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Being an Example

I have been doing so much this week that I have just set myself an alarm to make sure that I am not late for work. Essie is upset with me too. I just stepped out of my office to do something and she came running up to get love and play. Then she kind of looked at me. I told her I still had to do this and write my article. She looked at me one more time then went back to the couch and laid down. I was two hours late coming home last night because someone called in. I figured it was easier for me to stay than for them to find someone to work a few hours. Don’t laugh but I had Chris tell the girls that I would be home late. I know they can read the clocks and know what time to look for me.

Now I don’t know which way is up. I have another long day today which is going to be longer now that I see work has done a 10% off your grocery order today. We will probably be busy. But I have tomorrow off. And tomorrow I HAVE to write the book review and article for my online editor. I blew it off Wednesday to talk to Dad. Too many writing projects due at once. If I can get them written early then I can use the rest of the day to play with the girls and spend time with Chris.

I don’t have any meetings next week but (depending on how I am scheduled) I will be working straight through til next weekend. Wednesday is our anniversary (30 years if you can believe it!) but we are going to celebrate next weekend. The schedule will be out either today or tomorrow. I also need to spend some time on my classes. The frustrating thing is that the problems I am having with my photography will be addressed in my classwork. The same for my writing (oh and I do need to make more of an effort for my novel, it thinks that I don’t love it anymore). Sigh.

Next week should be easier even if I am working. I can pace myself to get writing done in the morning and late at night before bed. Classwork I can do after work when I work mornings. I just need to stay focused. On that note I do need to write the article for the paper and get that sent in. Thanks for reading and stay safe! And thank you for all the wonderful comments!

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Missing Me

And here we are again. It looks as though we got several more inches of snow over night. The plow trucks have been by several times. I don’t want to go to work. Truth be told I’d rather hibernate til Spring. I am tired of the cold and snow. I feel a funk coming on and there isn’t much I can do about it. This week has kicked my butt.

Essie has been my constant companion since Moose has been gone. Stella is there for me a lot more too. We played a lot yesterday. I am teaching Stella how to open the sliding glass door (Chris installed one of those electric door openers so we just push a pad on the door or use the remote). She’s slowly getting the hang of it.

I got nothing done yesterday. Atleast nothing beyond this and the article for the paper. I had to run and get groceries once Chris got up. But then he got called into work early. Then Dad and I talked pretty much from when he left until my alarm for my meeting went off (I am so grateful I set that alarm because I had forgotten about the meeting). Once that was over I pretty much went to bed. I fell asleep right away but I didn’t sleep for very long. I’d wake up every few hours and then not be able to fall asleep for an hour or more.

I wonder how busy we’ll be at work with the weather. I only work until 6pm. But I am wiped out. My day of rest wasn’t. I guess I should post this before it gets much later. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Free Time

Aahhhh…. Sleep! Essie let me sleep until almost 8am. My only plans today are to write the final drafts of 2 articles and a book review then get them submitted. I have to remember to get yesterday’s meeting written up. I am so happy with having a day off I am worried I will forget both that and tonight’s meeting. I have an alarm set for tonight’s meeting.

It looks as thought the sun might stay out this morning. I tried to get some of the beautiful colors in the sky with the sun rise. I find it interesting that I can get more of the color using my phone’s camera than I can with the Nikon. The colors looked very blah or nonexistent. (Hint: if I watch another of my class videos I might find out what to do to fix this. Sigh.) But the sun is trying to peek out.

This post is taking longer than normal. Apparently the girls really missed me. I get one or both of them in here demanding attention every few minutes. I threw Essie’s frisbee outside for her. Stella as even up in my lap giving me kisses and hugs. Both got good scratches and belly rubs before I got out of bed this morning. Did I mention that is it good to be home?

I am looking around my office as I type this and my eyes fall on my Stephen King shelf (he actually has two, one for my hardbacks and one for my paperbacks). It has been awhile since I read (or reread) his work. But I need to finish reading my review book (I may be dragging my feet on that one because the stories are short enough for me to read on my 15 minute breaks at work and as I’m falling asleep at night). Buuuuuut that hasn’t stopped me before. Lol. Maybe I’ll pull out one of his novels later.

