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Grey Clouds but a Silver Lining

I am happy to report I may have made a break through in my novel.  A dream last night got me pondering things so before I even cracked my laptop I sat and scribbled some notes on paper.  That may be the project for the day.  The morning dawned bright but it looks as though it will rain.  Another sign to put my head down and do some serious work on the novel.

I was concerned about Stella yesterday as she was too mellow.  She just cuddled with me when Chris got ready to go to work.  Normally she is all over him as he gets dressed and puts his shoes on.  Not yesterday.  She wasn’t lethargic she was all about playing and chasing her ball and getting love from both of us.  But she wasn’t her usual busy self.  We’ll see how she is today.

I am thinking I will sit outside to write for as long as I can before the rain starts.  There is a lunar eclipse tonight but I guess people in North America (and a few other spots) won’t be able to see it.  I was rather bummed because for once I could be up when it happened.  Then if it is raining tonight it would be a moot point anyway.  I did get some nice photos of the moon last night.  Again wishing I had a better camera.  I am excited to see what details I can get.  I can’t seem to get the phone camera to pick up violet or the vibrancy of the pink clouds being underlaid with that burning orange that we get in our sunsets.  And I tried a kind of cool shot with a spider but it did not turn out as I wanted it too.  I am hoping that this will be a possibility with the new camera.


Moose is on the floor beside me.  He has been constantly by me since going to the vet.  I want to get my bicycle out and start going up and down the street. Yesterday was just too hot by the time I got the idea in my head.  Today might be a good day to start that.  Once I finish this I think I’ll tool on out to the garage and make sure the tires and such are in working order.  If they are then once Chris is awake and situated I will throw a leg and pedal for a bit.  I need to change things up.  And it is good practice for riding the motorcycle.

I’ll share two more pictures from yesterday as well.  Thanks so much for reading!  Stay safe!

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Rain and Flowers

We got rain over night but no storms.  Apparently those storms will be coming this afternoon.  Atleast I will be awake and not trying to sleep.  Not much sleep was gotten last night as I couldn’t find a comfortable position for very long.  Even laying flat on my back hurt my rib.  I felt a click at one point with sharp pain that woke me.

I did get through two rounds of the yoga warm up before I quit yesterday.  Most of the poses for yesterday were bending and that is a no go right now.  So I will stick with doing the warm up in the morning and my plank at night.  I got four different seeds planted yesterday.  I wanted to makes sure I got some in the ground since we were slated to get all that rain over night.

I am almost finished reading the first of two Supernatural novels I got.  I have something like 30 pages left.  So I will probably start the next today at one point or another.  The problem is I have to sit straight up and down to read.  I can’t sit back in the love seat.  I know.  I tried.  And each time it brought a tear to my eye.  I need to work on the novel as well.  I’ve not picked it up in a few days.

Chris wants to go out today.  I’m not sure how good that is going to be but it will be time for us so I will try.  I am grateful that the storm(s) are coming in the afternoon and that there is a threat of rain all day.  I am really not up to riding a motorcycle.  Mine or anyone else’s.

With all the rain and sun I believe that my lilacs are going to bloom any day now.  As of yesterday I figured maybe sometime this week.  But when I got up this morning the buds look about ready to burst open.  I have been taking a lot of photos (wish I could share on here but even if I delete some of my old photos they won’t let me upload new ones unless I want to pay for the site) as Spring has progressed.  I am looking at some cameras on Amazon that are for sale.  I still need to replace this laptop too.  Buuuuut I don’t know if I should… I should replace the laptop because I need to be able to have it function on a regular basis and this one is old enough (I got it used) that I cannot get a current version of WordPerfect for it.  And I really do need some kind of word processor on here.  It would make submitting articles and reviews so much easier.  So.  And if I can get proficient with the camera I might be able to sell my photographs.  Even if I don’t sell them I would like a chance to see if I can get the colors I see to appear on film instead of the washed out stuff that I get on my phone camera.  But we’ll see.  I should be able to use both purchases on next year’s income taxes as they will be used for my business.  Something to think about.

I do need to wrap this up.  Stay safe and thanks for reading!