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Deciding What Matters

We got up much earlier than I anticipated. But that is ok. I feel the need for my quiet time before the world wakes up. The pups have been fed and are off and on behind me sleeping (Archie has been up and down, I think he gets too warm up there with Stella). The morning is overcast and the temperature seems to be dropping. It is creeping ever closer to freezing. And I am ok with that today. I have today and tomorrow off but one of those two days I need to do some running. I have to go to Kalkaska to get some winter headbands to donate to the local Christmas event and Mom asked if I would stop by. I am feeling a bit exhausted and really want to stay hunkered in at home. So I am debating about going today (which leaves all day tomorrow to stay home) or tomorrow (which means no “day of rest” before my workweek starts). I am thinking tomorrow. I need to get my new boots treated so that they will be protected from all the mess I will be walking through over the winter. Once I get them cleaned and get the Sno-seal on they have to sit for a bit before I wear them.

I am also feeling the need to write today. I try to write every day but on those days when the mood hits I try to make an extra effort. And since the kids are snoozing that will make it a bit easier. I will probably pull out a few research books and read as well.

Things were slow enough at work that I put up the Christmas decorations. Only to find out that the closing shift manager had planned to do it that night. She wasn’t too happy with me. But if no one says anything then I am not a mind reader! I thought it would be a nice surprise for the store manager since he loves Christmas. Thursday will begin our nonstop Christmas music. Atleast it is not for several months in a row. Just a few weeks.

The family spent some quality time together last night. We had an amazing dinner while we binge watched “Wednesday” on Netflix. We agree that they did an amazing job with it. We both grew up with the original “Addams Family” and “The Munsters” tv programs. They did it justice and did not make it woke. It was modernized but still very true to the original. I highly recommend it!

If I am going to do some writing I ought to get cracking. Once our day gets going I will pass out bones. Archie seems to be doing better now that we have them again (the guys in the meat department ordered a whole box for me and it did arrive… originally we couldn’t find it, so I have enough bones for a few weeks). I also bought a bunch of turkey wings they were getting rid of. My goal is to make turkey soup from scratch. So I will need to get that big stock pot going soon as well. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Moving Time and Time Moving Me

The hills behind us are covered in a fog. As the sun comes up I’m sure it will burn off but for now… About half the trees are empty. It is almost time to put up the bird feeder for winter. I need to find better places to put all my plants. The big problem is they are so big. There isn’t a good spot to put more than one in some cases. I just need to figure things out. For atleast some of them.

Yesterday I did get work done on my novel. I also set up a few goals. We’ll see how things work out. Stella is behind me curled up beneath a blanket dreaming. I wanted to take her for a walk yesterday but that never happened. She needs to get out more. I didn’t do much of anything with her. Another reason I think we need a second dog. She would have a playmate when Chris and I are not feeling too motivated. But I have stopped seriously looking. When I try to move forward to get one of the ones we find something blocks it. So if one arrives there we are. I don’t know if I will drive to the park for the walk. I might just walk in the back forty.

And here we are in November already. Soon it will be New Year’s. I need to start looking for Christmas presents. I am really bad about keeping things stashed. I like seeing people smile and be happy so I give them their stuff early. Especially if it is something I think they will really like. The Girls did that Sunday I think. I was presented with some awesome Jason Voorhes lights that also plays the music from the movie. ❤️ I will share a photo.

I find myself in a funk. It seems to happen after I spend a lot of energy on being happy or having fun stuff happen. I want to be alone to try to recharge my batteries. But at the same time my days off are needed to catch up on things. I did get dishes done yesterday. Today will be laundry. But I still haven’t talked with either of my parents or several friends that have reached out over the past few days. It’s like I spent all my people energy at work. I don’t want to deal with others and their problems. But I need to. So I guess I will put phone calls on my list for the day. Looking at the clock I need to wrap this up and get my day moving. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Old Memories With New

Oh Friends… it is going to be a long and desperate day. While last night was fun that might be the nail in my coffin for this week. Stella seemed to understand it better than I as she has been a quiet cuddle bug since I got home from work yesterday.

It was good to catch up with both of our friends we all agreed that we needed to get together more often and at a more reasonable hour for all of us. It has me wondering if I should plan a few meals to have guests over. I could use a good excuse to try one of my long lost recipes.

