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Dreaming of Gardens

I don’t have to be to work until 2pm so that is a nice thing. I didn’t need to set an alarm. I got some extra cuddle time with the girls. Poor Essie was really warm when we got up. Part of that is the prednisone. She also drank a lot of water (again the meds). But she has been eating again so I’ll take it. I took both girls for a ride to work last night. I forgot to bring the next books in a series a coworker is reading so I decided to take both the girls with. On the way I remembered that I had forgotten to get meat for their dinner. One of my younger coworkers (she’s like a little sister) was excited to come out and meet the girls. They did very well. And one of my regulars was parked next to my car and commented that the girls were very quiet (they never bark when someone pulls up beside us). He was very impressed. I was too because Essie wasn’t shaking or anything while we were out (Essie is not a fan of car rides so getting her out and about can be difficult… I just wanted her to be in the car for something other than going to the doctor).

I am starting to think about my gardens. We have yogurt that comes in these small glass containers at work. They are a little more expensive but they tase really good and have the added bonus of being the right size to start my seeds. I also have the long window box I need to empty out. The plants didn’t make it but they were the annuals so I wasn’t surprised. The dirt was crap as well so I am grateful they made it as long as they did. This also means that I need to pick a spot to get serious about a food garden. I have several spots I can use but each has a unique set of problems. All will need fresh dirt. But if I use the rock garden (I prefer that because it is fenced in so the kids don’t run through it) there are the fire ants. Apparently this garden is on top of a mound of them. When I do any serious gardening I have to pay attention because they will start to swarm which means I have to take a break in that part of the garden for a few hours while they calm down. There is also the problem that they will eat certain things from the roots up. I cannot grow any hot pepper plants in that garden. They also manage to bring up a lot of sand which a lot of the plants aren’t happy with. I have three raised gardens but those are in desperate need of a good cleaning out (they have been left on their own for several years as they only recently became enclosed in the fence line so that I can access them). There is also the girls. They like to fertilize them in the Spring and Summer. Also a consideration is that they are a distance from the house as well as the abundance of bunnies that will come in the yard now that it is fenced in (I am still at a loss as to why that is… before the fencing went up the rabbits stayed away). There are other little plots of earth here and there that I could use but they are all easy access to running and playing Pitbulls that (bless them) don’t pay attention to what they are running through. I may resort to pots again but I don’t know for sure. Tomatoes and I don’t do well together however I am thinking of trying the whole grow them in the hanging bag that is advertised. It would be inaccessible to the usual critters. But will they grow?

With prices going up on things I need to be serious about my gardens this year. If I have an abundance then maybe I can share some locally. But I need to get things grown. I enjoy gardening so it will give me an excuse to be outside more. Since I know some peeps that work at some of the local gardening shops I might see it they can get me some specialty stuff (like the bags to grow the tomatoes). I would much prefer to do it locally than send for it. Especially since these people shop at my place of work.

Do any of you have gardens? Year round? I have tried to keep food stuffs in pots and bring them in during the winter but with as little sun as we have had they are not happy. What do you have in your gardens? What do you do about various pests? Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

I see that this morning I have run on a bit. I really have enjoyed talking with those of you that have commented on past posts. Thanks for reading (everyone 😁)! Stay safe!

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Looking Towards Spring

While it isn’t exactly Snowmagedden here it has been steady cold and snow since the wee hours last night. We got a few inches and Mother Nature is giving us more off and on. It amazes me that all of the meteorologists have jobs anymore. And I wouldn’t be so critical if they didn’t make such a fuss about how accurate (almost down to the minute claim some) they can be. All that snow (up to a foot (30 cm) they said) never arrived (honestly we only got maybe two inches (5 cm)) and it was all supposed to be done by 7am. The Weather Channel App would post a Storm Watch but when you looked at the hourly there would be no snowfall to happen.

I did a little thing to all (well most) of my plants yesterday. I had forgotten that I had some of those plant food sticks so I went around and watered everyone and then put in the food sticks. I do have to say that everyone looks a lot happier. Some of those leaves that were all but ready to fall off have not only perked up but have filled right out. I do need to put ice cubes in my orchid. I forgot yesterday with everything that went on. I need to be quiet because the freezer drawer can be a bit loud and Chris is still asleep. But hang on…

Ok, my orchid is watered. Essie keeps going in and out of the bedroom. She will spend time out here with me but if I continue to write for too long then she goes back to bed with Stella and Chris. I also refreshed my coffee. 😁

Since I have the day off I am hoping to keep working on my writing. I didn’t really get much done yesterday before work. But I was able to get a few notes down before I left. I really should talk to my parents but I also need a day to myself. I do want to send them the video of the girls in their new boots. It was ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL!!! The video is 8 minutes and apparently too long to post anywhere (or send to anyone) so that is another thing that I want to do. Sooooo that might be next after I get this posted.

