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Yesterday’s highlight was coming home and finding a letter from my penpal that lives in Maryland. Even though her letter was full of her and her life as well as being a little over five pages it still feels woefully short. I really enjoy talking to and learning from a person who has no preconceived notions. We haven’t seen each other nor talked other than our letters. We can just be ourselves and reveal the vulnerable stuff. Having to wait for a response for a few weeks makes each letter that more special.

The bad news did the week is that since my order took so long to fill it got cancelled. So I am back to square one for a laptop. it is very frustrating because I really liked the one we finally chose. Sigh.

After work I come home and get the girls for their vet appointment. Annual physicals and then heartworm as well as the flea and tick medicine. I keep getting worried about Essie. She finally ate this morning (she didn’t eat breakfast or dinner yesterday) but my concern is the lumps she has been accumulating. I know dogs get fatty masses as they get older but she collecting them like rare baseball cards. I just hope her cancer doesn’t come back. Right now she is softly snoring on the couch.❤️

No rain but the wind has picked up again. We need the rain though. Rain has been predicted off and in this week but everything seems to be in constant flux. Speaking of which in need to get the flux out of here. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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I Wanna Stay Home

Is this day over yet? I feel like I’m starting out behind the eight ball. Not much sleep because I said I would stay and close last night because we were short handed. The dryer can’t seem to get my jeans dry. Ever. I am still emotionally wrung out from yesterday at work (co workers lost pets and human family members yesterday).

Essie is snoozing on the couch. Stella thought about it but went back to bed. And I seem to have a dry tickle in my throat that no amount of liquid (hot or cold or room temperature) can seem to get rid of. I feel like I’m being way too loud coughing every little while.

We were supposed to get a rain snow mix of up to 2 inches (5 cm) but everything looks very dry out there this morning. Either it passed us completely or it’s gonna happen later in the day. I’m hoping for not at all.

I don’t really have any new photos except of the girls because I had no time or light to do anything else. And they were so cute… 😁 So I will add a few of them and start getting ready for work. Sorry this is so grumpy. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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This morning is dark and grey. My attitude is similar. I am back to not feeling good and my back has made me feel all but immobile this morning (all night really). My lab work came back. Both the first and second rounds of lab work day that there is nothing wrong. So apparently it is all in my head. THIS is why I don’t go to the doctor. $120 later and there is nothing wrong. Sigh…

I had a little extra and I treated myself yesterday.

I have loved Godzilla since I was little. ❤️ When I went to Hollywood and was on the Walk of Fame I found Godzilla’s star. I have several Godzilla goodies that I have collected over the years. Ahhhhh the Saturdays spent watching Godzilla and Ultraman!

I keep telling myself that I only have to make it til 6pm tonight then one more day. I plan to atleast start working on the Pearl (for those who don’t know she is my ‘92 Honda CBR600). There is a lot of work to be done because she has been sitting for a few years but if I can do one thing every day off I will be happy with myself. So my goal is to just get the gas tank off. Not a big deal nor is it that difficult but it will be a start.

My other goal is to start working with my butterfly knife. I love knives and swords. This will be my second butterfly knife. It it lighter and a bit sturdier than its predecessor so it will be easier to handle and learn to do tricks. The cool thing is that it came with a practice blade (Chris kindly switched it out for me… the photo is of the live blade) so I don’t have to worry about getting hurt while learning the tricks.

I got my letter to my Stateside penpal sent out yesterday. I really enjoy having a penpal again. ❤️ That being said I should write to my Aunt and Uncle in Florida. It has been a while. 🙄

I don’t have many new photos to share but I will post what I can. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Still Nothing

Essie didn’t get up with me this morning. Thus is the first time since I lost Moose that I have been alone in the morning. I don’t like it. I know she has been hurting. She seemed a bit lethargic last night. We did a lot of playing yesterday. Maybe too much for her.

I no closer to finding out what is wrong. Nothing was found in the first round of tests so another batch of tests have been ordered. I have another appointment next Thursday.

A bright spot is that I received a letter from my pen pal here in the States so after work today I will drop her a few words. I have a meeting tonight and I have set an alarm. I am pretty sure with everything going on I would forget otherwise.

Another bright spot is that I did some work on one of my novels. As I read through Tim Waggoner’s Writing In The Dark I put a lot of that to immediate use. Right now I am working on my cast of characters. With my surfing novel I have my characters and their back stories done and the basic plot but I’m not happy with that plot. At least as far as it goes.

I guess Essie heard my heart breaking. She came out to be with me. She isn’t interested in going outside or eating. I know Chris was only in bed an hour when I got up.

I got some good photos yesterday. It was warm but really dark out. I expected rain but there was none. I will share my photos and then spend a little time with Essie before I have to leave. Thanks for reading and the support! Stay safe!

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Another late night. I just couldn’t shut my brain off. At work there was a lot of tears as a coworker’s current situation unintentionally opened old wounds for others. I did my best to listen, hug and dry tears.

