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Finding the Motivation

The rain has gone away.  Yesterday was a much welcome cloudy with rain off and on all day.  It did cool things off a bit.  Back down to normal summer heat for a day.  The temperatures will be right back up there today.  And I am ok with that.

I seem to have run into a mental dry spell over the last few days.  No writing other than this and my journal.  I’ve been lugging one of my guitars around with the appropriate paperwork to practice playing but I’ve done nothing past tuning the guitar.  I have read a bit in the new book.  I seem to not only lost my drive but my focus as well.  I was moving forward with great strides and now… inertia.

Moose definitely has kidney disease so I ordered more kibble yesterday.  I got the lamb since he doesn’t seem too fond of the chicken flavor.  We’ll see how he does.  Essie didn’t eat this morning.  She started getting me up around 6am to go outside in a hurry.  I left the door open for her.  She had to go back out maybe an hour later.  Then once we got up for the day She went directly outside.  Moose wouldn’t eat either.  I wonder if it is because Essie wouldn’t.  He’s in here with me and I can hear his tummy doing hungry rumbles.  I worry that Essie’s cancer is more severe than we think.  They said they got it all out with the lump but I’m not so sure.  And her surgery scar isn’t healing correctly.  Part of it keeps getting opened back up.  Now that Moose has been taken care of I need to call and ask them about her.  That will have to wait until Monday.  Monday I am also dropping the Jeep off for Chuck to look at.  Soooo….

I feel so busy but I know I have plenty of free time if  I choose to use it.  I just need to not do other things, like watch tv.  Moose is dreaming.  It sounds like it is on the border of becoming a nightmare with the sounds he is making.  I am keeping the house up as well as the gardens this year (so much easier and rewarding being able to stay home).  But will I let myself blow off writing?  That is part of the reason I opted to pay for the course instead of taking the free version.  The other part is that I can get feedback from other writers.  If you take the free course you are limited as to what you can do.  If I pay for it and don’t do anything then I am wasting money.  If I take the free version I can blow it off because it “doesn’t count” for anything.  That’s what I did with the guitar class.  So I need to find my way.

On that note I need to get something written before Chris gets up for the day.  He wants to do some running together.  I would rather stay home but it is time together.  Thanks for reading!  Stay safe!

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Guess Who’s Taking Classes…

Today’s big news is that I signed up for an online class.  Actually classes.  It’s a creative writing collection of courses through Coursera.  I am paying for them so I will get a certification at the end.  Chris didn’t seem too enthused when I told him.  He thought I would go for a photography class.  I don’t think he sees the use in me taking this course since I already know how to write stories.  His second guess when I said I was taking writing classes was journalism.  He knows I can earn money doing that so that would be normal to guess.  But creative writing seems like a waste to him.  Mind you he’s said none of this.  This is all what I am reading into his response.  I didn’t mention that I was paying for the courses.  (You can take all the courses on there for free but you won’t get certified and you might not be able to access everything available in the course.)

I am taking the classes because I am hoping that talking with other creative writers I can get more consistent with my writing.  And I am stuck in my novel so I am hoping that I can use that over the course exercises and get that back on track.  I already have ideas after the first class.  It started yesterday.  I have done everything but write the 250-350 word story and critique others.  I cranked out a rough draft last night before bed (one of the reasons I didn’t get to bed until almost 1am) and I hope to tweak it today and get it submitted.  The twist for it is that they have listed 12 random words and you need to use atleast 6 of them in every other sentence to create movement.  I got a bug after watched a bunch of diverse short documentaries last night.

So that is where I am right now.  This morning I feel a bit run down.  I felt like this last night so not sure if it is merely the continual heat or just me coming down with something.  I think I will wrap this up and go read or work on some writing.  Oh and they are letting me finish the guitar class if I want to (I was almost done before I stopped… maybe one or two hours of work left I think) so I guess I’d better tune the guitars back up and get at it.

Thanks so much for reading and thank you for your thoughtful comments!  Stay safe and have a great day!

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A Little Drama Goes a Long Way

This will be a much shorter post than yesterday.  I’ve not been feeling good the past few days and not been getting much sleep.  This morning I am really wiped out.  I don’t think much is going to get done today.

Dad has been having more and more panic attacks… severe ones.  They are getting more frequent.  I am trying to keep up with them but it is hard.  If I can get him to talk on Facetime I can usually talk him out of it.  It may take a few hours but it can be done.  I think Dad is realizing how much he is losing as he gets older.  He turned 78 years old on Thursday.  He has had both hips replaced, cataract surgery on both eyes, hearing aids in both ears…. then there are his physical and mental limitations.  All this is staring him in the face and he is terrified.  There is also the fact that he is gay and was not able to fully live openly until about 5 years ago when I encouraged him to move to Montreal and fulfil a life long dream.  Now he is seeing all that he missed and feels that he cannot have as an older gay man.  And all that keeps piling up on him mentally.  Each week is gradually gets worse.  The face that he is on lockdown doesn’t help either.  I am not sure what to do other than just listen.  His medication is losing it effectiveness as well.

