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Let the Adventures Begin!

Ahhhh the adventures yesterday! It was busy enough at work that the day went by pretty quickly. Once I left work I headed straight to Mom’s. I got a few Gerber daisy plants for her to cheer her up. (It worked.) I also brought over their gifts from Christmas. (We made plans to get together several times but they all fell through.) The girls were thrilled to see me as I got lots of puppy love even before I got in the house. Her gash is about as long as my pinky… maybe a little longer. She said she has 9 stitches but I think it is a little more. She also has a pretty big bruise beneath her right eye. But she is ok and she is happy. We had a nice lunch together and chatted for a few hours. I also brought home 35 six packs of my favorite beer. I hauled these up from Mom’s basement and Mom took them out onto the porch so I could transfer them to the car. Why so many you ask? I can’t find it locally (for me) and Mom can. They usually have 2 six packs on the shelf at a time so she buys them both so that they will keep ordering them so I can still have my favorite beer. It used to be available all over up here but I guess I am the only one anymore that drinks it. So she buys them and stock piles them until we get together and I get them.

After that I came home, unloaded the beer in the garage (there is space and it is cold out there) then loaded up Miss Stella. It was almost 60F (15C) and sunny…. beautiful out. I decided that since Stella hadn’t gotten much play time over the past few days that we were going to go for her first walk. We went to a local park that had a paved pathway (with all the snow melt my car looks like I have gone mudding on the back roads). I used to take the first four dogs we had when we moved in here. (Yes I took them all at once and there were times I roller bladed with all of them. They were that good.) It looked different than I remembered. As we pulled in there was a guy letting his dog run all over. The dog listened to him and heeled when we pulled past them with the car. I parked as far away as I could from them (it had the advantage to being closer to the trail anyway) and we got out and headed up the trail. I heard him calling his dog several times once his dog saw Stella. He ended up leaving once he got his dog to come back. Stella didn’t even bat an eye. She was too enamored of all the new smells. Far up ahead I heard children. Sigh. Fine. We will walk as far as we can then turn around. Then one of the little snots comes running and weaving all over almost running into us. I asked him not to do that around my dog (this is her first outing into the real world outside of the car so I didn’t want to overwhelm her). Meanwhile I hear his mom yelling for him and here come two more kids. So I just turned right around and headed back to the car. We walked maybe a quarter mile though. She was very good all things considered. I told her to stop when the kid came flying at us and she did. All she did was watch him as he went by. Then she wanted to get back to checking everything out. She listened very well on the leash for the most part. I am excited to get her a harness. Then she won’t choke herself and if I pull on the leash she won’t choke.

After that we went to get some groceries and then headed home. Once there I had the epiphany to see if Dad want to chat. Then I would have an easier day today. He did. Yay! After a quick shower I let him know I was available. So we chatted for several hours. Dad is considering getting a small dog. I was pleasantly surprised. I think it would be good for him. He asked be various things about dogs and behaviors. I told him things that he would be expected to do… even if he didn’t feel good. He said he had a lot to mull over. I encouraged him to go to a shelter over a breeder. Beyond the obvious reasons if things don’t work out they can take the dog back and try to find it another home. I encouraged him to look online at different shelters and talk to people. So we’ll see what happens. I am excited for him. It will be someone who is there for him and he needs that. I said that it would be good to get into a routine as well… another thing that I think would be good for Dad.

Today should be a bit easier as I just need to get together with my neighbor and give her the dog outwear for her little guy and I will have company tonight for dinner and a movie. Either or both ladies could cancel. But that will be ok either way. The warm weather of the past two days has melted quite a bit of the snow (YAY!!!). I can hear a lot more birds singing at both the front and back of the house. A customer yesterday said she saw several robins so I am on the look out! I will take a few photos and then get this posted. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Through the Looking Glasses

Well we now have around a foot (30cm) of snow. It came down hard over the course of yesterday. It lays in thick drifts all over, even in the trees. Stella looks so lonely when she goes out now. I wonder how Spring will be. I am thinking of getting her a harness and then she and I start going for walks at the local park. It will get both of us out. I mentioned it to Chris to see if he wants to go along.

Laundry is wreaking havoc in the utility room by the sounds of it. Things keep falling off the machine as it spins the clothes out. I have no idea why. It is not a different load than normal. Stella keeps getting spooked when something crashes to the floor. I think she is realizing that Essie isn’t coming home again. I am not sure how she is dealing with it. Over the past week or so they both got very jealous of each other. They could be close at times but I just don’t know. I also don’t know how she will react the next time she goes to the vet. Normally she likes to go because she is a very social girl but after this? I know that there was a big change in the dogs when I brought Minion’s body home. After that they didn’t want to go to the vet’s.

