempted to take a dog (then I could do three trips) but two things stop me.  One is that the last time I rode the bicycle I about died by the time I made my way back home (I stopped several times because my legs hurt and such… I think it is a mile or two….Ooof.  I just checked.  One way is 1.4 miles (2.25 km) so round trip was 2.8 miles (4.5 km) so that was a bit much for the first time on a bicycle since high school but I did it!).  The second thing stopping me is that none of the kids are particularly good on a leash if they seem something that interests them.  I can see me getting pulled to the ground with the bicycle and dragged.  So I need to pedal more and I need to walk the kids on a leash with some training.  Maybe go around the front yard to start with.  It will be something to do.

I am anxious about things opening back up.  There are too many idiots that are going to make things worse.  They balk at the least amount of restrictions and do everything they shouldn’t just to make a point.  Regardless of anyone getting hurt.  I guess we need to start somewhere.  Speaking of which I have made this an extra long post.  Sorry about that!   I will sign off and head to do my yoga.  Stay safe and thanks for reading!



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New Things

I am a bit anxious this morning as tonight will be my first virtual meeting that I am covering for the paper.  I installed Zoom on my phone the other day but I have no idea if it will work tonight.  This will be an experience for all of us I think.  As things stand I have two meeting to cover this week and one every week for the rest of the month.  One more piece of technology in my arsenal!

I got my International Female Ride Day tank top in the mail yesterday.  Yay!  It has always been the first Saturday of May since it started but due to the pandemic it has been rescheduled to August 22, a week after my birthday.  My tank top reflects the new date.  It is a lovely turquoise color and interestingly enough the icon is all black and white.  I have a black tee shirt and a white cami from previous years and the icons on both of them are color.  A bit of history, my first motorcycle and the first IFRD happened the same year.  Well my first full season of riding.  I got the Pearl for myself for my birthday.  So I only got a few months in before I had to tuck her away for the winter.

I am getting restless.  Things are boring me that I do all the time.  Things that don’t change.  So I am trying to find new things to do.  Yesterday the whole family hopped in the Jeep and we drove to the bank.  Chris and I both had business to conduct.  I had planned on taking Moose and Stella (if she wanted to go) once Chris got up.  Since Chris had to go too I drove and we loaded up all three dogs (Essie was not too thrilled but I wanted her to go for a ride that did not include the vet’s office).  All in all it was a success.  I drove the Jeep into the garage and put the door down.  Then I got the kids into the garage and then the Jeep.  When we got home I did the reverse.  So much easier than trying to corral them to the back door (and hoping no one was walking by with or without their dog).

I have some book reviews that I need to finish up so I had better get to it.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Projects and Goals

This morning I am at home and the sun is out.  I slept until around 8am.  I notice that 7am is no longer the norm for me.  Also I stay up later at night.  I think I may be finding my own rhythm.  The 7am thing started with the garage so that I would be up when the guys got here to work on the garage so I could keep the kids quiet so Chris could sleep.  It was also a nice segue to working at the lot.

I need to do some running after Chris gets up.  I will go get groceries at Meijer’s and then order our “Date Night Dinner” from Pearl’s (our local Cajun restaurant).  It will get me out of the house for a bit and around people.  I’m still not sure if I am taking Moose or not.  Stella probably won’t go for whatever reasons she has.  But I wanted to linger a bit at Meijer’s just to be out.  I don’t want to leave Moose in the car for too long.  I guess I will just wait and see.  I am tempted to take the bike to Meijer’s (I have saddlebags and a tail pack that would easily accommodate the groceries) but do I really want to come all the way home to unload the bike then hop in the car to go get breakfast?  It is a tough decision.  I suppose I could throw a leg over and just take a ride.  The battery should be charged.  But will my tendonitis allow me to ride?  I would hate to be stuck somewhere because my arm has suddenly gives out.  So maybe a joy ride would be best.

