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Opening Up to New Things

Another cool dawn.  It feels very much like Fall.  Part of me is excited for it and the rest of me not so much.  I think the big excitement is a bit of a change up.  The sky is full of greyish flat clouds.  The air is crisp yet everything is still that lush green with splashes of color from various plants and flowers.  But I don’t like being cold for very long.  A few days of this and I will be ready for my Summer heat.

I am making a few changes myself.  I am going to try to be more active.  I have a hula hoop that I have been using.  I am also getting a jump rope.  I can do both of these in the house during the cold winter months so I can keep it up.  I still haven’t gotten a steady routine for my yoga.  But that will be remedied soon.  I am going to put in a job application today.  It will be at the local grocery store.  I am hoping that it will be flexible enough that I can still keep my job at the paper.  I need something to help pay for the Jeep getting fixed.

The moon was beautiful last night!  I am so happy I was able to actually get so really good photos!  I was actually supposed to be turning on the lights outside so we could go to bed but the way the moonlight was reflecting off of the rippling clouds was too much.  I had to go get my camera.

I got everything done but the writing for this week’s classwork.  I have 1,000 words or less to write a short story that encompasses everything we have learned.  Next week starts the next series of classes.  This I believe will deal with character.  I really like the instructors.  It would be nice tot be able to talk to them and discuss things but there it is.

I need to get the rest of my day started so I will end here.  Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!  As always stay safe!

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Another Beautiful Summer Day

The sun was out.  The clouds seem to have rolled back in.  And that is fine with me.  I got started on another story yesterday so after get as much as I could on paper I went and worked in the gardens.  I will probably do the same today.  I need to go get kibble for the girls and canned for Moose.  I will call the vet to see if they sell the canned food there.  I’d rather save the $20 coupon for the bag of kibble when I order it.

I kept the kids busy yesterday so everyone was ready for bed by the time the sun went down.  I have been trying to do some kind of exercise every day.  Yesterday I got Chris to try the hula hoop that I got.  I did it too to show him I wasn’t any better at it than he was.  We both had a good laugh.  I try to do about 15 minutes or so a day with it since I can do it while I watch tv at night.

The marinade I threw together for the steaks I got turned out awesome!  I made a yogurt pie as well.  A very simple recipe that I got from my Grams.  Graham cracker crust, small tub of Cool Whip and two fruit at the bottom yogurts (it has to be the fruit on the bottom stuff… and if they are tiny like the current Yoplait size get three).  Just mix up the yogurt and then mix the yogurt into the the Cool Whip.  Put it all in the crust and refrigerate until firm. Voila!

I am feeling rather restless this morning.  I will probably take atleast Moose with me to the store.  I need to get Essie another frisbee so I won’t do the curbside pick up this time.  I may splurge and get the kids some toys too.  They never last long but they make the kids happy while they do last.  I think I will wrap this up and try to get out the door and back before Chris gets up.  I hope you have a great day!  Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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Exercise and Food

We got up late but that was more because I ate something bad for dinner.  Around 10pm my tummy wasn’t happy.  I got to the point I couldn’t sleep around midnight and pretty much tossed and turned (gently to be sure) til almost 3am.  I still feel wrung out this morning.  I am grateful that coffee and water are staying down.

I think I understand another reason I read The Howling so quickly.  There was only on story.  The Terry Pratchett stories always have multiple storylines going on top of the satire.  It can be too much to plow through the whole Watch series in a few days.

I am contemplating (again) starting to run again.  When I lived downstate I ran with my Mom and my best friend over the course of a summer.  It was fun.  I would like to try again.  But I also want to take the dogs (one at a time) but that means I need to get them each a harness.  I would prefer to have the dog there to try said harness on instead of trying to order by measurements.  I think they need harnesses to begin with since it will make things easier all around it I want to start taking them outside of the home for exercise on a regular basis.  But I also need to have things replaced around the home as well.  And get the Jeep fixed (we are getting Chris’s truck in first since he drives more than I do).  So I guess do I spend the money and get good shoes and some harnesses for the kids or wait?

I am trying to do atleast a few exercises a day.  Last night it was way hot for all of us (I still enjoyed it) but I still did some exercises.  And apparently I did enough to still feel it today which is good.  It means I am working the muscles I want.  I think I am going on bout all this exercise stuff because I am really not feeling like doing much of anything after last night.  But we shall see.  I need to wish my neighbor a happy birthday before they leave for the day so I am going to wrap this up.  Thanks for reading!  Stay safe and have a great day!