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Fall Colors

This morning has dawned overcast and quiet. My mood is the same. I don’t feel like doing much of anything but sleeping. I had planned to write this at the kitchen table (I spent a good part of my day writing there after Chris got up) this morning but by the time I remembered I was already spread out in my normal spot on the floor. It will be a nice cozy spot in the winter to write. I am hoping to get on plant hung and a few shelves put up that way I can have some color during the doldrums of winter.

The family had a good day yesterday. We spent quality time together just hanging out. Chris made a a very yummy homemade mac and cheese in the smoker yesterday. Pasta, broth, cream cheese, two other types of shredded cheese, bacon, onion and bread crumbs on top. While that was going in the smoker I got some more photos of the colors. They are quickly reaching their peak. There are several types of leaves that are just going from yellow to brown and just falling off, I am looking at the grape vines out back. The grass is still a rich green.

Next weekend is the big weekend! I can’t believe how fast this month has gone. I am still running around trying to get last minute stuff done. I did a little yesterday but I ran out of steam. So that means I will need to do a little something every day this week so I can be sure to have it all caught up by Saturday. I have a meeting to cover tomorrow after work and a doctor’s appointment on Friday morning. Sooooo this week will be a challenge. My big worry is remembering the meeting tomorrow night. I am gas/courtesy counter in the morning and I get out at either 2 or 3pm. The meeting is not until 6pm. Knowing me I will get involved in something and forget until it is too late.

The girls are bugging me to wrap this up and give them my attention so I guess I should save this and get the photos downloaded. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Tending Gardens Inside And Out

Good grief! We have blue jays both at the front and back of the house! I think I might need to invest in another feeder for the front of the house. I am honestly surprised at how busy the feeder has become. There are still leaves on the trees and the weather hasn’t been that bad. I did move my plants back in last night. I am debating about whether or not to put them out again. I hate moving them in and out every day but I don’t want them to freeze out there at night. My pepper plant is blooming again and my tomato plants are trying to.

I got a pleasant surprise when I went into work yesterday (we forgot sugar and beef broth the day before). One of my regular customers cornered me and we chatted for a few minutes. He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out three good sized painted stones. He tells me that I am one of his favorites and he doesn’t give these out to just anyone. And I was an artist so he wanted me to have one. Pick one quick! I had a hard choice. They were a beautifully done. In the end I chose a good sized flat rock. He had used both layers of the face of the rock (what is the difference between a rock and a stone? I need to look this up…). He laughed and said I picked the one that looked like food. And the smaller piece does resemble an artsy croissant but what I saw was a cocoon. I guess I would call this piece “Possibilities.”

What really struck me afterwards was that he called me an artist. I know I stopped and stared for a beat after he said it. I have never considered myself an artist. That seemed to stick with me through my day though. I was more conscious of what I was doing. I did get a 111 word story written (I need to pare it down to 100 words before I can send it in to the contest) and I am writing a page a day on my novel. I am hoping to keep this momentum going.

It is chilly this morning so that will help keep my focused on my writing. i won’t think about doing this or that in the gardens. I hope. I did plant some chamomile seeds in a small glass jar yesterday. I hope they grow! Looking at the clock I really need to get to my novel while all is quiet. Thanks for reading as well as your awesome comments and questions! Stay safe!

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Random Ins And Outs

The morning has dawned in reverse. I woke up and the sky to the west was brighter than the sky to the east. The eastern sky was covered in thick clouds. Those clouds have since covered everything and it is now a steady rain. We heard a brief rumble of thunder but nothing since. Both the girls have been a bit on edge since.

I got the call this morning. My procedure will be at 9am tomorrow. Which means I won’t get much sleep tonight. Nothing but liquids today. I am getting a headache because I am so hungry. Jello and clear liquids just don’t fill the hole. The early time also means that I have no idea when this will get written tomorrow. I have to be up at 4am to drink the last of the prep.

I brought all my plants in last night. I was going to get just too cold. But now when do I put them back out? Hmmm… I guess they are staying in tonight as well. I looked at the forecast and it doesn’t look good. We have about reached the warmest we will get today and it is still early morning. The flip side of all this is that this cold rain will bring out the colors.

I keep thinking of my friend Linda that I lost last month. Wow. I think it has been a month since we lost her, to the day. A woman came up to the gas window the other day and I had to look twice. She looked so much like Linda. I really miss her. I still have the texts we sent each other. I can’t bring myself to delete them.

