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Cloud Watching

This morning my thoughts are a grey as the skies.  Essie won’t eat which means she hasn’t had her medicine.  I still haven’t received my money from the 401K so the vet bill is still unpaid.  I am concerned that Essie does indeed have cancer and that her time with us is more limited than we think.  It is not me being negative.  It is me watching her and her habits.  I’ve not voiced this to anyone here because I would get the talk about being more positive.  I’m not sure how long til we get the results from Essie’s biopsy.  Maybe as late as next week.

We slept later this morning.  Mostly due to us being up late.  We would’ve been in bed by 10pm but when I went to close the sliding glass door I noticed that I could see stars which meant that the clouds from earlier had gone.  Sooooo I decided to wander out and see if I could see the comet.  And lo! there it was just over the house.  So then I had to get the binoculars to see how well I could actually see it.  Well by the time all was said and done it was going on midnight.  The kids really wanted me to go to bed but they wanted to make sure I was ok outside.  Moose and Essie came out alternately with me while I was star gazing.  My patient puppies!

I watched two movies I hadn’t seen for years yesterday.  The first was “Sleuth” with Lawrence Olivier and Michael Caine.  The second was “Deathtrap” with Michael Caine, Christopher Reeve and Dyane Cannon.  I enjoyed watching both of them.  Sadly we had no popcorn but that’s ok.

The sun is trying to come out.  That will bump up  the humidity which I am ok with but I am in the minority.  I am going to try to get some work done on my stories.  Since I seem to be willing to do it mentally I’d better do it while I can.  I will leave you with some photos I took yesterday around sunset.  The one cloud formation reminded me of Godzilla, one of my favorite childhood “monsters” (I never thought of Godzilla as a monster and I always thought that Godzilla was a she because of baby Godzilla).  Anyway thanks so much for reading and your awesome comments!  Stay safe and have a great day!

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Coffee and Werewolves

I hate it when you just get up and someone who has been up for a while expects you to fully function with no coffee right off the bat.  Anyone who knows me understands this.  Or atleast I thought they did.  I am not a morning person but I get up early out of necessity.  Sigh…. oh well.  Another side issue is that even after one cup of java I am still not awake.  So hang on while I get my second.

Yesterday I received my copy of The Howling by Gary Brandner.  I had been looking at getting it for awhile.  It is the novel that the movie of the same name is based on.  I plowed through it in a few hours.  I LOVE this book!  It is a straight forward and uncomplicated werewolf novel.  No side romances with other supernatural creatures.  Just a what-would-happen-if-there-were-werewolves slice of life.  No complicated descriptions.  No hidden meanings.  It was so refreshing to read!  And if someone picks apart things like silver bullets (you cannot use silver as a bullet because among other things it is too soft) then that means they are missing the story and not enjoying it.  The book was written in 1977.  There are two more books in the series and I think I might get them soon.  I have watched most of the movies based (at times in name only) on the trilogy and I have preferred some and not others.  But I am really excited to find the books.  Incase you’ve not read the book or watched the movie the basic story is a couple moves for 6 months to a small community in California to help their relationship (in the novel she is recovering from a rape that is vividly described so fair warning).  The town is quiet and unassuming.  The husband falls in lust with one of the locals and gets turned into a werewolf.  The wife keeps hearing howling at night and does some investigating on her own.  While doing that she meets and befriends an ex-nun who believes there is a werewolf living in the town.  Together they unravel the mysteries of the town.  It is quite good.

Oh geez… I have a butterfly that is stuck in the house.  I am going to wrap this up and try a rescue before it gets stuck somewhere.  Thanks for reading!  Have a great day and stay safe!

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New Is Not Necessarily Improved

Atleast the sun is out.  The nights have been cold.  I guess that can keep the bugs down.  Moose and Stella are beside me vying for my attention.  I type a few words then scratch and love them. Ahhh Stella has just gone outside to lay in the sun.  Moose is behind me on the love seat.

I find myself being drawn back into horror movies.  So many of them are just…. so uninteresting.  I am beyond over with zombie flicks.  It has been years since a good werewolf movie has been made.  The same can be said for vampire movies as well.  Ghosts seem to be doing pretty well though.  And demons.  I watched
Don’t Knock Twice” last night and was pleasantly surprised.  The basic premise is if you knock twice on door of a certain house where and old woman commit suicide she would come and get you.  The usual camp fire story.  But what they did with it made me pull out a notebook and start jotting ideas.  They had believable twists and turns that enhanced the story.  The underlying story is about a rehabed and now successful mom trying to get her teenage daughter that she gave up to the system back.  The whole storyline was well done and very compelling.  The characters are well thought out.  Even minor characters may or may not become more as the story unravels.  It is very well done on all fronts.\

There have been so many horror movies that have been touted as being so fabulous and everyone needs to see them then you watched them and wonder how much money was paid to critics to say that.  People just rehash the same stuff over and over with no originality.  I guess that has been one of my big complaints as I’ve gotten older.  Instead building from ideas and stories and giving them a new spin they think they can remake something and call it good.  For instance a lot of the cartoons when I was growing up (oh let’s pick two off my favorites… Winnie the Pooh and Scooby Doo) get remade.  And remade badly.  They make these iconic characters into some thing they are not.  They completely change them so that they resemble the originals in name only.  Now there have been some well done updates to Scooby Doo (not the cartoon series… those new ones all really suck).  The live action movies I didn’t think I would like but I really do.  And my all time favorite is when the tv series “Supernatural” used it in season 13 I believe.  Soooooo my favorite!  One of the few times something has lived up to all the hype!

