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Anniversary Plans

Today is the big day! And we did get hit by the weather. I, and others, were so confused when seemingly all the weather apps said that we weren’t getting anything. But you watch the little radar video they provide and even a blind person could see that we would get hit. We got about 4 inches (10cm) of snow. I think our furnace even went out. I remember it running as I fell asleep last night but when Chris got home it sounded like he had to get it going again. I put an extra blanket on him when we got up. He was all hunkered in beneath what we had on the bed. I didn’t notice anything because I was surrounded by the pups so I was warm.

I am very annoyed though. I have been tracking Chris’s gift. It has not moved since it was taken to the post office according to the Post Office app. I know sometimes it moves and will be delivered but it won’t appear on the app. Well nothing was delivered yesterday and I now have no arrival date for the gift. So now I will be empty handed. Which wouldn’t irk me as much if it wasn’t such a perfect gift to just randomly find. (And I trust the seller, I have dealt with them before.)

I have pulled out Mom’s gifts from Christmas so hopefully I will not forget those when we leave. I showered last night before bed that way we wouldn’t both be waiting to shower. I still don’t know what to wear. Since it is our anniversary I did kind of want to dress up. But with that much snow I’m not sure that the girlie thing is gonna work for me. It might be a cute top with my jeans and boots. I might even throw on some make up. The trick then will be to not rub my eyes.

I suppose that I should get this posted and try to work on my novel, even if it is just research. Thank you to everyone who has commented recently! I love hearing form you! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Zippity Doo Da

I can sleep in tomorrow… I can sleep in tomorrow.,,, The pups (mostly Stella) got me up several times over the course of my short supposed 5 hour “nap” between shifts last night/this morning. Some of it was to go outside and some of it was because she heard things.

I don’t know what is going to go on with the weather. Everyone has been going on about 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) inches of snow today and tonight. Yet checking my “The Weather Channel” app it says we get nothing. Not even an inch in 2 days. So who is right?

Archie has been sleeping in my lap as I write this. Stella has yet to get up. I will have to put her breakfast in the fridge if she doesn’t get up before I leave for work. She has been extra cuddly with me lately.

I see by the clock I ought to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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It feels good to get things done around here. All three animal cages got cleaned out, floors swept, carpets vacuumed, counters cleaned (Chris did dishes for me), tables washed…. The house feels better. I know there is still a lot of work to be done but it is a big dent. Getting the bookcase from Mom will be a big help.

Mother Nature gave us rain from late afternoon right through the night. There was some blue sky this morning but that had been completely covered by thick grey clouds. More rain soon I am guessing. The plus side is that 3/4 of the snow is now gone. That being said Thursday is supposed to bless us with up to 8 inches (20 cm) of snow. Because welcome to Michigan, lol.

Regardless, Friday is our big day. I am happy to say that Chris’s present will arrive before our anniversary. I did get one of my gifts early (the stinker). The kids/pups and I watched four of the movies from my new Hammer Horror movie collection. Giggity!

Yesterday also saw me get my article turned in and I had a rep from the brewery finally get ahold of me and aske me what I needed for my event. Sooooo I replied to his email. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully we can get some fun swag to give away at the event. I think I will start putting flyers up on Sunday. That will give me almost a month to the day to drum up business for the event. I will have to work a few hours on my day off but oh well. I need to figure out what I am going to make (I went through their website and got a few recipes for both food and cocktails) and how it will be set up.

Ok, I guess I should get things wrapped up with this and work on some stuff here before work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Wow Factor

Things are getting crazy here in Michigan. They are shooting things out of our skies and there are shootings on college campus. And that’s just the past few days! Everything seems to just get worse and worse all over. I don’t know….

To add to the oddness of things poor Chris cannot sleep so he is up several hours before he should be. It means I can get started on the last bit of cleaning I have to do around the house but it means he will have a very long day and night at work.

Today is Valentine’s Day. We decided many years ago not to celebrate it like everyone else. Since our anniversary is a few days after we might as well just do one. I am always amazed at the people when they ask me why we don’t do both days. Don’t I want twice as many gifts? No, I don’t. That is not what those days are for. Those days are to celebrate what we have together. Not to spend all kinds of money. But maybe I’m just weird.