I suppose I should wrap this up. I am just dawdling around on here because my anxiety is starting to kick in. And there isn’t anything I can do about it. Not even eat any comfort food. Well here goes… Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Here And Poof!

I just need to get through today…. Sadly that just means the colonoscopy is that much closer but atleast I will be home tomorrow. I have started stocking up on my “food” for this adventure. I got some white tea, Tang (there is a blast from my past!), Gatorade, Jello (I made some last night but I am going to get more and put them in my Halloween molds to cheer me up) and chicken broth.

I am sorry I did not get to everyone’s blog as I had intended this morning. It is way early and I (surprise!) did not give myself enough time. I am sitting here with a Pitbull sitting on the front of my calf. Goofball. She has now moved to the couch.

We pretty much sat and talked for the last hour of work last night. There was no one but us. We are all hoping that we go back to the 8pm close. With tourist season over there is no real reason to stay open til 9pm.

Despite my early out I still don’t want to go in. I am wiped out. But 4 days off start at 2pm… That is going to be my mantra today. Poof! And just like that I have to get ready for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Last Bits Of Summer

Today is the last day of Summer. Mother Nature seems as sad as I since it has been raining all night and still is. The wind has turned a bit chilly but it has been wonderfully hot and humid the past few days. I’m sure many people find the cooler air a relief. It has brought a hazy, but thickening, blanket of fog.

Last night was the full moon. I was able to get some wild photos only the moon came out from behind the clouds. In a few it looks like daytime! I enjoy the unusualness of some of the night time photos I am able to photograph.

Stella is asleep on the couch with her head on the arm. All you can see is the front of her face. When the wind blows through (I have the window and sliding glass window open) you can see her nose just start sniffing away. Eyes stay shut but that nose is busy! lol Essie is snoozing with her frisbee in front of the bedroom door. She is out cold. Once she starts dreaming everything is going. She seems to like chasing things in her dreams. Probably frisbees or her siblings. Maybe even a rabbit of two.

I got everything done on my list before work yesterday. Yay! I even spent quality time with Calypso. The poor snake doesn’t get near the attention she deserves. I also managed to find a rather large spider hanging out in my shower. Scared the crap out of me! So I scooped her up into a glass jar and set her outside. Even Chris was surprised at her size. The marking on her back were kinda cool. Like one of those stick outlines of a spider. I did take a photo. It might be hard to see her as she blends in beautifully. I need to see if I can find out what kind of spider she is.

And my writing… I did get some journaling done lase night. But things conspired against me when I would try to get working on my novel. But I will keep at it. I don’t have anything that needs to be done this morning so the plan is to work on it after this is posted. I’m not going to have time tonight as I close then I need to be back at work at 6am tomorrow morning. I also need to start watching what I eat. There are certain things I shouldn’t eat before my colonoscopy. I plan to stock up on broth and such so I have food and drink. I think I will be trying out some of the new Gatorade flavors! Maybe I drink some nostalgia and get a container of Tang! Regardless I need to wrap this up so I can get to work on my novel. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

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Was This Supposed To Help?

My first instinct is to say a miserable day yesterday was. And it was. The procedure hurt like hell. Everyone was concerned because I was pretty much silent the whole time but when I got up I was balling my eyes out. Things took longer than anticipated. After all that I wanted to just go home and be with Chris and the girls. I still hurt worse than when I went in and some of the injection sites are tender and inflamed.

But I was able to spend some quality time with Mom and her girls. Bless her for being so understanding. I know I was a pain. But while we waited to got back to pick my phone up (the appointment was at 11:20am but I was told that they would need to keep it until 2pm to get the screen replaced… reasonable unless you just want to go home as soon as possible) we went to McDonald’s (I got a cheeseburger Happy Meal with extra fries) then back to Mom’s house. We ate and chatted then wandered out to her backyard. She had a metal trellis that she needed to get unstuck from a dying bush. She had sawed parts of it off to get it but she ran out of energy. After my procedure they said to do things that would normally hurt my back so I did. The first thing was to saw branches off to get the trellis loose. That accomplished we managed to get the trellis over the remaining bits of bush. I had to be careful because I noticed that there were green shoots coming out. I didn’t want to damage those if we could help it. Between us we managed to get the trellis free.

