A Little Bit of Sun

The sun seems to be staying out. Thick clouds were coming in as I was headed home from my appointment. The sunrise was beautiful. I almost pulled out the camera but I was running a little late. For some reason I cannot seem to stay awake this morning. Coffee is not helping.

I thought about doing our walk after my appointment but I just can’t. The weekend just took too much out of me. My friend texted me last night and asked if we were going for a walk. I said we would see. Part of me wants to invite her over since after today she will be working 6 days a week but she is very busy and needs constant attention. I had that yesterday with my event (which turned out very very well!) and I just want to do a whole lot of nothing today. I have Friday off so I plan to go for our walk then. I just need some down time.

My event went well even if I got no help from the brewery. We sold all of our back stock and have limited supplies in the cooler. I was looking at the beer cave and I need to move things around. I will double check but I think that is my prerogative. There seem to be set plans for stocking but I am not sure who decides what. Time to find out. I introduced people to a new way to drink their Oberon too. Many people don’t realize that you can make it like a mimosa. Half orange juice and half Oberon. That was a big hit.

When I watered my plants yesterday I noticed that my lemon pips seem to be sprouting. I hope so. According to my research if I grow citrus from seed it can take from 5-10 years for it to bear fruit. I hope it doesn’t take that long (there were a few sites that suggested a normal cycle once the tree was mature) but if it does it does. I enjoy growing things so they will be here regardless. The pineapple is going strong as well.

It is almost time for Chris to get up so I had better wrap this up, Thanks for reading and stay safe!


The Lump Sum

Yesterday was craziness. I am wiped out. My closing manager did not arrive until after 4pm. I punched in at 5:25am. Things turned into a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Today is my big event. I hope to get some photos to share. But we’ll see. It may be busy enough that I don’t. I think we will have a good turn out.

Tomorrow is my doctor’s appointment so I might write this after I get back. I really don’t want to get up earlier than I have to and my appointment is one of the earliest. I tried to sleep in this morning but my brain started waking me up at 3am. I finally gave up at 8am. Stella is asleep behind me but Archie has been outside for about an hour now. I am looking forward to being able to leave doors and windows open again.

I need to water my plants before I head out to work today. I think I pulled everything together last night so I should just need to load things into the car. I have a few fresh items that I need to pick up once I get to work. I hope that the food prep goes smoothly. I don’t know how much to make of anything. I planned for a double batch of everything. If something is popular I might be able to whip together another batch.

The battery on my laptop is almost done and I am really not up to writing more today. Thanks for reading and stay safe!


Wakey Wakey

The winter storm has been rather uninspired. It is more like regular winter. But ok. I guess since it is supposed to be one of the last “storms” it needs a title.

Today will be long. I’m just not sure how long. My replacement night manager has to drive a grandchild about an hour (one way) away after church. Hopefully she gets to work before 3pm. I have been awake since 2am for some reason. I can’t sleep in bed but I can fall asleep typing this.

I have everything ready to go for tomorrows event. I will try to get to bed early and thus hopefully get some sleep. I will try to get some photos to share for Tuesday of the event. I have no idea what I am doing but I think it should be fun.

And it is that time. Hope you have a great day. Thanks for reading and stay safe.


Work In Progress

This morning is not much better than yesterday. Work will be interesting as I have no one opening my gas/courtesy counter today. No one until noon. My opener has been going home sick the past few days. I finally talked her into staying home. I worry about her. If she still isn’t good tomorrow I may end up working a very long shift.

Things are as done as I can get them for Monday’s event. I have even gotten a few more people stopping by to check things out after work. I am hoping we will be busy with the event. If this goes well then I will talk to my reps about doing various events featuring their brand as the season goes on. I am already talking with one brewery for the end of May/ beginning of June for a event for them.

We are currently under a “winter storm warning” that has barely brought any snow. It’s just cold. We’ll see what they day brings. I need to get going for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!


Everything at Once

Yesterday was unintentionally busy. I got my bills paid, made a hair appointment (just a trim and it’s for after work today), set up a doctor’s appointment (next Tuesday) and touched base with most of the people concerned with my event Monday. Oh and I got my brakes done. The AC compressor needs to be replaced as well but my car is new enough my mechanic is having a hard time getting the part from anywhere but a dealership. Since my car will still function as it is my mechanic will be shopping around for parts and contact me with prices ASAP.

The new norm in the early mornings seems to be that Archie gets up with me, gets his love, breakfast and goes potty. Part way through his breakfast is when Stella gets up. She eats, maybe goes outside then hunkers on the couch with me under a blanket. When Archie comes back in he goes back to bed with Chris. Until he hears me getting ready to go. Then he’ll come back out for him good-bye love.

I need to double check finances. With everything happening at once I need to make sure I have enough to cover everything. I also need to get Archie more kibble and more canned for both of them. I may swing by Tractor Supply after work this weekend to get things. We’ll see.

My clock says I need to head to work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!



