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Rainy Day Activities

Yesterday turned to rain by the time afternoon arrived.  It’s been raining ever since.  I am glad because we need the rain.  Not necessarily this much but…  Today we will probably end up inside again.  I did get out to take some photos and I threw many toys over the course of the day but it’s not really the same as hanging out.  I do need to empty the excess water from my many jars out there.  The rain is slowly drowning the plants growing in them.

I’m not sure what I will do with myself.  I want to get some more writing done but I got up later enough that I may not have enough quiet time to do so.  And I think I may have stalled myself out again.  If I talk about my writing too much it takes away from the process.  It’s like using a pressure cooker to write.  When you keep lifting the lid to peek in to see how things are cooking you lose pressure and it won’t cook right.  Every time I talk about it I am lifting the lid.  The flip side of that is I can be held accountable because others know that I am writing and will ask about it.  It is very much a catch 22.

I finally got my current issue of Poets and Writers yesterday.  I read that until I fell asleep last night in bed.  The rain is stop and start.  I can’t seem to stop yawning.  It is such a lazy day that when I pause in my typing Moose is still asleep.  Normally he will hear the pause and look to see if that means I am finished.

Tonight I have a long meeting to cover.  So I will have to set an alarm to get up to make sure it gets finished in time.  I try to have the article written so that it is ready when they arrive at 9am.  Wednesday is when they pull the paper together to be sent out to the printers.

I will add some photos from yesterday and put the post live.  Our milkweed is growing soooo well this year!  And we have our first monarch caterpillar.  The milkweed is beginning to open so I am on the look out for the caterpillars.  They are the only ones that eat the milkweed.  It makes them taste bad to that the birds don’t eat them.  Well thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Adding Color

Yesterday was a full day wrapped up with the weirdest weather I’ve seen.  I got the weed whip out and took care of the yard, I got a lot of house cleaning done, laundry done  and put away, as well as dishes swapped out.  The kids went to bed tired from all the playing outside.

The weather… yeah it was a weird one last night.  To the south was blue sky and white puffy clouds.  To the north it was dark like it wanted to storm.  Then it would switch places.  It was like it was slowly swirling above us.  The catch was that the skies to the south were moving from the west to the east or counter clockwise.  The skies to the north were moving from west to east or clockwise.  It was very bizarre to watch.  And a bit scary at times as the wind would pick up and whip the trees and such around.  This phenonium lasted a few hours.  I did get a lot of cool cloud photos as well.

All the plants are inside for the time being as it is supposed to get down toward freezing tonight.  Last night wasn’t much warmer.  Hopefully the weekend will hold more summer weather.  Chris is working six days a week still.  Hopefully he can enjoy Sunday.  I don’t know if he’s going to strip the project bike down or not this weekend.  I know more parts have been ordered.  It sounds like he plans to have it ready to ride this summer.  I figured maybe a year or so so pull it all together.  Nay nay!  But I am glad.  It gives him something fun to focus on.

I still have yet to download photos onto the laptop.  Which reminds me that I should download a few for this blog.  I have been clicking away but not doing anything with the results.  I started going through the Dummies Guide for the camera yesterday.  I am making myself read everything even if I already know it to make sure I don’t miss anything. There were a few doo dads on the camera I didn’t know I had let alone what they were that I would’ve missed had I not read everything.

Ok, I will pick out a few pics to share on here and go do something outside.  Thanks for reading!  Stay safe!


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Functioning in the Heat

I feel slightly better today but my whole body hurts.  I didn’t really do much yesterday.  I did get some chores done.  I got as much done as I could so that I only have one big one today and that is to mow the backyard.  Temperatures are supposed to soar today with storms tonight.  I want to keep up on the lawn as best I can this year.

I’ve kept the AC on all night to try to combat the heat that is coming today for the dogs.  Stella has already gone out and sprawled on the deck.  Essie and Moose are still inside.  I have gotten in the habit of watering the plants outside at night.  The constant sun dries out the dirt quickly.  By the time evening rolls around everyone looks a little droopy.

I did start reading a new book yesterday.  I finished Stephen King’s On Writing again so since Chris recently got it to round out the Terry Pratchett collection (I think we have just about all of the Disc World books in actual book form, I know Chris has them all in digital copy).  So I have started reading Guards, Guards which is the first book in the Watch series.  I always enjoy Pratchett because his satire is so well done and the stories are so fun.  We introduced Mom to him a few years ago (I don’t remember which book we loaned her) and now she has all the books as well.

