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Adrift… of Snow

This morning we did our annual “Spring forward” with our clocks. I set myself an alarm just to be sure I got up on time. The clock in the kitchen is correct as is the one on my phone. Nothing else within sight is. I’m just a cashier today so I am going in at a weird time for me, 10am. So I am constantly clock watching so make sure that I am not running late. I feel lost. Every time I look at a clock I have to try to switch gears. Is this clock right? If it isn’t what time is it really?

Today I just want to sleep. I have tomorrow off. Sort of. I have a 6:30pm meeting in Elk Rapids. I may try to write the article that night otherwise it will be my usual morning after. I need to write out my days off for the trip so that it doesn’t come as surprise to the boss. I have a meeting too that same week. So it will be busy.

I cannot seem to figure out what I want to say things morning. I have deleted several entire paragraphs. Mostly because I am trying to seem upbeat when I am not. It is dark and gloomy out. Snow is blowing in from the East. Stella is sleeping behind me on her back, a gentle snore on her inhales. Maybe if I find my center in this moment (still reading my Natalie Goldberg and she teachings writing and Zen)… but I am so tired, mentally and physically. I am hoping the trip is an actual vacation for us. We both need it. Kind of like when we went to the MotoGP in Indianapolis those few years.

I need to have our dog sitter out one more time (atleast) before we go. I should’ve talked to her about it yesterday before I left. I also need to get my passport things sorted out. Dad has sent me the money (means a trip to the bank in Traverse to deposit it) and I printed up the paperwork. I found a local place I can go to get everything done (nuts… I need to look into a photo too) so I need to set an appointment. That will be a goal for tomorrow. I see that I need to hurry myself along. Thanks for all the support! Thanks for reading too. Stay safe!

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Motorcycle Book Review

   I don’t think that Alicia meant to be hero when she put together this book but in the end she is as much a hero as any of the other women represented in this book.  As a rider who is on again/off again on her motorcycle due to both physical ailments and anxieties of my own making buying this book has been the best money spent in a long time.  It rekindled the passion that lay buried beneath fear and anxiety to burn hot enough to break through to the surface like a Holy Grail.

   She lovingly recounts the lives and passions of role models new and old.  Many of the women I recognize as they are some of my own personal heroes.  I even found a few new ones to admire from like Lois Price who has been all over the world on solo riding tours (even places like Iran and Africa) as well as being an amazing author.  Then there is Mary McGee who was ground breaking in getting women into motorsports.  She has even been inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame!

   I also found more women to learn from.  New examples of a passionate life and a love for motorcycles.  Women who show us that women really can do anything.  They can ride, race, take solo tours around the world, set world records and even be mechanics and motorcycle designers.

   This is a perfect gift for someone- anyone- you love who thinks they can’t do it.  These women have beat the odds.  Better still this is the perfect gift for yourself.  Women to learn from.  Women that can show you your own inner strength and passion.

Find your inspiration.

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I am not feeling it this morning. I am tired and I hurt. My friend’s wake is today but I have to close to I can’t go. Today will be a long day regardless because it will be a 10 plus hour day for me. Then I will be back at 6:20am tomorrow morning to open the store (for the first time).

I did start writing a book review I said I would do on a recent purchase of mine. going through the book is amazing. It is well done and hard to put down. But I did find a wee discrepancy that just catches in my craw. One of the women covered in the book is married to another motorcycle racer. He is famous and raced in many venues, and won. However. Yes he did race as a fill in in MotoGP after the death of Marco Simoecilli but that was the only time he has raced that venue and he certainly has never won a championship there. The way the author has worded it this rider has won MotoGP championships. It’s just a small sentence. And it might be just that, improper wording. She did not mean to imply that he had won any championships in MotoGP. But as a lover of that venue of the sport it really irks me. So what I plan to do is send a private message to the author (we are friends on Facebook) trying to politely ask what she meant and then explain how it came across. The rest of the book is amazing! But that little discrepancy…. It’s like a small stone in my shoe that I cannot find and get rid of.

We have a new couch in the living room. The futon is gone sadly. I prefer it to the couch but it was time for a change. It had been broken by Minion many years ago so we could not fold it back up. But the couch is tall enough that it is blocking the AC unit. So that will be moved to another window so when it is on it cools more than the back of the couch. That being said it is nice to not have the AC on. It is cool enough not to need it but I prefer the quiet so I can hear the critters outside (there was a woodpecker hanging out on the porch watching me this morning) and I have the windows open to get the breeze.

I guess both the girls are feeling the way I do about today. Essie only ate a little of her breakfast. Stella ate nothing at all.

My rose bush is opening more and more blooms every day so I am trying to get photos every day. My outdoor plants seem to be doing well. I need to water them this morning yet. But they may be ok since it has cooled off. I will check them. But I do need to wrap this up so I can get going. I hope you all have a great day. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Early Morning Blues and Greys

There was a hard frost this morning. The skies are clear and cold. I have been awake since 4am despite my best efforts. And as soon as my body decided it was awake my brain started up. I did try all my little mind tricks to get back to sleep but no joy. I had hoped since I went to bed much later than I should have (binge watched the Formula 1 series Drive to Survive on Netflix) I would be able to sleep through longer than the usual four hours before my body wakes itself up.