I feel as though I’ve shared nothing constructive. What do you like to do in your free time? Is there anything that you find relaxing or comforting that you would recommend? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Gah! It is way too early! I hate closing at work then having to be back in the wee hours the next morning. I am usually up til 11pm or so anyway but that is not a good thing when I have to be up at 4:30am. On the plus side I got to spend some quality time with my family. So it was worth it.

Truth be told I probably would’ve gone to bed when I was supposed to but it was Super Bowl Sunday and the Buccaneers were playing. Not that I follow football much but if it has something to do with pirates I’m in. And they were a childhood favorite when the family watched football. I still would’ve been in bed but Tom Brady kept making the game better and better (unlike my damn “n” key on this keyboard). I didn’t watch the game but I would check the score every little bit. So I ended up staying up and watching CSI with Chris and the girls.

And here we are with almost no sleep. I keep telling myself that I get out early but I have to remember that I have a meeting tonight followed by a meeting Tuesday morning. So I need to be awake by 7am tomorrow to get the first article written and turned in. I’m going to have to wait to write the second article because I have to go to work pretty much right after the meeting tomorrow morning. All things being equal I might get a full night’s sleep tonight. Might.

I’m not sure what (if any) photos I have to share today. Some may be repeats if I don’t have anything new to share. On that note I will wrap this up so I can go warm up my car before work. (It has gotten to be a bitter cold here. I even warmed up my car after work last night it was so cold!) Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Staring Out the Window

It’s a steady snow this morning. Still very cold with the wind chill. I sat down and figured out the writing projects that I have lined up. That would be 8. That includes the three articles I am writing for the paper. I am actually pretty impressed. They are not hard projects but they do require me to sit down and actually compose. I heard from the potential interviewee that she is interested in doing the interview so I will need to start pulling questions together. Which I just did. Lol. I no sooner typed that then I had some going through my head. I just have to keep track of the piece of paper.

I got some of the first book review done yesterday. There is still more that I need to add to it. I may work on that before work. I need to do some work on the novel. With everything going on it has gotten pushed to the side. Even if it is just a page of work. I had everything set up to work on character outlines a few days ago but never started. Maybe that will be today’s goal.

I am also trying to relax some. I know this might be the last time for a few days. The house is silent. I can hear the huge woodpecker outside pecking at the suet. I should probably go out at one point and make sure everything is filled up. I have been trying to keep an eye on it from the window. I am also fighting myself not to get up and get my camera. Lol. I need to anyway to download some photos but I will probably be in here clicking away instead of doing this.

I’m still not sure how everything seems to be happening this week. I have no idea when I am going to get my training for work scheduled. I have to be to work at 6am tomorrow so I planned to ask Tim what was available. Tuesday morning would be best since I have a 9am meeting that I have to drive to in Elk Rapids which is where I would be doing my training. I could do it after the meeting. However I have to work at 11am. So that means the meeting had better not last two hours or I’m going to be late! If I’m lucky the meeting will get out at 10am. Regardless I will be dressing for work just incase.

I supposed I have done enough noodling on the page for now. Time to tackle a project. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Going a Little Cray Cray

I am experiencing one of those weeks where you have so much going on that you really have to take things day by day because you really aren’t sure what day it is thus what you have to do that day. This upcoming week is going to be beyond crazy. Three meetings (Monday night, Tuesday morning and Wednesday night), one article and one book review due, I have to set up training for work (we are getting a whole new system) and all that on top of my work schedule (I’ve never been trained for some of the stuff I am doing at work this week and I am going to be on my own so it will be interesting). This doesn’t include any class work, exercising or working on the novel.

I got Moose’s tattoo yesterday and I am beyond happy with it! No this did not hurt and even when it was done it just felt like a sunburn. Now I can’t even feel it. The piece is not only true to life in the way it looks but also the size. I guess my tattoo artist was surprised that I showed up yesterday. All his other appointments had cancelled due to weather. I told him a) the tattoo meant too much for me to not do it and b) I only lived down the street so I could’ve walked if needed.

I didn’t go to bed until late late last night and my brain had me up at 7:30am. I had all this great stuff I was going to talk about and share but it is all gone like wisps in the wind. My damn “n” button has something wrong with it. Half the time you push it and you have to push it again or go back and put it in because the key didn’t register the pressure. Grrr….

