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Moving Time and Time Moving Me

The hills behind us are covered in a fog. As the sun comes up I’m sure it will burn off but for now… About half the trees are empty. It is almost time to put up the bird feeder for winter. I need to find better places to put all my plants. The big problem is they are so big. There isn’t a good spot to put more than one in some cases. I just need to figure things out. For atleast some of them.

Yesterday I did get work done on my novel. I also set up a few goals. We’ll see how things work out. Stella is behind me curled up beneath a blanket dreaming. I wanted to take her for a walk yesterday but that never happened. She needs to get out more. I didn’t do much of anything with her. Another reason I think we need a second dog. She would have a playmate when Chris and I are not feeling too motivated. But I have stopped seriously looking. When I try to move forward to get one of the ones we find something blocks it. So if one arrives there we are. I don’t know if I will drive to the park for the walk. I might just walk in the back forty.

And here we are in November already. Soon it will be New Year’s. I need to start looking for Christmas presents. I am really bad about keeping things stashed. I like seeing people smile and be happy so I give them their stuff early. Especially if it is something I think they will really like. The Girls did that Sunday I think. I was presented with some awesome Jason Voorhes lights that also plays the music from the movie. ❤️ I will share a photo.

I find myself in a funk. It seems to happen after I spend a lot of energy on being happy or having fun stuff happen. I want to be alone to try to recharge my batteries. But at the same time my days off are needed to catch up on things. I did get dishes done yesterday. Today will be laundry. But I still haven’t talked with either of my parents or several friends that have reached out over the past few days. It’s like I spent all my people energy at work. I don’t want to deal with others and their problems. But I need to. So I guess I will put phone calls on my list for the day. Looking at the clock I need to wrap this up and get my day moving. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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I had started my morning ready to write about good things and happiness. Then I made the mistake of looking at the news. So much bad and anger out there. And then I read things about my beliefs that people of other faiths are saying/assuming and it seems to have reversed everything. I do not shove my faith down anyone’s throat. I will answer questions if asked. I do not assume that my faith is for everyone. Everyone has different needs when things come down to it. But I am honestly getting tired of others belittling my faith because they believe that theirs is the only way. It is NOT the only way.

I am sorry. I try to keep things like this out of my blog. But this morning, because it is Halloween, everything seems to have just exploded. I am grateful for my time with my friends and family last night. It helped me find my center. I didn’t know how things would go as I managed to mess up quite a few things (it started with me not getting the right amount of ingredients for the stew Chris was making). But things turned out pretty well.

Work was fun but long. I dressed as Jason Voorhes from the Friday the 13th movies. Complete with machete. Good times! Today I hope to get some work done on my novel. It has been a few days since I had time to do anything with it. I also need to reach out to a few people online. I have been out of touch with everything going on. And I should reach out to my parents. It has been a bit since I chatted with them as well. That might wait until tomorrow. We’ll see how things go.

I want to take Stella for a walk at the park either today or tomorrow. I might wait until tomorrow for that as well. I am hoping to take a day to sort things out. I want to tend to things around here. I think I will wrap this up. I find myself staring off into space and my mind wandering. I do have some new photos to share. I will try to find a way to condense some of the photos we took on my phone to share some stuff from work too. The files are too big and I don’t have enough room on my site. But I think I can figure something. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Creepy Skies

We woke up to everything cast in an eerie yellow light. It gave everything a rather sickly glow that made you think something bad was about to go down. Right now it’s not as yellow but the grey skies still have a slight tinge to them. It’s like everything is starting to go bad visually.

I shed a few tears yesterday. I found out that one of my favorite people, Leslie Jordan, passed away. He was one of those people that just lit up a room. He could always make you smile no matter how bad your day was. He was always fun to watch (so much energy in that tiny package!). I sent one of his dvds to Dad to help him through some of his PTSD. I never got to meet Leslie but he has helped me and mine through a lot of things.

So today I am trying to put on a sort of happy face and move forward. Mom still hasn’t gone in for her phone repairs so I had better call her today. Dad and I also need to talk. I have a meeting at 6;30pm so I’m not sure how to fit all this in. Do you ever make plans in the future and get all excited about them but the closer it comes to doing them suddenly you don’t want to do it? That is how I am about this week. I have so much going on… Fun stuff to be sure but I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

I did get some significant work on my novel done yesterday. I plan to keep shipping away at it. I have also found a fellow traveler on the writing path that has decided to put together a small group to help each other over some of the writing hurdles we encounter. I need to make sure that I put forth the effort to keep in touch on there. I am very bad at that. It sounds great to get together and have fellow writers to talk to but then I let myself drift off and lose touch. I can think of several times that I have done this.