I let the doctor talk me into physical therapy. Well it’s more like I have to do physical therapy if I want to get an MRI. Apparently you can’t find out what is wrong until you try to fix it first. 🙄 More test results are pending.

I did get some really good photos yesterday though. The birds were VERY busy at our bird feeder yesterday. I will share those today. I uploaded a few more photos to my Picfair page as well.

I see that I need to get going (wake up way early yet still not enough time?). I need a few extra minutes to download the photos. Hope you like them! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Looking Ahead

This morning hasn’t dawned yet but it is raining. We could use the rain. I took the tarp off of the memorial garden. Not because of the beautiful weather we have been having but because the storm last Sunday pretty much killed it. The winds were strong enough to get beneath the tarp and freeze the plants. I am hoping that most of them will come back in the Spring. It will be a wait and see. The nice weather has thrown everyone off as bad as the time change. It feels like June out even though it is November.

I am still on the look out for a “new” car. I plan to sit down and do a serious search after work today. I need to find something soon. I need to get Moose in for his check up too. If I don’t have a replacement vehicle then I’ll have to borrow Chris’s truck. Moose needs another test run for his kidney disease. His kibble arrived on Saturday and his medicine should hopefully get here today. Then we should be set for another few weeks.

I am gaining new respect for the local tattoo artist who has a shop at the other end of our street. I am seeing more and more of his work and I am impressed. So I may look into getting some ink once things settle down around here. His prices seem reasonable as well. And the best part is you can get in right away. Not like the guys I’ve been going to where they are like 6 months out. So I may start culling my list of ink I want to get. I really want to get a paw print below my family tattoo. But then I also want to do a group tattoo with Chris and some friends (the idea is to get the protection tattoo from “Supernatural”). Maybe both if the price is reasonable. Maybe a reason to get Mom out here too. We can do a mother/daughter day at the tattoo shop! Lol

Before I wrap this up I just wanted to share a cool thing I found at work last night. We carry Matchbox cars and I happened to be looking through them and I found a Mercedes Benz that had been driven by the female touring car Grand Prix winner Ewy Rosqvist. Her quote on the back is “They said I could never finish. So I finished first.” Love it! So I think I am going to do a bit of research on her. If you know anything or have heard of her let me know! As always thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Trudging Along

I have been in my office long enough this morning that Moose has come in and is laying on the floor. Essie hasn’t felt good and has been in and out quite a bit. Stella has been snuggled up on the loveseat. I asked them to find someone else to cover my meeting this morning. Since I am still not feeling all that great I didn’t want to attend the meeting in person. The bathrooms are not close enough. Last night’s meeting was interesting though. OPA (Offshore Powerboat Association) is trying to get Elk Rapids to be a venue for what they are going to call the Triple Crown of Michigan. It would be the third stop for them in the Michigan tour. It sounds rather exciting. I was intrigued until the speaker compared it to nascar (all lowercase on purpose) and said it was the best of the best in the world. That left a very sour taste in my mouth. My intense dislike for nascar aside they are NOT the best of the best in the world. There are other racing venues that have much better drivers than that. I see I am inching toward my soap box so I will step back. Anyway it will be interesting to see how things turn out. They will have to move fast if they are going to keep with the projected race date of the end of August.

I left the memorial garden uncovered last night. It was misting when I got home from work yesterday. I was concerned that it would not rain and the plants really needed water. So I watered them. And lo! Bring in the storm! Over the course of the evening it poured rain and we even had thunder and lightening (much to poor Stella’s chagrin). It was still raining when we went to bed so I left the garden uncovered. Everyone looks ok this morning. I think I will keep it covered all winter and see what I find in the Spring. I can bundle the tarp so that they will miss the brunt of the Winter. I may sneak out to see if there is still veggies growing once in awhile. We’ll see.

I think I will wrap this up for today. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Looking to the Storms

The storms from yesterday have lightened the air and cooled things off tremendously.  The wind has been steady since we got up.  Which is nice because I can open the windows and cool down the house.  I don’t know what I have planned for the day.  I do know that I am keeping one eye on the phone because I should get a call about Essie’s biopsy results.  I am anxious about it because I think I already know the answer.

With the weather as it is I feel creative.  I have been reading that is pretty much it lately.  It is so hot if you move from one spot the sweating starts.  The kids have been getting way too hot despite my best efforts.  Since we are down to only one AC unit it’s hard.  The only way they would go in would be if I did and I didn’t want to spend the whole day in the bedroom.  But I took my time putting laundry away so they would all spread out on the bed for a bit.  For some reason Moose has to be touching me as I write this.  I think once I finish this I will open more windows and stay outside for a bit.

Well I am pleased to say that Valentino Rossi finally got a podium!  Yesterday’s MotoGP in Jerez, Spain saw three racers unable to compete due to injuries which shook things up a bit.  It is so good to have Rossi back on the podium!  He’s been complaining about issues with his bike and Yamaha finally addressed them.  After all these years they should know that listening to him about the set up on the bike is what is going to win them races.  I was unable to watch the race so I can only share what I gleaned from online.