I’ve not done much with the novel.  I did some brain storming and got some ideas down but came to a dead stop in the actual writing of the story.  I have found a few books that deal with similar topics and I wonder if I should get them and read them for help.  But will I write anything when I am done?  I thought that “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” would help but it didn’t.  I can say I read another book.  Will this be more of the same?  I just don’t know.  It is rather frustrating.  The harder I try the more difficult it becomes to get any further with the novel.  I started this story in January.  It is almost May so I should be a LOT further along than I am.  I just don’t know.  Maybe a genre change?  Keep the same basic story but add some kind of horror twist or maybe a supernatural one?  I hate to toss the whole thing out because I do like the basic premise.

More things to ponder…  I hope you and yours are staying safe! Thanks for reading!

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A Gardening We Will Go

Yesterday was awesome!  After work I filled my propane tank, got seeds, got dirt and some pots (I got a little carried away at the Dollar General) and a few groceries (eggs and ice cream to be specific).  The sun was out and it was 50F (10C) to everyone I encountered was in a good mood.  I only spent $10 on a 10lb bag of dirt and 10-12 seed packets!  After Chris went to work (we only spent a few minutes together because I got home much later than I intended) I played with the dogs, cleaned off the rest of the deck, put out the garden hose, spread out the the pile of gravel our contractor left in front of the bike pad and (drum roll please!) I started my motorcycle!  Giggity!  The only thing I have to do is check my tire pressure on the bike and we will be ready to roll.  That will have to wait til Chris gets up so I can use the air compressor.  There were two sportbikes and three cruisers out yesterday afternoon.  Sigh…

It started raining just before sunset last night.  I pulled the cover off my bike and brought it in the house.  The goal for today is to atleast get the tire pressure done.  If I am feeling up for it I will throw a leg over and go for a ride.  The rain we had last night should have cleaned up a lot of the roads by getting the sand etc off.  We’ll see.  It is supposed to rain off and on though.  I hope to have both bikes on the bike pad this weekend so they will have a roof over them.

I hope to get some seeds started today as well.  I have separated the seed packets since some of them you can actually put outside while others you are supposed to start inside.  I have my first cardboard egg carton lined with the empty egg shells and ready for dirt and seeds.  My second one still has eggs in it.  I got food stuffs to grow (and a small box of flower seeds for the butterflies and hummingbirds) to that is things start to get really bad we will have something to eat.  And maybe even barter with (we have neighbors with chickens).  I will probably get more seeds as time goes on because I know there is more that we can grow on our own (I also found a video on things you can grow from what you eat such as lemons and oranges (how to use their seeds), celery, pineapple etc).  I am planning on clearing out atleast one of the raised beds in the backyard this week.  Hopefully I can figure a way to keep the kids out since that has been a favorite poop spot over the winter (we have left over chicken wire so I am thinking of cutting it in half lengthwise and putting that around the gardens).  The three raised beds should be enough to grow what we need.  Depending on how things go with this virus I may be learning how to can this fall!  I may get some big pots and try to grow some fruit trees that we can bring in when the weather gets cold.  There is something in the ground that doesn’t like the fruit trees we have tried to grow over the years.

Holy wow!  I have gone on this morning!  I had better wrap this up and get planting.  I hope you have a great day!  Thanks for reading!

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Hope as a Writer

The day has dawned dark and grey but I am hopeful.  Not that the day will get brighter but that the day will be good.  It’s interesting how one can come to depend on strangers for comfort and support.  I think that is because they don’t have to care and when they do it makes you feel worth something.  Family and friends are supposed to care and there are times you wonder if they are doing it because they are required to (in regards to various situations, not as a whole). I have been blessed to find many strangers who have become my friends by writing this blog.

