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A Quick Bit of Concentration

I got more done than I thought but less than I planned. The only thing I didn’t get done was practicing guitar. I got more housework done and I got a small online shop set up to sell my photos. So far I’ve downloaded 12 photos. I am curious to see what happens. I am also very excited because if they do sell then that means I can get an income from both my writing and my photography. I will do a copy and paste for the link before I post this.


I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers yesterday. I think that it is from the Melissa that I worked with at Younkers and other coworkers. I recognize her handwriting (I think… it has been a few years) but she kept saying “we” in the little note. But it was a very kind and sweet gesture of sympathy.

I have made more headway in my novel. I was able to change some story points that I found a bit shaky. I keep my notebook near me when I am going through my research books instead of just a notecard now. Some of the references I find encourage whole written passages on my part. I have taken to bringing a small spiral notebook with me to work. You never know when inspiration will hit!

I got Essie eating again. She ate all her meals yesterday. Sunday she wouldn’t eat anything again. I hope this means that she is on the mend. She and Stella took turns cuddling on the love seat with me last night.

I did start my exercise routine last night as well. I am pretty proud of that. It was not pretty to watch (my lower body is not as in shape as my upper from constantly playing with the pups) but I went through all the exercises the suggested amount of times. It is just supposed to be for a week then it changes again but I may do it two weeks before I change it up. I am also thinking about just keeping it going after I finish (it is a new set of exercises every week for a month so I would just keep rotating through).

Nuts. I just glanced at the clock. I need to wrap this up so I can head to work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has reached out to me over Moose’s death. It means a lot. I am still raw and hurting. Coming home and not having his happy bounce and kisses was the worst so far.

I know that even though I am still messed up inside you folks are going to get tired of me going on and on so I made an effort to take some more photos to share.

Writing anything has become difficult. I have a meeting Thursday night (via Zoom thankfully). Next week I have meetings Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So busy, busy,busy. I keep hauling my research materials around with me in hopes that I can put pen to paper.

This morning both girls ate. Essie has been my near constant companion since we lost Moose. Stella has been trying to do the same but she is more about playing to cope whereas Essie is a cuddler. Stella has started cuddling with me at night though.

Everyone at work (everyone who knows me really) has been very kind and understanding about the mess I have become. I am trying to find a balance between grieving and putting on my brave face.

Essie has been with me all morning. Since I am still using my phone to do this I’m in the living room on the live seat and she is beside me. I feel bad for her as this is the fourth brother she has lost in her 10 years.

If I am going to add photos I had better get to it. Again that you all for your amazing support! ❤️🐾 Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Holiday Cheer

It has been snowing since yesterday morning and we have about 4 inches (10 cm) of snow so far. It hasn’t let up much so we’ll see how much we end up with. Today is Christmas. That means I don’t have to hear Christmas music when I got to work on Sunday! Whoo hoo! It will be nice to get back to “normal” around here. Looks like the wind is going pretty good. The snow is blowing across the window instead of falling from the sky to the ground. I also need to go out and check the bird feeder. It should be ok but I may need to replace the suet on one side.

The other night I kept dreaming about trying to find one of my best friends from school. We lost touch when Chris and I still lived in Louisville, Kentucky. The last I heard from her she was going to have to go home and face her family because she wasn’t able to make it in Chicago. At one point she asked me to come and live with her there but I couldn’t. There was so much wrong with the way her family treated her and for her to have to come back to them…. I honestly wonder if she is alive. I put out the word to fellow classmates that I am still in touch with and no one has heard anything from her but me. A few times I have been tempted to send a letter to their address but I’m sure they have moved since then. I still might. I would really like to get back in touch with her. Short of hiring a private investigator I’ve tried everything else.

I am excited to give Chris his stuff when he gets up. I am grateful that Mom and I could go in together to get it for him. It is something that he really wants but could not get for himself. I like it when I can do things like that for him. He usually just gets stuff himself. Once he gets up the kids can get their gifts as well. Chris got them 2 toys each at the store the other day. I’m pretty sure that some of them squeak so I’ll wait to give them out.

I have a whole day in front of me. What shall I do? I know that I will be on the phone a lot but I would like to spend some time writing, even if it is just putting some of my short stories into WordPerfect. I have already used the program to do my word count for the paper. That was amazing to not have to count article by hand! Almost as good as not having to brush all this snow coming down off my car the next time I go to work!

I think I will wrap this up as I need some more coffee and I see that the holiday messages are coming fast and furious on my phone… oh and Chris is awake! Merry Christmas!

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New Ways to Go

There has to be a better way. Moose and I are both tired of having to squirt his medicine down his throat all the time. There is only one medicine out of the three I can stuff in a treat of some kid and give to him. He gets that once a day. The other two he gets numerous times a day. I have to give him a second dose here shortly. I plan to call the vet this afternoon and see if there is another way I can give him the medicines or other medicines he can take in pill form so I can give it to him easier.

