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Drifting In the Memories

I have a Pitbull asleep in my lap. I am typing one handed as I scratch her with the other. Stella is doing better, thankfully. After reading various news reports of dogs getting sick up here, I am wondering if our walks in the park caused some of the issue as well. It seems that parks have been spraying for bugs and such and that has made a lot of dogs sick. Maybe it is a good thing I am lazy?

I don’t want to go back to work today. I am just not feeling it. But I have to. And next week is going to be difficult as it is inventory on the 30th. I am ok with my liquor but my beer department… that is a bit overwhelming. I am going to guess that Monday will be a long day. They are asking that we have our counts done on the 29th. I need to ask if there is anything special to do besides ask people to mark things off if they pull from my backstock. Cigarettes won’t be a big deal. I don’t have to count them.

My mind is everywhere but here. A fellow blogger was recounting his trip to Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum and I spent some of the best parts of my childhood there with Dad. As I was going through his photos I let myself remember. My dreams were like that today too. I was trying to clock watch and still get some sleep. So I would be dreaming but crack an eye long enough to register the time then drift back into my dream. Very surreal.

Stella has drifted out to lay in the sun. I want to work more on my novel before work (I did do some work on it yesterday). I also need to shower. That way I can just feed Stella and hunker in bed after work tonight. I am hoping for an easy night tonight. But we’ll see. I should probably wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Business of Horror… and Me

I seem so be staying up later and later. Between research and reading… I tried the lights out but I just stare at nothing in the dark for hours. So now I read. Atleast I learn something if I can’t sleep. I also got sucked into several episodes of Eli Roth’s A History of Horror on Shudder last night. I got to hear from horror people from all the various mediums the genre takes. And it was interesting. I find the back story of not only the making of the movie endless entertainment but I also enjoy listening to people discuss horror as a serious thing, not just a bit of gore put out there for weirdoes. Horror has it’s place and represents where society as a whole is at the time it is made.

It’s warmed up slightly. It Chris was awake then I would be getting grief because I have the sliding glass door partly open. But the sun has come out so open it is. I put a blanket at the base of the bedroom door to cut out the draft. It smells a bit like Spring. The birds are certainly singing like it is. The smell of outdoors mixes well with the smell of my coffee. I am hoping for an upward trend of warmth and sunshine. Stella has spent a good 20 minutes out there after breakfast.

Friday seems to be getting busier and busier. I have an invite to a bonfire at a friend’s property that I kind of want to go to. If I go I think I will take Stella. She needs to be out more. Even if I don’t go to the bonfire I think I will take her to the park for a walk. She did well and seems to enjoy it. But I also need to clean the mouse cage, work on my novel and talk with Dad. I also need to write down the days I need off next week before I forget. That looks easy enough. The two meetings that usually fall next to one another are now the same day with one in the morning and one at night. We’ll see if that works better for me or not. There is someone willing to take my one meeting over if it doesn’t work out.

Despite the chill I might go and sit outside for a bit. I have my small table out there on the porch and a camp chair in the corner inside that I can pull out. I did get a few photos of birds yesterday that I will share. I topped up the feeder before I went to work and it was a busy place. Cardinals, blue jays, birch, sparrows….

I really ought to work on my novel this morning. I took a break yesterday and just read my comfort novel. Today I need to step back up to the plate and get moving forward on it again. I will download a few photos and then get this posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Today I Think I Will…

Today will be the first day I try to unwind from all of this. I need to decompress and just relax. Stella and I are going to run to work around 11:30am so that we can brighten people’s day with some puppy love. There are several coworkers that want to meet Stella so I said that we could swing by. Other than that my day is open to whatever I want.

I am trying to limit my should-dos and get more want-to-dos in instead. I will probably putter around the house to get things cleaned up (once things get cleaned I usually feel better so this time of year I will pick a room and try to tackle it in a day or two). But I want to work on my writing. For extended periods this time instead of trying to fit it in here and there. I have two main background characters that I am trying to “see” and get their histories down. I want to see if I can progress further into my Norwegian history as well. I have so much of my Italian history done for the novel but I have barely cracked my Norwegian. I have the bare bones and that is about it.

