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Finally Saying Goodbye

Today is the day I have been both dreading and looking forward to. Part of me doesn’t want to go. It wants to stay home. The other part wants say goodbye and spend some time with Mom. I have no idea where I am going so Google Maps don’t fail me now! I’m also not sure how early I should leave. An hour should be enough time but I honestly have no idea where this place is (everyone I have talked to has had no idea this place even existed and they have lived here all their lives in some cases) and I have never even hear of the road before up here. So a new adventure there. But I really miss Linda and this will really be goodbye.

I brought the plants in last night. As of last night the temps are getting and staying in the Fall temperature range. I think yesterday was the last day of my Summer. The furnace has been on several times. I am ready for a change in weather but not really because this means Winter. Looking at them now they all look green and happy. I did some trimming last night. I know there are a few more plants that need it.

I got a lot done yesterday. But not everything that I wanted. By the time I was able to rest and write I could barely keep my eyes open so that is on the slate for today. I made myself a list for today (looking at it I see that I would’ve forgotten my camera). It’s not long so I will get it all done. I got a big chunk of long term stuff done yesterday.

The girls slept hard. We did a lot of playing even before Chris left for work. Late afternoon Stella got repeated zoomies and was tearing through the yard. The last few I had Essie chasing her so they got to playing for a bit. It was good to see them playing outside together. I ordered some toys from Chewy. I am hoping that they will arrive today. Probably tomorrow though. They ship fast. I always get the kids medicine from them. Then I don’t have to drive to the vet’s. And even the vet says that they are usually cheaper for medicine.

I am dragging my feet. I should wrap this up and get going. I can feel the anxiety starting. And I can hear Linda’s voice in my head….Ok before I start crying. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Deep Breath….And Relax!

Ahhhhh! Blessed blessed day off! Oh how I need you! In all honesty I’m not going to know what to do with myself. I am so used to cramming what I can into my day before I head out to work. That means I can get some work done on my novel! Yay! I feel bad because I haven’t really touched it in a week now. But work took everything out of me. Last night seemed to be the topper. Instead of an “easy” day it was a long day. Two of us not very experienced back in the deli… I was the slicer person for orders because my coworker is afraid of the slicer. And I was the one trying to make sure we all got stuff to do (I was barely making sure I had stuff to do). But despite all the obstacles we survived and may have even become friends.

Oh my fierce Pittys! They are scared of the rain that is falling. I am trying to type around 120lbs of Pitbull right now. Silly pups. I need to go get yogurt (I forgot with everything going on at work) so Essie can have her medicine. If she doesn’t get yogurt in her tummy first she will throw everything up in a matter of minutes. But if the girls are spooked then they will wake Chris up while I am gone. So I supposed I will wait a bit. I could take Stella but then Essie would be alone. (Essie is not fond of car rides.)

On the plus side it is a dark day so I will be more inclined to hunker inside and work on my novel. I also need to write a few letters and emails today. I have friends and family members that I have not been in touch with for a bit. I am hoping that (as I look around the room/house) I don’t have much to do around the house. I think all my major projects are done. I do need to glue some flooring down. So it will be just upkeep for a bit. I am going to do my best to relax today. I am not sure how tomorrow will go. I have the memorial service at noon (remember to take your camera…) but I do need to leave early as I have no idea where I am going besides Traverse City somewhere. I am not sure how long things will last either. I am going to push Mom to come out and meet me at a coffee shop I think. I want to get her out of the house. She is becoming a recluse and as much as I want to see my little sissies (her two pups) I want her to get out around other people.

I have so much that I want to read right now! But I need to work on my novel and play with the girls. I do have treats to bribe them with though. I have some soup bones for them to eat later. So much relaxing that I want to do today…. reading, writing, playing with the girls, puttering around in my office…. I got my violet plant repotted the other day. I was so scared that it would die on me! I have had it for several years and it had filled up it’s original pot long ago. I finally bit the bullet and put him in a pot about twice the size of his original. He has bee doing wonderfully! I am so excited!

I guess I should wrap this up before it gets too long. Now that I have the luxury of time for a little while… I will add a few photos and get this posted. The weather is nice enough that I still have plants blooming like crazy (for which I am very grateful). And for you rock hounds out there I took a few photos of a few of my “hunting grounds” on our property. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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What To Do And Where To Go To Do It

This morning is a confusing mess for everyone. The girls are impatient for me to put the laptop away since I have been on it a very long time. I had an article that I needed to get out this morning. Now I am doing this. They are impatient to start their limited day with me. I am too truthfully.