My most recent case in point (in regards to my writing and riding) is the motojournalist Jerry Smith.  For Christmas I got a copy of the book Missed Shifts by Jerry Smith.  It is a collection of articles, essays and blog entries he has made over his 30 plus years of being a motojournalist.  I found it on Amazon and put it on my wish list and Chris got it for me.  I am almost finished with it sadly.  I love the small bits that I can read one or more of at a sitting.  They all deal with motorcycles, riding them and writing about them. His stories have made a big impact on me. I compared his writing style to that of Hunter S. Thompson because it can be that irreverent and blunt. It is really a joy to read. The man equally loves writing and riding and was lucky enough to be able to combine both his passions and make a decent living from it. Oh and he loves dogs (he has a dog named Daisy through a lot of the later stories and mentions other dogs he has had over the years). He has ridden with some of the racing legends and interviewed (or just chatted with) others. He has some amazing stories. He’s also gotten into a few scrapes on a motorcycle. He tells you about some of those too. Well I decided that I needed to write a thank you letter to Jerry Smith for such a fine book to read and imparting various nuggets of wisdom that I found along the way. I didn’t expect an answer but I had high hopes.

Yesterday I got a lovely email in response. He thanked me for reminding him what he loved about his job and why. He was also very pleased (his word) to know that he’d reached someone on that level. (Truthfully I was very pleased to be reached on that level. I need the snow and cold to go so I can stretch my wings on the bike.)

So never underestimate the power of your words. You can always help someone. Your stories will give someone else courage to keep going.

Thanks for reading! Have great day!

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Fall Colors and Other Things

This morning has not dawned yet.  It is still dark out and not only that but it is cold.  I find myself still sleepy (I keep telling myself that 24 hours ago I was just finishing feeding the dogs after getting home from staying up all night watching horror movies) and a bit on the achy side.  I have a meeting to cover tonight but I’m not sure how I will get there.  Chris’s truck should be back with us on Thursday (naturally there was more found wrong once things were torn apart) but before then there is still just my Jeep and our two motorcycles.  That means one of us has to ride their bike tonight.  We both have heated gear but it will be around 37F (2C) for a low tonight and neither of us wants to ride in it.

I think in my sleepless exuberance I played too much with the dogs because my shoulder blades woke me this morning around 3am with pain.  We did a lot of tug of war and tossing of toys yesterday.  Moose even played tug of war when I pulled his toy down.

The colors are slowly making a show.  I got a few photos that I will share.  I got a rather cool phone call yesterday.  My writing is helping me connect more with my local community.  I was asked to I would help them by doing an article(s) for the local paper.  They provide gifts for the local kids from donations as well as a pretty cool Christmas party.  It just made me feel good that they would reach out to me for help.  Needless to say I will do what I can.

I need to wrap this up (pardon the pun) and get ready for work.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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Good Days and Good Times

I did get more photos yesterday.  The sun stayed out pretty much til it went down.  The clouds only rolled in once the moon had risen.  Yesterday was a busy day.  I drove to the vet’s office and put in an application then when I got home I changed into my riding gear and took Rogue out for a much needed ride.  As expected he performed magnificently.  I didn’t do too bad either despite  not riding for a while.  I was impressed.

Today is supposed to be rain along with more rain.  I think this is why I am so tired.  I feel like you’ve woken me up after only a few hours of sleep.  I got nine solid hours.  The plan was to ride my bicycle in today.  It should be a dry ride in but I would be wet coming home.  I find that acceptable.  I won’t be wet all day.  BUT I am exhausted.  I don’t know if I’d have the energy to come back home.  I hope I am going to be ok for Saturday’s event at the movies.  I’m gonna be up all night for that one!

I’m worried about Essie.  She has gone back outside.  She ate dinner last night and was fine.  She also ate breakfast this morning with no problem.  She disappeared outside a few minutes ago.

The wind has really picked up.  Hmmmm…  I forgot about the wind yesterday on the ride.  I was focused on everything else.  That could be the reason I am so tired today.  Unless you ride you don’t realize how much the wind can take out of you when you battle with it on two wheels.  That being said I’m not sure I am up for another battle this morning.

I’d better stop here so I can upload the photos and get ready to go to work.  I hope everyone has a great day!