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Yesterday’s highlight was coming home and finding a letter from my penpal that lives in Maryland. Even though her letter was full of her and her life as well as being a little over five pages it still feels woefully short. I really enjoy talking to and learning from a person who has no preconceived notions. We haven’t seen each other nor talked other than our letters. We can just be ourselves and reveal the vulnerable stuff. Having to wait for a response for a few weeks makes each letter that more special.

The bad news did the week is that since my order took so long to fill it got cancelled. So I am back to square one for a laptop. it is very frustrating because I really liked the one we finally chose. Sigh.

After work I come home and get the girls for their vet appointment. Annual physicals and then heartworm as well as the flea and tick medicine. I keep getting worried about Essie. She finally ate this morning (she didn’t eat breakfast or dinner yesterday) but my concern is the lumps she has been accumulating. I know dogs get fatty masses as they get older but she collecting them like rare baseball cards. I just hope her cancer doesn’t come back. Right now she is softly snoring on the couch.❤️

No rain but the wind has picked up again. We need the rain though. Rain has been predicted off and in this week but everything seems to be in constant flux. Speaking of which in need to get the flux out of here. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Animal Shenanigans

The wind has really picked up today. I had the door open but the neighbor was revving something trying to get it to??? Stay running? I don’t know but it was very loud and a bit early in the morning for that. I am extra irritated because I work with her. I have no idea who she has staying with her but I will be glad when they are gone.

Essie is this tiny ball sleeping. She hasn’t eaten breakfast. I am taking them for their annual check up tomorrow after work. With the mosquitoes so early this year we are getting heartworm medicine. We are going to get flea and tick medicine this year as well. I think I have found some ticks on Stella or at the very least places where she has been bitten. I think this will be the first time in many years we have had to do this.

The Robins are enjoying all the torn up earth where Stella runs to catch her ball. Much easier to find worms. More and more birds are singing in the mornings and during the day. It is a nice change.

I have several photos to add. I could wish for a bit more light on some. I will try to tweak them on the phone before I put them in here. All in all though I got some good shots taken. Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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Travels Great and Small

It looks as though we will have another beautiful day.❤️ We want to grill today so I need to slide to the store before 1pm. I feel kinda bad because it is Easter but there it is. I am leaning toward taking the motorcycle (pardon the pun) but it will depend on the temperature (the frost still hasn’t melted) and my body. Right now it hurts. I might take Angus (my Subaru) for groceries then take Rogue (my motorcycle) out got a ride later today. We’ll see.

Maybe I need to wear my helmet cover 🧐

I want to spend time on my writing as well today. Even if a few pages are all I do. I started fleshing out some of my characters the other day. I still don’t see them clearly in my mind’s eye so I know more work needs to be done.

The Robins have been here and singing since we got up. Spring is definitely here! I wore shorts to work yesterday and several people commented. I compared myself to a Robin saying that if you saw me in shorts you know Spring is here. That brought many smiles. 😁

I miss loading up the dogs in the car to go for a ride.

My boys❤️🐾

I am trying to be positive… I am debating about doing some yard work today. I don’t want to do too much uncovering if we are still getting frost at night. I found a bud yesterday and the daffodils, tulips, irises and day lilies are growing up fast! I am very excited! Since my irises seem to bloom every other year this year should be the big bloom. I have a smaller batch that blooms when they don’t. No idea how I managed to do it. Lol. I think I will work with my roses this year too. So I need to dig out the book Mom got me.

Looking at the clock I guess I need to get crackin’ if I want to get to the store and get things done around here. I just want to thank everyone for the awesome support!❤️ Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Making Plans

My April Fool’s article from last year has finally been published! The paper didn’t do an April Fool’s issue last year due to the pandemic hitting hard. I have to say that this one and the one from the year before about sharks in the lakes are my favorites! The shark one is actually based in fact. A shark could survive in our lakes (not all sharks are salt water).

