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Fall Colors

This morning has dawned overcast and quiet. My mood is the same. I don’t feel like doing much of anything but sleeping. I had planned to write this at the kitchen table (I spent a good part of my day writing there after Chris got up) this morning but by the time I remembered I was already spread out in my normal spot on the floor. It will be a nice cozy spot in the winter to write. I am hoping to get on plant hung and a few shelves put up that way I can have some color during the doldrums of winter.

The family had a good day yesterday. We spent quality time together just hanging out. Chris made a a very yummy homemade mac and cheese in the smoker yesterday. Pasta, broth, cream cheese, two other types of shredded cheese, bacon, onion and bread crumbs on top. While that was going in the smoker I got some more photos of the colors. They are quickly reaching their peak. There are several types of leaves that are just going from yellow to brown and just falling off, I am looking at the grape vines out back. The grass is still a rich green.

Next weekend is the big weekend! I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. I am still running around trying to get last minute stuff done. I did a little yesterday but I ran out of steam. So that means I will need to do a little something every day this week so I can be sure to have it all caught up by Saturday. I have a meeting to cover tomorrow after work and a doctor’s appointment on Friday morning. Sooooo this week will be a challenge. My big worry is remembering the meeting tomorrow night. I am gas/courtesy counter in the morning and I get out at either 2 or 3pm. The meeting is not until 6pm. Knowing me I will get involved in something and forget until it is too late.

The girls are bugging me to wrap this up and give them my attention so I guess I should save this and get the photos downloaded. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Using A Little Bit Of Sunshine

Sadly we did not go to the haunted house last night. When it came down to it we were both too tired. And truthfully I did not know if I would be able to walk through it. This morning’s pain is at about a 14 on a scale of 1to 10. I am having severe mobility issues. So I guess it is time to call the doctor again. Sigh. I was hoping not to have to do that.

Despite the pain there are several things that need to get done around the house. Not a lot. If I can get just that little bit accomplished then I will be happy. The sun is out and that helps. The girls want me to be outside playing with them. I threw a lot of toys last night for them. They went to bed very tired girls. I guess they want a repeat performance. We’ll see.

I had a bit of an epiphany when I was taking photos last night. The ones I took of the trees really popped with the darkening sky. I need to adjust the part of the camera that allows the light in and see if that will get my colors to pop. I need to pull out my camera books and see what I need to adjust it to or what it is normally at and see what I can see. If we have a bit of cloud in our sunset that will get me some color to practice with.

Reading is also on my to do list for the day. I have a new issue of The Writer that arrived the other day and a coworker leant me his copy of “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman. It has been on my want to read list for a very long time. We have been sharing books for several months now. Mostly me bringing the various Discworld books by Terry Pratchett. The running joke is that I am the Librarian from the books (who is an orangutang… long story you have to read the books to get the joke) so I say “Ook” a lot. But I am excited to read my first Neil Gaiman novel.

Speaking of coworkers I got a very special gift the other day from some other coworkers. It is a sparkling purple rose suspended in water. I will share some photos. It is so beautiful! When I showed Chris he was surprised by the beauty. You really don’t expect a rose in full bloom covered in purple glitter to be as beautiful as it is.

I had better get this posted. I slept in a lot longer that I expected this morning. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Squeaking One In

Aaaaaand here we are again. Only a few hours after going to bed. I have a few minutes to get this written before I have to wake Chris. He is going to a firearms training class. We were both going to go but I don’t feel comfortable enough with my gun to attend so I didn’t get the day off. However I do have to work this morning. The nice thing is that I get out at 2pm and I have tomorrow off.

I should have something exciting to write about too. We are planning to got to one of the haunted house events in Traverse. That is if we are both up for it. It has been a full week for both of us so as night creeps in our eyes may creep shut. We are both excited to go so we shall see.

I am still battling with my camera to get decent colors with my Nikon. I was trying to get some foliage shots since the trees are finally turning colors and when I look at them the reds are almost non existent. Fiery maple trees look washed out. I ended up taking a bunch of photos with my phone camera. The colors with that are much more vibrant. It is very frustrating. Especially since the photos I take with the Nikon I can condense so I can share more on here without having to delete old photos. The photos I take with the phone take up more space and I have all but filled my media capacity on here. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on what to do to improve the color quality on the Nikon I am all ears!

I am clock watching. A little bit longer to write. I have a few new tattoo ideas. They are small pieces so I might be able to do them both and cheaply. I wat to get a small white butterfly on my right wrist above the Monarch and I want to get the symbol ; because this represents “a message of affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction and other mental health issues” ( Since I have suffered from several of these and so do many loved ones I would like to get it. I told Dad about it and he got a bit teary.

