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It’s a very late post for me. I just couldn’t fall asleep last night. I finally managed it around 1am. I was completely exhausted but I still could not go to sleep. I am a loss. Another odd thing going on… the girls aren’t eating all of their kibble. Atleast a quarter (sometimes more) of the food gets left. And they eat less if I leave them to it and go do other things. If I am standing in the kitchen with them they will eat more. I may try a new kibble on Thursday since I have the day off and can monitor them to see if they cope well with the change. I will gradually change over to the new stuff.

It is still cold here. Winter temperatures sadly. This year Spring has been through all seasons several times. Sometimes in the same day!

Work is getting busier. But we are going to have less people working soon. Two of the gals are going to nursing school so they will be working at the local hospital. I am very happy for them. We are also expanding the store. I am excited to see what they do with it. I am pushing to get a small garden center put in. I think I have gotten a favorable response so we’ll see. Naturally I have offered my services.

Not many photos have gotten taken so I may pick some old ones to share. I will try not to duplicate. I did bring home another plant. This one is a Gerber daisy. I love them! There is no scent to them (and really the hyacinth is scented enough lol) but they have such vivid colors and the days have been dark lately. Once things warm up I may try some night time photography. On a night where there are shooting stars etc. We’ll see.

I am working more on my creative side the past few days. I received my current issue of Poets & Writers yesterday. I spent some quality time reading that. I have found a few poets that I think I will read. I put their books on my wish list so that I don’t forget which ones I want first. Though not a poet myself I find that I drift back to that medium every little while.

But I do need to get this wrapped up so I can get going for work. Thanks for your wonderful comments! Thank you for reading and stay safe!

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The Poetry of Life

Coffee doesn’t seem to be working this morning.  The sun is out but it is cold.  Essie is sleeping in the man cave.  I’m not sure how long she’ll be out as her medicine (two pain pills) is supposed to make her drowsy.  She fought it all day yesterday after I brought her home.  She wouldn’t let herself fall asleep and stay there until we went to bed.  It turns out she has an ear infection as well as the sting on her paw has become infected.  So she has ear drops that go in both ears and an antiseptic pad that I wipe her paw with as well.

I am finding myself looking at more poetry lately.  I have followed a few new poets (new to me) on here.  Some of them are very avant guard with their words and visions.  It was nice to read a poem and have the words depict things in the minds eye way out of my norm.  When I was in my 20s I found myself reading a lot of poetry.  I still have all of the books I purchased.  I may spend some time going through them again to explore them once more.  Maybe that will help.

I enjoy listening to Sir Patrick Stewart recite sonnets every day.  I some times wait and just listen to a bunch in a row.  Dad used to recite poetry to me when I was little.  I remember him reciting “The Raven” from heart as I read along in my book (I still have the book) at bed time.  Mom was less than thrilled with the choice of reading material but she and I were the ones that stayed up and watched the Ghoul on Friday nights as well as all the old school horror movies on Saturday afternoons (after cartoons of course) with Sir Graves.

I think I will get a fresh cup of coffee and curl up with a book.  Maybe poetry.  Maybe prose.  We shall see.  I hope you and yours are safe.  Thanks for reading!