I filled the birdfeeder with the last of the seed. I had just enough to top it up. It is mostly tiny sparrows that have collected there today. They are very comfortable with the dogs and myself. I make it a point to talk to them and tell them what I am doing. They will fly to a branch just beside me so I can get to the feeder and fill it. But it is such a bitter cold today and the wind isn’t helping. I put suet out as well. I would try to put water out but it would freeze in short order.

I am struggling to get one of my candles lit. What?! Did it finally take?! The wick would not stay lit no matter what I did. Apparently the fourth time was the charm. I kept trying to stand the wick up with a pencil before it would die out. Since I have that going I am gonna get this posted. I don’t have any new photos so it will be some of my older ones that I share. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Struggle Is Real

I just need to get through this shift. This past seven days have been crap. With the exception of the time spent with Chris. I want tomorrow to come because it is my day off. I don’t want it to come because of what it represents. I am hoping for a solid night of sleep tonight. I have been up and down all night.

I am not sure what to do about Essie. Is she sick or is she feeding off of my anxieties? I was able to coax her to eat some breakfast but I had to go get her off the couch to do it. Stella of course kept trying to get to Essie’s bowl when she would stop eating. I had to keep poking my head out of the utility room to keep an eye on things. Which it sounds as though the dryer stopped. Hang on while I check to make sure my jeans are actually dry for work.

Even though I got up a little early I still feel like I am running around. Laundry got folded and the last batch went in to the dryer. I got the girls fed and outside (although I need to see if Essie is going potty or not and she keeps disappearing on me… if she’s not then I need a vet appointment). I am working on this. I snapped some photos after I checked the dryer so I will have something new for you. Ironically the sun is actually going to be out today. And I won’t be able to see it. I am hoping it will be out tomorrow. I need to fortify the house for tomorrow so that I don’t need to go anywhere. If necessary I will talk to the vet on the phone and see if there is even anything that they can do. It might just be a natural progression. I forgot to give her pumpkin this morning. I will give her a spoonful before I leave. Speaking of which I need to wrap this up and get out the door. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Quality Fun With My Man

Everything feels off this morning. I am worried about Essie as her tummy is upset again. We may be going to the vet to start the new year. Yay. All she wants is to be loved on by me. I can hear her tummy across the room even over the furnace. If I lose her now… I can’t even cope.

Yesterday was an amazing afternoon with my Hubby! We ended up downtown Traverse (after several frustrating loops to find parking) and wandered a bit. It was a bit more wandering than we had intended. L’Amical was closed. So was the next restaurant. The one after that was short staffed so there was not one bussing the tables when they became empty. After a bit of waiting and no one asking if we needed to be seated we left. There were a few other choices along the way but none sounded good. So we ended up a Mackinaw Brewing for brunch. As always the food was excellent. The server even more so. Sadly I could not taste the flavors of either of our beers (I know it was me because Chris was able to pick out flavors used in the brewing process). To me they both tasted like water. Instead I decided (much to my happiness and giggles) to have a glass of “Sex”. That I could taste. (“Sex” is the name of a locally made champagne. Their other products have equally fun names.) The server and laughed together about me having “Sex” in public while Chris looked on wishing the moment would end, lol.

After brunch we made our way to the blessed bookstore. Sigh… I love our local bookstore! I got us both some much needed caffeine (double cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso for me and a large chai for Chris) (I had a good chat with a guy who worked on the local tall ship Madeline) and made my way through the store. The first thing I grab when I walk in the door is a copy of Michael J. Fox’s No Time Like The Future. This has been on my wish list for a bit. All three of his books. This happens to be the latest release. By the time we leave I have two books and a magazine (annoyingly I think I may already have a copy of the magazine). Chris got to motorcycle magazines (I will thumb through those when he is finished 😁).