Ok. The clock says I need to wrap this up. I will add photos from the Nikon only this morning. I don’t have time to go and delete old photos to share the bunch I got with my phone. Thanks for your suggestions and comments in advance! And thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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Stepping Into Fall

It is so dark it could be night. Or atleast dusk. The birds are strangely quiet (as two blue jays set up a squawking contest outside the door). Just past the fence in the little grove there was atleast 30 sparrows (I believe that was the bird song I heard) when we got up. There were just so many little voices! Just huge! Then nothing. It has been so odd….

Yesterday was a Summer’s day until just before 3pm when it got very cold and the sun disappeared. Then the rumble of thunder from the west sent the girls inside. From then on it was chilly and raining. So it became a day for horror. We did horror movies (the first two I ended up just fast forwarding through) and a documentary on the making of the original Halloween. It’s funny how when you hear about how they did some of the iconic scares it wasn’t even iconic at all. They were just trying to put something together as fast as they could. And it works. All the new movies use all this high tech stuff and aren’t near as intense as some of the old horror.

Halloween is just 10 days away… I can’t believe it! Then we are into Thanksgiving and Christmas. I haven’t been out of retail long enough to appreciate either holiday. I have seen too much greed from both the public and corporations. Too much nastiness and abuse of staff. I am grateful that it did not touch my love of Halloween. I remember when I first started at Younker’s I still loved all the holidays. I even started doing Secret Santa for everyone. We had so much fun with it! Then the hours got longer and the demands of the job got to be more and more.

I am still debating about joining the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year. I tried last year but failed. Not miserably because I did get some great story background done but I did peter out early. Three pages every day is the average to get the word count (50,000 words) by the end of the month. But I might be able to swing it. Hmmm…. I will see. Technically I’m “cheating” because it is a work in progress. You are supposed to get a brand new story idea and write the whole novel in a month. But this is the same one from last year soooo… Even if I don’t make it I think it will be a good push for me.

I hear the washer finished so I had better get laundry into the dryer. Work at 1pm so I should have everything ready. I really appreciate all your comments and suggestions too! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Adding A Bit Of Myself

I seem to have hit a mental wall. I have all these plans for today and I just sit and stare off into space. Thick clouds are moving in this morning. Yesterday was another summer temperature day. According to the weather people the last for the season. I hope not but even if it is Summer had a damn good run.

Last night a possible mated pair of cardinals were at the bird feeder. I heard his chirping song first and peeked out the window. Sure enough it is the male that I have watched grow up over the Summer. On the other side of the feeder was a beautiful grey female cardinal. I am hoping this will be the first of many visits for the pair. I tried to get photos but the camera went wonky and the photos turned out very blurry.

I was finally able to get ahold of Dad yesterday afternoon around 4:30pm. We finally hung up around 10:30pm. Do you ever feel like you have just talked too much and now feel empty? That is how I feel right now. I just don’t have anything… but I need to start filling it up again. I have letters to write and send out (I have been slacking on my pen pals), a few walls to wash, bills to pay and a novel to work on. There are also two pups that will need to be played with. Dad also has a blog that he is writing (I am so proud!) that I said I would read.

I finally got the bracelet of the human hand holding the dog paw to the Veteran I had promised it to. Back in early Summer when I was going in to the pain clinic I met a gal whose husband was a dog handler for dogs that sniffed out bombs in Vietnam. I was wearing my REDD tank top (Remember Every Dog Deployed) and that got us talking. She saw the bracelet on my wrist and wanted to get one for her husband. They are no longer made as it turns out. We kept in touch and I told her I would like to give mine to her husband. Well we tried to hook up several times over the past few months with no luck. If I was in town she was not. Finally the other day I messaged her to give me her address and I would mail it to them. Yesterday I got a tearful text message with a photo of her husband’s hand wearing the bracelet. ❤ I am grateful that I could pass that bit of happiness along and brighten someone’s (two someones actually) day.

I slept as much as I could last night. I still feel a bit snoozy but I am slowly waking up. I plan to try to take more photos around here today. I need to figure out what to do to get better color enhancement on the Nikon. It doesn’t seem to want to pick up pinks and reds very well. The bright and beautiful shades I see in the leaves and sunsets do not translate very well (sometimes not at all) into photographs. It is very frustrating. I am going to try some of my filters. The problem is that the filters only fit onto my short lens not the long one that I usually use for getting photos of the trees up the hills.