I will add some photos from the gardens here.  They are growing like weeds!  lol  The food gardens, though small should get us some sustenance.  We now have four different day lilies in the yard.  The tiger lilies have finally bloomed in the front yard.  I have no idea where all the other ones came from.  When we moved in it was all tiger lilies.

I know this is rather a hodge podge of events.  Sorry about that.  I’m a bit scattered this morning.  My brain seems to already be working on the story.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Future Plans and Immediate Goals

I had my blog topic last night when I fell asleep.  Apparently I left the idea somewhere in my dreams.  Last night I binge watched Netflix’s F1 series since the second season has been released and I am in need of a racing fix.  I did save two or three episodes for today.  Maybe two.  That made for F1 dreams as well.  I couldn’t tell you anything else about my dreams other than they involved F1.  Good times!

I managed to finish reading about three books yesterday at work.  And pull together a to do list for myself.  I forgot to bring my phone charger so I didn’t do much with my phone to pass the time.  So today the plan is to atleast get on Goodreads and update all the books I finished and rate them.  I want to do a review of each if I can (not all today).  I also have my pile of books that I want to write a review for (unpaid so it will go on here and Amazon as well as Goodreads).  So I will be kept busy.  I also need time with my novel.  I have been neglecting it trying to get my review book read.

Another thing I want to do is sit down and make a list of my goals, both long term and short term.  I need to set something up so that I am not floundering about what to do next and how to get where I want to be.  My very own treasure map if you will.  Once that has been put down on paper I will have something to reference when the going gets tough.  And to just check up on myself once in a while.

I need to fill my propane for work and get kibble today.  I will probably take the kids with.  Will I take all the donation stuff today or tomorrow after work on the way to Mom’s?  I’m still not sure.  I will pass the place both days so six one half dozen the other.  I will wait to go until Chris gets up though.  I know it will be loud when we get back and I will have 50lbs of kibble to bring in and there is no really quiet way to do that.  All three dogs need to make sure the bag is ok before I can set it down.  Lol.

I am out of coffee in my mug and I need to get moving and get some of this writing done.  Thanks so much for reading!  Have a great day!

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Weather, New Books and Racing

The temperature has dropped and we are supposed to get snow.  Everything is covered by a heavy frost.  Bah humbug.  I need to go make my car payment.  I will probably take Moose and Stella.  Essie usually doesn’t want to go but I always ask.  If she shows interest then I get her in the car.  If she wants to stay home I let her.  Today feels very blah.

I got a whole update to my library here at home.  Someone left around 100 or so books in their vehicle and never came to get them.  So guess who brought most of them home?  There were four I thought Mom would like (I sent photos of both the front and back so she could read the blurbs and she wants all of them) and seven for Chris (I also sent a phot to him and he was excited about my choices).  A bunch are going to the library (a lot of kids books and non fiction that no one has an interest in or duplicates of what we have).  I amazed myself by being able to find homes on shelves for all my new books.  I haven’t piled a single one on the floor for storage.  Chris was suitably amazed.

That was my bright moment for the day.  With all the worries about the virus three races have been cancelled between MotoGP and F1.  So now Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas will be the season opener waaaaay off in April.  And that is assuming that there are no travel bans between now and then.  Texas was supposed to be the third race of the MotoGP season.  F1 has cancelled their China race.  I wonder how many more races will get cancelled.  (Yes I do understand that this disease is affecting much more than racing.)

I saw a cartoon yesterday that talked about limiting interaction with other people and staying home.  It then had a cartoon of an introvert who said, “I’ve been preparing for this my whole life!”  That is how I feel.  I do need to get out more but I am ok with limited contact with people.  Chris and the dogs (and you folks) and I’m good!

I keep glancing outside.  It looks cold and I don’t want to go.  But I do need to go make my car payment.  Sigh.  Maybe I can stop at McDonald’s and get cheeseburgers for the kids.  It gets us out of the house.  Sadly on a day when I’d rather just stay home!  I guess I had better get to it.  Sooner gone sooner back home.  Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

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Mmmmph…. Morning… What?

I didn’t sleep well last night so I almost for got to do this.  It’s sad when you are looking forward to going to bed tonight and you just got up!  We all had a fine day yesterday.  I worked on my writing and Chris gamed.  Around 4pm we decided to do dinner of steak and baked potatoes.  All in all a good day.

Right now I don’t know if I am coming or going.  Yesterday was my idol Valentino Rossi’s birthday.  He turned 41 years old.  He is an amzing person on and off track.  He was the one I followed when I got into MotoGP racing all those years ago.

I hope the kids let Chris sleep in today.  It would be a nice anniversary present for him.  lol  I did get my orchid watered yesterday.  The cubes melted in short order so wheeee!  I had to give both Moose and Stella ice cubes as well.  Stella was a bit upset that a plant got what she considered her ice cubes.

Looks like I need to get it together and get gone.  Sorry this is all over the board this morning.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!