Yesterday’s mail brought a package from my Mother-in-law, my WordPerfect and a beautiful ornament. The first is in Chris’s office waiting for Friday. The second I actually got installed yesterday not long after it arrived. The third is hanging in my office in the window. The ornament is a beautiful piece made by an artist friend of mine. She goes by Dame of the Dead and I just love her work! I first saw her creepy dolls then I found her other pieces (she made the cool skull mask I got a few months ago) and I try to support her when I can. Even if it is just by word of mouth. (If you are interested you can find her work on Facebook and DreadCentral.com did a piece on her dolls.)

Well I’m back. I had to try to quietly coax Moose out of bed to get his medicine. That took several minutes because he didn’t want to. But in the end he did come out and it was over before he knew it. He has had his bit of hot dog and gone back to bed. He is my brave boy.

I did take some photos yesterday when I got home from work. The snow really started coming down. We got a rather large collection of birds hanging out in the trees directly behind the house. Everyone was just chirping away watching the snow fall. Mother Nature keeps switching between snow and rain. I’m grateful I have only a short distance to go.

I’m going to try to get some photos downloaded to share (right now the phone and camera are having issues communicating so we’ll cross our fingers! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

*ed. note: having issues getting photos to upload so I will add them later.

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A Quick Rush of Words

Only a few hours of sleep. I got home later than normal from work (I was at the gas window so there is more to do at night) and so Moose’s medicine schedule was off so we didn’t get to bed until late. I didn’t do any extra writing. I spent time with Chris. We talked as we rewatched CSI.

I have friends at work that really want to be friends and some of them try too hard. And then I feel guilty because I am trying to be friends but it is starting to feel forced. She is an awesome person and we can sit and talk for hours about anything but I don’t do talking on the phone a lot and all I have is her land line. She recently hurt her knee and seemed to want to be left alone but I feel as though I should call her to check on her because that’s what friends do. Part of my problem is that I never remember when it is convenient to call. It’s not like I can shoot a quick text message and ask her if she’s ok (and she can read it whenever). I guess I should try to remember to call after work today since I get out early.

I am looking forward to Christmas this year because I have Christmas AND the day after off. Which means I can try to catch up on my sleep. I am really looking forward to that. And even more than that I can’t wait for Chris to use his Christmas present! I am grateful I can get him something big (with the help of Mom) that he really wants.

I should wrap this up and get ready for work. I see that I’ve not taken any photos so I will try to remedy that later today. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Looking Through the Fog

Another dark morning. It is warm enough outside that the snow is melting and we are getting a thick fog. This morning is a rather blah morning. I got sleep but it was not a good sleep. Essie did not eat anything until late last night but Moose did eat both his meals. He wouldn’t eat this morning and I wonder if he doesn’t like the canned food. I didn’t put any thing but egg in the kibble for breakfast and then chicken broth for dinner. This morning I used canned and nothing doing. Sooooo… I guess I will try to find a different type of canned dog food for him.

I decided that I need a new routine. My morning routine is all well and good but that is my only routine. I need to incorporate one that I do my writing. If I don’t specifically say I am writing at this time (like I do for my blog) it will never get done. I will plan to do it at one point over the course of the day but I will never get to it (like yesterday). Since I have to wait an hour after Moose gets his first dose medicine before I can give him his second one I decided that in that hour of waiting I will work on my writing. Not journaling but I will pull out one of the novels and write. Even if I only get through a page of writing it will be something. I will give myself a break when I have a meeting to cover for the paper (if I need it).

Everyone seems to be getting into the holiday spirit here. I’m not necessarily bah humbug (atleast not all the time) but I really just want it over with. After working at Younker’s for so long I can’t shake the stressed out feeling that we got every year. Constant Christmas music doesn’t help but the stresses are definitely not there to sell, sell, sell. Christmas just doesn’t mean much to people anymore. I suppose things might be a little different this year with the pandemic and all. And I am not talking religious beliefs either (I am trying to stay off my soap box when it comes to that). I am talking just spending time with family and friends. The gifts don’t matter but spending time with loved ones does. Sure I like the excuse to get things for my loved ones but it shouldn’t be necessary.

I read all the other blogs and they write about things to help others and I sit here and essentially whine and talk about myself. Am I helping others? I don’t know. Maybe. Even if it is as simple as someone reading this and knowing that they aren’t alone in how they feel.

Looking at the clock (and the amount of in and out from the pups) I should wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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A Crappy Start

It has been a very frustrating morning. I was awake by 5am. I was able to coax myself to another hour of sleep but I guess I should’ve just stayed awake. That hour did nothing to help. Moose won’t drink his medicine mixed with milk so I had to shoot it down his throat. Not sure how much actually made it in him. Then he won’t eat breakfast. He doesn’t like the food. I even put egg in everyone’s meal. So I’m not sure what to do. I guess I’ll go get some burger to mix in with dinner.

