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Nature looks as sleepy as we feel this morning. It is cloudy enough to make you wonder if it night rain later but the sun is poking through here and there. I think it will be a lazy day as much as I can make it today.

I had a fun surprise yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. Two actually. The first was a long time friend stopped by to spend some time with us and the second was that Chris elected to stay home from work so we could spend time with our friend. When I got home I was beat and a bit too exhausted to play hostess. But that didn’t last for long. Soon the three of us were catching up and making plans for October. Jim is a big horror fan like myself. With COVID happening the yearly Halloween Horror Movie Marathon at our local theatre probably wasn’t going to happen (we had such a blast staying up literally all night watching Halloween (the movie franchise) movies and playing various games between viewings!). So we are making plans to do our own. We are defiantly including Trick-R-Treat and Nightmare Before Christmas but the rest of the viewing is up for grabs. Also under consideration in the menu. He has started the Keto diet so I want to make sure we stick to stuff he can have. Needless to say it was a good visit. Oh and as an added bonus he brought me my Halloween/October gift of a Chucky tee shirt (Child’s Play movies).

I took on a meeting last night for the paper and got the article written this morning. Which is why this is so late. Before the meeting Chris and I had a really nice dinner on the grill together and we started watching the series Ratched on Netflix. It was nice and relaxing to spend the bonus time together.

I am debating about whether or not to watch my class videos today. I may put that off. The kids really want me to get out with them and really I do too. I need a break from things. That being said I am gonna wrap this up and send it out to the world. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

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Ahhhh… This Is What It Feels Like to Relax

Yesterday was a bit of a lazy day.  I got bills paid but when I tried to do the “free” car payment online it was $50 more than if I just sucked it up and dealt with traffic.  So I loaded up Moose and Stella and we went to the bank.  With Moose all but in my lap and Stella peering around my shoulder from the back seat the teller and I chatted for a bit about the times and dogs (it was video drive thru and there was no one behind me).  Once we got home (much swearing and the use of my phrase “damn tourists” repeated ad nauseum) we settled outside.  No I lie.  I wanted to bake the cupcakes for the kids birthdays before it got too hot (the one ac unit can’t keep up with all the heat and humidity this week).  Once those were done and cooling I did some thing unusual.  I grabbed my Minion quilt, my bag of books and writing, my camera bag and a few other things and we headed outside.  I laid out my quilt in the shade and set up shop.  Stella came and sat right next to me until I started to read my latest book The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma then she laid down beside me.  Moose and Essie were in and out.  As the sun moved so did we and we moved across the whole yard by the day’s end.  The kids spent most of the time out with me despite the heat (it didn’t feel so hot laying in the shade).  It was a relaxing day had by all.

I got some cool photos (I will download them from the camera and put some in this post) yesterday as well.  I found myself playing with the light.  I think I paid more attention to it because we were in the shade most of the time.  Especially when sunset neared.  The lighting got really cool then.

The only downside to yesterday was the loud music and fireworks.  The music I could deal with.  When the fireworks started they were sparse so Essie was going around the yard barking at them (she does this when the locals are shooting too close to the house).  But as the displays ramped up (we seemed to have them on all sides) Stella started to really freak out.  Essie and Moose were uneasy but coping because I had background noises going and I was nonplussed with the noise.  Stella began pacing around the house, a sure sign that she is freaking out.  So I pulled out the anxiety meds and snuck them into a cupcake for each.  That seemed to help but Stella would wake up (I decided to hunker in bed and read so we’d all be together) with some of the louder fireworks and just stare to make sure all was ok.  Things wrapped up around midnight or so.

I got a few books yesterday.  Well one is actually a pamphlet but you get the idea.  The pamphlet and one books are on Michigan butterflies.  We have so many different varieties this year I wanted to know more.  So I can sit outside with my bird book and butterfly books and see what we have this year.  The third book is actually a memoir.  It is part of my learning about the surfing culture books that I have on my Amazon list.  It looks so good and I really want to start it but I am making myself finish The Fishermen first.  I am halfway done and it is a very good book.  I get lost in the story (and it’s in Nigeria) every time I pick up the book.  But I really really want to read the new one!  Barbarian Days A Surfing Life by William Finnegan looks so good!  And I have a first novel coming in a few weeks from a new writer I discovered John Fram.  So I will be busy reading.  I am hoping this will compel me to get more writing done.  We’ll see.  It seems to have worked today!  This is a long one!

I will stop for now and download some of the photos from yesterday.  Thanks so much for reading this long post!  Have a great day and stay safe!

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I am trying not to be bitter and angry as I see all the out of state license plates as the tourists start to pour in for the holiday weekend.  I get especially angry when I see plates from states with growing COVID-19 cases.  I really wish they would stay home.  Up here we are fairly isolated so we haven’t been hit hard.  But I am willing to bet that after this week and weekend we will see a very large spike in cases.