From the bookstore we head to the local music shop. Chris needs a strap for his acoustic guitar and I figure I might as well get new strings for mine. We look through the strap selection and gasp a bit at the prices of the ones we like. Chris meanders a bit through the store ooing and ahhing over all the toys. While he is distracted I grab the strap that we both kinda liked and get that and my strings. When he comes back to pick out one of the cheapy straps I tell him to put it back and take his bag. He reaches for the cheapy strap again and I again tell him to put it down and take his bag. Then the penny drops (the guy that waited on me is behind the counter grinning the whole time). He looks in the bag and I get a big hug and thank you.

The next stop (this time we are on the road home) is Meijer’s. I end up leaving with the cutest little succulent! His name is George. After the quick run in that store we get a little closer to home and stop at Tractor Supply to get more canned food for the girls. While there I try on jeans (I can’t find a good fit even in mens sizes) and boots (I just want a plain basic cowboy boot… nothing fancy, no pointed toes or short boots). Nothing I want. A gal suggests that I try online and get it delivered to the store (I am thinking why not get it delivered to my house and save me the trip?) since they have a larger selection online. I agree and we depart with the canned dog food (Momma got a toy for each of the girls at Meijers so I was able to not go down the toy aisles there).

When we finally made it home I fed the girls (after we played for awhile with our new toys) and hunkered in bed for some serious reading. I am still reading two other books (one of which is a loaner from a friend and I need to really give it back soon) buuuuut I had to start the one by Michael J. Fox. As of right now I only have 78 more pages to go. Out of 238 pages. Ahem. Did I mention that I really wanted this book?

So we’ll hopefully all get some rest today. I will probably finish the one book and maaaaybe start another. I will write a review on the book when I am finished reading it. I am hoping to share some of the photos I took while we were out and about. I’m not sure how many I will be able to do as I took them with my phone which means they will take up more space in my media on here than my Nikon (I can download those as a smaller size). So we’ll see. I hope all of you have the best 2022 that you deserve! Thanks for all the love and support this year! Thanks for reading and stay safe! See you next year!

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Meals and Memories

This is so much later than I had intended. Essie was a jewel and let me sleep late. Then I needed to get the laundry started and trash out to the curb. I am grateful that she let me sleep as I don’t hurt as much as I did last night. I could barely walk or move really. They were concerned at work. I was grateful.

Today’s plans include possibly going to dinner within walking distance of a bookstore. If my body feels like this I should be able to make a go of it. I need to decide where we will go. I have it narrowed down to two restaurants, “FireFly” and “L’Amical”. “L’Amical” has special sentimental reasons. We were all there when they first opened all those years ago. All of us, John, Frank, Chris, Richie, me and whoever decided to hang with us for a few hours would get a big table at the far back and get coffee (maybe something to eat if we had enough money) and just talk. Other times two of us (me and John specifically) would write while the others talked. It has changed a lot since then (not necessarily for the better) but I have taken Mom there for her birthday on several occasions (they have a cool little patio set up out front that is in use year-round complete with a little fire pit) and we have had a good time. Sometimes I miss those days. We did a lot and were pretty much fearless.

The other place is “FireFly” and it is relatively new. It has an amazing food selection, and their adult beverage selection is nothing to sneeze at either. Mom, Chris and I have been there on several occasions. It has been a go to since we found it. I have also introduced several friends to it. But I think that I will suggest “L’Amical” for tonight. It has been many years since I have been there (Mom and I were supposed to go for her birthday the last time but COVID hit and we all know how that went). And I am feeling a bit sentimental. It is also closer to the bookstore (which I have also watched grow and blossom to the local treasure it has become). I hope the body is able because the mind has already decided that there will be a bit of walking today.

Well thank you for helping me decide where to eat today! Another post not being what I intended but oh well. It was hard not writing down all the memories that were playing back in my head. I think I will spend a bit of time staring off into space remembering. Funnily enough we are still in touch with the core group that hung out together all those years ago. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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It’s Here! It’s Here!

I feel like a deer in headlights this morning. I just wanted to keep sleeping. I could probably curl back up right now if I wanted to (and I do). The snow stopped not long after dark. We got a lot but with the strong winds it is hard to gage. I am torn about waking Chris. He asked me to wake him around 10:30am so he could plow the driveway before I went to work. I think I can make it out but if I get stuck then I will feel like an idiot. I will probably wake him….

I got all the muffins made yesterday. A dozen each of banana, strawberry and banana/strawberry. I took notes as I went. The freeze dried strawberries needed no extra anything for flavor. The bananas however I added cinnamon. Their flavor was just too subtle. But the whole thing is a work in progress. We’ll see what everyone thinks once I get to work.