I see that Stella has come in and stretched out in front of the AC, belly first.  I think that will be happening a lot today for all of us.  I still need to download all the pictures on to this laptop from my camera.  It will make it so much easier to share on here than doing the transfer to the phone and back.  I am supposed to be getting my Nikon D3500 For Dummies today so hopefully that will get me moving.  I want to learn about all the different tools I have in my kit (there are filters I have as well as other lenses that I honestly have no idea how to use… I can’t get them to fit on the camera and there were no instructions with the kit sooooo).

All three dogs are now outside.  I think I will follow their lead.  Let me just download a few photos from yesterday and the day before (I got a fun action shot of Stella).  Poop.  The camera battery is too low.  So I guess I will share some older pictures and charge the camera battery.  Have a great day and thanks for reading!  Stay safe!

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Photos Versus Words

Another busy day yesterday.  Atleast it felt like it.  Dinner turned out very well.  My eyes are so tired right now.  So is the rest of me truth be told.  I spent quality time with Chris yesterday and played with the kids enough that they were more than ready to go to bed last night.  I am trying to figure out what to do with myself today.  I could curl back up and go to sleep…  I’ve got a meeting tonight at 7pm.  So I do need to set an alarm to make sure I don’t forget to do that.

I still haven’t downloaded and photos to the laptop.  Just the phone.  I took a lot more yesterday going back and forth between the two lenses I have.  I got a really nice bunch of pictures of a dragonfly as well as two birds that were hanging out in a tree in the backyard.  I got some of one of the resident chipmunks as well.

I didn’t download any of the chipmunk photos though. Maybe tomorrow. I just feel so tired right now. I also found a free program to do some writing with. I may try that out tonight. Just not right now.

I’m gonna call it for today. Sorry there is not much written. I can barely keep my eyes open and not very good with the focusing either. Thank you so very much for reading and stay safe!

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A New Way to Capture Life

Critters seem to like out house.  The past few days is was a bee that kept making it’s way into the house.  It didn’t matter where I put it back outside it always found it’s way back in.  Yesterday a chipmunk wandered in through the sliding glass door and was checking things out until I asked it what it was doing inside.  Then it shot back out the door.  I remember a hummingbird coming in he house last year.  I had to use one of my Minion backpacks to catch it and get it safely back outside.  Dragonflies seem to come in a lot too.

I should be more excited right now but I think I spent all that energy yesterday.   Yesterday was the big day!  I got my camera!  I plugged the battery in to charge as soon as I found it.  I have an AMAZING bunch of stuff in my kit!  I will add a photo of everything at the end.  I am so happy with my purchase that I ordered Nikon D3500 For Dummies away.  That should be here Monday.  I play with my two lens as best I could.  I’m not as familiar as I would like with everything.  I have a wonderful selection of tools to use even if I’ve not used them all yet.

I have registered the kit and I have downloaded both manuals and the apps for the photos (there are two).  There is a LOT of stuff to learn!  There is so much I can do with my pictures now!  I have to admit I got frustrated last night with the full moon.  When I looked at it through the view finder I such awesome detail but when I looked at the photo it took the moon looked like a white circle.  Where did my detail go?!  I worked at it for about an hour trying different settings on the camera but no joy.  I’m hoping that once I upload them to the laptop I can do something to bright the details out.  It’s very disappointing after all the great detail I got on the flowers and such when I was playing earlier.  I was going to print the manuals ( I am better with the printed page for reference) but the one is almost 400 pages.  Sooooo that one will have to stay virtual.

I have not uploaded anything from the photo frenzy yesterday.  I think I will try to do that later today.  I saw a Bluetooth symbol on the side and I am curious as to what that will do.  Like I said, there is a lot to learn.

Well I need to get a grocery list together and get going.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!  Stay safe!


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Grey Clouds but a Silver Lining

I am happy to report I may have made a break through in my novel.  A dream last night got me pondering things so before I even cracked my laptop I sat and scribbled some notes on paper.  That may be the project for the day.  The morning dawned bright but it looks as though it will rain.  Another sign to put my head down and do some serious work on the novel.

I was concerned about Stella yesterday as she was too mellow.  She just cuddled with me when Chris got ready to go to work.  Normally she is all over him as he gets dressed and puts his shoes on.  Not yesterday.  She wasn’t lethargic she was all about playing and chasing her ball and getting love from both of us.  But she wasn’t her usual busy self.  We’ll see how she is today.