I did something unusual for me this morning. Before I got Stella’s breakfast made I glanced at my little garden growing and my eye was drawn to the swirl that my vine made off of the cucumber plant. So I grab the camera and take a close up shot. Then I notice the texture of another leaf and vine. Another photo. Next thing I know I am wandering the house looking at textures. I only took close up photos of my plants (I would’ve gone crazy if I had started going through the whole house) but I will share those today.

I think I will try to make a creativity schedule of some kind. Something that is fluid for my every changing work schedule. I did make an effort to “lighten my load” by cleaning out my leather satchel. I shared photos last year when I got it from Chris. All my current writing project(s) get carried in there and I lug it around the house with me. If I am not home it is in my office. I want to take it with me to the writing conference. With everything I had crammed in it it gets heavy so I try to clean it out every once in a while. As or right now it is ready to go to the conference. I will probably stuff a bunch of business cards in there to hand out at the conference. I think that will be the only add. I bought my ticket yesterday. I opted for the lunch too so I don’t have to worry about that added expense (or look around for some place to go if I forget to bring something to eat). I am very excited.

The beloved satchel when it is full up. There is also a large pocket on the back.

I am also excited about going to the HorrorHound Convention. I have an idea of what goes on at a horror convention but I have never been to one before. Chris asked me what I wanted to do there. I told him I didn’t want to go in with set plans. I am afraid of being disappointed. I have a few people I would like to meet but I am not going to count on it (long lines that I might not want to stand in and cost). I am sure that there will be all kinds of stuff going on. Part of me is toying with the idea of maybe trying to dress (for some reason doing Jamie Lee Curtis in either Halloween or The Fog appeal to me) but regardless I am mentally going through my horror tees trying to narrow it down to three or four (maybe six so I have a double selection for each day). Maybe I will clean out my side of the closet and go through my stuff again. I have several containers of tees from my life that I keep in the closet. Every few years I pull everything out and rotate through a bunch of them.

I think I will wrap things up. I would like another mug of coffee and to read a little before Chris gets up. Thanks for reading and thanks for the support. Stay safe!

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A Little Glimpse of Sunshine

I was able to take more time this morning and read more of your blogs. I find it so interesting to read about everyone! Music, life, writing, surfing (on water), tarot, food, photography, poetry… so much to read and enjoy! I have always enjoyed learning about people and places and there is such diversity on here! I am grateful everyone has chosen to share their lives and loves.

Stella is asleep beneath a blanket behind me. I don’t feel well rested although I am. Today we are planning to head to Traverse for lunch and then hit the local bookstore and give them some financial support. It might be just coffee and a magazine but we always enjoy going there for a few hours. I remember when they were just a tiny tiny place you had a hard time walking in. That was one of the first places Mom took me to when I came up here to visit the first time… 32 years ago? Somewhere around there. I loved it then and I love it now. I have many memories (and books) from that store. it came close to shutting down because the owners wanted to retire. But there was such an outcry because Horizon Books had become such a staple to so many lives up here it is still open but under new owners.

There is much that I want to do today but I am going to try to take it easy. Yesterday was a good day at work. I got lots of hugs and folks saying it was good to see me smiling and happy again. I over did things with my back on Friday but I think my case of the grumpies have passed. I hope. When I get like that all I can do is ride it out and hope for the best. But my penguin came in and brought me three stones to cheer me up. (I call him my penguin because penguins brings rocks to the individual they are trying to impress and since I am a rockhound he is always trying to impress me with what he finds on his wanderings through the woods and along the water.)

The wind is really picking up. Surprisingly the birds are quite vocal out at the bird feeder. I believe it is a group of woodpeckers by the sounds. I should check the feeder when I am done with this. It has been a bitter cold two days since I last filled the feeder. I can hear the blue jays moving in now. The temperature is supposed to get in the 40s today so with the wind that will get rid of a lot of the snow. Just so we can get more it seems.

I should probably wrap this up so that I can get things started around here. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Anniversary and Tattoo

Mother Nature has decided to really mess with us. Yesterday was 50F (10C) and pouring rain. A lot of snow melt and flooding. Then the temperature drops to a low of 21F (6C) last night so everything freezes. However that being said Chris says once you get on the main road to Traverse things are clean. So after this I head to Traverse to do my running before getting inked.

