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And So Begins My Busy Season

I need days off from my days off anymore. I spent time outside again (the sun was out more often than not). I pulled out some of my gardening tools from the shed and contemplated where I needed to start. I also read and worked on my novel.

Stella was also very busy yesterday. She was running around the yard after her ball for quite a while. Then I got the idea that we would go for a walk on the property. It had been many years since I had walked the property and Stella had not been walked on it at all. So I put on her collar and leash and off we went. She did very well. I let her sniff where she would for the most part. I think we wandered for about 30 minutes or so. Once we got back to the house we played some more.

Since I had a meeting in the morning I decided that I would take her with to the night one. It usually isn’t very long and the weather was nice so I didn’t worry about leaving her in the car. And I took a puppy treat for her to check while I was inside. She did very well on her own and had a blast on the drive. Once we got home it was more playing while I watched some movies. As a result we are both pooped. I got up this morning and got both my articles written before I did this. Right now Stella is asleep on her back on the couch.

Some other fun things that happened yesterday… I got another bloom on my day lily that is potted inside, I have two more blooms on my orchid AND I got my replacement book and signed mask. (This sounds petty but I don’t like the autograph as well on the new mask… it looks rushed.) I started reading Kane Hodder’s biography then realized that I have several books that I am already reading. Including some that are research for my novel. So I guess we’ll see what happens.

I really don’t want to go to work. I have plenty to do here. I did get laundry and dishes (all except I think three things) done. I have yard work that needs to be done and more things around the inside of the house that needs to be done. There is also the novel that needs to be worked on. But none of that is paying the bills right now so I need to get myself together to go in. I’ll share a few photos from yesterday. (I hope. I noticed that WordPress isn’t letting me get the space back if I delete photos now. I’m not sure if this is a temporary thing or if they are trying to get me to upgrade my plan.) Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Just Blowing Through

The weather is just short of horrific this morning. The wind is so bad the clouds aren’t drifting by, they are looking at the mess and hustling on their way to better climes. It has been a heavy rain with ice chunks mess since the wee hours of this morning. On the plus side Chris made it home safe. Another plus is that power, heat and internet are all still working. The wind has blown all the color out of the sky.

I did get some work done on my novel yesterday. It was only a little more than a paragraph but it is some thing. It is also the paragraph that sets up the rest of the novel. I am happy with that. I won’t have as much time this morning to work on it but I will try to get a little bit done.

My Tony Todd autograph arrived for me when Chris got home last night. I also watched the movie I left with the girls (I left them my DVD and watched the movie on Shudder) last night. I am glad I picked that one to have him sign. He has a much larger role than in the first one. In keeping with the horror theme one of my coworkers gave me a promo poster for a new sparkling water we are going to carry. I will share a picture of it. It is very much me.

If I am going to get any work done on my novel I need to wrap this up. I don’t have any new shots (except for the poster) to share so I will repost a few of my older photos. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Aftermath 😉

It bothers me that I am so out of things since we’ve come back. It was an amazing experience to go to the HorrorHound Weekend but I can’t seem to find my center. I was so busy doing things and what is next that I just sit here feeling a bit lost.

One of the unique/weird things that happened over the weekend was my stress ball. We got to the building so I could get my photo op a bit early. We wandered a bit to see if there was anything to do but it was pretty much deserted. Chris went to the bathroom and I waited kind of pacing. I happened to look out the doors to the paring lot and there was a small pink and blue ball there. It was not there a few minutes ago and like I said the place was deserted. But it was at just the right time for me because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and just wanted to be home despite all the good stuff. (Side note… I joined a Facebook group about that weekend and I guess a gal that goes every year leaves random goodies all over for people to find. Was this her?) That little stress ball has helped a lot. I verbally said thank you when I picked up the ball. And yes I did look around to see if someone had indeed dropped it. There was no one.

I am glad we went. I have many great memories. I spent yesterday (this is no exaggeration… it was a 6 plus hour documentary) watching Crystal Lake Memories on Shudder. I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed it. Poor Chris was stuck watching it too whenever he came out to spend time with me. I was fan girling a lot as I watched it. Kane Hodder, Tom Savini and Tony Todd were all in there (Tony Todd was in Jason X). I knew a lot more than I thought about the whole series.

Speaking of fan girling I think I have decided to get another tattoo. I want to get the iconic Jason mask cracked in half with Kane Hodder’s face on half. I think it will go on my right thigh. I sent my request in to my tattoo artist and he said he would pull some thing together on Tuesday (I for got he took Sunday’s off but he is awesome and still took the time out for me). So we’ll see what he comes up with for me.