I am thinking I will sit outside to write for as long as I can before the rain starts.  There is a lunar eclipse tonight but I guess people in North America (and a few other spots) won’t be able to see it.  I was rather bummed because for once I could be up when it happened.  Then if it is raining tonight it would be a moot point anyway.  I did get some nice photos of the moon last night.  Again wishing I had a better camera.  I am excited to see what details I can get.  I can’t seem to get the phone camera to pick up violet or the vibrancy of the pink clouds being underlaid with that burning orange that we get in our sunsets.  And I tried a kind of cool shot with a spider but it did not turn out as I wanted it too.  I am hoping that this will be a possibility with the new camera.


Moose is on the floor beside me.  He has been constantly by me since going to the vet.  I want to get my bicycle out and start going up and down the street. Yesterday was just too hot by the time I got the idea in my head.  Today might be a good day to start that.  Once I finish this I think I’ll tool on out to the garage and make sure the tires and such are in working order.  If they are then once Chris is awake and situated I will throw a leg and pedal for a bit.  I need to change things up.  And it is good practice for riding the motorcycle.

I’ll share two more pictures from yesterday as well.  Thanks so much for reading!  Stay safe!

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Well That Wasn’t Expected

When I come up with the title for yesterday’s blog I did not realize it was going to be literal.  For those of you who are new readers a little less than a month ago I took my eldest Pitty to the vet to have a cancerous lump removed.  When I got a call from the vet yesterday about Moose it was revealed that he has kidney disease.  So for now he has to be on a special diet.  I say for now because he will be going back in a month to be retested to make sure.  Meantime the vet was awesome and gave us a 40lbs bag of the special kibble and five cans of the special wet food.  I did not realize this until we got home and I looked at the bill.

I got a call to come and get him much earlier than expected.  When I dropped him off I was told 3:45pm.  After the first phone call about the lab results it was changed to 3pm but I was asked if I could come sooner if he needed to leave sooner.  (Moose gets extremely stressed when going to the vet’s so I have anxiety medicine to give him before he goes but since he was going to be knocked out to have his teeth cleaned they were worried about his recovery time etc. so no medicine.  I brought him in later so he was the first one the doctor took care of.)  Not long after I hung up from the second call I received a third call asking if I could come and get him as he was becoming more stresses as he woke up.  I was putting my shoes on as I was hanging up the phone.

My poor boy was miserable.  He was still really wonky from the anesthetic but I could see that he was very happy to see me and go home.  Once I had him and his stuff loaded and paid for I tried to head to Kalkaska to pay my car payment.  Only everything was down to one lane from all directions (I suppose that is one way to cut down on the tourists).  I even tried taking back roads but traffic was backed up and Moose was crying in the back seat so I gave up and came home.  I will have to call the bank and suck up the $20 fee and do it over the phone.

I was scared because Moose did not seem to be getting better as the night wore on.  Part of it was that he was scared to sleep.  Every time he would start to fall asleep he would jerk himself awake and cry because he didn’t know what to do.  About 7pm the medicine seemed to be wearing off.  I did get him to eat (twice as a matter of fact) and he has been drinking a lot of water.  He has gone to the bathroom multiple times.  This morning he his still a bit wonky even after a long sleep (he did get up a few times).  And that bothers me.

So there we are.  Moose is sleeping now but I think we will go outside and putter in the gardens (I got a lot done in my anxiety waiting to hear from the vet yesterday).  I’m sure the vet will call to see how he is doing.  They always do. I will tell them about my concerns and see what they say.  I don’t want to have to take him back in so soon.  So I guess we will see.  Thanks for reading the extra long post.  Stay safe!

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Considering Options

I was proud to see my state mentioned under peaceful protests this morning.  The police in Flint, MI actually joined in the peaceful protest yesterday.  Hopefully something good will come of that.  The day has dawned with full sun and bird song.  Cliché but there it is.  The kids have been rotating in and out.  Right now Stella and Moose are in with Essie out.  Stella has been out pretty much since they finished breakfast.  Once I am finished with this I will be moving the plants out.  I think (with the exception of a few plants) I will be leaving them out for now 24/7.  The nights look to be warming enough that it should be comfortable for them.

Today is the first day of June.  That is also the first day of summer for most of us in our heads.  So much will be going on from here on out.  I find myself making daily lists to keep track of everything.  Meetings to cover, vet appointments (please let this be the last for a while!), things to do around the house, places I need to check in at.  With life seemingly coming to a standstill one day looks very much like the last.  I can understand why retirees have problems keeping track of appointments and such.  I set an alarm on my phone to remind me when I have a meeting to cover otherwise I would probably just roll on with my night and forget to attend the meeting on Zoom.  Truthfully if I did not have the time and date on my electronics I would be lost.  Even calendars don’t help when you don’t have a clue.  Speaking of which I need to switch all the calendars today.