I really missed having Chris with us. Going to see “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at a theatre (movie theatre) was one of our… shall we call it bonding experiences? We both had fun when we went in California together and still laugh about it now.

I guess our group of revelers was the largest the theatre has seen since 2019. We filled the house. Everyone had fun and knew the words to atleast one or two of the songs. Like me there were a lot of people adding new memories to old (one gal in line with us was at the actual release of the movie in Boston and the pair of guys behind us were father and son, they had gone together when the son was 10 years old… the son was now in his 40s and listening to those two throw out the one liners was so funny).

Since I tried to get more than 4 hours of sleep this is all I have time to write. I will try to share some photos of last night as soon as I can. Probably Monday. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Creepy Skies

We woke up to everything cast in an eerie yellow light. It gave everything a rather sickly glow that made you think something bad was about to go down. Right now it’s not as yellow but the grey skies still have a slight tinge to them. It’s like everything is starting to go bad visually.

I shed a few tears yesterday. I found out that one of my favorite people, Leslie Jordan, passed away. He was one of those people that just lit up a room. He could always make you smile no matter how bad your day was. He was always fun to watch (so much energy in that tiny package!). I sent one of his dvds to Dad to help him through some of his PTSD. I never got to meet Leslie but he has helped me and mine through a lot of things.

So today I am trying to put on a sort of happy face and move forward. Mom still hasn’t gone in for her phone repairs so I had better call her today. Dad and I also need to talk. I have a meeting at 6;30pm so I’m not sure how to fit all this in. Do you ever make plans in the future and get all excited about them but the closer it comes to doing them suddenly you don’t want to do it? That is how I am about this week. I have so much going on… Fun stuff to be sure but I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

I did get some significant work on my novel done yesterday. I plan to keep shipping away at it. I have also found a fellow traveler on the writing path that has decided to put together a small group to help each other over some of the writing hurdles we encounter. I need to make sure that I put forth the effort to keep in touch on there. I am very bad at that. It sounds great to get together and have fellow writers to talk to but then I let myself drift off and lose touch. I can think of several times that I have done this.

Since I got up late I suppose I need to get myself motivated. I am contemplating taking Stella to the park. Yesterday was raining so we stayed home. Today is overcast but no rain yet. Ok, I can do this. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Plans and More Plans

Stella and I are hunkered together in the dark. I just want to go back to bed. For being our slow season it sure is busy! We also have our usual Fall weather, cold in the morning and by the time the afternoon rolls around we will have Summer temperatures. The Falls colors are still trying to push through. Problem is all the wind has made the trees “bald” in spots. Clumps of leaves will be missing.

My tiny liquor order arrived yesterday. It was made even smaller because they shipped a case of the wrong thing. My delivery guy is very nice and apologized. Apparently his whole week has been a week of misships. Talking to all of our support staff (drivers, IT guy etc) it has been quite the week for everyone.

I also have a busy week outside of work this coming week. Because of that I am going to make it a point to take Stella to the park for a walk both my days off. I have a meeting Tuesday night but I can do it via Zoom (I hope). Friday night will see me going out at night with friends to watch “Rocky Horror Picture Show“ with friends at the theatre (I have warned everyone not to expect too much from me Saturday morning… or my whole shift really… since I will only have an hour or two of sleep) and then Sunday night the Girls are coming over. Hopefully I have Monday off as usual so I can sleep in.

I see by the clock I need to get going. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Sprinkle of This and a Dash of That

I think Fall might be done. Atleast the color portion. This wind has been so strong for so long that while the leaves might still be changing, a good portion of them have blown off the trees. The headache is still here but not as noticeable. I am wondering if it has something to do with pinched nerves. My sciatic seems to be flaring up again. I am not doing anything different so I can only guess it has to be the weather. Which means Winter will be fun. I do not want more doctor visits. Regardless I have things to do and I don’t have time for this flare up.

I am guessing that I am not being considered to adopt Jack. I never got a phone call. And that is fine. It wasn’t meant to be. Now to figure out if we should get the puppy. We figured that the first week of November would be when they would be ready but I got a message that they are ready now. That kind of bothers me. But Essie was much younger than what they said when Chris brought her home to us. I need to talk to them and decide what I want to do.