Physically I hurt. It’s mostly my core. Then the anxiety kicks in for Wednesday’s doctor appointment. I don’t want to go. I don’t like doctors. I made my appointment for early in the morning so I wouldn’t be pacing around the house til I had to go.

I have Tuesday and Wednesday off this week. So I work straight through the weekend. I figured I would get Wednesday and Saturday off. So we’ll see how that works.

I made myself stay in bed this morning. I was awake at 7:30am but I was still wiped out from yesterday. I did finally fall back asleep and actually feel better for it.

Essie is following me as I wander through the house. My anxiety keeps ratching up. Part of me wishes that I had Thursday off instead of Tuesday. I think I will add some photos and wrap this up. My anxiety is getting the best of me. I’m sorry this isn’t a more meaningful or positive post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Morning Quickie

It is waaaaay too early. Essie did not eat breakfast but Stella did. I’m not sure if it is because it is so early or because she doesn’t feel good. But I keep telling myself that I get out at 2pm. I also have tomorrow off but I have a morning meeting which I am ok with. It get s me out of the house for a bit. I’m glad I don’t have to try to cram in an article before work. The goal is to get both articles written after I get back from the meeting. Normally I would do an article before I went but with being up this early today and again on Wednesday I want to “sleep in” where I can. I’m grateful that I can do both jobs really. The extra money is nice and the experiences from both are awesome.

We had an unexpected guest yesterday. An old friend asked to stop by and spend some time. Sadly I was only able to spend a few hours with him but it was good to do even that.

I keep clock watching. I’m not getting up any earlier but it seems like I am cramming. I’m not. I have enough time but my brain is telling me otherwise.

I didn’t take many photos yesterday. But I will share what I have. I want/should take my cameras and go along the various shorelines and take some walks through the multitude of woods around here. I especially like how the water has frozen along the bay as it has crested alone the shoreline. That being said it is supposed to be very warm the next few days. And if we get the rain tomorrow as well then there won’t be much snow left (yay!!!!). I’m glad we have the garage so we can have the motorcycles handy for breaks in the weather like this.

Ok, I’m gonna add some photos and get this out there. Thanks for reading and for the support! You are all amazing! Stay safe!

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There was no way I could write yesterday. The only writing I did was in my journal right before bed. What a mess. I am having problems with my words now. I just don’t want to deal with any of this. The long and short of it is that Mom fell down her stairs (from the loft to the living room which is something like 13 stairs) then she had things happen around the house that really freaked her out. So I ended up calling her around midnight to get her calmed down. Two hours later (maybe more as I refused to look at the clock) we hung up and I tried to get some sleep. That didn’t work so well. I called in to work and explained what happened. It was decided that I would get some sleep and call back when I woke up to see if they still needed me. Okie dokie fine. I did that (the girls and I got up at 11am so they could eat then we went back to bed). I got up for the day around 12:30pm or so. Then I saw a text message from Dad. He had a mini heart attack the day before. (I am a bit hurt and angry as I responded as soon as I saw the text but have gotten no response from him yet I told our family in the family chat and he has responded to their queries so I am finding out how he is from them.)

So I really am done adulting. Anyway I called work and to see if they still wanted me to come in and told them about Dad. I was told to go ahead and stay home. The store manager was discreet because one of my coworkers messaged me to see how I was (and to tell me my Girl Scout cookies were there). She asked me if I was feeling better so my manager said I was sick. Which is not what I am used to. I am used to everyone knowing my business. I explained to her what had happened (I guess I am still thinking that people think that I am faking things and I need to prove that I am not…. 15 years of it will ingrain that in you). She was very sympathetic. (It is also easier to explain in the written word that tell it all verbally.)

So I spent the day trying to forget. And stay out of my own head. I played with the girls as much as I could and I watched a lot of tv. I emailed the paper and told them just that Mom had fallen down the stairs and the article would be late. They were fine with that. I plan to try to do the article after I finish this (if I have time). That being said I suppose I should get to it. Atleast the sun is out.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your concern, Stay safe!

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A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Let’s see how fast I can write this…. Yesterday was a full day. I wrote to my new pen pal (my latest issue of Poets and Writers had an article about a woman who put together a site to help potential pen pals get together during the pandemic so I went to the site and signed up). Well one of two pen pals. I have on in Great Britain that I need to write to yet. The one I wrote to yesterday is in Maryland. I plan to stop by the post office and get an international stamp either on the way home today or some time tomorrow. I may hit the Dollar Store for some stationary too. If anyone wants the site let me know and I will be happy to share.

For those of you wondering the chipotle pork chops turned out rather well. I would’ve preferred that the spices got into the meat more (the recipe calls for thick steaks and the spices are essentially a rub). I cooked them in a cast iron pan. I think that always adds to the flavor as well. I am curious to see what next month’s recipe is.