I am contemplating on upgrading this site so that I can post more photos.  I really think some of them are good and would like your opinion but the free account won’t let me add any photos even if I deleted some of what I have.  The only way will be to pay for it.  I probably won’t use most of the other “upgrades” although I should probably look them over if I do this and learn to use them.

I am still torn on whether or not to get a camera.  I have Mom’s old Cannon but it is near impossible to find film and get it developed anymore.  Atleast it is here.  And I want to try to capture things as I see them.  Not as the i-phone sees them.  And if I practice I might even be able to get paid to take my photos.  Not to toot my own horn too loudly but some of the stuff I have managed to do with the phone camera is pretty damn good.  If I can get a real camera then I am excited to see what I could accomplish.  Then there is the laptop.  I want to replace it because it is old enough that I can’t get a useable current copy of WordPerfect.  I need a newer computer for that.  And I really do need to get a word processor on my laptop.  Simple things like word counts (I count my articles by hand still) and being able to send things to editors and keep track would be a godsend.  But I need to take care of Moose and the Jeep first.  I don’t know how much the Jeep is going to cost to fix.  Hell I don’t even know what is wrong yet.  I know the problems it is having but not the causes.  So I sit on my hands some more.

I need to get things going so I can get through my to do list.  I hope you have a great day!  Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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More Flowers and Plants Make Me Happy

The sun is out and warming things up.  We had a frost warning last night but as far as I can tell we didn’t get any.  I brought all the potted plants in just incase last night.  I have two new pots with plants.  I say it like that because one is all begonias while the other is a beautiful mixture of plants.  I even have a little extra one that the guy put in there for me.  I was debating between two of the variety pots and I really liked the one pot but it didn’t have the one really pretty plant from another variety pot.  As I was looking at the begonias he dug a hole in the one pot and transplanted the plant I liked from the other pot in.  He said he had some other plants that needed to go in out back.  Sooooo I got all the plants I wanted.  One pot is hanging (more expensive even though it is just one plant) and the other has a hanging pot but no hanger (less expensive but more plants).  I am happy with both.  There was a hummingbird at the feeder while I was bringing all the plants out on the the porch.  I thought about making some pots for the front porch but it is so cold and shaded up there.  It is to the north and it doesn’t get much sun.  I may still put some shepard’s hooks out and hang something.  I could do the same for the side porch at the back door.  We’ll see.

I have been rereading Stephen King’s On Writing and enjoying it.  It helped a lot with my mood yesterday.  I will continue today alternating it with writing.  Today is also the last day of May.  Tomorrow is June.  While I am more than happy to see the month of June and summer I am also surprised at how fast the year has gone.  We are half way through it.  So much has happened.

I find myself restless to get outside into the sunshine.  I think I will wrap this one up and get out there with a fresh cup of my Twinkie flavored coffee.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day and stay safe!

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Grey Skies, In and Out

This morning is cold and raining.  Essie wouldn’t eat breakfast and has been pacing between laying the man cave on the dog bed and laying on the couch with Moose.  Stella is behind me.  I came out here with my pillow and a Minion blanket around 5am.  Essie wedged herself between Chris, Moose and I.  Then she kept kicking to readjust herself.  I just wanted to sleep so I came out here.  Guess who the first one out was?  She curled up on the couch.  Then Moose came out and he went to sleep in the man cave.  Stella came out around 7am and curled up with me on the couch.  Moose did too after that.

With all the rain the backyard looks like it needs to be mowed again.  I find my mood and mind soured.  The cool morning and the current news did not help.  So what to do?  I have read through the two Supernatural novels I got.  Chris is working six days this week.  So.  Again with the what to do?  Maybe reading magazine articles will help.  I have a bunch of my writing magazines here I can go through.  I don’t think I can focus on a story right now.  I still need to make puppy treats.  I just don’t know.  I need something to get me out of my head.

It is chilly enough I had to turn off the fan and turn the furnace down so it wouldn’t go on.  Today’s high is supposed to be 55F (12C) and the low 34F (1C).  I had a hummingbird right outside the kitchen window tis morning.  He was sitting on a branch of the Halloween tree (so called because it is a small dead tree with various Halloween decorations on it).  I am glad because that means more hummingbirds have found the feeder.  It has been a lone female til now.

My coffee is gone so I will wrap this up and brew some more.  Maybe read.  Essie still needs to find her frisbee too…   Stay safe and thanks for reading.