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Another Day

Moose is snoring behind me. Essie is trying to sleep in the man cave but every once in a while she goes outside. She’d not been feeling well. Stella is hunkered in on the couch amongst the blankets. I’ve only gotten a few hours of sleep despite my best efforts.

The sun brightens everything up despite the heavy cloud cover. The warm day we had yesterday will help bring out the Fall colors. I found a small frog beside one of the ponds yesterday. It is about the size of your thumb nail. I was pleasantly surprised to find it. It has been very cold at nights and some of the days haven’t been that warm. I also broke down and brought in the hummingbird feeder and cleaned it. It is down until next Spring. All I have to do tomorrow is my classwork and work on my novels.

I am trying very hard to be positive right now. I am tired and I don’t much feel like going to work but I have to. Bills gotta be paid. Today is Mental Health Day apparently. It has popped up in my news feed as well as several blog posts from fellow bloggers.

I started watching Netflix’s next haunted house series The Haunting of Bly House. I have to say I like it better than the first series they did. It is much more creepy and the plot twists are not only very good but believable. In their first series, The Haunting of Hill House, some of the twists were just put in to make things unpredictable (or so they hoped). Some of them weren’t very believable in the world they created. I have three more episodes to go. What I also like is that you can binge watch if you want or dole it out. The story is compelling enough to keep you coming back. Bly House is haunted but by what…. or whom?

I guess I will wrap this up and put a few photos in (I should check to see how much room I have in my gallery on here). I hope everyone has a great day! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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Reading through the news this morning has me feeling that I live in a state (being Michigan) of chaos. Plots to kidnap the governor and people lining the bottom of Trump lawn signs with razor blades were the most prominent. And now I hear gunshots out back… Is this election over yet? That being said no matter who wins is will be even worse for the first few months following the election because neither side will go peacefully.

The weather is supposed to get into summer temperatures today but this morning is still chilly with a LOT of wind. The day feels very weird too. The atmosphere is off. So it will be exciting to see what the day will bring. The kids and I got up at 6:45am so that I could make a phone call to work. I forgot to tell them about next week’s meetings. Now I need to make sure I remember to attend them. Monday night is a Zoom meeting but Tuesday morning is in person. Not keen on that but gotta go since I missed last month’s.

I got just about everything done on my to do list yesterday. The only things I missed were making puppy treats (I know, bad Mom) and working on my novels (bad writer). Housework got done, I talked to Dad, cleaned the mouse cage, tended to the gardens, played with the kids, got my hair cut… I really wish I had today off. I just want to relax.

My goal this morning is to water the houseplants and uncover the memorial garden. Hopefully the wind won’t blow the tarp all over once I have it put up. I want to watch atleast one class video (I got my story finished and submitted yesterday too) as well. I can’t believe how tired I feel this morning. The kids and I actually went back to bed after I called work this morning which is why this is so late in being posted.

I took a few photos yesterday that I will share. I hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Photos and Puppies

I am off to a slow start this morning but I am not gonna push it. It is my day off and I will get as much done as I can. It was so nice to come home at 6pm yesterday! The pups and I played around the yard for a bit. Moose is getting better about taking him medicine. I was smart and wrote down things that I needed to get done today. I will work on things as the day goes on. I may try to Facetime with Dad this afternoon. It will depend on what I get done before then.

I am happy to say I have some more Fall photos for everyone. I know that is something a lot of my readers don’t have in their countries. It is amazing to think that Mother Nature does this whole color change every year. And the colors! I try to get photos when the sun is shining bright because it makes the colors that more spectacular.

I have Moose and Stella behind me on the loveseat. Moose has been getting jealous of the girls because they will be with me on the loveseat and he will be stuck on the couch by himself. So this morning while the girls were outside he settled himself on the loveseat. Stella was a bit put out but I pointed out that there was room for both of them so up she hopped. She feels that she hasn’t been getting enough attention. Sigh….

Good grief! I just turned around to scratch the dogs and I am met with Stella sprawled on her back with her back end facing me and her top half in some weird contortion so she doesn’t fall off. Moose is looking at me like she is taking up too much room and I need to fix it. My crazy babies… And Essie snores away in the man cave.