We had company yesterday as well. A friend from my Younker’s days stopped by for a few hours. She and I caught up on things. She didn’t know that both Moose and Dante were gone. She’s been through a lot of crap too. But it was good to sit and talk. And give her the tour. She’d never seen the garage before and she always loves going around my office and the bedroom asking about the story behind various things. The girls enjoyed her visit as well. They got extra love and play time!

I can hear Essie snoring in the living room. She wouldn’t eat breakfast nor has she gone out to go potty. Stella, fortunately, has done both. She also stayed in here when I first started this to get her morning scratches.

I’ve been awake since 3:30am. Atleast that was the last time I looked at the clock. I seemed to wake up every hour or so starting around 11pm or so. No idea why. But I get out at 2pm and I have tomorrow off. The question is should I talk to Dad tonight or tomorrow night? I guess I’ll wait and see how I feel when I get home.

I better wrap this up. I still need to warm up my car. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Pinball Mind

I feel like I am on an island chronicling my stay. Lol. Day 6 of 6. The end is in sight! I close tonight then I have the next two days off. I am so tired though… I will get sleep tonight. I will not binge watch CSI. Lol. I do have a new short story collection that got released today. It dropped on my Kindle this morning so I made sure that it downloaded.

Sweet…. I forgot (with everything I had going on this week) that I had a meeting next Tuesday. Thus I had not handed in a note for my schedule next week. But I just sent a text to the store manager and he has taken care of it. It still feels weird to have my job take care of me.

I find that I am feeling better now that I am journaling again as well as doing this. So I guess I need to keep it up. I had a good talk with Mom last night. We took some trips down memory lane. She was really pleasant. Not that she isn’t normally but she was very positive and good energies. It was good conversation.

I am sorry this is a rambling piece. I am just so ready for a day off that my mind is all over the place. I got the plants watered this morning before I did this. My orange plant and my avocados are doing really well too. I got both of the orchids watered. One takes four ice cubes in her pot and the smaller one gets soaked in water for 15 minutes.

I worry about friends and family in Texas. They currently have Michigan weather and they are not at all equipped for it. Not even the transplants. It will be a wild ride for everyone this winter it seems.

I’ve not done much with the camera this week. I have taken some photos of the girls and my plants with my phone. I will probably share those instead of repeating some of my outdoor shots. Since I have all the focus of a bee on a windscreen I am gonna wrap this up. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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New Adventures!

Tomorrow is my big day! Tomorrow I get Moose’s tattoo. I will share a photo probably Saturday morning. It has been a month today that I lost my Moose. And not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. I miss him.

Well yesterday was an adventure! I had to go get new tires for Angus, my Subaru Crosstrek. I got there a little early. Once I checked in I noticed that they put my car on the lift but nothing was going on. Mechanics came out and talked with the guys at the desk. Had I told them the wrong size tire? (I was pretty sure I had not but still.) I got called up to the desk and things were explained to me. My tires had been ordered when I made the appointment Monday but they still hadn’t been delivered (I guess they normally get deliveries every day but this week seemed to be an exception). At this point I’m thinking I will have to reschedule. Then he drops the bomb. Would I like to upgrade to the next tire in the Cooper line up for the same price? (He looked at his manager who looked a bit sick but ok’ed it.) Why yes I would thank you! What made all this so amazing was the fact that they had matched a lower price from another shop to begin with. That was $30 or so cheaper. The upgrade to my tires was about $32 a tire so you figure another $128? So I saved about $160 yesterday. AND I was able to come home for an hour or so to spend time with the girls before work.

Then when I got to work I was the greeter at the door. Or as I liked to call it… the Mask Police. For the most part everyone was nice. I had one or two that were stinkers but they left. What really happened is that I ended up chatting with everyone for most of the day. When I am at a register I have a limited time frame to talk to people. But at the door I can literally stand around and talk as long as I want. And I did lol. I met some very interesting people as well. There was the guy fresh from the east side of Chicago who did repo work (who knew that I would be able to carry on that conversation!) so we exchanged stories. The conversation with him started with “What are these things?” (he was looking at boxes of Paczkis). I learned some new and interesting stories about some of my regulars (interesting fact… most of the guys have ridden motorcycles). I even talked fire arms with one of our older patrons. I think I went up a few notches with him because I could talk about them intelligently (thank you Hungee). All in all it was a fun day. And it blew by!

The only bad thing last night was Essie being sick. No idea why. When I got home she wouldn’t eat dinner and you could hear her tummy gurgling and grumbling a few miles away. It was LOUD! We played a bit but she got up twice to get sick then the last time she just spontaneously got sick on the bed. That was around 1:30am. This morning she is fine. She had a good appetite and everything. She also wanted to get up at 8am. Momma was not. Momma was sleeping hard. Ah well. I can try again tonight right? Lol.

This has turned into a long one. Sorry about that. I will share some cool photos I took when I got home from getting the tires. The sun was blazing and we had a hard frost from the night before. Thanks for reading and stay safe!