Sigh…. now the pups are going at it. Once Chris is up they know they can be loud and play. And they are. Which is fine. I want them to play. But it is very distracting when I am trying to write. I need to put the finishing touches on my article for Women of Horror month and get it sent it. Hopefully it will be one of the early releases. I also need to see if anyone else would like to be interviewed. We have a whole month for articles!

I also need to work on the novel today. Yesterday I focused on cleaning the house a bit. I only have a few more things to do around the house. I also came up with a plan for the bookshelves that Mom is giving me. So when we go into town on Friday we are taking the truck so we can bring it home. I need to order his desktop as well. We might be able to get that as well. There should be enough room for both in the back. While he puts his desk together I can move things out of the bedroom and get the bookcase set up.

Right. I need to get going on that article. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Step by Step

I slept as late as my body would let me. The sun was just starting to peek out. It is mostly blue sky again today. I hope to use that to my advantage. I have several work related things that I need to do today. But they shouldn’t take very long. I need to do a few things for myself today as well. I would like to try to do a bit of housework if I can. I would like to get things cleaned up a bit for us for our weekend together. I am rather excited to be making pasta for the first time on Saturday. I think I will make some ravioli. I am seriously thinking of doing the sauce from scratch as well. I have several recipes to choose from.

I also need to get my office clean. Part of that is the big pots of plants on the floor (the stacks of magazines and books aren’t helping either). I need to go through things in my office and figure out what I am doing in there. I would like to work more in there but there isn’t enough room to have the dogs. I need more bookcases (no, not less books). Mom has one that she is giving me but I need a space to put it. I have a few ideas but nothing solid. Every time I think I found a spot I see where it’s not going to work.

Nuts. My laptop has just gone into power saver mode. That means I need to pick up my pace with this. I hope to get some new photos to share soon. As the Spring and Summer progress there are a few new places that I would like to take the pups for walks that will have a lot of potential for new photos. We could all use the change.

I guess I need to get this posted. Sorry it is a bit rambly. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Frustrations

For once I am not sitting on the floor. Stella is on the couch. Archie has gone back to bed. They both got in trouble after breakfast For not going out to go to the bathroom. It is 4am and I don’t know how long Chris will sleep so I need to make sure no accidents will happen. But neither of them did anything beyond walk out the door. Stella got me up around 2:30am to go out and they both went. I hope it is enough.

I didn’t sleep well. When I did sleep I slept hard, so that seems to have taken a lot out of me. I’ve been in pain for several weeks and it flared up very badly last night. I just hope the shift goes quickly. I would rather be home.

Chris got the fridge to fit. It looks very nice and he had it done before I got home. I had planned on helping him when I got home. Be both agree that this “old” fridge he got for $25 is a lot better than the one we had.

It must be cold out. The furnace has just turned on for the third time since I got up. I don’t know what work will be like. It is Super Bowl Sunday here in the States. We’ll probably be busy late afternoon before the game but before that????

I need to wrap this up and get it listed. Thank you to everyone who has reached out.❤️ Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Looking Ahead

Just two more shifts… The pups are curled up behind me. No one can seem to get warm this morning. And that seems to make sleep all that more attractive.

It is supposed to warm up again today so a good portion of the mess we got should start melting again. Despite complaints this really hasn’t been a bad winter. It has just been cycling through all the seasons a lot.

It will be another overtime week. The money will be nice but I am tired. Working that extra hour takes a toll. We usually start getting busy which makes it even harder to leave. This coming week I will only be working three days. A mini vacation if you will. Our anniversary is Friday so I am taking Friday and Saturday off. But I could not face working 10 days straight to do it. So I am taking my usual days off (Monday and Tuesday) then vacation days for Friday and Saturday.