I am thinking that I have watched too many horror movies. It used to be that the month of October signaled the release of an abundance of horror movies new and old on the streaming services. Now all they do it title the horror selection they have with some new quirky title like “Shocktober” or some such. It is very disappointing.

Today is day six which means I have tomorrow off. I work in the deli tonight so I have no idea what time I will be home. I am hoping for an early out. I would honestly like to start my two days off as soon as possible. One of my good friends from work is doing her annual move to Texas for the winter this week. She lives on my street and I have offered to try to help her pack up. I may try on Saturday. She works all week so I am not sure. I get out at 2pm but Chris may have plans for us.

All the overcast skies are making it feel like Fall. I am still going around in shorts and tank tops so the temperature is still summer. The colors are starting to change faster and faster. Once we reach the peak of colors it will be all downhill from there. The leaves will start to fall from the trees and then they will be bare. Which means winter. Bah humbug.

I am hoping to take my camera to the Memorial Service on Friday. Since it will be at a botanical garden I would like some photos. I’m not sure how long it will be but Mom and I are going to try to get together afterwards. I think I will push for a coffee shop somewhere. I am tossing around the idea of taking photos around here tomorrow but honestly the thought of me pulling over every little bit to get this shot or that shot has not got me enthused.

Well fudge. The laptop battery is about to give out on me. I didn’t realize it was that low. So I guess I will wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Plans, plans, plans

Well… it’s morning. The girls and I agree that it is way too early in the morning for us. I am up early to write this as well as my article before work. I was going to do my article first but the sun isn’t even up so I cannot see my notes. Hence I am writing this first. I am hoping to keep things light but my lack of sleep is winning out.

I have to keep reminding myself that I have a meeting tonight. With my long schedule and lack of sleep I am very grateful for my alarms to remind me. I think Dad is angry with me because I have been lax in keeping in touch with everything going on. I will try to send him a quick email. He seems to think I am avoiding him. I hope he realizes that there are only so many hours in the day and mine seem to be overly full.

It is difficult to keep the positive mindset with everything going on. Especially the pain. Yesterday that seemed to be the thing as my day wore on. Nothing seems to help right now. And if I go down that thought path I will get lost and angry so…. I hope the girls will be ok with me coming home for maybe 30 minutes before I leave again. I will try to play with them for a little. The meeting shouldn’t be longer than an hour tonight so I should be home by 8:30pm. If I feed them when I get home and try to crank out my article before bed I can sleep until 7:30am tomorrow. That would give me time to write this and feed the girls before heading out for the next meeting. I also need to drop an email to my editor to let her know that the article for tomorrow’s meeting may not get there in time for this week’s issue. I don’t think there will be enough time to get it written before work. Tomorrow is one of my 10 hour days so I will have 15 minutes after the meeting to be home before I will have to be out the door again for work.

Sorry most of this is me thinking out loud (if you will) so I can keep myself straight. If I repeat things often enough I will be able to do it on auto pilot if I am too sleepy to think straight. I hope.

Both of the girls are on the couch. Stella is draping herself all over the place. Essie is a little crescent shape at the other end of the couch. I feel bad that I have had no energy to do anything with the family this weekend. Chris has been awesome and done things around the house while I have been gone. Hopefully Thursday I can play catch up around here. I still have to ask Mom if she wants to get together Friday after the memorial service. Ok, the clock tells me that I need to get going on the article now that the sun is up (yes we do have lights in the house I could use but I would wake Chris with the one in the living room and going in my office would mean the girls would cram themselves together on the floor so here we are). I hope you all have a great day! Thank you for all your comments! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Have you ever woken to a day and felt that something was going to happen? Not sure if it will be good or bad but something will happen? That is me this morning. There are huge thick clouds coming in from the far south east this morning. The winds have been strong too.

Not much sleep last night because I had to do the “fast unwind” when I got home. I did get laundry washed and into the dryer before bed too. I need work clothes. The annoying part is that I am working in the deli today so I pretty much am going to have to wash my shorts again for tomorrow. I’m not sure how long, short or topics of the next week of posts. Well who am I kidding? I never do. But I am working straight through to next Thursday. I am a bit annoyed about it. Tomorrow I work morning until 6pm then I go to Elk Rapids for a meeting. I have a meeting the following morning then I close that night as a manager. Then I work Wednesday night in the deli essentially by myself (the other person I work with won’t really do much because she doesn’t like being back there). I don’t understand why I don’t have either Monday or Tuesday off. At one point I have to find time to write the articles for the meetings. It is very frustrating. He forgets that every time.