I just have to get through today and I have 2 days off. I am going to need my alone time to process everything. I am also going to design Essie’s memorial tattoo. It will be her paw in my hand (I have a photo) and I am getting under my left bicep so that when I put my arm down I she is next to my heart. I am also using some of her ashes in the ink. I want to come up with a tattoo that represents all of my fur babies over the years. I am thinking of maybe just a never-ending line of script of all their names. Just have it wrap around my body. I will also need to see how much this will cost. I have to make sure bills get paid.

The house is so quiet. Essie was such a big personality…. Stella is busy but it is a different energy than Essie. And the fact that we are all cooped up in the house doesn’t help. I wonder what Stella will do Wednesday when we are both gone to work. Tuesday night I have a meeting (please self don’t forget the meeting) so it will be a small taste for her on her own. I worry about her. I worry about all of us. Maybe I will take Stella for a ride tomorrow. Just a drive around then back home to get her out. I still have the blanket in the back seat from Essie (my seat covers are cold this time of year).

I think I will wrap this up and see if I can do some work on my novel. Thanks for reading and I really appreciate the outpouring of love. Much love back to you all! Stay safe.

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Silliness With My Pups

Essie has jammed herself up on the love seat with her sister. At first she got on the side where Stella was so she ended up sitting on her. I was able to coax her to get up on the other side (which was interesting because she has problems getting up on things because of her hips and legs). Now both are asleep. Oh I spoke too soon. Essie is sure that because I have Stella behind me on the love seat (mind you I am sitting on the floor at the table) she is missing out on quality love. Nothing will convince her otherwise. Pitbulls can be very silly. But I love mine with all my heart.

Work was hard yesterday due to pain. The strained tendons in my heels and legs are getting worse and my back is starting up again. I hate to go back to the doctor. I have racked up enough medical bills that I need to pay. And I am getting tired of throwing pills at it. Atleast I got sleep last night. But that means I am back to no exercising again.

A year ago at this time I only had one more week with Moose. I wouldn’t do anything differently. Other than fix it so he never got sick in the first place but you don’t know about kidney disease until it is there. I am requesting the 4th of January off so I don’t have to be around people. If I end up ugly crying out of the blue I don’t have to explain it to anyone. I might take a treat out to his grave. His ball and the little whirly gig I put on his grave are still there.

Somehow this post ended up being about my babies. I miss my older ones and love the ones I’ve got. With the exception of one I believe all the dogs I have ever had are buried out back. Well two. I have Dante’s ashes here in the house. The other dog, Stranger, went missing when we lived in Cedar. I try to go out and tell them I miss them and still love them but it can be hard. I had better stop before I start crying. I did not intend for the post to go this way. I will share some photos of my fur babies past and present. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Where Oh Where Has The Internet Gone?

We still have no internet but I will write my blog none the less. My “days posted” will be back at one on here but I know I wrote every day regardless.

The wind is gone. I don’t know if anyone lost power around here. Thankfully we did not. But there will be a lot of clean up. Branches and random things are all over the place. What I thought was a trampoline that had blown over is actually a tent. I was going to get it a try to save it for whomever list it but the base of it is shredded. It’s still there at the back gate looking forlorn.

The skies are grey with a little blue in them so they don’t look so stern. All the snow is gone but the temperature has dropped. It is cold out there! Everything looks so gloomy.

The girls are both under blankets. Stella is asleep but Essie keeps looking at me because I am sitting on the loveseat beside Stella. She thinks I should be sitting next to her.

I was able to do a workout yesterday! That is one thing being sick helped with is my back. I will have a twinge here and there but so far I can function again. ❤️ It felt good to be able to exercise. It is a small 10 minute or so routine. Nothing dramatic. My body is sore but a good sore.

I hope everyone has a great day! I don’t know when this will post. Chris us angry because he just paid the bill. He isn’t able to play any of his games. Everything is online. Thanks so much for reading! Stay safe out there!

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Here, There and Everywhere

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of a dream and you can’t get you mind out of the dream space? That is me this morning. I got out of work early last night (yay! for team work) but we stayed up til our now usual time of 1am. I covered the girls up with blankets so that their eyes were covered too. Meanwhile I continued reading. I have pulled out a novel that I read many years ago but I remember nothing about, The Northbury Papers by Joanne Dobson. It is one of those academic cozy mysteries. (I have a soft spot for the academic world where you can do research and learn.) It is a well written novel.