Things kind of went down hill from there. What they had injected into my back/spinal column wasn’t working. As a matter of fact I was feeling worse than when I went in. I was supposed to call around 2pm to give them an update. I couldn’t do that because I didn’t have my phone. I had to wait to get my phone because they were busy. (None of this is Best Buys fault. They were amazing! I brought my replacement screen protector for them to put on. Apparently the corner had something wrong with it. So they replaced my old one with one of theirs at no cost. They were also very accommodating to me with my back issues.) I did get my phone fixed and returned. It also has a new case to help when I managed to drop it again.

I got home in time to say goodbye to Chris as he left for work. I wanted to spend some time with him but it’s better than nothing. I did a few more things around the house to get ready for the end of the month (yes I know… I should’ve just taken it easy but I I figured I hurt already a little more was no big deal) and settled in to watch a horror movie before bed with the girls. (It was pretty good. It was called “The Mad Hatter” and I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t the greatest film ever made but it was actually pretty good.)

Today I have to get the yard mowed. I’m not sure how well this will go. Chris is home for the holiday weekend so his allergies are going to kick up. And then there is my back. As miserable as I am I need to atleast get the front yard mowed. The back might have to wait. I need to pick up a lot of fallen branches and I’m not sure that is a good idea right now.

I want to thank my awesome readers for the constant support. You guys and gals reaching out means a lot. I try to keep up with everyone but some days it is hard. So thank you for keeping up with me. And as always stay safe!

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New Tattoos and Halloween Festivities

Another day full of ink and fun is in the books! Two of the four of us never had any tattoos. Even though she had a panic attack part way through once she was done my friend Erin was ready to plan her next bunch of tattoos. I am so proud of her! She got angry with herself because she had the panic attack but we talked her through it and our artist was amazing with her. He had her laughing loud at some points.

I went first, then Chris, Erin and Jim. We all got essentially the same thing in the same spot. Chris and I were the oddballs. Mine went on my back because Moose’s paw is where everyone else put their piece. Chris has the words “Death Is Certain, Life Is Not” in runes at the top and bottom of his piece. The ink will remain with us forever and mean even more to all of us because we were together to support each other when we got them.

Other plans were made once we were all together again chatting. As Halloween is a massive favorite (Chris is really just along for the ride, he enjoys it but not like the rest of us do…. which is to say that we love horror and Halloween year round) we decided to do another movie night but this time over several days if I can get the time off. We did it last year in lieu of the movie marathon we did at a local theatre in Traverse the year before. (There were games and prizes and we watched the Halloween horror movies til around 6am. I have my certificate on the wall still.) And since it will be a cheat day for their keto diets we can get pizza, wings and have popcorn. We might even dress up! I am thinking of trying to go to one of the local haunts. There is an amazing one in Traverse. I have a friend that works it every year (he’s a big tall guy… I think 6’3″ or something like that so he towers over most people) and keeps telling me I need to come. The last time Chris and I went we had a blast. So I am thinking that I might throw that out as an option.

Tonight is the first night of the full moon. Tomorrow will be the official Blue Moon, the biggest and best of the year according to the astronomers. I got some really cool night shots last night with the camera that I will share. Truthfully I prefer a bit of cloud cover when photographing the moon at night. It give a very awesome light contrast.

I should wrap this up. I need to get myself ready for my trip downstate to see my family. Chris and the kids are staying home. I am strangely calm about it all. For now. I think part of it is that I am in pain with my back. Not the tattoo mind you but my lower back really hates me. Anyway I will share a few shots from yesterday. I will have a photo of my full back tomorrow to share. I really like how the new tattoo goes with my dragons! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Mental Sparring

I can tell I have my my medication for my back in my system again. I slept hard and deep last night. The only times that I woke up were when I felt a dog get off the bed. Sadly it was Essie. Her tummy isn’t well again. I need to find out what is wrong. And the vet’s office is closed today. So process of elimination time.

On some more positive notes today is the day I get my Monarch tattoo. I will share a photo in tomorrow’s post. I am super stoked about this! Another positive is the hand written birthday card I got from a coworker yesterday. On the inside she wrote: “Happy Birthday! Thank you for being a Big sister and being someone I can look up to. Your so much fun to be around! Love you Lots!” It brought several tears to my eyes. She is such a sweet young woman and has been through so much this past year. (And yes I know she should’ve written “you’re” instead of “your” but I chose to ignore that.)