I don’t know if I will have time to write the article for Thursday’s meeting before work today or not. If not I have to write it after I get home tonight. I probably should’ve gotten up earlier but I need to sleep when I can. But I might still have time.

I am hoping to get together with Mom Friday after the memorial service. We’ll see if that happens. She will want to meet at her place but I am going to try to get her to come to a coffee shop or something to chat. She needs to get out more. With all the hours I am working I have dropped out of touch with both my parents. I did manage to get out an email to Dad the other day.

I can tell that I need some time off because my filter at work is not working very well. I have not been the best person either. Maybe ok for some but below the standard I have for myself. So I guess I need that time in the deli. We usually have enough people back there that I can just focus on tasks instead of dealing with people.

Sorry about all the whining. That is not how the post started. Thanks for listening. Stay safe!

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Lazy Day With Much To Do

This morning has dawned cool and damp. Not a bad thing really. But everyone is sleepy. It is a lazy day to be sure. Unfortunately there is a lot going on so… Hopefully I will get my work schedule today. I think I would’ve been ok but having the Memorial Service on Friday means I needed the whole day off. I can work either of my meeting days though so that shouldn’t have been an issue. I guess we’ll see.

I finally got sleep last night! Yay! Means I will be playing catch up for a few days with it though. It was nice to pretty much sleep the night through. I don’t know how busy work will be. Things have died right down for the most part. I had to make sure everyone stayed busy last night. I sent several people home early since we didn’t have anything for them to do.

Today is one of my long days so I won’t have much time to do anything before work. The girls are pouting. They want to play since their daddy is awake but I haven’t finished this so they will have to wait. I am hoping to sneak in some writing before I have to go. I didn’t get any done last night. I did get almost two pages written Thursday morning. We’ll see what happens. I might just come home and go to bed. I should actually. I just remembered that I have to work at 10am tomorrow. I will be in the deli so I can be grumpy and not really have to deal with people.

I finally finished reading two novels that I have been reading seemingly forever. I usually have several books going at once so I have different books for different moods. I finished a cozy mystery and a horror compellation. Both good. And yes I have several other books that I am reading. They are nonfiction though. I might grab an Elizabeth Peters to keep with me. Either an Amelia Peabody or Jacqueline Kirby mystery will do nicely. Both are sassy heroines that I love to read about. I see by the clock that I need to wrap this up and get moving for work. Thanks for reading and especially for your comments! I love hearing from everyone! Stay safe!

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Title? Hot Mess

This time it wasn’t Essie’s fault. My body would just not get comfortable so I could sleep. Body temperature was all over the place and I hurt. But let’s focus on the good things from yesterday…

I did get some new photos while I was in Elk Rapids last night. There were a few I wanted to go back to after the meeting but by that time it was getting dark. I haven’t officially reviewed any of the photos so hopefully there are some good ones worth sharing. I got several compliments regarding my articles from various members last night. I was greatly humbled and very grateful. I needed that. We spent several hours walking around the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Elk Rapids while they discussed what needed to be done over the next year(s) in the park.

I got most of my list completed yesterday as well. I have a little to do today before work but I think I can swing it. My focus isn’t very good this morning. I slept late trying to catch up on sleep but now I just feel like I am in a daze. Once Chris gets up I need to get into the shower. I almost did it last night in hopes of getting to sleep but I am glad I didn’t. I would’ve still had to do it this morning.

I can see that Essie hurts as much as I. She isn’t walking right with her back legs. She and I need to both take our meds after I finish this. I am trying to stay positive but the pain is a bit much today. So I guess I will wrap this up and get this posted. Sorry this is so short. Thanks for reading and your continued support! Stay safe!

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Awake Before My Time

Right now I am very irritated with Essie. All I wanted was a little more sleep. But she had to go and get everyone up. So here I am. Annoyed. It also feels like I have a cut around my left eye. I couldn’t sleep so I didn’t get to the actual shut eye until almost 2am. I messaged Chris that I was going to bed around 11pm (I didn’t get home until around 10:45pm) after feeding the dogs because I was wiped out. But guess what? Wide awake. So I decided to watch a movie. I settled for a documentary on Amazon. I felt a little sleepy when that was done so we headed for bed. Then nope. So I read some more. Stella kept giving me desperate please will you turn out the lights glances so I finally did around 1am. I tossed and turned for the next hour or so.

