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Helping Or Not?

It always hurts when you can’t help someone you care about. Especially when the person is completely aware of the damage and potential damage they can be doing to themselves and others. My dear friend from work came over yesterday after Chris left or work. She had been in a deep depression. Still was but she was reaching out. I call her Stella’s Auntie and that makes her smile. Stella adores having her over because she gets spoiled rotten. She stayed til well after 11pm last night. We watched a few movies but mostly did a lot of talking. I dried a lot of tears. She is in a messed up relationship that she can’t/won’t get herself out of. There is also the alcohol and drug use. She is trying. She knows full well what can/will happen if all this continues. She is better for smaller and smaller increments of time. At this point all I can do is listen and be there for her.

The morning has dawned cold and dark. It sprinkles once in a while. Stella is curled up beneath a pile of blankets on the couch. She started to dig in the pile of blankets at the other end so I took the hint and made her a small nest before covering her up. She sighed happily before she fell asleep.

It is one of those days you just want to hunker in and do nothing all day. But I need to do a few things around the house. Laundry is finishing up in the dryer. I want to do something with my plants (water, trim back, back room for the ones that need to come in soon etc). I wanted to make time for my novel since I couldn’t yesterday. I am thinking I might vacuum. Dishes need to get done and I need to shower.

I didn’t do much of what I’d intended yesterday. Mostly because of having company. So I will try again today. I guess I could get started right now. I didn’t get any new photos so it will be more repeats. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Night That Wasn’t

Oof. I am wiped out. I got a few hours of sleep in, but most of my night was spent trying to comfort Stella. We had storms roll through overnight. She got bad enough that I finally gave her some medicine to calm her down. I think I got another hour nap in before something spooked her. We ended up on the couch in Chris’s office. He came to bed around 4am and that was about the time the storms started. I coaxed her out of bed and shut the door so Chris could get some sleep. I was about to convince her to leave the office around 8am. She is snoozing on the couch out here in the living room right now.

So here I am with my first cup of coffee for the day. Wondering what to do. Wondering because I would really like to be asleep right now. But if I do that I will throw off my sleep schedule even more. Ah well. I have phone calls that need to be made. I can also work on my writing. I have been working on my character development. I need to bring in characters from the Norwegian side of my main character’s family. I have the Italian side all covered. The Norwegian side just has a few names. I do have an uncle that I can see in my head, but there needs to be more.

Since our mower is down our awesome neighbor mowed his front yard then ours. Another reason I am glad it rained. The front yard was all dust and dried out mess when he mowed. I had to take allergy meds when he was done. But the yard looks a lot better. Meanwhile I have been on a documentary kick. Mostly about my horror movies. I am currently rewatching the one on the Friday the 13th series titled Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th. It is over 400 minutes long soooo….over 4 hours? I watched part of it last night and I will probably finish it tonight. I have been bouncing around on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Shudder for my documentaries. I really enjoy the back stories. And my little heart goes pitter patter when I see my favorite actors/stuntman/fx pros (that I met) on screen (Kane Hodder and Tom Savini).

I guess I ought to get myself motivated and get my day going. I can make my phone calls in my office so I don’t wake Chris. I need to see if I can coax little miss outside to go potty before the next chunk of rain comes through. Oh and plant updates! My awesome banana tree now has 3 new leaves, my orange tree is well on his way to becoming a full-fledged tree (he is branching off in various directions and the main trunk is becoming a thick woody type trunk) and I am going to have to repot George (my succulent) as he is growing like some kind of super charged weed (he’s probably 4 inches (10cm) tall and still growing! On that note I bid you adieu! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Sleep or Not to Sleep

Have you ever crammed too much living into one day? That is what I did yesterday. We were busier than busy and short staffed for a bit. So I gave 200% at work. Then I came home and had a fun evening with Chris and Stella, goofing around and watching movies. And here I am up at 4 am for work. Stella is nestled in beside me snoozing. What I wouldn’t give for a few more hours of decent sleep!