The girls are letting me know that I need to wrap this up. I see that I have gone on a bit. I hope everyone has a great day! Thank you for all your comments! And thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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Memories of a Life

This morning has been rotating pups. Essie came out with me but didn’t eat. She hunkered in on the couch. Then she decided that the light from the laptop was too much so she went back to bed (trying to get me to follow). Now Stella is asleep on the couch behind me. She has both eaten and gone outside.

Nothing memorable happened yesterday. I had one of my regulars come in and say hi (he has made a point of it since telling me his tale of cancer… he is not supposed to make it past the Spring). But I guess that is memorable. He is a sweet older gentleman. He said he is ready to go because he has no regrets and has done everything he ever wanted to do. We have many regulars like him. I don’t know if he has any family locally. I always see him come in alone.

That is one thing that I had dancing too. I got to hear people’s stories. It didn’t matter that I was a stranger (or maybe that is what made all the difference). Some days I felt as though I was in a confessional. I have always loved listening to people’s stories. That is something I have been doing from a young age. Listening. Family and friends alike will always comment on me listening to their stories. When I was very little I would sit and listen to the adults reminisce about this and that. I was allowed to stay up later than my cousins because I would sit quietly while our Aunts and Uncles talked amongst themselves. I have always been able to befriend older adults because I wanted to hear their stories. In Girl Scouts and Brownies we would got to the old folks’ homes all over in the Detroit area to cheer them up. Mostly during the holidays.

I remember working with special needs students a lot too. One of my best friend’s Moms was a special education teacher. We were in her classroom helping on a regular basis. I remember one year helping out a special education class through a school program. I got very attached to that class. I remember that they got me a teddy bear head with a hat and a bell on it. It was to go over a door handle.

I have done so much in my short 49 years. And I am grateful for it all. I will share some more shots from the Botanical Gardens as some shots from around here the following day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Dark and Light

The day is sunny but chilly. It seems that Fall has started unpacking to stay for the season. Colors are more vibrant and and the air has become more crisp. I am not adverse to the change. I like it when the weather changes. But only for a little while. I just have to remind myself that Spring will be here before I know it.

Sorry about the double post today. I logged on to write this one and saw that I had two saved posts. And to my surprise there was my post from yesterday morning. The one I had intended to post. So after a few minutes of indecision I set it free for you to read. I didn’t add the photos since it would be the same ones from yesterday.

This morning started before the sun did. Essie doesn’t feel good. Around 5:30am she got me up to go outside. She was out there forever (I was falling asleep waiting at the door). I noticed that she was eating grass at one point. I finally got her back to bed and Stella had pulled back the covers on my side of the bed and hunkered in. Then would not move. So I unceremoniously rolled her off the bed and curled up under the blankets. As I started to doze off I heard her knock at the door to go out. She took longer than necessary (I think because she knew I was more than mad at her at this point) but finally I made it back to bed by say 6:60am? I was determined to sleep until 9am. There were a few interruptions but I made it.

I am closing manager tonight so I get to stay home til just before 1pm. Tomorrow morning though I will be back by 6am. So I am honestly not sure what I will post in the wee hours tomorrow. Hopefully it is coherent. Lol. It feels like there is so much to do around the house. There isn’t really but I either put it off or I am using it as an excuse not to write. I am getting better with my time management but I have to keep reminding myself that it is ok not to have everything done all the time. Truthfully I am very proud of how the house is coming along. It hasn’t been this clean in a while.

I want to use my quiet time this morning to work on my novel. The poor thing has been ignored for a while now. I seem to go in spurts. I will work on it every day for a week or so but then I drop the ball, sometimes for several weeks. I am admiring the happy plants that have been inside on the shelves. Plenty of green and many colorful flowers.

The photos I will share today are from the Fairy Garden just behind where we had the Memorial service. People set up small houses for the faeries all along the path. I went in a ways but not as far as the paths led. It was getting cold and windy. Just in front of the gate to the Fairy Garden was a small Butterfly Garden. So many of the flowers were still in bloom! And we had a few butterflies as well. The others saw a Monarch (which was Linda’s favorite) but I kept seeing a small delicate white butterfly wherever I went in the Gardens.

I should add the photos and get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Adding and Missing 🙄

Yesterday ent better than expected. I was able to meet Linda’s family that I had heard so much about. And her family is amazing.❤️

Unfortunately this morning is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I let myself “sleep in” (I’m not sure if I did as I was checking the. clock every few minutes). No big deal. Got the girls fed and went to log in to read some of your blogs before writing my own and no internet. So I am sitting in the dark on my phone as I write this.