Ok, I am going to add some photos and post this. Then I need to finish up my short story for class and submit that before I go get my hair cut. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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How much time is enough time? some mornings an hour is enough to get everything done. Apparently not this morning. I am in a mad rush to get this done and get out the door on time. I apologize for not being able to read as many of your blogs as normal. I am currently multitasking to try to get some photos downloaded to share. I am so not good with early mornings. I’m not sure if I am out at 2pm or 3pm. I’m really hoping 2pm.

Yesterday consisted of watching horror movies and playing with the dogs. I did get some stuff around the house done though. The dogs have fresh bedding through out the living room, laundry got done (not put away yet), two loads of dishes done and I made sloppy joes and put it in the fridge. I didn’t eat much yesterday, just sort of picked at things. I feel better than I did yesterday morning but still not 100% so we’ll see how the day goes. Moose was sick yesterday too. Hopefully he is better.

Ok, the last photo is downloading so I will wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Looking at Things

The kids are all back asleep. The rain is coming and going beneath the chilly sky. So much is happening in the rest of the world, both good and bad. It can be hard to stay focused on one’s own goals with all that. I think that is why I read so much. I just need to step away from it all. No worries other than turning the page to see what happens next.

I had a meeting last night that was supposed to be a tour of the local parks via bicycles but because of the weather it ended up being on Zoom. I think everyone was disappointed. It would’ve been nice to get out and about to see what had been done to the different parks and what still needed to be done.

There are still questions as to what will happen to various events we have locally. Trick or Treating will be the latest one. Another big one will be the Christmas event that they have for the kids. I don’t know what they can do if that can’t happen. That is for the local families who might not otherwise have a Christmas. The kids get presents and meet Santa, everyone gets hot food and drink and there is spot where families can go to get cold weather wear if they don’t have any (Mom made a whole bunch of scarves last year).

I did get some photos taken yesterday. I uncovered the memorial garden to find open flowers and new buds ready to bloom! The tomato plant that is inside is starting to ripen it’s fruits but the one in the memorial garden is actually blooming flowers to turn into tomatoes! I will share some photos of that and the beautiful flowers that are blooming out there. ❤️

I am going to add some photos and then post this. Thanks for reading! Have a great day and stay safe!

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“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

It has been a steady rain for over an hour now. Yesterday we had hail twice. Today is the first day of one of my favorite months. It is October. In October everyone else jumps on the horror/Halloween band wagon and I can revel in not only being able to watch more horror movies but I can get new Halloween themed stuff (sorry Hungee) for my life.

I have a long to do list for the day and with the weather that should help to get it all done. Some of the things are just simple phone calls or bill paying. Some things will take a little longer (like my classwork). But I am optimistic that it will all get done.

I don’t have any new photos to share from yesterday so I will have to try to get some taken today. The cold and rain are bringing out the colors so things are changing fast. I hear a blue jay outside my window as the rain slows down. I think he was eating some of the berries off of the bush in the pond garden.

I have earned another certificate with my creative writing courses. One more to go and I have the set! (That sounds like a bad joke…) I am very happy with myself. I have saved and printed all of them so far but my printer is only black and white so I may ask someone else to print them in color at one point.

I an trying to do too much at once right now. I am talking to a UK friend, this, downloading updates for my Nikon on to the laptop, petting puppies…. I should probably focus on one thing at a time. Lol. I did do some work on my surfing novel last night. It might not seem like much to others but it is a big step for me. That is another thing on my to do list. I want to try to get a few pages done on each novel. Last night I pulled my research books for each novel together and put them in bags so all I have to do is grab whichever I am working on and go. All in all I think today will be a very productive day.

On that note I will take a quick photo and add it to this post before I share it. I hope you are all having a great day. Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe!

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Some Positivity

This morning (sorry… I just had to stop and help Stella cover herself with a blanket) is darker and wetter than yesterday. Plants are in or covered up. The tomatoes are ripening at a steady pace now. I also need to pull some of the beans soon.

Yesterday morning I rescued a Monarch butterfly. She was hanging out on some of the plants in the sun in the memorial garden trying to dry her wings and warm up. But with the Fall weather then sun wasn’t doing much for either condition for her. I was able to coax her on to my hand and I put her on the basil plant (it is in the long box with the tomato plant and pepper plant) since it was in full sun. She stretched out there for a bit and was able to get warm and dry before taking off.