Local government and the State government both require travelers to self isolate for 2 weeks after their arrival.  No one is going to do that if they are only up here for the week or weekend.  Hell I doubt if they would do it anyway!  I understand that people are a bit stir crazy from all this but now they are putting all of us at risk just so they can have a good time.  And once everyone gets drinking I’m pretty sure that social distancing will be forgotten.

It is so frustrating to be doing the right thing and seeing that it is working then in a matter of days it all gets thrown to the wind because people from out of town come up here and don’t give a damn.  They might be forced to wear masks at home but by God they are on vacation!  They don’t have to!  Besides, everyone up here is relatively healthy so they don’t have to worry about catching anything.  Selfish bastards.

I apologize for the rant.  The kids and I ran to the vet to get their monthly medicine and M72 was packed with tourists.  I even saw plates from Texas and that really got me going because Texas and California are the two hot spots (oh and Florida) for the new outbreaks that are getting out of hand.  Yes, please come and share.  Grrrr…  And the fireworks.  The dogs don’t like it any more that the vets with PTSD.  But no one bothers to think about that.  Especially right now.  With everything going on it is showing how selfish people can be.

Chris has the rest of the week off.  If he wants to go anywhere I might have to say no unless we are riding the motorcycles.  And even then I will probably refuse to get off and go in anywhere.  Atleast on an a motorcycle I have my helmet and such.  I have fussed enough.  Thanks so much for listening.  Stay safe!

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Today is Mother’s Day here in the United States.  Mom and I had a good long talk yesterday.  She loves her football jersey (fortunately it arrived earlier than predicted).  Her Football For Dummies should arrive some time this coming week.  I am grateful that I can finally do some thing nice for her this year.

I went to Meijers to get groceries yesterday and it was a mad house!  People all over the place, some wearing masks, some not, carts all seemed to be full.  The store had taped directional arrows on the floor to indicate what direction everyone should be walking down each aisle to help with the social distancing but that was mostly being disregarded.  I tried to do it but having to walk over an aisle and then all the way up the aisle I was just at in order to get what I needed made for an irritating shopping experience.  And having to go around people who were going the wrong way anyway just mad me throw up my hands.  I was grateful to get out of there.  I could’ve shopped today and maybe had less people but today is Chris’s one day off and I wanted to be home with him.

Dad sent me a Happy Mother’s Day text this morning.  Which I thought was very sweet.  I have sent a text to Mom.  She is probably still asleep.  Everyone here is asleep.  I find that I am still very tired this morning despite all efforts to sleep last night.  I am glad that the girls are finally eating but I still think there is something wrong with Stella.  It might be due to the vaccinations that everyone got at the vet’s the other day.  I hope that is all it is.  I may call up Monday and ask.  We’ll see how today goes.

Well this Mom is going to wrap this up.  I hope you are all safe and happy!  Thanks for reading!

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Beyond Fat Tuesday

Despite sleep last night (finally) I am still pretty pooped.  Part of that is due to everything I got accomplished yesterday at the lot.  I literally filled up the trash dumpster with everything from the bed of the truck.  But I was able to clean the bed of the truck finally.  I think it was something like 6 or 7 trips to the dumpster.  So I got my workout.

I got more reading on my review book but little writing done on anything.  Today is dark and chilly.  Not the bright sunny warm stuff from the past few days.  So I guess a good day to write.  We shall see.  I leave in an hour and a half for the meeting so I can either read or write.

I did a major transplant for one of my plants yesterday.   I have no idea what will survive and what won’t.  I have to separate the plant into something like 5 containers.  2 of those being just plain water.  It was a very delicate process.  Those that broke off went into water but if I could tease a root out then it got replanted in dirt.  Some look ok this morning but a lot do not.  Yesterday the whole plant looked like it was on the way out so atleast some will survive.

I can see ground in places.  That must be why the snow is supposed to dump on us this weekend.  Rain and snow.  So I guess we’ll see what happens.  After today I don’t have a meeting until next Thursday so I will be ok for driving (the furthest I will have to go is Kalkaska to make my car payment).  That being said Chris will have to drive in whatever mess happens.

Since today is Mardi Gras I may stop and get some paczkis on the way home. I am tempted to wear some of my beads too. 😁

Well since the laptop program for this has crashed (as it seems to everyday now) I finished this up on my phone. I need to get doing my other projects. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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Happy New Year! ❤️🥳

The morning has dawned chilly and bright.  It is nice to see the sun.  We stayed up too late to see in the New Year together but that is ok.  It felt good to be together and celebrate life.

I wanted to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year and say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support this year!  Life was less than kind some times and being able to share helped.  All your kind comments mean so much.  And being able to share all the good times as well… Thank you for letting me tell my story.

The snow plows are rumbling up and down the street this morning.  We got probably another  inches between the last two days.  Chris went across the street and plowed our neighbor’s driveway then came and did ours.  Once that was done he gave them the gift card we got them for our local Cajun restaurant that we all like.  It’s not much but they have done so much for us this past year.  We just wanted to tell them thank you.  I have to admit it was fun cooking things and trading back and forth with them.   I think my favorite was the apple butter.  It brought back so many great childhood memories!  My Gramma Morin was the one who made that every year and it was soooooo good!