The movie night went well. My friend rewatched the movie and really enjoyed it. This time we had popcorn and pop instead of a meal. Once the movie was over he headed right home. I’m glad we did it early (he actually arrived 30 minutes early… I think he wanted to make sure Chris knew that he was coming over and that he wasn’t trying to sneak behind his back with me (Craig is 83 years old)) because last time he ended up driving home in the dark. I decided I am getting him a copy on DVD when it comes out.

Yesterday also brought my new knife. She is a beauty too! I need to work on opening her. It is a different mechanism that I am used to. I am going to need to find a spot for my growing collection! I am hoping to find a nice, lined wooden box to keep them in.

I suppose if I plan to get anything done before work I should wrap this up and get it posted. It feels like a day off because I am already at work by this time on most days. I hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Flippin’ and Floppin’

I want to take Stella for a walk at the park this morning. But the rain hits off and on. And it’s cold. Regardless this might be my only opportunity. Tomorrow the nasty s word is supposed to appear. Snow. If we get it this early and it sticks… this winter is going to be a hard one. I guess we will see. I do need to get us both out for a little while. She has been very busy lately. She is not content with just playing in the house.

I applied for adopting a 1 year old pup named Jack. I don’t know what will or won’t happen. I am still looking at maybe getting the black pup if things don’t work out. There are just too many pups that need homes. Jack seems like he would be a good fit though. He has training (he has his basic commands down and is also potty trained), is fixed, up to date on all his shots and micro-chipped. Unfortunately there is no time frame as to when they will get back with me.

Late today I will find out how I finished in the horror contest. There are three more rounds to go. In order to move on I need first place. I was going back and forth thanks to my awesome family and friends. Regardless I am grateful for all the love and support I have gotten to get me this far.

Work was spent mostly in my liquor department. I got my order done, checked sales, checked prices, wrote out the information for new tags… That took pretty much my whole shift. I did get my beer cave stocked as well. So there is that. Today wants to be busy with other people but I need a day for myself. Both my parents want to talk (Mom and I chatted several times yesterday) and a friend wants to come over. I have my “old fart” coming over tomorrow around 3:30pm to rewatch the movie “Maverick.” I have popcorn! But that will take most of the afternoon (it’s almost a three hour movie if I remember). So I am not sure what to do. I can use up both my days or save one for me. I think I will take Stella for a walk and go from there.

Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out. I enjoy talking to you! And the support means a lot. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Mixing New and Old

It was good to sleep in. My body wanted more but I can tomorrow. I have two meetings to cover today, morning and night. I will either get my articles written tonight or (more likely) written in the morning. I am very excited about my little Halloween adventure this morning/afternoon. I have found one more place to go to for my Halloween hunt. It is on the opposite side of town but oh well. I still can’t believe I am being given this big budget to get Halloween decorations!

Chris and I decided to watch several things we had been looking forward to seeing. The first was the new “Hellraiser.” Now when it was advertised in some places they touted it as a new series. However it is actually a movie. That being said it was a bad one. There is no real plot. The script writers tried to rehash tropes that Clive Barker was able to get away with in the original. They failed miserably. The Cenobites were awful. Clive Barker’s Cenobites had stories behind the way they looked. Their character appearance after becoming a Cenobite was a direct correlation to how they lived in life. These “new” Cenobites had no back story. They were made as they are at random. There should have also been a lead Cenobite. (Pinhead never had a name in the original story. That came with the movie adaptation.) Instead we find that all the Cenobites just try to get everyone instead of just the one that opened the box. They also act more like zombies than Cenobites. Then there was the box. It didn’t even look very good for starters. And in the Clive Barker movies it was the characters with vices that were killed and turned. The script writers turned a completely blind eye to the mythos of the story. In the end it just was almost two hours that I will not get back.

The second thing was we tried the series “Interview with a Vampire” on AMC. This atleast tried. The writing was pretty good and the acting was decent. Chris plans to continue with the series. I may at a later time but not soon. As a massive Anne Rice fan I was able to recognize pieces from her other books. What the writers did was pull from all of Anne Rice’s work, not just the Vampire Chronicles. There was Feast of All Saints, The Mummy or Ramses the Damned as well as using the Mayfair Witches storyline. I made Chris laugh when I compared what we were watching to a bouillabaisse. (I was quite proud of coming up with that on the fly. Especially since it is so apt.) And I was not liking the taste of that bouillabaisse. I might have if I had not read the books. Any of her books. But I have… several times. As a stand alone it is decent and creative. As an adaptation it is too much of a little bit of all Anne Rice’s writing.