I have been struggling to keep my eyes open. Which is funny because from 2 am on I kept watching the clock. I almost slept the extra hour but I need to get my liquor order done. My shelves are almost bare because last week’s order was mostly unavailable. And if we are going to be busy again then I need to take extra time in the morning to place my order.

I had better get going. I’ve dozed off twice while writing this. Stella is dreaming of chasing something beside me. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Good Times Looking Forward

I am listening as a cement truck goes from around the corner from us to a few houses down. I wonder what everyone is doing on their properties. There is so much that we want to do here! From simple to the complex. We get a little started then it tapers off. I am not sure how to fix that. I had planned to tear into my motorcycle engine (the’92, not the 2014) over the summer and there she sits in the garage. I had planned to plant in my raised beds this year. I got two of them partially weeded but no further. Don’t get me wrong, I have done a lot. All the gardens around the house I have kept up on. I have kept all my plants outside watered (since the hoses are wonky, I am using a small watering can). I have lots of peppers growing. Geez. That is the only thing I can think of that I have really kept up with. Well, there is my blog. How disappointing.

On a happy note, the three of us had a great time yesterday. I brought home two big squirt guns for us to play with. I thought it would be something fun and cooling to get us outside. I was right! We had so much fun chasing each other around the yard! After we did that for a while, we played frisbee. It has been a long time since we did that. Stella even played! She liked trying to snag the frisbee. Problem is she tends to chew it once she gets it. As we played Chris was also grilling/smoking us dinner. It turned out awesome! We watched tv and chatted while we ate. We needed that downtime together.

This morning I woke up ready to enjoy my two days off. I am trying to figure out what to do. I keep leaning toward cleaning up my office. There is stuff all over the floor that needs to be moved. But to where… I also need to find room for a bookcase. Mom is giving me one of hers. It is a good sized one that will alleviate some of the piles in the house. I think I have a spot but that means moving things around a bit.

My body is also letting me know that it is not doing well. There are a few aches and pains (my wrist doesn’t want to heal properly for one) and my chest feels like something rather large is sitting on it. So, I will take things as gently as I can, but I still need to get things done. I have videos I need to watch for work (for my certification) and I need to go over the paperwork for the court case. And of course, work on my novel. It is supposed to be very hot today, so we’ll see what happens. I also have a hankering for jazz today. I miss my stereo on days like today. I would just like to put on some of my cds and let the music fill the house. I guess I will see if I can find anything on Pandora. I prefer my cds because I like the music on them versus someone throwing random music at me that I may or may not like but beggars can’t be choosers.

I see that I have gone on extra-long this morning. Sorry about that. I appreciate you listening to me go on. And thank you for your comments as well. It means a lot. Stay safe!

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Bring Me My Lists!

There is so much to do! There are people I said I would help with things and I just haven’t had the time. I was reminded by two friends about offers of help that I didn’t follow through with. Last night as our friends were leaving one of them asked if we were still going to get together and have a writing day. I felt sheepish but I said that I usually work til 2pm on Saturday so we could try at 3pm. She said that worked. Now I’d better check my schedule. I know I have several changes from my normal one. Yep, we are good.

I got as much planted yesterday as I could. I still have several plants that need to go out front. They are tiny plants so I don’t need much space. I did get two flats of plants in their various homes. I am keeping things we will use year round in pots to bring in. I have enough of done things that I have them both in the ground as well as in pots. Mom will be getting some plants as well.

I don’t know what to differently to squeeze everything in anymore. I find myself exhausted more often than not. Our friends went home late (we had a movie marathon) but we don’t get to hang out very often. Then I kept picking my head up to check the clock about every 30 minutes. I hate to have my alarm wake Chris on his day off. Even if he can fall back asleep.

I notice some of my anxiety tics are coming back. I try to stop when I notice myself doing them but once my attention goes elsewhere…. I am trying hard to be positive. I am trying hard to get it all done.

Please excuse any typos. I am writing this on my phone and I may have missed some. The photos are repeats again today but I will make it a point to take photos of the new plants if nothing else. Thank you for all the support and comments! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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And So Begins My Busy Season

I need days off from my days off anymore. I spent time outside again (the sun was out more often than not). I pulled out some of my gardening tools from the shed and contemplated where I needed to start. I also read and worked on my novel.