I made the FedEx driver’s day, lol. I went running out in shorts, and tshirt and boots to meet him in the driveway. I also told him he was my hero. He had brought my much anticipated Scoobynatural box! I loved everything in it! There was a winter hat (it is a bit tight on my head and I have a small head), a sweatshirt with the Mystery Machine and Baby, two plastic plates with all the characters on them, a Scooby Doo dog tag charm, a pair of Scoobynatural socks, a stuffed killer dinosaur (it’s from the beginning of the episode), a really cool pen, a neat coin/chip with Dean on it and three buttons with various things from the episode on it. Well worth the wait!

I got a mess cleaned up in the bedroom too. My desk has a shelf underneath the table portion. Unfortunately the books and magazines I had on there became too heavy and it broke. I noticed this several weeks ago but never got around to it. I knew it would be more than just picking things up. And I was right. It was about a two hour project. But it is done and I even cleaned off the top of the desk (I have a bad habit if piling things on top and on the chair). The whole thing is useable again. The big thing was going through it all. It was a HUGE walk down memory lane for me. A few tears were shed.

I need to remember that I am covering the Kids’ Christmas Party at the park Sunday. (I can wear my Supernatual scarf and my new Scoobynatural hat!) I don’t know why I am so exhausted this morning. I even went to bed early. Tonight will be me coming home to feed the girls, shower and hop into bed. My alarm is set for 4:30am. That usually gives me enough time to do this before work. Another 6:15am Saturday. But I will get out at 2pm and I have Sunday off. So.

I had better wrap this up so I can post this before I get Chris up. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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Here, There and Everywhere

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of a dream and you can’t get you mind out of the dream space? That is me this morning. I got out of work early last night (yay! for team work) but we stayed up til our now usual time of 1am. I covered the girls up with blankets so that their eyes were covered too. Meanwhile I continued reading. I have pulled out a novel that I read many years ago but I remember nothing about, The Northbury Papers by Joanne Dobson. It is one of those academic cozy mysteries. (I have a soft spot for the academic world where you can do research and learn.) It is a well written novel.

As much as it sucked to have COVID I think the time off alleviated the swelling in my spine. My body aches like it has worked out, not like it is in pain. So I am hoping that I can maaaaybe start to exercise again. Working in the deli last night was a big deal for me physically. I didn’t have any of the usually problems that I had previously. We’ll see how today goes. I am going to spend some time in the kitchen as I need to make muffins with the freeze dried fruit for work. Some will have to be sampled here as well of course… 😁

Essie had me almost in tears last night. She got down off the couch after sleeping beside me for a while and her back legs would not work. She was all but dragging her back end. Things improved when she got going a bit but still. She thought she could jump on the bed (we have it on the floor) but she barely got her front paws on top. I know she is 11 years old but I am not ready to lose her. Moose’s one year anniversary is fast approaching. I can’t believe my baby boy has been gone a year already. But I cannot see me without my dogs.

It is starting to mist snow. The flakes are so fine it looks as though someone just blew a bunch of dust off of their hand. The wind seems to have died down. The other day snow devils were all over the place. In strong winds you expect a few but they were popping up everywhere you looked. I don’t have any new photos to share so I will save this and pull out my camera. I hope you have a fab day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Changes and New Adventures

The light was a weird grey orange when we woke up. It has since become grey. The snow has been steady so we will have a few more inches by midday. I have found a few new bloggers to read this morning. It has been interesting to read their stories. Some have been about heartbreak but most have been about new adventures.

I got Essie to eat this morning. She refused to eat last night. I told her when we got up that Momma just had one more shift to work and then I had a day off. I am grateful that I have nothing to do tomorrow. Atleast outside of the house. I do have muffins that I need to bake. I finally got the freeze dried bananas and strawberries so the plan is to make banana muffins, strawberry muffins and banana/strawberry muffins. I need to make sure I write down the recipe as I got that way if it turns out we can print it out for people to get when they purchase any of the freeze dried fruit. I am excited about it but at the same time I am going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Last night at work was chaotic. We have everything out of the coolers so that the floors can be redone. Despite signs directing people where to go it they are looking for things people still come and ask where this or that went to. As cold as it is some of the floors might not be done for several days because the sealant will take longer to cure. Equipment is going down in the deli too. Everything is going to be replaced soon (the owners are remodeling and replacing as much of the old equipment as they can). It’s like the machines know they are going to be replaced so they are going out on their own terms, lol. Since I work in the deli tonight I am not sure what I will be walking into. I know at one point we will be shutting the deli down for a remodel.