This morning there is barely any breeze and the sky is overcast. I good day to sit out I think. I will haul my stuff out to my chair and small table for a few hours. I have a meeting at 5pm tonight that I need to drive to Elk Rapids for. We are meeting at a park this time. I hope I get the right one. I am contemplating taking my camera with me and trying to get a few photos on the way as well as in the park. I will have to leave early so I will have time to pull over repeatedly for photos. It is quite a beautiful drive along many water fronts. We’ll see. There is so much to photograph that I am never sure where to start. That is why I usually just stick with my own backyard. But after the successful trip to the Alden art fair I am feeling a little more confident about taking more photos outside my usual comfort zone.

I have a new to do list for my day. Most of it is easy work. I just need to pace myself. I should be able to get it all done. I feel like I am getting behind on things. That is one big reason I am unsure about doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November. On some of my work days I don’t really have any spare time. I beat myself up enough about not working on my novel. Am I going to feel less like a writer if I attempt it? If that is the case then it is not worth it. But if I can make a dent in it then it will be worth it. On days that I can’t make my word count what am I gonna do? The easy answer is make it up another day. But that builds up if you have several days where you can’t write. I know there will be days… it is how I will handle it. My knee jerk reaction is to cram it all into the next days word count. But I can average it out if I need to. Maybe write extra to have a built in cushion. It sounds easy enough but I suck a the execution part, lol. My mind will start to freak out and scream at me that this was a terrible idea and that I am not a real writer.

I guess I ought to wrap this up and get started with the rest of my day. Stella is acting goofy to cheer me up. Little nut… Essie has been trying to get back into my good graces as well. I would like to thank everyone for their awesome comments and support! I love getting your insight into things! As always thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Priorities… And What Got Done

The sun is bright this morning. Part of that is due to the blinds being pulled almost all the way open. I have moved the shelves to the sunny spot so I can start putting the plants on there. I also got the houses vacuumed and the kitchen swept. The island counter top did not get cleaned off. I did also catch up on my various series and finished a novel I had been reading. So I believe that I found a balance yesterday. I still hurt but I also don’t feel like I completely slacked off yesterday either. I only got one thing on my to do list done but that was because I ended up with a completely different list in my head. The meeting was listened to and the article written once I had this posted as well.

There are things I should’ve gotten done but did not. I did not work on my novel. Instead I called Mom. After that I binge watched my shows to catch up. I can excuse the counter not getting cleaned off since I got so much else done but the novel…. not so much. So my goal is a page on the novel before work.

I got a bit of a surprise? shock? yesterday. I got a message from my friend’s daughter telling me about the memorial service they were holding for her next week. It still brings a tear (several actually) to my eye. So that will be on my list for work today. Since I will have Thursday off for a meeting I will miss handing my list in for time off. So I need to do it today. I might try to hook up with Mom. We’ll see how I feel. I might make her meet me somewhere. She needs to get out more than just the grocery store.

I am looking around the room… I realize that I really need to start uploading my photos to my web page. I have several hundred saved to my phone that I have shared on here that need to be uploaded on to my site. I put that off because it is such a large project. Even doing say 5 or 10 takes atleast 20 minutes with the whole process to upload, write all the text that goes with the photo, ok everything and then do a final upload onto the site. And I really don’t want to spend the time. If I do less than 5 it’s not really worth the time. What I need to do is stop procrastinating and post this so I can get going on my novel. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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And In This Corner….

Today is finally my day off. Sort of. I received a link to the meeting I missed last week and I asked if the paper wanted my to watch it and write it up. I got the ok last night at work. I said I would take care of it this morning. So once I finish this I need to get on that. It is one of those you really feel crappy and just need to be days but I said I would and I am not going to back down.

Last night I was miserable. I tried to be as positive as I could (which at times was not very much). Part of my problem was the physical pain (part of that was due to me using an ax to chop down some saplings that I have been trying to get rid of for several months and finally got around to) and the rest was me just being wiped out from my long hours. If I am going to be working long weekend hours then I need one of the weekend days off. I don’t spend any time with Chris unless I have requested the day off and he has the same day off.

Ok…. I need to let that go for now. I am overwhelming myself. Too much needs to be addressed and figured out. I think that is why I finally decided to chop those saplings down. I needed to do something aggressive. I need to just chill today. But my brain reminds me that I haven’t talked with either of my parents. I can’t today. I need today for myself and guilt free. Once my article is done I need to not adult. Not even that I just need to relax. I have a to do list on a yellow post it note. We’ll see what gets done. I am just overwhelmed…. I feel like it is just go go go.

So it feels like today will be the battle between relaxing and getting things done. Which will win out? Stay tuned! Thanks for reading and stay safe!