I ought to get this posted and get out the door. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Stormy Bit

I am up earlier than I want to be, incase I need to go into work early. We got hit with nasty weather yesterday and last night. As a matter of fact the wind is starting to pick up. But a coworker lives down a two track that is a mess when this stuff hits. But some idjit in a big truck thought is would be fun to tear it up along her two track so with the weather she wasn’t sure if she would be able to get out. I told her to shoot me a message if she needed me to come in for her.

I went to bed way early. I was just too tired. But I feel as though I haven’t had enough. Stella got me up around 2:30am to go out but we went right back to bed. Both pups are asleep behind me. I know Stella is starting to feel sore from playing with Archie. I have been trying to distract him so he leaves her alone for a bit.

Still no word on getting my car in. I am trying not to be an ass about it but I really need to get my car in! Why this mechanic? Because he has been very good with my vehicles and if I don’t have all the money at once I can pay him the following week.

Both the store manager and the store owner have gotten involved in the issue with my one distributor. Since the store manager got to witness the mess the guy made and the fact that he was talking smack behind my back (we have never met) has ticked both of them off. The store owner has set up a meeting with them to straighten things out.

I am gonna wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Crazy Is Loose

Stella was sick at breakfast so I am running a bit behind. I gave Archie some more food so he would stop bothering Stella while she tried to finish her breakfast after getting sick and Stella started trying to eat what was in his bowl. So I ended up give her some too.

Last night felt like chaos. Things got done but I shouldn’t have had to do this in the first place. The guy that comes in from one of my distributors to “stock” their beer just needs to go. He messed things up bad enough that I took photos. The store manager saw what they guy did first hand. Apparently I’d called about him before? Yeah, no. But I will be happy to call again. As a matter of fact the store owner can this time. The guy seemed to be really mouthy about me. While I wasn’t there. Anyway I had to redo all my singles backstock (this seems to be a weekly thing now) when I got to work. It kind of spiraled from there.

This morning I need to do my cigarette order as it did not get done yesterday. This will be a cram session since he seems to come early now. So hopefully nothing major happens so I can get it done. I don’t know when we are meeting with the bosses today. I need to have that done!

A storm is supposed to hit today so I don’t know what will be going on as the day progresses. Someone said 8am will be when things start to hit the fan.

And the clock says I have officially run out of time. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Feeling a Little Lost

I am at a loss this morning. Spring needs to come sooner rather than later. I would atleast be able to work in the yard. This morning it is raining and dark. Going into dusk dark. Everything is turning blah for me. There is no flavor to anything. No color to anything.

I still haven’t heard when I can get my car in to be looked at. I just sent another message to my mechanic to remind him. I know he had atleast 10 cars to get through before he could fit me in. I have no idea the repairs needed for each but he sounded like it would be last week some time. I don’t think he forgot but I feel better knowing that I have reached out. Not knowing what is wrong I am not comfortable driving my car any further than to and from work. My neighbor wanted me to drive her to the store for some groceries yesterday. I wasn’t comfortable doing that. I just don’t want to drive more than necessary. I told her maybe today if she didn’t find anyone. I was hoping to hear from my mechanic.

I found a perfect gift for Chris but it turns out that it is downstate. So it is back to the drawing board. I think Stella is feeling sore from rough housing with Archie all the time. I am trying to keep an eye on them and intervene when he starts getting to rough. It’s not that he is being mean, it’s just that he is so much bigger than her now and doesn’t realize how strong he is when he is rough housing. I want to work on training with him. I do for a little bit then drop the ball. And Archie does want to learn. He is very smart.

I tried to work on my novel yesterday. I wonder if I am just over complicating my story. That what seems to be evolving as my story line just needs to be broken down into other stories or other books. After that depressing revelation I ended up getting Stella and Archie enrolled in a free pet finder program. I will try again today to sort my novel out. I think that I am just not following my original story. I had ideas that made sense and added to the story but now the research is just a procrastination tool. The problem is that the story line enhancements I am really interested in. So I keep going back to them instead of finishing the original story. Both stories are good enough to be told, I am just getting lost in the details.

I ought to get this posted. No new photos so I’ll recycle some old ones. Thanks for reading and stay safe!