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Adding A Bit Of Myself

I seem to have hit a mental wall. I have all these plans for today and I just sit and stare off into space. Thick clouds are moving in this morning. Yesterday was another summer temperature day. According to the weather people the last for the season. I hope not but even if it is Summer had a damn good run.

Last night a possible mated pair of cardinals were at the bird feeder. I heard his chirping song first and peeked out the window. Sure enough it is the male that I have watched grow up over the Summer. On the other side of the feeder was a beautiful grey female cardinal. I am hoping this will be the first of many visits for the pair. I tried to get photos but the camera went wonky and the photos turned out very blurry.

I was finally able to get ahold of Dad yesterday afternoon around 4:30pm. We finally hung up around 10:30pm. Do you ever feel like you have just talked too much and now feel empty? That is how I feel right now. I just don’t have anything… but I need to start filling it up again. I have letters to write and send out (I have been slacking on my pen pals), a few walls to wash, bills to pay and a novel to work on. There are also two pups that will need to be played with. Dad also has a blog that he is writing (I am so proud!) that I said I would read.

I finally got the bracelet of the human hand holding the dog paw to the Veteran I had promised it to. Back in early Summer when I was going in to the pain clinic I met a gal whose husband was a dog handler for dogs that sniffed out bombs in Vietnam. I was wearing my REDD tank top (Remember Every Dog Deployed) and that got us talking. She saw the bracelet on my wrist and wanted to get one for her husband. They are no longer made as it turns out. We kept in touch and I told her I would like to give mine to her husband. Well we tried to hook up several times over the past few months with no luck. If I was in town she was not. Finally the other day I messaged her to give me her address and I would mail it to them. Yesterday I got a tearful text message with a photo of her husband’s hand wearing the bracelet. ❤ I am grateful that I could pass that bit of happiness along and brighten someone’s (two someones actually) day.

I slept as much as I could last night. I still feel a bit snoozy but I am slowly waking up. I plan to try to take more photos around here today. I need to figure out what to do to get better color enhancement on the Nikon. It doesn’t seem to want to pick up pinks and reds very well. The bright and beautiful shades I see in the leaves and sunsets do not translate very well (sometimes not at all) into photographs. It is very frustrating. I am going to try some of my filters. The problem is that the filters only fit onto my short lens not the long one that I usually use for getting photos of the trees up the hills.

The girls are letting me know that I need to wrap this up. I see that I have gone on a bit. I hope everyone has a great day! Thank you for all your comments! And thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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Plans, plans, plans

Well… it’s morning. The girls and I agree that it is way too early in the morning for us. I am up early to write this as well as my article before work. I was going to do my article first but the sun isn’t even up so I cannot see my notes. Hence I am writing this first. I am hoping to keep things light but my lack of sleep is winning out.

I have to keep reminding myself that I have a meeting tonight. With my long schedule and lack of sleep I am very grateful for my alarms to remind me. I think Dad is angry with me because I have been lax in keeping in touch with everything going on. I will try to send him a quick email. He seems to think I am avoiding him. I hope he realizes that there are only so many hours in the day and mine seem to be overly full.

It is difficult to keep the positive mindset with everything going on. Especially the pain. Yesterday that seemed to be the thing as my day wore on. Nothing seems to help right now. And if I go down that thought path I will get lost and angry so…. I hope the girls will be ok with me coming home for maybe 30 minutes before I leave again. I will try to play with them for a little. The meeting shouldn’t be longer than an hour tonight so I should be home by 8:30pm. If I feed them when I get home and try to crank out my article before bed I can sleep until 7:30am tomorrow. That would give me time to write this and feed the girls before heading out for the next meeting. I also need to drop an email to my editor to let her know that the article for tomorrow’s meeting may not get there in time for this week’s issue. I don’t think there will be enough time to get it written before work. Tomorrow is one of my 10 hour days so I will have 15 minutes after the meeting to be home before I will have to be out the door again for work.

Sorry most of this is me thinking out loud (if you will) so I can keep myself straight. If I repeat things often enough I will be able to do it on auto pilot if I am too sleepy to think straight. I hope.

Both of the girls are on the couch. Stella is draping herself all over the place. Essie is a little crescent shape at the other end of the couch. I feel bad that I have had no energy to do anything with the family this weekend. Chris has been awesome and done things around the house while I have been gone. Hopefully Thursday I can play catch up around here. I still have to ask Mom if she wants to get together Friday after the memorial service. Ok, the clock tells me that I need to get going on the article now that the sun is up (yes we do have lights in the house I could use but I would wake Chris with the one in the living room and going in my office would mean the girls would cram themselves together on the floor so here we are). I hope you all have a great day! Thank you for all your comments! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Title? Hot Mess

This time it wasn’t Essie’s fault. My body would just not get comfortable so I could sleep. Body temperature was all over the place and I hurt. But let’s focus on the good things from yesterday…

I did get some new photos while I was in Elk Rapids last night. There were a few I wanted to go back to after the meeting but by that time it was getting dark. I haven’t officially reviewed any of the photos so hopefully there are some good ones worth sharing. I got several compliments regarding my articles from various members last night. I was greatly humbled and very grateful. I needed that. We spent several hours walking around the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Elk Rapids while they discussed what needed to be done over the next year(s) in the park.

I got most of my list completed yesterday as well. I have a little to do today before work but I think I can swing it. My focus isn’t very good this morning. I slept late trying to catch up on sleep but now I just feel like I am in a daze. Once Chris gets up I need to get into the shower. I almost did it last night in hopes of getting to sleep but I am glad I didn’t. I would’ve still had to do it this morning.

I can see that Essie hurts as much as I. She isn’t walking right with her back legs. She and I need to both take our meds after I finish this. I am trying to stay positive but the pain is a bit much today. So I guess I will wrap this up and get this posted. Sorry this is so short. Thanks for reading and your continued support! Stay safe!

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Gratitude and Relaxation

The bird feeder has been filled and apparently it is a blue jay restaurant this morning. Three big males have been dominating the scene. Holy cow! There’s like 10 of them out there! I peeked out to see and if they are not at the feeder they are on the ground. Busy place this morning! A bit chillier than yesterday. And wet. Oh my gosh! There’s even a bunny! I just saw a set of small brownish ears pop up.

Well at this time yesterday I was filled with anxiety and crabbiness headed up to the top floor at the hospital with Chris. Everything turned out fine and everyone was extremely nice despite my less than sunny disposition when I got there. Mind you by the time I left I was a chatty Cathy lol. I shared stories as well as tattoos. I stopped in the bathroom just before I left and when I stepped back out there were about 10 people waiting. Word of my Monarch butterfly tattoo got out so everyone came to see. I also got to show off my Supernatural tattoo as well as my dragons on my back. When I left I received a very nice thank you card as well as a mug with a packet of Nestle hot cocoa.

The girls pushed their way out the door when we got home. Lol. Essie wasn’t taking no for an answer and shouldered her way past Chris and the door. Little blessing! We were just as grateful to be home.

We seem to be getting a lot of cardinals this year. There is a very young female at the feeder. Every year brings new and different birds to the yard! Well today’s goal is to get working on my novel. I have done a page almost every other day. I hadn’t noticed that was the pattern until I went to type it in here. But anyway I want to get a bit more done. I pulled out my latest issues of my writing magazines in bed last night and was reading. Several articles fit where I am going in my story so I have added push to keep at it.

That being said I supposed I out to get at it. Thanks for reading and stay safe!