I have to laugh because it seems that it will be a week of birthday celebrations instead of just one day. I have so much going on that I feel like my birthday is almost every day! I am trying not to psych myself out of driving down to Bay City on Sunday. And I have to go. Not only are two of my distant relatives arriving (and I mean distant in distance from me) but the family also voted to keep the family dinner on Sunday when I can be there instead of Monday for when the “missing” uncle can get there (he seems to always want another day just for him because he can never make it when everyone else can.) I know I can do the drive and Angus certainly can. It will be my first road trip with him too. But my mind wants to stay home where it is safe. My mind creates all these scenarios in which I can potentially be hurt. Not just physically but mentally as well. So my defense is to not think about it until the day arrives. The problem is my brain is still thinking about it in the mental box that I crammed it in. So when the day arrives the metal box pops open like some demented jack-in-the-box and all the mess that it has been thinking about comes pouring out like hot lava trying to burn away all the good. I am hoping that sharing on here will get rid of some of the pressure in that mental box. An air hole if you will.

I should wrap this up for now. I look forward to sharing the photo of the new tattoo with all of you tomorrow! Oh and the photo of the bunnies is fuzzy because it was taken through two panes of glass at our backdoor. I didn’t want to spook them by opening the door. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this today! Stay safe!

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Today Is My Birthday… What?!

Today is the first post of the last year in my 40s. It is kind of freaky to think that this time next year I will be 50 years old. 😯 My first birthday gift was from the girls. They let me sleep as long as I wanted this morning. ❤ I have already received a beautiful card from my Mother-in-law. A regular from work is taking me out for lunch this afternoon. (Don’t worry, he is pushing 90 years old and is a dear sweet man. I even got to meet and chat with his daughter while she was up. A very nice woman.) Both my parents are sending gifts (sneaky surprises since I said no gifts were necessary) which will arrive some time this week (why celebrate just one day when it can be all week!). Chris is paying for my tattoo on Wednesday. I caught some chipmunks sneaking into the house… maybe they were going to sing me happy birthday? I doubt it though, lol. And another gift… I don’t have any meetings this week. I thought I had one tomorrow night but it is next Tuesday. Yay!

Not only did I get good sleep last night but I woke up in a wonderful mood. It has been a while for that. Normally days off end up getting crammed with appointments and meetings. This will be a nice change. I am worried about Stella though. When I woke up she was sleeping on the floor. I have never seen her do that overnight. I know she was in bed for some of the night but on the floor? I would’ve expected her to go on the couch in the living room. And I’m not sure if she was eating grass out in the yard. She ate breakfast fine. Hmmmm. She was actually very good yesterday while we had company. She listened very well for the most part.

I may putter in the yard this morning or just hang out in my swing and read. I might even pull out one or both of the novels and knock the dust off of them. I want to stay in my happy mind frame today. Essie is out in the yard doing her thing. I think I will wrap this up and throw a few toys for the girls. I know they were tired last night from all the playing. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and support! And as always stay safe!

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The First Day of August and a Change in the Wind

Dark grey clouds are rolling through overhead from the West. It has cooled things off but still no rain (it was promised from yesterday afternoon on and still none has fallen). With the temperature drop we have sold a lot of sweatshirts at work! Lol. Strangely Stella is out here with me and Essie has gone back to bed with Chris. I would expect the reverse. Hmmmm. I just glanced at Stella’s nails. They need to be trimmed.

When I got home last night from work Chris had made stuffed green peppers. It was soooo good! 😍 It was nice to be able to spend quality time with Chris and the girls. We had a lot of fun just hanging out.

I am looking forward to my day off even if it is not a day off. I am going to do some running and have lunch with Mom after my doctor’s appointment. I plan to be home before Chris leaves for work so I can see him for a bit too. Then the question is do I try to call Dad or do I make the effort to spend time on the novel? I suppose I could do both but it is supposed to be a day off and I am already cramming a lot in.

Memories of Moose have been coming back a lot lately. Not all of them good. I am glad he isn’t suffering any more but I miss him very much. I still carry his collar with me every day.

I broke one of my silver rings the other day. I’m not surprised as it was a thinner ring but I was hoping that it would be a little longer before it did break. Ah well. I have it tucked into my jewelry case. The wind is picking up outside. I suppose I ought to wrap this up. I apologize if it is a bit disjointed. I also want to say thank you for all the wonderful comments and support over the past few days. It means a lot. Thanks for reading and stay safe!