And I just lost everything else I wrote on here this morning. 😭 I will add some photos of the Oriental Garden and get this posted. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Finally Saying Goodbye

Today is the day I have been both dreading and looking forward to. Part of me doesn’t want to go. It wants to stay home. The other part wants say goodbye and spend some time with Mom. I have no idea where I am going so Google Maps don’t fail me now! I’m also not sure how early I should leave. An hour should be enough time but I honestly have no idea where this place is (everyone I have talked to has had no idea this place even existed and they have lived here all their lives in some cases) and I have never even hear of the road before up here. So a new adventure there. But I really miss Linda and this will really be goodbye.

I brought the plants in last night. As of last night the temps are getting and staying in the Fall temperature range. I think yesterday was the last day of my Summer. The furnace has been on several times. I am ready for a change in weather but not really because this means Winter. Looking at them now they all look green and happy. I did some trimming last night. I know there are a few more plants that need it.

I got a lot done yesterday. But not everything that I wanted. By the time I was able to rest and write I could barely keep my eyes open so that is on the slate for today. I made myself a list for today (looking at it I see that I would’ve forgotten my camera). It’s not long so I will get it all done. I got a big chunk of long term stuff done yesterday.

The girls slept hard. We did a lot of playing even before Chris left for work. Late afternoon Stella got repeated zoomies and was tearing through the yard. The last few I had Essie chasing her so they got to playing for a bit. It was good to see them playing outside together. I ordered some toys from Chewy. I am hoping that they will arrive today. Probably tomorrow though. They ship fast. I always get the kids medicine from them. Then I don’t have to drive to the vet’s. And even the vet says that they are usually cheaper for medicine.

I am dragging my feet. I should wrap this up and get going. I can feel the anxiety starting. And I can hear Linda’s voice in my head….Ok before I start crying. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Deep Breath….And Relax!

Ahhhhh! Blessed blessed day off! Oh how I need you! In all honesty I’m not going to know what to do with myself. I am so used to cramming what I can into my day before I head out to work. That means I can get some work done on my novel! Yay! I feel bad because I haven’t really touched it in a week now. But work took everything out of me. Last night seemed to be the topper. Instead of an “easy” day it was a long day. Two of us not very experienced back in the deli… I was the slicer person for orders because my coworker is afraid of the slicer. And I was the one trying to make sure we all got stuff to do (I was barely making sure I had stuff to do). But despite all the obstacles we survived and may have even become friends.

Oh my fierce Pittys! They are scared of the rain that is falling. I am trying to type around 120lbs of Pitbull right now. Silly pups. I need to go get yogurt (I forgot with everything going on at work) so Essie can have her medicine. If she doesn’t get yogurt in her tummy first she will throw everything up in a matter of minutes. But if the girls are spooked then they will wake Chris up while I am gone. So I supposed I will wait a bit. I could take Stella but then Essie would be alone. (Essie is not fond of car rides.)

On the plus side it is a dark day so I will be more inclined to hunker inside and work on my novel. I also need to write a few letters and emails today. I have friends and family members that I have not been in touch with for a bit. I am hoping that (as I look around the room/house) I don’t have much to do around the house. I think all my major projects are done. I do need to glue some flooring down. So it will be just upkeep for a bit. I am going to do my best to relax today. I am not sure how tomorrow will go. I have the memorial service at noon (remember to take your camera…) but I do need to leave early as I have no idea where I am going besides Traverse City somewhere. I am not sure how long things will last either. I am going to push Mom to come out and meet me at a coffee shop I think. I want to get her out of the house. She is becoming a recluse and as much as I want to see my little sissies (her two pups) I want her to get out around other people.

I have so much that I want to read right now! But I need to work on my novel and play with the girls. I do have treats to bribe them with though. I have some soup bones for them to eat later. So much relaxing that I want to do today…. reading, writing, playing with the girls, puttering around in my office…. I got my violet plant repotted the other day. I was so scared that it would die on me! I have had it for several years and it had filled up it’s original pot long ago. I finally bit the bullet and put him in a pot about twice the size of his original. He has bee doing wonderfully! I am so excited!

I guess I should wrap this up before it gets too long. Now that I have the luxury of time for a little while… I will add a few photos and get this posted. The weather is nice enough that I still have plants blooming like crazy (for which I am very grateful). And for you rock hounds out there I took a few photos of a few of my “hunting grounds” on our property. Thanks for reading and stay safe!