More and more birds are arriving. There was a big beautiful Raven in the deck yesterday along with a Robin. Several Robins have been hanging out the past few days. My bird book has been busy as I try to figure out who the new visitors are. I am hoping to be good enough with my camera that I can get some photos of the hummingbirds this year.

I have started a new bit of research for the werewolf novel. I truly don’t know how much of all this will end up in the book. A good part of this research is to flesh out my characters and their backgrounds. One of my problems is that I haven’t experienced some of my locations and I want to get things right. I know I won’t get everything right but I want to do as much as I can.

I have to keep clock watching this morning. I usually have Saturdays off but I work today and have tomorrow off. I also need to leave myself enough time to load up the car with bottles. I have to make sure I have enough for the girls’ vet appointment on Tuesday. I will probably ask to pick the medicine up on Thursday (the office is closed on Wednesdays). That will be a big load off my mind. With the early Spring this year I want the girls on both heartworm medication and the flea and tick medicine. I think we will need it this year. Normally we don’t worry about it.

My mind really wants to stay home. I am already thinking on the novel and the gardens outside (the weather might be staying warm enough that I can uncover the plants and ground without worrying about them getting too damaged by freezing at night). The packets of seeds that I have are whispering to me….

But I need to get some pictures downloaded for here (and try not to add more to my Picfair account just yet… not enough time). Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Early Morning Blues and Greys

There was a hard frost this morning. The skies are clear and cold. I have been awake since 4am despite my best efforts. And as soon as my body decided it was awake my brain started up. I did try all my little mind tricks to get back to sleep but no joy. I had hoped since I went to bed much later than I should have (binge watched the Formula 1 series Drive to Survive on Netflix) I would be able to sleep through longer than the usual four hours before my body wakes itself up.

I let the doctor talk me into physical therapy. Well it’s more like I have to do physical therapy if I want to get an MRI. Apparently you can’t find out what is wrong until you try to fix it first. 🙄 More test results are pending.

I did get some really good photos yesterday though. The birds were VERY busy at our bird feeder yesterday. I will share those today. I uploaded a few more photos to my Picfair page as well.

I see that I need to get going (wake up way early yet still not enough time?). I need a few extra minutes to download the photos. Hope you like them! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Sealed In

It’s like we’ve been sealed into the gloomy skies this morning. I let the girls out and you could see a bit of blue sky like you were looking through the crack as a lid of clouds closed up on a bowl of dark clouds. Looking out now there is no blue sky to be seen.

I need to call and get the girls in fir their annual physicals. I think this year we will do the flea and tick medicine as well as heartworm. With the mosquitoes coming out as early as they have I don’t trust any of the bugs. I will call today to see when I can get them in. Hopefully soon.

My appointment is tomorrow morning. More tests had better be run because I am miserable. The pain is getting worse. Trying to do just basic stretches brings tears from sharp pains. My mobility is almost nil in the morning.

I keep hoping for an email saying my laptop has shipped. There was supposed to be a delay but no one has said when or how long. According to the site it is supposed to get here the beginning of next week. Is that correct or is the delay longer than that? I’m not sure. I do hope it arrives on my day off so that I can get familiar with it and get a few programs installed.

I did get quite a few photos yesterday so I will be able to pick and choose what to share. The skies were very photogenic all day yesterday. It was wonderfully warm despite the wind. The grass is getting greener and the plants are growing taller. ❤️🌱 Spring is pushing it’s way in. I even heard the peepers the other night!

I’d better wrap this up. I hope you like the photos! Thanks for all the support and for reading! Stay safe!

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Histories and Personal Mysteries

Essie and I are in the dark trying to stay awake. Well I am. I’m pretty sure she went back to sleep. Still no word on whether or not Thursday’s meeting will be in person or not.

I have a new background idea for one of the novels. So the question is do I stop and do more research so I can include it or just continue on with what I have and then do it? I am not sure just yet. I am hoping that this background will help form the present storyline instead of just being background. (Or am I just using it as an excuse to do more research?) I have a few titles written down just incase….