I will probably watch some more horror once Chris leaves for work this afternoon.  Although I do need to throw more toys over the course of the day.  I didn’t tire the kids out enough last night so they are restless this morning.  I should probably wrap this up so I can get outside while the sun is out.  Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!  Stay safe!

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The Poetry of Life

Coffee doesn’t seem to be working this morning.  The sun is out but it is cold.  Essie is sleeping in the man cave.  I’m not sure how long she’ll be out as her medicine (two pain pills) is supposed to make her drowsy.  She fought it all day yesterday after I brought her home.  She wouldn’t let herself fall asleep and stay there until we went to bed.  It turns out she has an ear infection as well as the sting on her paw has become infected.  So she has ear drops that go in both ears and an antiseptic pad that I wipe her paw with as well.

I am finding myself looking at more poetry lately.  I have followed a few new poets (new to me) on here.  Some of them are very avant guard with their words and visions.  It was nice to read a poem and have the words depict things in the minds eye way out of my norm.  When I was in my 20s I found myself reading a lot of poetry.  I still have all of the books I purchased.  I may spend some time going through them again to explore them once more.  Maybe that will help.

I enjoy listening to Sir Patrick Stewart recite sonnets every day.  I some times wait and just listen to a bunch in a row.  Dad used to recite poetry to me when I was little.  I remember him reciting “The Raven” from heart as I read along in my book (I still have the book) at bed time.  Mom was less than thrilled with the choice of reading material but she and I were the ones that stayed up and watched the Ghoul on Friday nights as well as all the old school horror movies on Saturday afternoons (after cartoons of course) with Sir Graves.

I think I will get a fresh cup of coffee and curl up with a book.  Maybe poetry.  Maybe prose.  We shall see.  I hope you and yours are safe.  Thanks for reading!

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A Day in the Life

It snowed last night and is cold enough that it is still her this morning.  Moose ate breakfast but neither of the girls ate.  This is the first time since I brought Stella home that she would not eat.  She went right to the love seat and curled up.  I can hear Essie’s tummy gurgling from across the room.

I move a bunch of stuff out to the garage and rearranged a bunch of stuff in the house so that we could put the new recliner in the bedroom when it came.  It is too small for Chris.  So.  He will meanwhile look for another larger recliner to sleep in.

Mom did get her autographed jersey before Mother’s Day.  It wasn’t supposed to arrive until the middle of next week.  She was over the moon when she got it.  The new dryer works really well.  Jeans are dry the first time through with only 45 minutes to dry them.  Moose was shaking when I started the new dryer but wasn’t when I went to check the clothes when it finished.  The lint filter design is also something genius as it wraps around so that nothing can get into the body of the dryer and mess things ups like on the old one.  I do need to figure out how to turn the melody that it plays off.  It goes on for almost a complete minute quite unnecessarily.

My treat to myself last night was I got pizza and Pepsi delivered and I watched all but the second movie in the Phantasm movie franchise.  It was interesting to follow the characters but I think that I like the first one the best.  I usually do when it comes to the original versus sequels to movies.  Although with Candyman I liked all of them and I really enjoyed some of the Child’s Play sequels.  But I am usually willing to give things atleast one watch through before I say yea or nay.

The natives are getting restless so I supposed I ought to wrap this up.  I will take them out to the garage for a run about.  I need to put together a grocery list as well.  That will probably happen once Chris gets up.  Not sure if I will make it home before he leaves for work though.  It will depend on how busy the store is.  Be safe and thanks for reading!

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The Good and the Bad

It is a steady rain this morning.  The skies have darkened since we got up.  It was another late night last night because I stayed up to see Chris when he got home last night.  Unfortunately my body was awake at 7:30am.  Yesterday was hard.  I found out that a dear friend died from COVID-19.  I shared the news on my Facebook account because it was honestly easier than having the conversation around twenty times over phone calls and messages.

I did get some time out in the sun in the afternoon.  It got warm and the sun was shining so out I went with a book.  Once 3pm hit it seemed that the dogs demanded I spend time with them so I packed up my goodies and we played and watched tv.  I found more documentaries on writers I admire (or just enjoy their writing) on Amazon.  The other day we watched one on Margret Atwood.  Last night I watched one on Neil Gaiman (I respect him even more after watching) and then one on Harlan Ellison (I am still not sure how I feel about him; a brilliant mind but no filter).  As I watched I complied a list of my heroes (in regards to writing).  So I am trying to use that as inspiration.