I’m sorry this is a bit f a long post. I hadn’t meant to write about last night’s viewings. And I have barely left myself enough time to get ready to go. Eeek! Well, thanks for reading and stay safe! Let me know if there are any book adaptations that you enjoyed (or didn’t)! Or if you watched either of mine. What did you think?

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Helping Or Not?

It always hurts when you can’t help someone you care about. Especially when the person is completely aware of the damage and potential damage they can be doing to themselves and others. My dear friend from work came over yesterday after Chris left or work. She had been in a deep depression. Still was but she was reaching out. I call her Stella’s Auntie and that makes her smile. Stella adores having her over because she gets spoiled rotten. She stayed til well after 11pm last night. We watched a few movies but mostly did a lot of talking. I dried a lot of tears. She is in a messed up relationship that she can’t/won’t get herself out of. There is also the alcohol and drug use. She is trying. She knows full well what can/will happen if all this continues. She is better for smaller and smaller increments of time. At this point all I can do is listen and be there for her.

The morning has dawned cold and dark. It sprinkles once in a while. Stella is curled up beneath a pile of blankets on the couch. She started to dig in the pile of blankets at the other end so I took the hint and made her a small nest before covering her up. She sighed happily before she fell asleep.

It is one of those days you just want to hunker in and do nothing all day. But I need to do a few things around the house. Laundry is finishing up in the dryer. I want to do something with my plants (water, trim back, back room for the ones that need to come in soon etc). I wanted to make time for my novel since I couldn’t yesterday. I am thinking I might vacuum. Dishes need to get done and I need to shower.

I didn’t do much of what I’d intended yesterday. Mostly because of having company. So I will try again today. I guess I could get started right now. I didn’t get any new photos so it will be more repeats. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Night That Wasn’t

Oof. I am wiped out. I got a few hours of sleep in, but most of my night was spent trying to comfort Stella. We had storms roll through overnight. She got bad enough that I finally gave her some medicine to calm her down. I think I got another hour nap in before something spooked her. We ended up on the couch in Chris’s office. He came to bed around 4am and that was about the time the storms started. I coaxed her out of bed and shut the door so Chris could get some sleep. I was about to convince her to leave the office around 8am. She is snoozing on the couch out here in the living room right now.

So here I am with my first cup of coffee for the day. Wondering what to do. Wondering because I would really like to be asleep right now. But if I do that I will throw off my sleep schedule even more. Ah well. I have phone calls that need to be made. I can also work on my writing. I have been working on my character development. I need to bring in characters from the Norwegian side of my main character’s family. I have the Italian side all covered. The Norwegian side just has a few names. I do have an uncle that I can see in my head, but there needs to be more.

Since our mower is down our awesome neighbor mowed his front yard then ours. Another reason I am glad it rained. The front yard was all dust and dried out mess when he mowed. I had to take allergy meds when he was done. But the yard looks a lot better. Meanwhile I have been on a documentary kick. Mostly about my horror movies. I am currently rewatching the one on the Friday the 13th series titled Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th. It is over 400 minutes long soooo….over 4 hours? I watched part of it last night and I will probably finish it tonight. I have been bouncing around on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Shudder for my documentaries. I really enjoy the back stories. And my little heart goes pitter patter when I see my favorite actors/stuntman/fx pros (that I met) on screen (Kane Hodder and Tom Savini).

I guess I ought to get myself motivated and get my day going. I can make my phone calls in my office so I don’t wake Chris. I need to see if I can coax little miss outside to go potty before the next chunk of rain comes through. Oh and plant updates! My awesome banana tree now has 3 new leaves, my orange tree is well on his way to becoming a full-fledged tree (he is branching off in various directions and the main trunk is becoming a thick woody type trunk) and I am going to have to repot George (my succulent) as he is growing like some kind of super charged weed (he’s probably 4 inches (10cm) tall and still growing! On that note I bid you adieu! Thanks for reading and stay safe!