Stella was also very busy yesterday. She was running around the yard after her ball for quite a while. Then I got the idea that we would go for a walk on the property. It had been many years since I had walked the property and Stella had not been walked on it at all. So I put on her collar and leash and off we went. She did very well. I let her sniff where she would for the most part. I think we wandered for about 30 minutes or so. Once we got back to the house we played some more.

Since I had a meeting in the morning I decided that I would take her with to the night one. It usually isn’t very long and the weather was nice so I didn’t worry about leaving her in the car. And I took a puppy treat for her to check while I was inside. She did very well on her own and had a blast on the drive. Once we got home it was more playing while I watched some movies. As a result we are both pooped. I got up this morning and got both my articles written before I did this. Right now Stella is asleep on her back on the couch.

Some other fun things that happened yesterday… I got another bloom on my day lily that is potted inside, I have two more blooms on my orchid AND I got my replacement book and signed mask. (This sounds petty but I don’t like the autograph as well on the new mask… it looks rushed.) I started reading Kane Hodder’s biography then realized that I have several books that I am already reading. Including some that are research for my novel. So I guess we’ll see what happens.

I really don’t want to go to work. I have plenty to do here. I did get laundry and dishes (all except I think three things) done. I have yard work that needs to be done and more things around the inside of the house that needs to be done. There is also the novel that needs to be worked on. But none of that is paying the bills right now so I need to get myself together to go in. I’ll share a few photos from yesterday. (I hope. I noticed that WordPress isn’t letting me get the space back if I delete photos now. I’m not sure if this is a temporary thing or if they are trying to get me to upgrade my plan.) Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Just Blowing Through

The weather is just short of horrific this morning. The wind is so bad the clouds aren’t drifting by, they are looking at the mess and hustling on their way to better climes. It has been a heavy rain with ice chunks mess since the wee hours of this morning. On the plus side Chris made it home safe. Another plus is that power, heat and internet are all still working. The wind has blown all the color out of the sky.

I did get some work done on my novel yesterday. It was only a little more than a paragraph but it is some thing. It is also the paragraph that sets up the rest of the novel. I am happy with that. I won’t have as much time this morning to work on it but I will try to get a little bit done.

My Tony Todd autograph arrived for me when Chris got home last night. I also watched the movie I left with the girls (I left them my DVD and watched the movie on Shudder) last night. I am glad I picked that one to have him sign. He has a much larger role than in the first one. In keeping with the horror theme one of my coworkers gave me a promo poster for a new sparkling water we are going to carry. I will share a picture of it. It is very much me.

If I am going to get any work done on my novel I need to wrap this up. I don’t have any new shots (except for the poster) to share so I will repost a few of my older photos. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Aftermath 😉

It bothers me that I am so out of things since we’ve come back. It was an amazing experience to go to the HorrorHound Weekend but I can’t seem to find my center. I was so busy doing things and what is next that I just sit here feeling a bit lost.

One of the unique/weird things that happened over the weekend was my stress ball. We got to the building so I could get my photo op a bit early. We wandered a bit to see if there was anything to do but it was pretty much deserted. Chris went to the bathroom and I waited kind of pacing. I happened to look out the doors to the paring lot and there was a small pink and blue ball there. It was not there a few minutes ago and like I said the place was deserted. But it was at just the right time for me because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and just wanted to be home despite all the good stuff. (Side note… I joined a Facebook group about that weekend and I guess a gal that goes every year leaves random goodies all over for people to find. Was this her?) That little stress ball has helped a lot. I verbally said thank you when I picked up the ball. And yes I did look around to see if someone had indeed dropped it. There was no one.

I am glad we went. I have many great memories. I spent yesterday (this is no exaggeration… it was a 6 plus hour documentary) watching Crystal Lake Memories on Shudder. I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed it. Poor Chris was stuck watching it too whenever he came out to spend time with me. I was fan girling a lot as I watched it. Kane Hodder, Tom Savini and Tony Todd were all in there (Tony Todd was in Jason X). I knew a lot more than I thought about the whole series.