As much as it sucked to have COVID I think the time off alleviated the swelling in my spine. My body aches like it has worked out, not like it is in pain. So I am hoping that I can maaaaybe start to exercise again. Working in the deli last night was a big deal for me physically. I didn’t have any of the usually problems that I had previously. We’ll see how today goes. I am going to spend some time in the kitchen as I need to make muffins with the freeze dried fruit for work. Some will have to be sampled here as well of course… 😁

Essie had me almost in tears last night. She got down off the couch after sleeping beside me for a while and her back legs would not work. She was all but dragging her back end. Things improved when she got going a bit but still. She thought she could jump on the bed (we have it on the floor) but she barely got her front paws on top. I know she is 11 years old but I am not ready to lose her. Moose’s one year anniversary is fast approaching. I can’t believe my baby boy has been gone a year already. But I cannot see me without my dogs.

It is starting to mist snow. The flakes are so fine it looks as though someone just blew a bunch of dust off of their hand. The wind seems to have died down. The other day snow devils were all over the place. In strong winds you expect a few but they were popping up everywhere you looked. I don’t have any new photos to share so I will save this and pull out my camera. I hope you have a fab day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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My Happy Place

My day off! Yesssss! It will be hard to do anything other than read and write today. I got my research books (although I am angry with UPS as it was raining out and they left the boxes out in the rain so some of the books got some water damage) and I got a letter from my pen pal. Giggity! I almost skipped this but it is a serious part of my writing routine and I can’t.

I want to give a shout out and a thank you to tanyafyfe for sending me a message yesterday to let me know that the rock eating dog Ike is still with us. He has been adopted yet again by a third person who has paid for his surgery (again). I hope Ike stops eating rocks. He is a very lucky boy to have all these people willing to help him. (Go check out her blog

Despite the cold Nature is pushing forward with Spring. Things are greener and fuller each day. It has been raining on and off for several days now so there has been a lot of growth.

After a miserable physical therapy appointment (my therapist has not given up per say but is at a loss as to what to do to help so we are just going to do the allotted amount so I can qualify to get the MRI done on my back to see what is going on) I came home and no one knew. I was home almost two hours when Chris and the girls got up. I was surprised that I was able to stay so quiet.

Even though I really need to work on my photography I need to work on my writing. I have been slacking on my beta novel reading again. So I will probably do another three chapters today. I am very excited about the research books I got! I managed to find just what I needed this round. And yes the photo does show a book teaching Norwegian. I am familiar with Italian (and I have language reference books because it is a language I hope to learn) but not so much with Norwegian. Since I am using both countries in my novel (yes it is getting bigger) I figured I should be familiar with the language (I plan to use brief bits of each countries language… yes I will translate). And since I have Norwegian blood in me…. why not!

Off I go to work on my novel and get my letter written to my pen pal (I still haven’t heard anything from my British one so I will assume after a few months that she is not interested in having me as a pen pal. Ah well. Thanks for reading and all the supportive comments! You folks rock! Stay safe!

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The Little Engine That Could But Chose Not To

I said I needed to be out the door by 9am today. I hurt and I really don’t’ feel like rushing around on my day off. The girls are stuck out here with me. When I leave and it’s not for work they will go in and out of the bedroom until I get back home. So I said I would shut the bedroom door to keep them out here while I do my running today. I had several places I was going to go today but I just hurt so my list keeps getting smaller. I would whittle the list down to one place but I need to get a few things before I run out. Sooooo…. But I am seriously thinking about not going all the way into Traverse to the bank. Problem is that is the closest branch. I am hoping I can scoot in and out quickly. I have to deposit cash otherwise I would be banking via my phone app. Looking at the clock tells me that I won’t be leaving at 9am. Oh well.

Physical therapy was a mess. Everything we tried I could only do for a limited amount of time if at all. One of the exercises that I did on my first day I can no longer do. Everything they have suggested I have tried doing before I even decided to go to a doctor. And things are just getting worse. I told the gal I had yesterday that I felt bad because it was like I was giving them too much information. She was very nice but I think she was getting frustrated.

I did my morning pages yesterday as well as going over another chapter for the author I am beta reading for. My goal is a chapter a day (or more) so I can get my notes together and send them out. I am hoping to do some more work on my novel today. But I seem to be doing mostly research, which is fine, but I feel that I am not working on the story (even though I am). I am making progress just not in the way I normally look for. I have managed to pick places that have limited info available on what I need. I hate to make things up (hahaha) but I like to base my work with some bits of truth and history in them. So I toil away at finding just what I need.

Alright, I guess I ought to wrap this up and get myself out the door. I am only running a few minutes late. Stella is upset with me. She has curled up on the couch as far away as she can get from me. Essie is asleep in the man cave by the sliding glass door. Here’s to hoping that I can get it all done and be back to meet my friend in Kalkaska by 11am. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Why Is It Snowing?