On the 9th I will be driving down to Lansing for my writing conference. I may have a riding buddy. One of the gals we roomed with for the HorrorHound Weekend is also a writer and I told her about the conference. I also offered to drive if she decided to attend. I am looking forward to the writer’s conference since it will be a one day thing so I should be back the same night.

What I need to do now it wrap this up so I can start working on my novel again. I want to have a first page to show in case I am chosen to have an editor look at it. Which means I will probably end up typing part of my first draft into the laptop. The novel is far from done but I am pretty sure they don’t want to read off a piece of notebook paper. Ayway, I want to thank all of you for your comments and support! It means a lot that I can connect with others through my writing. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Quick Highlights 😊

This morning’s post will be short. As it turns out I don’t sleep well if I am not at home. So despite the long drive and busy, busy busy since we got here I didn’t really get any sleep last night. The morning shower helped but…

The drive here was a bit much at times. It was so windy that the semi trucks were driving at a janked angle to try to stay in their lane. It was raining pretty hard at times too. But we stopped at i-hop for breakfast and to fill up and kept going. I think we got here around 3pm or so.

I already got a bunch of goodies including some signed artwork. The level of talent here is amazing! I also got to meet Tom Savini and get his autograph.❤️ one of my favorites in the horror field. He started as a FX wizard and has added so much more over the years! He liked my butterfly tattoo on my hand too!

I also hung with some of the crazy cosplayers here. Such a fun group! I look forward to seeing what today has in store! I think breakfast and the all important coffee will be a start. As promised I will share one photo from yesterday. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Another Day In Paradise

I cracked an eye at the clock around 7am. I really didn’t want to get up that early. I could get a lot of writing done but I was just so tired. Then I couldn’t get my brain to shut up. I did manage to get a few minutes of meditation in before I fell asleep. Next time I cracked an eye it was almost 9:30am. Feeling a little behind I decided to get up.

I was part way through reading your various blogs when my laptop informed me that the battery was going to die unless I plugged it in. I read faster. When I finally checked the percent it was below 10. So here we are plugged in in the office.

The sun is out so that will help. Stella is laying in a puddle of sunshine by the sliding glass door. I need to go out and get the small metal trellis from the memorial garden for the cucumbers. They are getting huge and need to grow on something. The small metal kabob skewer I put in there for them is no longer adequate. I will water plants today as well.

Yesterday was good. I spent a good portion of it watching Asian horror films. Normally I don’t really care for them (too many zombie movies for one thing) but yesterday I was in the mood. Their cultures are so old and yet they can be so modern. The juxtaposition that the writers and directors use between the two I really enjoyed.

I am looking around my office and realizing that I need to start working on cleaning the house. Nothing major. Just a little at a time. There is just so much to do and so little time to do it. What’s worse is you bust your tail to get things clean and a few days later it just looks the same. But I think I good hardy cleaning is what is needed around here. Even if I don’t get it all done by the time we leave for the trip. It just needs to be done for us. Now to figure out where to begin.

I did make some headway with my characters. It’s more like more questions that need to be answered but it helps me get the juices flowing. I may tackle a few of those questions today. I need names as well. I have basic descriptions. But it will all come together.

So one last thing before I go… I let Chris take my car since I get better gas mileage. In return he offered to get Angus’s oil change and wipers. Apparently there was a nest of some kind in my air box! I mean seriously! I don’t mind helping the local wildlife but I am drawing the line! I am debating about what to do to prevent that in the future. I haven’t had my hood up unless we needed to jump start a vehicle. On that note I will wrap this up. Sorry it’s kind of all over the place. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Today I Think I Will…

Today will be the first day I try to unwind from all of this. I need to decompress and just relax. Stella and I are going to run to work around 11:30am so that we can brighten people’s day with some puppy love. There are several coworkers that want to meet Stella so I said that we could swing by. Other than that my day is open to whatever I want.

I am trying to limit my should-dos and get more want-to-dos in instead. I will probably putter around the house to get things cleaned up (once things get cleaned I usually feel better so this time of year I will pick a room and try to tackle it in a day or two). But I want to work on my writing. For extended periods this time instead of trying to fit it in here and there. I have two main background characters that I am trying to “see” and get their histories down. I want to see if I can progress further into my Norwegian history as well. I have so much of my Italian history done for the novel but I have barely cracked my Norwegian. I have the bare bones and that is about it.

I did something unusual for me this morning. Before I got Stella’s breakfast made I glanced at my little garden growing and my eye was drawn to the swirl that my vine made off of the cucumber plant. So I grab the camera and take a close up shot. Then I notice the texture of another leaf and vine. Another photo. Next thing I know I am wandering the house looking at textures. I only took close up photos of my plants (I would’ve gone crazy if I had started going through the whole house) but I will share those today.