So I am hoping that I don’t get any emergency phone calls today.  I need to rest but if Dad needs to talk I’ve got to be there for him.  I just called Essie in from barking.  She heard some thing (I thought it was someone on the 2 track) and went flying out to bark.  She sounded a bit intense and was heading to the opposite side of the yard so I saved this and went to see what was up.  Turns out the neighbor to the east of us (the trailer that burned down last summer, I guess the guy died in the fire (maybe if I had seen it sooner to call it in sooner?) and his son has been living in the house that they had been building just across the property) is once again fighting with someone.  It’s usually his girlfriend.  But in the past there have been gun shots so I try to get Essie to shut up and come inside.  I don’t need him coming over here to shut up the dogs with a gun.

I guess I will wrap up this drama filled episode and go outside and read for a bit.  It is still comfortable out so I will enjoy it before the temperature get too hot.  I’ve got some cool shots that I got with the camera yesterday that I will share as well.  I managed to sneak a photo of a hummingbird leaving the feeder last night.  When you look at the picture she is to the left flying at the camera.  I am pretty proud of that one.  I also took a bunch of a monarch butterfly that has been hanging around.  She even played in the sprinkler yesterday!  It was so fun to watch! I tried to photograph all sides of my faery rise bush. I realized I had been only taking pictures of one side. She is just bursting with blooms!

Well thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!  Stay safe!

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Essie, Moose and Stella

I guess today’s blog will be about the kids.  Today is Essie’s 10th birthday!  I can’t believe that we have had this little bundle of awesomeness for 10 years now.  Chris brought her home to me (or rather he stopped at my work with her) to replace me having to give up Lily Rose, another Pitty rescue.  Lily had bad separation anxiety and was destroying the house while we were at work.  There was nothing that helped.  So I got a little 7 week old puppy that I named Esmerelda May.  She has been with us ever since.  Baby girl has been through a lot in those 10 years.  She is one of the best dogs we’ve ever had.

Today we are also celebrating Moose’s birthday.  He turns 8 years old.  I rescued Moose locally before they put him down.  He was only 9 months old.  He has been my baby ever since.  He is too damn smart too.  There was the times he managed to open the sliding glass door and let himself and his siblings out.  And when he opened the side door and let everyone out.  Then there was the time he opened the oven…. you get the idea.  But he is my baby.  I can be gone for a few minutes and he is so butt wiggly happy when I get back.

Now we know today really is Essie’s birthday.  But I counted back from when I got Moose and that would make his birthday in July (if they are right about his age, I say that because the people I got him from it was their roommate’s dog and he couldn’t bear to give him away and asked them to take him to me).  So I decided that we would just celebrate both of them today.  If I have Stella’s age right she can celebrate with me as she was born in August.

And speaking of Moose and Stella there is a local restaurant named after them!  Chris and I stopped at one of our local places we might eat at every few months yesterday.  It was a fun train themed tiny place with really good food.  Imagine our surprise to find that the place as now called Moose and Stella’s and was now dog themed!  The décor was all dog stuff: plaques with sayings about dogs, dog bowls, dog photos etc.  When we got home I looked at my Moose and Stella and told them it was about time they picked up some of the bills since they have their own restaurant!  The food was amazingly good (I had one of Moose’s burgers) and we will definitely be going back.  I may need to see if I can get a tee shirt….

I will leave you with some photos of all three babies.  I am very blessed to be able to call them mine.  I hope you have a great day!  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Demands of the Pittys

Moose seems better.  The vet suggested chicken and rice.  I got enough for him so he could have it for breakfast this morning as well.  He got bad enough yesterday I was contemplating taking him to the ER vet.  He only ate part of his breakfast though.  I told the vet I would call her this morning to tell her how he was doing.  I will do that after I write this.  I also need to tell her that I found a lump on his shoulder that was not there the day before.  Oh and Essie seems to have gotten another piece of stick between her toes.  So I need to get her in to get it removed.

I attended a Zoom meeting last night so I had my article to write this morning.  I need to get both the front and backyards mowed today.  Although I am concerned that things are going to dry out fast if I do.  There is no rain any time soon but both yards are getting shaggy.  I am hoping that the water table is high enough to keep them green since it is obviously enough to keep them growing.