This morning is very dark. I would need a light on if I were reading. And cold. It got cold yesterday but when the sun came out it made all the difference! I played as best I could with the girls. My back was very bad yesterday. Today is a repeat. I have physical therapy at 10:45am then work at 2pm. I will be doing the gas an courtesy counter so I’m not sure how that will go.

Yesterday I spent mostly working on my werewolf novel. (Good gad…. there is snow blowing across in a straight line outside.) I got research done and I worked on a few characters nd some back story. I am extremely happy with myself! I also went through the first chapter of the novel that I am beta reading and did my notes. Yay! I am not sure if I will be able to work on anything before work. It will depend on how physical therapy goes. This cold isn’t helping either.

I did get some really nice shots with both my cameras yesterday. I find it funny that I seem to use both my Nikon and my phone camera for things. I don’t exclusively use one or the other. For a while it was just the Nikon on the phone camera was for when I didn’t have the Nikon handy. But I find that each has it’s purpose in my photography. I like having both to use. I would like to figure out why the Nikon doesn’t pick up colors as well as my phone camera. For sunset colors I usually always use my phone camera. the Nikon either doesn’t pick up any color or washes out what it does pick up.

The snow is coming down hard enough that I can’t see past the line of trees on the other side of the back fence line. Yuck. Not a fan.

Chris made an amazing dinner last night! It was essentially marinaded beef. With it was refried beans (with herbs etc added) and Spanish rice. He did the beef on the grill. Yum! The flavors were all the way through the meat (which was wonderfully tender)…. sigh. No leftovers! Lol

I keep looking out the window at the sideways snow. Blah. I will wrap this up and get some photos downloaded. I hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

*edit* In the short amount of time it has taken to download the photos we have gotten about 1/2 an inch of snow.

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Keeping Up

I was dead to the world when my alarm went off this morning. That rarely happens. My brain usually wakes me up a few minutes before. That way I don’t wake everyone else up too. Essie got up with me and Stella came out a few minutes later. After breakfast and going outside Essie went back to bed with Chris and Stella is out here with me.

Physical Therapy was an exercise in frustration. Not only did I have a new person I was working with (so I had to explain everything over again to clarify the notes of my original therapist) but he was almost 10 minutes late. Once we got talking he also gave conflicting advice. So.

Once I got back home I proceeded to knock out my list (my physical therapist would’ve given me grief… I was told I needed to not try to knock everything out all at once) I got the floor swept, mouse cage cleaned, dishes done, trash out, laundry done (and put away except for the comforter in the dryer), plants watered, bird feeder filled and the house vacuumed. The house feels better for the cleaning I got done. I got everything on my list done except for working on the notes for the novel I am beta reading. So that will probably get worked on tonight and Sunday (my next day off). I did get some photos taken as well.

I got a really cool shot of a bird flying and the moon coming up. I will have to tweak it to get everything so you can see it the way my eyes did. I hope I have enough time before I need to get ready for work. I am downloading as I type this. For some reason my keys are not backlit anymore on the laptop. Damn it.

Stella is pulling an Essie. She is in and out of the bedroom and outside. I need to get going for my day. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Just a Wee Bit too Early

Early this morning. Went to bed at a decent time but woke up at 3:30am and couldn’t fall back asleep until after 4:30am. My alarm was set for 5:30am. I am trying really hard not to bail on Mom for tomorrow. I am just so tired right now. That being said I did get some good photos of the moon while the girls were outside after breakfast. I think today’s post will be mostly photos.

My meeting was a bust last night. I tried to find the link to join the Zoom meeting but there was a glitch in their web site. I have the link for Monday’s meeting though. So there is that. I didn’t get anything done other than restarting my exercise routine.

I just don’t know what to do about tomorrow. I just want to stay home and rest. But it’s Mom’s birthday. And I did cancel last weekend. Well if I got to bed extra early and sleep in… maybe?

Yesterday was hard despite a good day at work. It has been exactly two months since I lost Moose. I miss him a lot. I try not to talk about it too much because I know a lot of people think that I should be over it after two months.

I hope today goes quick and well at work. I just want to get back home as soon as I can. I need to finish up my letter today as well. I didn’t have much time yesterday (even with no meeting) so I need to finish it and get it out today. I asked my other pen pal to let me know how long it takes for my letter to get to her so I can gauge things like birthday cards and such.

Ok, time to download the photos so I can get this finished before work. Sorry this is so short and rather blah. Thanks for reading. Stay safe!