I am up way too early. Stella was sleeping on the pillow beside me when she sounded like she would be sick. She wasn’t but I am worried about her so now I am awake. She still isn’t her normal self. I’m not sure if it is her diet or if she just needs space from Archie. She will want to go out and Archie is all about it because that means she wants to play… even when it doesn’t.

I got things done around the house yesterday. We even did our walk but it was damn cold. I put Stella’s hoodie on under her harness. Archie just tooled along like it wasn’t quite a bit below freezing. Due to the cold we only did one loop of the trail, so only a 1/2 mile. But we got out and that is what matters. Company came over. My friend that went to Arizona to take care of her son stopped by with the books I had loaned her as well as a beautiful clump of amethyst she got me. We had a good chat. Laundry, dishes, and counter tops got cleaned and the floor swept.

I feel off today. It might be anxiety over my event coming up Monday. I am still pulling things together and need to talk with people for last minute instructions. I had planned to leave a few minutes early for work and go to the post office to mail our income tax stuff but I remembered that they are closed when I am headed to work for their hour lunch. So that means I need to load up the pups and do it earlier. I also need to make some phone calls. I didn’t get to all of them yesterday.

Everyone is noticing the crows and ravens that have started showing up here. No idea why they are coming over. I enjoy watching them though. I need to figure out where to am going to relocate the bird feeder as well as put a few bat houses and such once Spring gets here. I want to add a few more feeders and some hummingbird feeders as well. We’ll see. I suppose that I should get the pups loaded and out to the post office. It won’t take long but it gets them out of the house for a few.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


Chipping Away at It

Today will be busy in a good way. Once this is posted we are heading to the park for our walk then a quick stop at the store to get some eggs and bread (Chris is making breakfast). The temperature is not any warmer than yesterday unfortunately. That just means I’ll need to bundle us up. Stella can wear her hoodie. Archie doesn’t seem to get cold but I do have a coat that will fit him. I’ll bring it with just in case. The sun is out so that will help.

Something else I need to do today is call and set up a doctor’s appointment. I am not thrilled by the prospect, considering all the bs from last time I went in with a problem. But I do need to get some things addressed one way or another. My regular physician is not longer in the area so once again it will be the Russian roulette as to who I end up with.

I finally remembered to call the guy we have do our income taxes. We should have all the paperwork together. We will go over everything one final time and then get it sent in today or tomorrow. Then that will be one less worry.

I need to feed the birds as well as my plants today. The feeder is probably getting empty. I’ll do that before we leave. I’ll take care of the plants when we get back. I should still have my container that I use to put the plant food in to mix it with the water. I have heard several new bird songs the past few weeks at the feeder. One time it was blue jay singing a song I had never heard before.

It is getting to be that time. I’ll share some photos and get the kids ready to go. Thanks for reading and stay safe!


Rallying Forward. I Think.

The sun tries to brighten things up but seems to get swallowed back up by the clouds. Then it fights its way back through for a few minutes before the clouds recapture it. The clouds are also shaking down a dusting of snow. Later this week we will end up with warm weather and rain.

Many of us are looking forward to our gardens. I still haven’t started any seeds. I have my seeds but I need more dirt and a place to keep them once they are growing. I also have my friends that are hoping to go riding on our motorcycles this year. Several people have penciled me in for rides this year. I also need to push my writing. Most of my creative juices have been going into work lately. I don’t resent it like I did when I was at Younker’s. At my current job I am appreciated. That being said I do need to take some spare time and focus on my writing. I will pull the books and magazines out to read but what I need to be doing is putting pen to paper.

Archie has a new pool. One of my coworkers had it and it was never used. It is just a small kiddie pool that blows up. I haven’t pulled it out to check size or anything yet. Since he is running hot during the cold time of the year I’m sure he will be melting come summer. I am hoping that he will want to get into the pool and just lay like Max did. If not I will find some use for it.

I was going to take the kids to the park for a walk this morning but it is just too cold. It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow so I am going to try then. Archie likes going places with me and both pups like going for walks. Archie listens very well on a leash. I need to do training with him. Either go somewhere around here for it or do it ourselves. He is very smart and I think he would have fun with it.

My laptop is ready to shut itself down since I forgot to plug it in to charge last night before bed. So I’ll add a few photos and get this posted. I appreciate all of you reaching out! Thanks for reading and stay safe!


It’s What Time?

This morning is hard. Mostly because the clocks and my body say it’s 3am and I should be still asleep. But my phone informs me that it is indeed 4am. I look forward to the day they tell us we don’t have the time change anymore. It doesn’t serve any purpose anymore. I am curious yo see if anyone is late to work today.

Archie has smartly gone back to bed. Stella is gonna rough it with me on the love seat. Mentally I am running through my day. It should be pretty smooth. I busted tail the past few days so I only have a few things to do today. I have the option of going home early. I think I might take it if I get everything done.

All the snow is gone again. And it looks as though we will be getting more this morning. We’ll see how much. I suppose I’d better get moving before I fall asleep again. I keep dropping the phone in my lap or on Stella. Thanks for reading and stay safe!