I got an article written last night and I hope to get more done today.  The temperature has dropped for today so I think it will be an inside day due to the rain.  If it stops later I might venture out and continue weeding one of the raised beds out back.  I did get all the indoor seeds planted in pots.  I have been taking them in and out of the sun everyday.  My Italian sweet basil is sprouting like crazy so I think I will have some inside and outside.  I always seem to do well with herbs from seed.  This will be the first time I will be doing other food stuffs from seed.  We’ll see how I do.

I also want to thank everyone who has been reaching out over the past few weeks.  It means a lot.  I should get myself together and try working on a review or my novel.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you and your family stay safe.  Have a great day!

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Another Day and Some Hockey Memories

This will be another short one.  I slept until my alarm this morning and then spent more time than intended reading the news.  Things are slowly grinding to a halt.  I went to the store for supplies yesterday and the shelves are becoming bare at the grocery.  No yeast there or at many stores so my bright idea of making bread from scratch may end up a bust.  Or just find a different kind of bread to make.  I posted on Facebook that I would make bread for people if they bought the supplies.  I would even deliver it if it was within a reasonable driving distance.

A nice thing that has come about (even though it will shut down the repo yard eventually) from all this in that many banks and such are waiving missed payments due to the outbreak.  I am not sure for how long (I got an email from my bank this morning but I’ve not read it) or what the details will be.  But I appreciate that the almighty dollar is not going to be in control with some of these bills.  Atleast not yet.

I watched two hockey documentaries last night.  One  was on Bob Probert and the other was on Grant Fuhr.  I met Probert when I was in high school (he has to come and sign autographs as part of his probation terms).  And I LOVE goalies and Fuhr has always been a favorite for me.  Watching those docs I remembered how awesome hockey was for me growing up (I even dated a hockey player for a while… sigh) and how hard it was for those guys coming up from the minors with all that talent and being exposed to all the attention and glam of the big leagues.  Amazing stories form most of them!

Nuts.  I need to shut up and get gone!  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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A Lazy Day Brings Rosy Mornings

I hate when you start to get a good nights sleep but go and wake up every little while to check the clock.  Finally a good solid sleep but I didn’t want the alarm to wake Chris.  Hopefully tonight will be another good night of sleep.

One of the things that I did to help the boredom was download about 10 new books that authors on my Facebook page had run for free over the weekend.  They generously donated their money so that we would not be bored being alone (I phrase it like that because some of the titles donated were $19.99 otherwise).  And since Goodreads made it easy to download all the titles I have ordered that makes it easier for me to review them on there when I am done.  Seems the least I can do since they were kind enough to give me something to read.

I spent a good chunk of time talking to Mom yesterday (it actually warmed up enough that we had the door open and I was sitting outside while we chatted).  Then Chris and I watched a few movies together.  The last two were Deadpool 1 and 2.  I still have a hard time watching the second one because of my friend getting killed doing a stunt on set for the movie.  But we had a good time because Ryan Reynolds is the only actor that can ever bring life to the character of Deadpool.  Love it!

Today has dawned pink.  The sky is blue but all the clouds are pink.  And there are a lot of clouds right now.  So there is a soft pink cast to everything outside.  Kinda cool.  And I see by the clock that I have used up my allotted time.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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Is It Over Yet?

This may be a short post.  Not feeling too great this morning.  The kids let me sleep in.  It’s dark outside even though the sun is up.  I did a little bit of reading but not much writing.  Chris and I spent most of the afternoon and evening together.  We finally watched “Ford Vs Ferrari.”  It was a really good movie.  I love the old Mustangs and I was lucky enough to have seen all of the ones they referred to in the movie in person (I grew up in the Detroit area and my parents are both history buffs).  So watching the movie for me was a bit like going down memory lane.

I don’t want to read for content today.  Atleast not right now.  I just want something to take my mind off being sick.  Chris made us chili yesterday and it was good but it doesn’t seemed to have helped.  Usually a good batch of hot (spicy) chili will help defeat a cold.  No such luck this time.  I am tired of taking meds that don’t help.  I have been eating oranges too.  I like them anyway but I figured the vitamin C couldn’t hurt.

Yeah I think I am gonna call it. Sorry this is so short. Have you watched any good movies or read any good books lately? Feel free to leave titles and authors to recommend. As always thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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Fading Colors

Yesterday was less than stellar.  I am not going to dwell on that.  Atleast not here.  I am feeling very overwhelmed and lost.  But life goes on right?  It is dark and raining here so I think most of our day will be spent inside doing not much.  This post will be mostly photos from yesterday.  The colors are almost spent now.  They gave one big burst yesterday and are beginning to fall off the trees on masse today.

The colors this year have been amazing.  Mother Nature has really outdone herself.  I hope you enjoy the photos and have a great day!  Thanks for stopping by!