I did get some amazing photos (there goes that stupid “n” key) yesterday. I had to force myself to put my camera down so I wouldn’t be late for my appointment. Lol. Which reminds me I need to watch the next class on my photography course. And my writing one too. But I need to one thing at a time. (Sorry, I just paused there to get pictures of a new type of bird at the feeder.) The problem is I only have a little bit of time to get things done so I am trying to cram. And there is so much to do my days off don’t feel like days off. Just a day that I can cram more stuff that I have to do into. Sigh. How did my days get so full all the sudden?

I should wrap this up so I can share the photos with you all. I am pretty pleased with some of them! Thanks for reading and your support! Stay safe!

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New Adventures!

Tomorrow is my big day! Tomorrow I get Moose’s tattoo. I will share a photo probably Saturday morning. It has been a month today that I lost my Moose. And not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. I miss him.

Well yesterday was an adventure! I had to go get new tires for Angus, my Subaru Crosstrek. I got there a little early. Once I checked in I noticed that they put my car on the lift but nothing was going on. Mechanics came out and talked with the guys at the desk. Had I told them the wrong size tire? (I was pretty sure I had not but still.) I got called up to the desk and things were explained to me. My tires had been ordered when I made the appointment Monday but they still hadn’t been delivered (I guess they normally get deliveries every day but this week seemed to be an exception). At this point I’m thinking I will have to reschedule. Then he drops the bomb. Would I like to upgrade to the next tire in the Cooper line up for the same price? (He looked at his manager who looked a bit sick but ok’ed it.) Why yes I would thank you! What made all this so amazing was the fact that they had matched a lower price from another shop to begin with. That was $30 or so cheaper. The upgrade to my tires was about $32 a tire so you figure another $128? So I saved about $160 yesterday. AND I was able to come home for an hour or so to spend time with the girls before work.

Then when I got to work I was the greeter at the door. Or as I liked to call it… the Mask Police. For the most part everyone was nice. I had one or two that were stinkers but they left. What really happened is that I ended up chatting with everyone for most of the day. When I am at a register I have a limited time frame to talk to people. But at the door I can literally stand around and talk as long as I want. And I did lol. I met some very interesting people as well. There was the guy fresh from the east side of Chicago who did repo work (who knew that I would be able to carry on that conversation!) so we exchanged stories. The conversation with him started with “What are these things?” (he was looking at boxes of Paczkis). I learned some new and interesting stories about some of my regulars (interesting fact… most of the guys have ridden motorcycles). I even talked fire arms with one of our older patrons. I think I went up a few notches with him because I could talk about them intelligently (thank you Hungee). All in all it was a fun day. And it blew by!

The only bad thing last night was Essie being sick. No idea why. When I got home she wouldn’t eat dinner and you could hear her tummy gurgling and grumbling a few miles away. It was LOUD! We played a bit but she got up twice to get sick then the last time she just spontaneously got sick on the bed. That was around 1:30am. This morning she is fine. She had a good appetite and everything. She also wanted to get up at 8am. Momma was not. Momma was sleeping hard. Ah well. I can try again tonight right? Lol.

This has turned into a long one. Sorry about that. I will share some cool photos I took when I got home from getting the tires. The sun was blazing and we had a hard frost from the night before. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Getting It Done

Last night I didn’t sleep well. Or rather I would have if Stella hadn’t done her every little while barking routine. She did it about 3 times. Each time I was in a deep sleep. So now I am paying for it. On the plus side I did get a lot done last night after work. I got my workout in (and some extra routines as well), I talked to Mom, I got 2 videos for class watched and I got an appointment tomorrow morning at 8am to get new tires for Angus my Subaru. I have Thursday off and a meeting that night so I am hoping to sleep in. I can Friday as well but since I am getting my tattoo I don’t know if I will be able to sleep the night before.

I got a few photographs last night and one this morning (misty clouds going over the moon got a cool rainbow effect). I’ll share some of those with you. I switched up my class and I started my creative fiction course. It is intense enough that I feel like I am back in college. There is something like 36 lessons to it so information defiantly isn’t going to be crammed. I plan to go back and forth between the writing class and photography class. When I finish one of them I will add one of the other two waiting in the wings (guitar or creative nonfiction).