I’m writing this on my phone because my laptop won’t work. It is taking forever to load and when it does get online it freezes up and I have to start all over again. The third time was NOT the charm. So I sit here angry and feeling useless.

Last night did end on a sweet note. A good friend that I haven’t seen since this whole pandemic started stopped by with a Christmas card and a hug.

I’m not going to try to do more on this today. Thanks for reading. Stay safe!

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Getting Excited

Last night I was in such a good mood and optimistic about today. Then we got up this morning. The simpler the plan the more that seems to go wrong. Lol. Moose wouldn’t eat his breakfast, Stella got caught with some suet she got from somewhere (there is none out because my neighbor had the bird feeder and was fixing it for me), I forgot I said I would do a load of laundry when I got up and then the laptop doesn’t want to load properly (I even ran the cleaning programs)…

On the side of good I got a lot accomplished last night including getting more work done on one of the novels and a bunch of stuff around the house got cleaned and/or picked up. Bills got paid and things generally caught up. The big thing is that my neighbor fixed my bird feeder. So now I can fill it and hang it out! Yay!

I have my little to do list for today as well. My meeting is at 9am and then I do all my running in Traverse. Once I get home I will write my articles and send them in (I had a meeting last night). I am very excited about getting back to my fiction. I like my storyline and the story itself. My big problem is I have been writing articles for so long that I am used to boiling things down to their simplest form and not adding to it to make it bigger. So a lot of what I am doing now is making copious notes as to what happens in the story or how things happen in the story. Then I will try to flesh parts out. I am really excited about the whole thing to honest.

Hang on. I’ll be right back…. It was time for Moose’s second medication. I’m pretty sure my dogs can read clocks. Moose knows what time his medicine is due and always seems to come and find me at that time to remind me.

I see by the tick tock that it is time for me to roll. Thanks for reading ad stay safe! I hope you enjoy the photos of this morning’s sunrise. I took these with my phone camera.

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Busier than busy

We are getting up earlier so that I have enough time to give Moose both his meds before I leave for work. This means an extra 15 minutes awake. This morning I had to get Moose out of bed. The girls had come out already and were eating. I was frustrated because I had to make sure he got his first medication in enough time for me to wait over an hour to give him the second medication just before I leave. I wanted to be in bed too but we were up early for him. But he was good about taking his medicine.

I have been awake since 2am which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day. I may need to get some energy drinks (I’m drinking coffee with white chocolate raspberry creamer as a treat) at work. I have a meeting tomorrow morning then work at 1:30pm to close. Then I am back at work at 6am on Wednesday. So at one point I need to write the article for that meeting. I have a night meeting on Wednesday. Aaaand I just realized that I still have last week’s article to write. Crap.

My little coffee talk with my coworker went really well. We had a good long talk about a lot of things. I’m not sure what prompted her to tell me all that she did. She has had a lot happen to her. She has three sweet dogs and a very nice husband. They both used to ride Hondas so I am a shoe in to the family, lol. I said I would ride Rogue over one day so he could see him. If the weather holds out I can do it now. I have heated gear and there is no snow to speak of. Anyway she and I had a good talk and exchanged very similar stories which was a bit wild. She made me a beautiful bowl from stones/rocks (I have no idea what the difference between the two is).

Well nuts. That went quickly. I need to wrap this up, medicate Moose and fly put the door. I hope everyone has a great day! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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What We Can Learn

This morning is the opposite of yesterday. As bright as it was the shadows today are darker. The sky looks cold and about to cry. Essie doesn’t feel well this morning. She didn’t eat breakfast and has been outside several times. Moose and Stella are curled up in the pile of blankets on the couch. I need to pull out two of those blankets to go in my car, Angus, soon. Moose needs to go to the vet this morning to get further tests on his kidney disease. His medicine should arrive today as well. Lol. I just let Essie back in and she made a beeline for the couch and is currently looking for a spot to lay with her siblings.

As I was watching and chatting with customers it struck me that all the “old” people were once young and all the young people will (possibly) become old. I listen to the stories of the older folks and laugh with them at the antics they got away with when they were younger. Then there are the older ones that flirt shamelessly cheeky monkeys that they are. They all have stories to tell. They have lived adventures we never can, survived things that we can’t understand. To ignore them is a shame on us. No matter how old they still have things to teach us.

And the young do too. They can teach us how to live life instead of worry about every little thing (although the pandemic is making a lot of them grow up and worry too soon). Thy remind us that we have imaginations that can take us anywhere, we just need to follow our hearts.

I guess the point is that we can still learn from each other. If we make the effort. Stay safe and thanks for reading.