I am still clicking away with the camera.  And I still have not downloaded anything to the laptop.  Sigh.  It shouldn’t be this hard to do.  Apparently this is going to be really short today.  All three kids are demanding I give them love and go out to play.  It is very hard to type around three Pitbulls.  So thanks for reading and stay safe!  Have a great day!

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Reaching Goals and Helping Hands

First off I want to thank everyone for reading and supporting me!  I rolled over to 600 followers yesterday!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Yesterday was our anniversary but we were only able to spend maybe 30 minutes together after I got home from work before he left for work.  We are grateful for that because we could’ve not seen each other at all.  The awesome man even had beans and rice (with liberal amounts of shredded cheese on top) all ready when I got home!  So we happily ate and watched some tv.

I did something I don’t normally do.  I did an auction online for a friend of mine.  It is kind of fun how things worked out.  She and her husband do crystals and stones.  They travel to different places to get them.  Sometimes even digging them up themselves.  She is doing the auction because her beloved cat is getting his leg amputated today.  It has been a long battle and they are on their second vet (I need to ask her details because I don’t want to got to the first vet ever).  We I kind of fell in love with this one quartz crystal they dug up themselves and wrapped in copper.  Not sure why I love it but suddenly I really had to have it.  So I threw out a bid (and the bidding started at $10 so very reasonable for a bautiful piece like this) and in the end I won for $13. The kids and I were in bed around 9:30pm (I stayed up long enough to make sure no one snuck a last minute bid in). This morning she had messaged me to ask me if I wanted it mailed (she stated a $4 charge for shipping) or if we wanted to meet somewhere. I stared at the message and the penny dropped. I forget that some of the Facebook friends I have and have not met really are local. She is one of them. She lives 10 minutes away! (Which is why I want to find out about the vets she went to.) So we are going to try to meet tomorrow when I get out of work. I am so excited! I get a beautiful wrapped quartz from Arkansas for a very reasonable price and I get to help a fur baby! Yay!

I guess I used up my time for this according to my Moose clock (I am getting the eye) so I should wrap this up (pardon the pun). Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a great day!

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Goals and Meeting Them

Tomorrow is our anniversary.  28 years.  But since we both work we will celebrate it today.  Steaks are coming up to room temperature for later.  The sun is out and there are no clouds in the sky.  This is a good thing.  That being said Moose won’t fall back asleep.  He is moping around.  I’m not sure what is wrong.  He’ll just sit and watch me.  Sometimes I can pet him.  Other times he walks away and sits down and just looks at me some more.  I’m not sure what I did.

Yesterday was a productive writing day.  I got more done on the work in progress as well as a short story started.  The Universe must’ve heard me too because I got my current issue of Writer’s Digest in the mail as well as my latest book to review (which is soooo good!).  Today’s goals are to read more in the review book, go through my two new writing magazines and try to get a little further in the novel (I guess that is what the work in progress is turning out to be).  Outside of writing I need to try to figure out what is wrong with Moose and try to spend equal time with everyone (extra with Chris).

I am going to “water” my orchid for the first time today.  I don’t know what they “watered” her last at the store but the dirt seems dry so I will give it a go. Incase you were wondering why “watered” it is because the directions say to put 6 ice cubes in the pot and walk away. It seems mean to put ice cubes in a pot for a plant in the middle of winter. That and I was always told orchids were very temperamental so it seems like something it would not like. But (again according to the directions) this orchid is supposed to be extremely easy to care for. Sooooooo ??????

My coffee needs refilling, my writing needs to get written and my Moose needs my attention (I’m being stared at again). Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!

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I hadn’t intended to talk about Valentine’s Day but when I got up this morning there was a beautiful Watercolor orchid waiting for me on the counter.  Now this might not seem like a big deal to most of you but as a couple we normally don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because our anniversary is the 17th of February.  That and I have wanted an orchid for years… so this is a big deal.

Most people don’t think of Chris as being very romantic.  He’s a big guy and very manly.  We watch manly things together (our favorite things include Forged In Fire, Fast and Furious movies, MotoGP racing as well as Isle of Man TT… you get the idea).  I am fully a guy in a female body.  Lol.  I am very much the tomboy.  I can be girlie if needed but I am much more comfortable just being me.  Chris is the one that will pick out the romantic comedy to watch and I will give the look like “Really?”  I would rather watch a horror movie or maybe something historical.  Of the two of us he is the bigger romantic.  We seem to have switched places over the years.  It used to be me that was the romantic.  See what can happen after almost 30 years of marriage?  And I wouldn’t change a thing!

Nuts… I got lost in memories and I need to head out the door!  Yikes!  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!  Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!