I think I will try to make a creativity schedule of some kind. Something that is fluid for my every changing work schedule. I did make an effort to “lighten my load” by cleaning out my leather satchel. I shared photos last year when I got it from Chris. All my current writing project(s) get carried in there and I lug it around the house with me. If I am not home it is in my office. I want to take it with me to the writing conference. With everything I had crammed in it it gets heavy so I try to clean it out every once in a while. As or right now it is ready to go to the conference. I will probably stuff a bunch of business cards in there to hand out at the conference. I think that will be the only add. I bought my ticket yesterday. I opted for the lunch too so I don’t have to worry about that added expense (or look around for some place to go if I forget to bring something to eat). I am very excited.

The beloved satchel when it is full up. There is also a large pocket on the back.

I am also excited about going to the HorrorHound Convention. I have an idea of what goes on at a horror convention but I have never been to one before. Chris asked me what I wanted to do there. I told him I didn’t want to go in with set plans. I am afraid of being disappointed. I have a few people I would like to meet but I am not going to count on it (long lines that I might not want to stand in and cost). I am sure that there will be all kinds of stuff going on. Part of me is toying with the idea of maybe trying to dress (for some reason doing Jamie Lee Curtis in either Halloween or The Fog appeal to me) but regardless I am mentally going through my horror tees trying to narrow it down to three or four (maybe six so I have a double selection for each day). Maybe I will clean out my side of the closet and go through my stuff again. I have several containers of tees from my life that I keep in the closet. Every few years I pull everything out and rotate through a bunch of them.

I think I will wrap things up. I would like another mug of coffee and to read a little before Chris gets up. Thanks for reading and thanks for the support. Stay safe!

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The impending doom of the rath of the ice gods has been delayed. Again. Lately every time we get an impending storm it seems to be a day behind when it is “supposed” to be here. Is it stuck in traffic? Does it have other things to do before covering us in ice? I for one would like Chris stuck at home and not on the road or at work if this mess is going to hit. A positive to all this is that this week’s meeting is via Zoom as well as in person so if things are nasty I can stay home (providing we have internet… and electricity).

I did some self-maintenance yesterday before work. I got my hair cut. Trimmed really but it is (to me atleast) a lot shorter. I’d say it feels better but she put a bunch of product in to fluff things up (I have baby fine hair so even on a good day it can just hang there flat). And she over brushed my hair so that it was straight and flat. I thought that I would be ok with the product in my hair but I was wrong. I itch. Not bad but it has dried my scalp out. (Geez, I sound like a crabby baby as I reread this.) I am happy with the cut and I also replaced my shampoo and conditioner. They smell really good. I am looking forward to my shower later!

I have us stocked and ready to go if we lose power (if the ice amount is correct it is a real possibility). My Kindle is charged too. Part of me hopes we lose power just for the novelty of it. To show off my prep skills. I always liked stuff like this when I was a kid. I always saw it as an adventure. Like having to live in the rough (so to speak). I’d have my loved ones around me and all the things I loved so I felt safe.

Today is the day I finish and send in my article on Shirley Jackson. It has to be. So once I post this I will go through my email and then open up WordPerfect and get it going. I can’t spend anymore time researching. I think I know all I need to. I am still going to finish the books but I can’t right now. Things need to be written!

And on that note… Oh! The other day I binge watched all the original Ringu movies (The Ring). I have to say that I like the originals better. The “second” movie was actually a prequel and they did an amazing job of keeping everything consistent through all of the movies. Questions got answered and even a few questions I didn’t know I had got answered! I did watch the versions with subtitles. Dubbing never feels right for me. I will watch movies that are dubbed but I grew up with the original Godzilla and Ultraman movies so there was always the joke about the audio stops but the actor’s mouth is still moving.

Ok, I am stopping here. I hear a beautiful bird song from the feeder. I do believe that it is a cardinal. I need to get writing that article! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Through the Looking Glass

I feel… not better but I can function better today. Mentally I am not feeling the best. I was bad enough at work that the store manager came in the office to tell me something and I all but burst into tears. He found someone to work my shift and sent me home. I was embarrassed but I had no control over my emotions. Things stayed bad for most of the day and even into the night.

I pulled out old movies that I had not watched in years. Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, followed by The Pagemaster with an all-star cast and rounded out by all the Miss Marple’s with Margret Rutherford, Murder She Said, Murder at the Gallop, Murder Most Foul and Murder Ahoy. Stella was very patient with me. I was a lump for pretty much the whole day.