I am excited because my Supernatural box is supposed to arrive tomorrow. AND rumor has it that it will be filled with goodies from the Scoobynatural episode! Giggity! So I will have some fun photos to share on Friday! (Supernatural is a tv series that ran for 15 seasons. Most of us who have watched it love the series and the characters.)

I should probably wrap this up and get this posted. I’m not sure how long or short Saturday’s post will be. I am closing manager on Friday but I have to be back at 6:15am on Saturday morning. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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And Then There Was None

Well my friends, this morning is not the brightest for us. None of us wants to be up. We are all tremendously tired. Essie won’t eat again. She is snoring in front of the bedroom door. She did not come out with me this morning when I got up. I actually had to call her. Stella came right out when she heard me making breakfast.

I am exhausted. I spent all my energy yesterday. Day 5 of 7. So here I am on day 6 and facing a 10 hour day. There are things that need to be done around here but I just sit and stare outside with no motivation. It is simple things like warm water for the turtle’s bath, water my plants, grab cookie cutters for a friend at work. Simple and easy things. This morning is the complete opposite of yesterday.

I just covered Stella up (she is behind me curled up in a tight little ball) and she let out a big sigh. I’m pretty sure that if I opened up the bedroom door, we would all crawl back into bed. I did finish reading my mystery last night. But then I also read Art Matters by Neil Gaiman (illustrated beautifully by Chris Riddell). And I thumbed through Find Your Joy by Jennifer King Lindley. Writing this makes me thing that I need to get on Goodreads and update my reading list. I like the fact that I can just scan the cover with my phone and it will pull up the title. That makes it so much easier.

No photographs were taken yesterday since once I finished with my review (yay! I finally did it!) Chris was up and I had to hop into the shower and get ready for work. (I had a slight pause there. It dawned on me that the person I did the review for might want to know that I did the review so I sent a link.) I might try to get a few photos to add to this. I just have no energy.

I hope you have an amazing day! Thank you so much for reading and letting me know what you think! Stay safe!

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Blustery Morning Cognations

It is way too early. Essie is in and out of the living room. She just left again. She was snoozing on the couch but as soon as I started typing she got up and left. I keep hearing an old Dunkin’ Donuts ad in my head, “Time to make the donuts…” because that is exactly why I am going in early. The night manager comes in at noon and has offered to let me go home early. I think I will take him up on it.

I will need the extra time if a coworker remembers to bring in the freeze dried fruit. He has a dryer at home that he has been playing with. He and the store owner are talking about trying to sell some of the stuff he has made in the store. So of course my mind thinks, “Ooo! We can put recipes with the fruit! Then people who are skeptical of eating them out right can cook with them!” Then of course I mentioned me making muffins, pancakes, and waffles to see what each medium would taste like. Aaaand this got mentioned to the store owner. Lol, so I will be baking when I get home this afternoon. I said I would bring in the muffins tomorrow. I will make strawberry, banana and strawberry banana muffins. I will make pancakes and waffles if I have time but if not I will try it another day. Everyone is very excited. Even me. So we shall see. I also need to make puppy treats.

I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t get called in early tomorrow. I would like that extra hour at home instead of going in. I suppose I could always claim I am working on baking!

I was hoping to do an article for the paper about the upcoming Kids’ Christmas event here but I haven’t heard anything back. We wanted a small piece published before the event. I may try to cover the event as it happens and if they want the piece great but if not I can use it here. It is the 12th so I’d better make sure that I get the day off. I can play with my camera as well as catch up with a few friends!

I also need to do a review and share a link for my leather satchel that Chris got me for our anniversary this year. The strap broke and I was sent a replacement for free. But I will go into more detail when I write the review. I will try to do that either later today or tomorrow. I might be able to get it done while things are baking this afternoon. I promised that I would do this and I don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle of my life.

I don’t have any new photos to share so once again I will share some of my old photos. I was really nice to see posts from bloggers that I hadn’t see post in a while as well as so many new bloggers this morning! I read as many as I could squeeze in.

Wow, the wind is really blowing out there! There is a large tree that is all but laying on a powerline that I see every day on the way to work. On days like this I always wonder if this will be the day that the tree finally pulls the line down. I had better get moving. Thanks for reading and stay safe!