Truthfully I feel miserable this morning and would call in if I could. But I can’t so I just hope the day goes fast and well. I’m going to wrap this up and add some pictures. Thanks for reading. I hope everyone is well. Stay safe!

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So Many Choices aka Where Do I Start

This morning we slept in. Mostly. I was wide awake at 4:30am for no reason. But within a few minutes Stella had darted off the bed so I followed suit. Just in time to get her outside to throw up. But I got myself back to sleep by 5:30am the the girls wanted to get up just before 8am. Funny thing is I stayed up past 10pm last night despite being wiped out doing reading and research.

Have you ever had so much around you that you wanted to do and/or learn that you didn’t know where to start? That is very much me right now. I have two novels that I am writing and researching (the werewolf story seems to be getting the most attention right now), I got three more classes that I want to do (learning guitar, creative writing and creative nonfiction) as well as the photography class. Let’s not forget the photography class that I’m already doing and the new magazines that I got in the mail the other day. Oh and the abundance of potential photographs that seem to be jumping out at me. Then I also need to keep the girls and I active which means exercise routine for me and lost of chasing, tea kettle and toy throwing for them. And let’s not forget my all important family time. When did my life get so complicated? Lol.

This morning I took a bit longer in reading other writer’s blogs. I am making an effort to try to make more comments on blogs (I know that I like to hear from my readers so it’s only fair). And there were a lot that I was drawn to comment on. Keep up the good work everyone!

Nuts. Hang on. I’m out of coffee.

Ok, I’m back. I also had to give Essie a belly rub. Anyway, there is just so much to do! I’m not even sure where to start. I have the research that is ongoing for the werewolf novel as well as my resources from my personal library to help write it (the current reference I am using is Robert J. Ray’s The Weekend Novelist. I figure if I can just work on it my two days off a week (I am fully aware that I am going to probably doing something related to the novel every day because that’s just me) this book will give me help in staying focused. I hope. I have the article that I need to research and write today. I need to do my exercises. Dad wants to chat. I need to call Mom to see how her date went the other day (the first one in almost 30 years… I am very proud of her, it took a lot for her to go out). I need to watch atleast one more class in my photography course. I have narrowed down my tire search for my Subie but I keep forgetting to call around locally. And everyone is closed today. I also need to get the motorcycle hooked up to the trickle charger (it has been bitterly cold lately so I have put it off). And apparently I need to see to the bird feeder. The chickadees are getting very vocal when they see me. On that note dear friends I suppose that I should wrap this up. I have a few good photos I will share with you (oh and I need to get some more photos uploaded onto my online shop). Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

Ed. Note: This is my 800th blog! Yay!

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Snowing…. I Mean Blowing In And Blowing Out

Good grief it’s early! I got home and couldn’t sleep. So I did my exercises (I wasn’t supposed to do them til tonight). THAT didn’t work because then I was really awake. Fortunately I received three magazines in the mail so I sat up and read those til way too late. I might have three or so hours of sleep. Yay me. It’s gonna be a long day at work. I will console myself with the thought that at this time tomorrow I will be blissfully asleep.

We have gotten quite a bit of snow over the past few days. It is about half and half with whether or not people like it. Having decent weather for so long spoiled us. But it has been such a bitter cold even some of the die hards are not liking it. More snow supposedly this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend I have an article to write which will be featured on a web site. GULP. The editor is very passionate about what I am writing about (it is an online fantasy writer’s convention that is free) so I have been mulling over what to write all week. I will put pen to paper Saturday and submit it either Saturday night or Sunday some time. It is a short piece (about 500 words) but I need it to be good. The editor was really happy with the last piece I wrote for him.

I got a really cool shot of two different kinds of woodpecker sleeping in the trees just outside my window yesterday after I finished this. They are right across from one another (back to back) so whichever one you see first look across to the other side. I hate to circle them like people seem to do so I hope you see them both. One is the really big woodpecker and the other is a smaller breed of about half the size. I may monkey with it on the laptop to enhance things so you can see both. And it might be easier to see on something bigger than the camera screen or my phone so please let me know what you think.

I need to get going. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!