Speaking of fan girling I think I have decided to get another tattoo. I want to get the iconic Jason mask cracked in half with Kane Hodder’s face on half. I think it will go on my right thigh. I sent my request in to my tattoo artist and he said he would pull some thing together on Tuesday (I for got he took Sunday’s off but he is awesome and still took the time out for me). So we’ll see what he comes up with for me.

On the 9th I will be driving down to Lansing for my writing conference. I may have a riding buddy. One of the gals we roomed with for the HorrorHound Weekend is also a writer and I told her about the conference. I also offered to drive if she decided to attend. I am looking forward to the writer’s conference since it will be a one day thing so I should be back the same night.

What I need to do now it wrap this up so I can start working on my novel again. I want to have a first page to show in case I am chosen to have an editor look at it. Which means I will probably end up typing part of my first draft into the laptop. The novel is far from done but I am pretty sure they don’t want to read off a piece of notebook paper. Ayway, I want to thank all of you for your comments and support! It means a lot that I can connect with others through my writing. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Quick Highlights 😊

This morning’s post will be short. As it turns out I don’t sleep well if I am not at home. So despite the long drive and busy, busy busy since we got here I didn’t really get any sleep last night. The morning shower helped but…

The drive here was a bit much at times. It was so windy that the semi trucks were driving at a janked angle to try to stay in their lane. It was raining pretty hard at times too. But we stopped at i-hop for breakfast and to fill up and kept going. I think we got here around 3pm or so.

I already got a bunch of goodies including some signed artwork. The level of talent here is amazing! I also got to meet Tom Savini and get his autograph.❤️ one of my favorites in the horror field. He started as a FX wizard and has added so much more over the years! He liked my butterfly tattoo on my hand too!

I also hung with some of the crazy cosplayers here. Such a fun group! I look forward to seeing what today has in store! I think breakfast and the all important coffee will be a start. As promised I will share one photo from yesterday. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Another Day In Paradise

I cracked an eye at the clock around 7am. I really didn’t want to get up that early. I could get a lot of writing done but I was just so tired. Then I couldn’t get my brain to shut up. I did manage to get a few minutes of meditation in before I fell asleep. Next time I cracked an eye it was almost 9:30am. Feeling a little behind I decided to get up.

I was part way through reading your various blogs when my laptop informed me that the battery was going to die unless I plugged it in. I read faster. When I finally checked the percent it was below 10. So here we are plugged in in the office.

The sun is out so that will help. Stella is laying in a puddle of sunshine by the sliding glass door. I need to go out and get the small metal trellis from the memorial garden for the cucumbers. They are getting huge and need to grow on something. The small metal kabob skewer I put in there for them is no longer adequate. I will water plants today as well.

Yesterday was good. I spent a good portion of it watching Asian horror films. Normally I don’t really care for them (too many zombie movies for one thing) but yesterday I was in the mood. Their cultures are so old and yet they can be so modern. The juxtaposition that the writers and directors use between the two I really enjoyed.

I am looking around my office and realizing that I need to start working on cleaning the house. Nothing major. Just a little at a time. There is just so much to do and so little time to do it. What’s worse is you bust your tail to get things clean and a few days later it just looks the same. But I think I good hardy cleaning is what is needed around here. Even if I don’t get it all done by the time we leave for the trip. It just needs to be done for us. Now to figure out where to begin.

I did make some headway with my characters. It’s more like more questions that need to be answered but it helps me get the juices flowing. I may tackle a few of those questions today. I need names as well. I have basic descriptions. But it will all come together.

So one last thing before I go… I let Chris take my car since I get better gas mileage. In return he offered to get Angus’s oil change and wipers. Apparently there was a nest of some kind in my air box! I mean seriously! I don’t mind helping the local wildlife but I am drawing the line! I am debating about what to do to prevent that in the future. I haven’t had my hood up unless we needed to jump start a vehicle. On that note I will wrap this up. Sorry it’s kind of all over the place. Thanks for reading and stay safe!