Today is also our anniversary.❤️🥰 I am very lucky to have been blessed with a man as good as Chris. His patience with me these past few months…. well year really. When Moose died is when things started to change inside me. Moosie was my rock when I was alone and freaking out and he was always ready to get his lovins. For all intensive purposes Moose was my emotional support dog. Anyway… Chris has always been there when I needed him and even in times I didn’t know I would. We have had many adventures together and I am looking forward to many more. ❤️😍

I have my little to do list for today. I think I can get it all done. Then I work for two more days and we can celebrate our anniversary together. (His gift is running late so next week sometime. 🙄) I am excited for today but anxious. I don’t want to miss my appointment at 11am. I am pretty sure I gave myself enough time even with the roads. We’ll see. I hope to go to the bank and cash my money order, get canned food for Stella and snag a Happy Meal at McDonald’s on the way back (Stitch from Lilo and Stitch is the toy this month). I think two hours should be enough time for everything. But naturally I will be hyped up the whole time. I might take some of my classical music with me. I miss having a stereo in my office. I would go in there to write (or even stay out here since I could turn up the volume) and play my classical and jazz cds. As much as I love them though it’s just not the same in the car. And my car has the only CD player. Sooooo….

But I do need to wrap this up. I hope everyone has an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Short But Very Sweet🥰

Yesterday was a HUGELY productive day. I am pleasantly surprised at all that has happened. I will be guest blogging for Brother’s Campfire (I will share a link asap, this morning I am a bit pressed for time) AND I have been offered help to get my novel published so I need to really make an effort on that front. I got what I have written so far on my articles typed into my laptop and saved as well. The only bad thing is that my research books did not arrive. If they aren’t here by tomorrow I get them for free (I can either replace them or get my money back but I am pretty sure they will arrive at one point). So as you can see yesterday was pretty good.

I also chatted with Dad for a bit. I think we chatted for around 3 hours. Not long for us. But since I had gotten a lot done that morning I was feeling pretty good for a long chat. We got talking about going to museums (it was a big thing in my childhood to go on my weekends with Dad) and one thing Dad remembers was how angry I was when we all drove to Chicago to see King Tut and his treasure and the mummy was not there (if I remember correctly it was caught in customs for some reason). I had to have been around 4 or 5 years old. I remember being very angry because I really wanted to see King Tut! I was big into Egyptology even then. We had a good chuckle over that.

I see by the clock that I need to get myself together and get out the door for work. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Cleansing Wind

Mother Nature has conjured some strong strong winds this morning! Trees are bending to and fro. All those branches that had snow on them are now free of their burden. We are supposed to hit 40F (4C) today so between the two that should take care of a lot of the snow. It should also fill that bucket and bowl I placed under the “February leak” that we seem to get every year at work. I was the one that caught it last year as well. Supposedly it had been fixed. Surprise! I let everyone know that needed to know. Today it is not my problem.

I am excited to change to the month of February. I cannot tell you how much we now hate January here. But the month thankfully changes. I plan to flip all the calendars once I get this posted. One of the horror pages that I occasionally write for (it has been maybe a year or longer, but I am still in touch with everyone) has given me the happy assignment of writing a 1000-page article on Shirley Jackson. I love her work (she is the author of the ever popular Haunting of Hill House (this has also been turned into movies titled The House on Haunted Hill (loosely based) and The Haunting (truer to the novel) and the short story The Lottery. She has written loads more, but those too many people have read. She is (sorry was… she has died but, in my eyes, she still is an author, so I tend to use present tense) more of a psychological horror writer. She has inspired thousands of writers. And for our “Women of Horror” month I get the honor of writing the article. Now that I have said all that I am a bit intimidated. It’s like interviewing your favorite author for the rest of the world.

I am grateful for the opportunity as it gets me out of my regular mindset. I am not reporting what I see. I am also not making a story to scare and entertain. I am able to combine both. Ok, I’m back. I just had a bit of a flash for the article, so I needed to get that down on paper. I am hoping that this is a good sign. Hmmm… I wonder if I could do one on Anne Rice. We recently lost her (did I mention I hate January) but her novels have been pivotal to many authors as well. Nothing like piling my plate high! I think I will ask. Anne deserves to be written about.

Ok, I can see that I have my work cut out for me today. But I think that I will enjoy this work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Life Update

There was no good way to start this morning. I could get sleep and rush around in the morning to get this and my article written or I could get up and hour earlier and take my time. I desperately need the sleep so you can guess what I did.