I made myself a to do list for tomorrow. There is a lot that I have to do before my tattoo appointment. I think a 9am departure time might be what I need to do. I might bring my camera and go to some of the local parks and take some photos. I need a game plan with my photography. It has been a week or longer since I have picked up the Nikon. I haven’t touched my novel nor my article on Shirley Jackson. I promised that either this week or next. What I should do is get one of those desk calendars that I used to have.

Our anniversary is tomorrow. We are celebrating it on Sunday when we can both get the day off. I have no idea what to do on Sunday. We need to get out of the house. I will probably drive since Chris needs to get some work done on his truck. The less miles he has to put on it the better. I will think on it.

I need to get the plants watered before I go to work so I will wrap this up. Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone who has reached out. It means a lot. Stay safe.

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A Cleansing Wind

Mother Nature has conjured some strong strong winds this morning! Trees are bending to and fro. All those branches that had snow on them are now free of their burden. We are supposed to hit 40F (4C) today so between the two that should take care of a lot of the snow. It should also fill that bucket and bowl I placed under the “February leak” that we seem to get every year at work. I was the one that caught it last year as well. Supposedly it had been fixed. Surprise! I let everyone know that needed to know. Today it is not my problem.

I am excited to change to the month of February. I cannot tell you how much we now hate January here. But the month thankfully changes. I plan to flip all the calendars once I get this posted. One of the horror pages that I occasionally write for (it has been maybe a year or longer, but I am still in touch with everyone) has given me the happy assignment of writing a 1000-page article on Shirley Jackson. I love her work (she is the author of the ever popular Haunting of Hill House (this has also been turned into movies titled The House on Haunted Hill (loosely based) and The Haunting (truer to the novel) and the short story The Lottery. She has written loads more, but those too many people have read. She is (sorry was… she has died but, in my eyes, she still is an author, so I tend to use present tense) more of a psychological horror writer. She has inspired thousands of writers. And for our “Women of Horror” month I get the honor of writing the article. Now that I have said all that I am a bit intimidated. It’s like interviewing your favorite author for the rest of the world.

I am grateful for the opportunity as it gets me out of my regular mindset. I am not reporting what I see. I am also not making a story to scare and entertain. I am able to combine both. Ok, I’m back. I just had a bit of a flash for the article, so I needed to get that down on paper. I am hoping that this is a good sign. Hmmm… I wonder if I could do one on Anne Rice. We recently lost her (did I mention I hate January) but her novels have been pivotal to many authors as well. Nothing like piling my plate high! I think I will ask. Anne deserves to be written about.

Ok, I can see that I have my work cut out for me today. But I think that I will enjoy this work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Mad Hatter

Yesterday was productive all things considered. I got all the dishes done and put away (we had accumulated several days worth), same with laundry, I cleaned up the floor in the utility room and put down an all weather mat for the boots, plants got watered and I even got 6 or 7 little glass pots with seeds started.

I got out of the house for an hour (Mom texted around 10:41am asking where I was and I reminded her that she cancelled with me the night before) and I got the mat for the house and a few other goodies. One of them is a cool looking pocket knife. It’s pretty sturdy even if it is a little chunky (this is from my machinist husband… I was concerned that I would get home and he would pronounce it crap due to either design or material). So I can now carry a pocket knife with me. I am very pleased.

We got several inches of snow that seem to have literally blown away. The wind has picked up considerably. I worry that it has made Essie sore/achy. Both girls have been acting odd. It is as if they switched personalities almost. I was sharing some food and Essie about took my fingers off where Stella took it gently (the opposite usually happens). Essie was also busy chewing on bones for several hours while Stella chewed hers until it was clean then came and curled up with me on the love seat (another complete reversal as Essie will normally barely finish her bone and be done while Stella will finish hers first and go look for more). And the jealousy… if I am giving one attention the other gets upset to the point she may actually come over and push her way in. I don’t know what is going on.

I watched a well done documentary on Shudder yesterday. It was three hours long but well worth it. It covered various aspects of folk horror (think The Wicker Man or Midsommer). I realized two things. One there are a lot of good movies that I haven’t seen and two I have watched a lot of horror movies. It has also given me a few ideas for the novel. I feel like the information needs to percolate but I am worried that it is just an excuse. So after this I will pull out my novel and see what happens.

I have had a few people ask about what I am calling the “Alice in Wonderland feeling.” It is still going on. I am guessing that there are big changes that are going to be happening soon. I think the girls can sense it as well. I don’t know what they will be or when they will happen but something is shifting in a big way.

On that note I think I will wrap this up and get it posted. I am hoping to have something very cool to share with all of you later this week (if the mail is on time). Thanks for reading and stay safe!