I mentioned I have been binge watching a class on the Black Plague (I have until April 5th to get through 24 lessons). It has been very interesting but I have to admit one or two of the episodes so far have been rehashing the same information we already have which is disappointing because the instructor is very good and very easy to learn from. I think I am at the halfway point in my episodes.

Keeping with the writing theme I seem to have I am tempted to rewrite my now infamous mystery story from grade school. The story behind the story is we were supposed to write a short story with atleast one rough draft for class. I think we had a few weeks to do this. Well I remembered last minute in the morning it was due and wrote it in the back of the bus on the way to school. I got an A on it and she read it in front of the class. I remember being shocked when I realized that it was my story she was reading. Lol. Despite only having a rough final draft I still got an A. I’ve always been proud of that.

I see by the clock that I need to get going. I didn’t get many photos yesterday but I got some nice shots of the moon last night and this morning. I hope you like them. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Roaming Rats and Grey Skies

I was all set to type that the sun was shining brightly but by the time I sat down to do this things have turned grey. 😢 I do have some good news though. we received our stimulus money so with Chris’s help I have picked out a laptop. It should be here in about a week. It has all I need for my writing and a little more.

We have all been a bit restless the past few days. It has been especially noticeable with the girls. They seem to be in constant motion. What I’d like to do is be able to get some good action shots as they play but I am not quick enough to be able to grab the camera from around my neck, adjust the lens, and get off a few shots after I have thrown a toy for them. By the time I put the camera to my eye to adjust the lens they have caught the toy and are heading back to do it again. This is why I have mostly photos of them lying down. Lol

I am looking at the calendar to try to figure out my meetings for the month. I am not sure if we are doing them in person now or not. At the last meeting I covered the Village Manager said that meetings were going to start being in person as of April 1st due to a state mandate or some such. So I guess we’ll see. I have a meeting Thursday.

I am hoping to get some work done on my novel. I have been watching a class on the Black Plague which has rekindled my interest in medieval history. I think I might be able to find a bit of history that will tie in nicely with the plot. Funnily enough the course is on Amazon (the movie channel) and it is the same people that I got my photography, guitar and writing courses from. One fun thing is that the instructor has a set that she walks around as she talks. I have noticed that every few episodes a new rat appears (this is about the Plague after all) and the rats also move around the set. We are I’m up to eight now.

I had better wrap this up. Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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Foggy Doggie Groggy Day

Yesterday’s sun didn’t last very long. It turned even colder. Then we got the rain/snow/ice mix. It was a good day to hunker down. But of course I didn’t.

Things got done off of my list and things did not. I will try to get the rest done today. The big thing is looking at laptops. I really need to figure out what I am going to do. But I am honestly tired of looking at things online via my phone. Oh geez hang on… Essie thinks she’s dying. 🙄

Sigh…. she needed her tea kettle. This game involves me clicking the tea kettle at her (using the whistling cap on the spout) while she growls and shakes the life out of whatever she has in her mouth. And of course Stella joins in by talking and chewing her ball. Essie has been very busy the past few days. I’m not sure why.

The hills behind us are shrouded in fog. Much how I feel. I can’t seem to get enough sleep. I just tried to look out the bay windows. I think I need to clean them. I can’t make out much past the doggie nose art. The dogs are always funny the first day or so because they suddenly can see so much more after the windows get cleaned and they just don’t know what to look at first. Lol.

Another thing I need to do is work on the novel(s). I pulled them out with the intent to get done work done but the notebooks just got shuffled around on the table. My mind just seems to be filled with sandy air. No real focus but some kind of grit in there.

Well Essie is now asleep on the couch.

I think I might continue with one of my classes today. Maybe that will help me focus. Then I can (hopefully) move on to other things. I close tonight so I don’t have a lot of time. And now Stella wants my attention.

So I will add a few photos from yesterday and get this posted. Thanks for reading and the support! Stay safe!❤️