The kids are all sleeping.  I hope this year can be better for them as well.  I am still trying to figure out what needs to be done for Essie and Stella. Maybe a soft muzzle for Stella and continue with her training. Once the garage can be used and we get stuff out of the house I may bring the cage back in. I will put Stella in there when I go to work and when Chris gets up he can let her out. We will have to come up with something. (Also that means I can bring Moose to work with me on occasion and leave the girls at home without worrying. Moose would love the one on one time like Essie did.)

I hope the New Year holds as much good as we can handle! Thanks for reading!

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Update of Goings On

All is quiet this morning.  Unlike yesterday when I had to take Essie to the Emergency Hospital.  The night before She and Stella started fighting.  And wouldn’t stop.  The end result is countless stitches and two drainage tubes for Essie.  This has not been the best week for us.  I am grateful I dont have any writing projects due.

Essie looks like a little human in her tee shirts (we put them on her to catch the drain from her tubes).  She is back to her old self today.  All the medicine has worn off so she can focus again.  She is still very sore and on both antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain meds. But she is drinking and eating as well as going to the bathroom. I had a bit of fear last night in bed because I couldn’t feel her breathing.

I hope everyone had a better day than we did. We did exchange gifts although it was rather anticlimactic after four hours in ER. I had a very bookie Christmas. Both Mom and Chris got me books. Three of the books are story collections (two fiction and one non). Chris got the sword he wanted (Mom and I went in together for it). I don’t remember the correct name for the blade. It is the size down from a katana. Mom got her French press, a book of sudoku puzzles, some trail mix and a flamingo key chain that is a light. Oh my two little sisters (Mom’s two girls (dogs)) got me two boxes of tea. I had run out.

Essie spent most of her time in my arms sleeping. Dad had a rough patch so I talked him back to normal in the late afternoon. I am hoping for a drama free day today. I’m not going anywhere today. My one day (I hope).

Time to check Essie’s tubes and stitches. Take care my friends!

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Christmas Eve

Tis the day before Christmas and I just want to stay home.  But I arranged to meet with Mom so I can give her her gift.  I may sneak to the dollar store and get her some little fun things to add to it.  I am still not feeling all that great but atleast now I know why.  A bit of a shock but there it is.

Yesterday was busy between work and then we did groceries as well as dropping off Chris’s truck (all is well with the truck by the way).  Despite there being too many people out it wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be.  We drastically limited our stops once I saw various parking lots (getting groceries was bad enough).  The pups were extra happy to see me when we got home since I only spent maybe 30 minutes with them after work before we left to do our running.

My days are so confused between the holidays and Chris not working this week.  I only hope I remember I work Friday!  The weather here has been wonderfully warm.  Part of me wonders if Mother Nature is saving up to hit us hard after the first of the year.  I truly hope not.  This might be the first winter I have halfway enjoy due to weather.

I just glanced at my to do list for the day and I need to get doing.  There is a lot there and time is a wastin’!  I hope you have a great day!  Thanks for reading!

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Family Traditions

Today will be steady if not busy.  Once I get home from work Chris and I will go to the store and get groceries for Christmas dinner.  It will just be us and the kids again this year.  I’m sure we will talk with family and friends over the course of the day.  I need to remember to go across the street and wish them a Merry Christmas.  (Our neighbor’s knee surgery went well and he is home.)

Mom and I were talking and holidays just don’t seem to matter as much since Grams has been gone.  She was the one who made it all special.  We did pretty good for a few years when we moved out here to Rapid City but then animals died and kids grew up.  So we are back to being separate for the holidays.  So I guess that means it is time to start new traditions.

It will give me something to think about.  I will ask Chris as well.  Maybe we will start the orange tradition again.  Oranges in our stockings like when I was little.  Nuts.  I just looked at the clock.  I thought I had more time.  I hope everyone has a great day!  Cheers!

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Blessed Winter Solstice!

Today is the Winter Solstice.  It is the longest night of the year.  Many ancient structures are set around the Winter and Summer Solstices.  The structures show the sun cascading thru varioous portals to hit an exact spot that is only possible on that particular day. For Pagans it represents renewal of life as the sun becomes stronger and begins to overpower darkness and night.

The celebration of the Winter Solstice or Yule has many carry overs to modern Christmas.  The Christmas tree and decorating with holly for instance.  Originally the trees brought in were potted so that they could be planted outside in the Spring but the Evergreen represented just that life, rebirth and renewal.    Holly was brought into homes a protection against evil.  They also represent hope for the renewing sun.  Wreaths were made to represent the circle of life and the wheel of the year.  It would be decorated with symbols that represented what the family was hoping to achieve with the renewal of the the sun.

Looking into the history of various holidays (or holy days) is quite fascinating. To be able to see how traditions started and where they come from is something I will never tire of.

I hope everyone has a blessed Solstice! Thanks for reading!