Last night was almost a full moon. I missed the awesome moon rise (a coworker came in to get some groceries and showed me some pics she had taken) but I was able to get some pretty impressive shots after I got home.

This morning all three dogs have been excessively needy. I’m not sure why. For a good portion of this Stella has laid in my lap or beside me. Moose and Essie have been sitting next to me for love and scratches. I’m not sure what is up. I finally got everyone to lay down. I can hear the gentle snores now. Lol. On a positive note I was able to get Moose to eat almost all of his breakfast. Most of it was fed to him but he ate a good amount on his own from the bowl. I am very proud of him.

I will add a few photos then try to get some classwork done. I hope everyone is have a good day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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What to Do Next

The sun is out but it is deceptively cold out. I think I might, at the very least, bring in the orange plant. I can leave it by the door to get the sun. I may have to harvest what beans we have and cove the whole thing up by the looks of the weather. The temperatures here are dropping steadily. So do I leave everything out til I get home tonight (I close so after dark)? Or do I pull them in before I go and cover the memorial garden? I think I will leave everyone out and uncovered since the sun is out. It has been a few days since we have seen any sun and I think the direct sunshine will help more than bringing them in. I will bring everyone in tonight after I feed the kids.

I have gotten a lot of color photos between the two cameras. No Monarch butterfly yesterday so I am hoping that it is on it’s way to warmer climes. I need to check my blog capacity for photos. It may have been increased when I upgraded but I have been posting a lot of photos since then. I don’t know if deleting older photos would gain me more space or not. I hate to do it but….

This morning I am writing back in the living room. All three kids are happily snoozing instead of wandering back and forth every few minutes to see me. Although I am still expected to stop every little while and love on everyone. Sigh… snots. Lol.

I have a friend that is trying to get me to go on a color ride next weekend. Truly I want to go but I don’t want to go. I want to take photos of all the colors but I also want to ride my bike. I cannot do both. I suppose I could ride on back and click away as a passenger but…. and I have no idea if I will have the time off. And I also have classwork that I need to keep up with. I usually do that on my days off. Oooooo…. and another problem. He wants to leave at like 9am. Which means I would be going on my own since Chris works nights. And I do my classwork in the morning while the house is quiet. I guess I am gonna have to say no then. Maybe we just do our own color tour sometime soon.

I need to wrap this up so I can try to get some classwork done before work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Quick Check In

I think Moose wants me to start moving the laptop into the living room again. He doesn’t want to sleep on the floor in here for very long. It is raining pretty good here this morning. The rain has made everyone very sleepy. Even me. I only woke up once last night.

I took Stella and Moose for a little ride yesterday. I didn’t take the camera but I did pull over a few times and use the one on my phone so I do have some fall color photos to share. I also managed to get a lot done yesterday. The garage has been swept out and the house picked up etc (I do need to vacuum when I get home today). I am also caught up on classwork.

I got up extra early so I thought I had more time. I did get Moose to eat some of his breakfast by feeding it to him. He actually showed interest but wasn’t sure so I gave him some on the fork. He ate it so I kept going. He ate most of it for me.

Where did all my extra time go? Sheesh. Ok. I guess I will put my photos on here and get ready for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Little Bit of Everything

This morning Moose is very restless. He follows me around and can’t seem to find a comfortable spot around me (or anywhere) to lay. We’ve been up since 7am when Moose got me up to go outside. It is still overcast from the rain. We got hit hard yesterday morning with the storms making the sky dark enough to be night. It was really wild.

I seem to be only to sleep for patches of 5 hours at a time. I had to take a sleep aid at three different times over the course of the night to get any sleep. So while I waited for the medicine to kick in I worked on my novels. I didn’t make much head way but I got some things worked on before I fell back asleep. So I may pull those out at various times today and jot some notes.

I got some of my classwork done before work yesterday since we were up so early. I might have one or two more videos and then the written part to do today. I plan to finish that up after I post this.

The colors here are changing so fast… I try to take a photo everyday of this one tree across the street every day (it was one of the first to start changing) to demonstrate this. I’ve also been taking photos of the hills behind us for the same reason. Eventually I will sit down and put them together in chronological order and share them.

I just glanced at the clock and it is later than I thought. I need to get going so I can get my classwork done before Chris gets up. I have a few more photos to share with you as well. The peach colored flower is my new favorite. I think I might make it a tattoo at one point. So off I go! Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!