I got a call from the vet not long after I punched in yesterday. By the time I hung up I had tears streaming down my face. It boils down to this. There is no easy way to determine if the mass on her liver is cancerous or not. What the vet is afraid of is that it is cancer and that is has spread to her stomach. (Remember that Essie had a lump that was cancer removed a few years ago.) So our “Hail Mary” is going to be giving her steroids to see if that helps things. If she continues to get sick to her stomach then I get to make the call.

I did my best not to snap at people last night at work but I was not entirely successful. Oh and apparently a coworker came in sick with the flu and now that is going around the store. Several people have gone home and called in over the past few days. With my lack of sleep and stress levels I am really hoping not to get sick. And I really don’t want Chris sick either.

Aaaaaand I have to get out the door. Oh, one bright spot. I cheered myself by spending a small amount of money (about $15) and got 100 business cards printed. They have my name and “Freelance Writer” below it. Ok, gotta go. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Meals and Memories

This is so much later than I had intended. Essie was a jewel and let me sleep late. Then I needed to get the laundry started and trash out to the curb. I am grateful that she let me sleep as I don’t hurt as much as I did last night. I could barely walk or move really. They were concerned at work. I was grateful.

Today’s plans include possibly going to dinner within walking distance of a bookstore. If my body feels like this I should be able to make a go of it. I need to decide where we will go. I have it narrowed down to two restaurants, “FireFly” and “L’Amical”. “L’Amical” has special sentimental reasons. We were all there when they first opened all those years ago. All of us, John, Frank, Chris, Richie, me and whoever decided to hang with us for a few hours would get a big table at the far back and get coffee (maybe something to eat if we had enough money) and just talk. Other times two of us (me and John specifically) would write while the others talked. It has changed a lot since then (not necessarily for the better) but I have taken Mom there for her birthday on several occasions (they have a cool little patio set up out front that is in use year-round complete with a little fire pit) and we have had a good time. Sometimes I miss those days. We did a lot and were pretty much fearless.

The other place is “FireFly” and it is relatively new. It has an amazing food selection, and their adult beverage selection is nothing to sneeze at either. Mom, Chris and I have been there on several occasions. It has been a go to since we found it. I have also introduced several friends to it. But I think that I will suggest “L’Amical” for tonight. It has been many years since I have been there (Mom and I were supposed to go for her birthday the last time but COVID hit and we all know how that went). And I am feeling a bit sentimental. It is also closer to the bookstore (which I have also watched grow and blossom to the local treasure it has become). I hope the body is able because the mind has already decided that there will be a bit of walking today.

Well thank you for helping me decide where to eat today! Another post not being what I intended but oh well. It was hard not writing down all the memories that were playing back in my head. I think I will spend a bit of time staring off into space remembering. Funnily enough we are still in touch with the core group that hung out together all those years ago. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Silliness With My Pups

Essie has jammed herself up on the love seat with her sister. At first she got on the side where Stella was so she ended up sitting on her. I was able to coax her to get up on the other side (which was interesting because she has problems getting up on things because of her hips and legs). Now both are asleep. Oh I spoke too soon. Essie is sure that because I have Stella behind me on the love seat (mind you I am sitting on the floor at the table) she is missing out on quality love. Nothing will convince her otherwise. Pitbulls can be very silly. But I love mine with all my heart.

Work was hard yesterday due to pain. The strained tendons in my heels and legs are getting worse and my back is starting up again. I hate to go back to the doctor. I have racked up enough medical bills that I need to pay. And I am getting tired of throwing pills at it. Atleast I got sleep last night. But that means I am back to no exercising again.

A year ago at this time I only had one more week with Moose. I wouldn’t do anything differently. Other than fix it so he never got sick in the first place but you don’t know about kidney disease until it is there. I am requesting the 4th of January off so I don’t have to be around people. If I end up ugly crying out of the blue I don’t have to explain it to anyone. I might take a treat out to his grave. His ball and the little whirly gig I put on his grave are still there.

Somehow this post ended up being about my babies. I miss my older ones and love the ones I’ve got. With the exception of one I believe all the dogs I have ever had are buried out back. Well two. I have Dante’s ashes here in the house. The other dog, Stranger, went missing when we lived in Cedar. I try to go out and tell them I miss them and still love them but it can be hard. I had better stop before I start crying. I did not intend for the post to go this way. I will share some photos of my fur babies past and present. Thanks for reading and stay safe!