Since I got up late I suppose I need to get myself motivated. I am contemplating taking Stella to the park. Yesterday was raining so we stayed home. Today is overcast but no rain yet. Ok, I can do this. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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There Goes the Neighborhood

I am hoping to get this written and posted before anything gets too crazy. The temperature is near freezing, the wind is strong enough that even the biggest trees are bending sideways and it is a rain snow mix coming down. The skies are dark as if it were dusk, not midmorning. Stella is curled up behind me in several blankets.

I took yesterday for myself. I made some headway on my novel. I think the story has become much bigger and more involved that I planned. I will go over some of it today but not too much. Things need to stew in the back of my mind for a bit. I did take Stella for a walk. We only did one loop (so 1/2 mile). It was too cold with that wind. It cut through everything! I also got most of my outdoor furniture into the shed for the season. The only thing still out is my aqua chair by the sliding glass door. I just couldn’t tuck it away yet. I may tomorrow if the weather lets up.

The big excitement was my quarterly Supernatural box arrived. Sadly I wasn’t too impressed. There were a few things (like the awesome flannel shirt, rib cage pin and special calendar that glow in the dark) that I really liked but the rest was a bit meh. What I like about the company though is they will send out an email asking what you liked and didn’t like with every box. I have a good response for them this box! Unfortunately I did not make it to the next round in my horror competition. I was in first for a bit but then fell back to second which is where I finished. I am super proud and grateful for making it as far as I did though.

I seem to be developing one of those weather headaches. Bah humbug. I have things to do! Oh well. I will just have to deal with it. I buzzed around and got the house as best I could (I need to vacuum only Chris gets up, as I forgot yesterday) so that if we end up losing power we will be caught up (laundry, dishes, etc) and batteries/back up stuff charged. I am also thinking of getting another case of water to keep stashed. For some reason I feel the need to have things stocked up for emergencies this year. I also need to pack my yearly winter emergency bag for the car. It won’t be as necessary as I live so close to work but still. I started doing it when I was working at Younker’s.

This headache is becoming a bit much so I will wrap this up and get it posted. I enjoy reading your posts this morning. Keep up the great writing! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Flippin’ and Floppin’

I want to take Stella for a walk at the park this morning. But the rain hits off and on. And it’s cold. Regardless this might be my only opportunity. Tomorrow the nasty s word is supposed to appear. Snow. If we get it this early and it sticks… this winter is going to be a hard one. I guess we will see. I do need to get us both out for a little while. She has been very busy lately. She is not content with just playing in the house.

I applied for adopting a 1 year old pup named Jack. I don’t know what will or won’t happen. I am still looking at maybe getting the black pup if things don’t work out. There are just too many pups that need homes. Jack seems like he would be a good fit though. He has training (he has his basic commands down and is also potty trained), is fixed, up to date on all his shots and micro-chipped. Unfortunately there is no time frame as to when they will get back with me.

Late today I will find out how I finished in the horror contest. There are three more rounds to go. In order to move on I need first place. I was going back and forth thanks to my awesome family and friends. Regardless I am grateful for all the love and support I have gotten to get me this far.

Work was spent mostly in my liquor department. I got my order done, checked sales, checked prices, wrote out the information for new tags… That took pretty much my whole shift. I did get my beer cave stocked as well. So there is that. Today wants to be busy with other people but I need a day for myself. Both my parents want to talk (Mom and I chatted several times yesterday) and a friend wants to come over. I have my “old fart” coming over tomorrow around 3:30pm to rewatch the movie “Maverick.” I have popcorn! But that will take most of the afternoon (it’s almost a three hour movie if I remember). So I am not sure what to do. I can use up both my days or save one for me. I think I will take Stella for a walk and go from there.

Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out. I enjoy talking to you! And the support means a lot. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Sigh. A day off. I sank into blissful slumber at the early hour of 8pm. I slept virtually uninterrupted until a little after 8am. I laid in bed until almost 9pm, because I could. I am happily contemplating what I plan to do over my “weekend” (aka two days in a row off). One of the things I plan to work on is my plant situation. The temps here are cold more often than not so I guess the plants are officially in for the season. That means that I need to figure out permanent homes for them. Most of them are in big pots and the is creating a large problem since that means they are scattered around on the floor. The ones that are in smaller pots, the plants have grown so tall that they do not fit comfortably on what shelf space I do have.

I have been trying to keep an eye on Mom. I know she has another appointment to get her hand checked today but I am not sure what time. I will try to get in touch with her later this today. I also need to chat with Dad. It has been several weeks since we talked. When I was available he did not feel good. And to be honest with everything going on I’ve not had much free time. I will send him both a text message and an email when I get this posted.

I think… I hope that Stella is gradually getting her voice back. One of the techs from the vet’s office came in to shop yesterday and was kind enough to ask how Stella was doing. I was going to call the vet’s office today but I may wait just because I do see some improvement. Hopefully I am doing the right thing. I am also leaning toward going to the park for a walk. I can bundle us both up (it’s not much above freezing here… even with the sun out). She needs to get out more. I am still trying to figure out what to do once the snow falls and sticks… neither of us really like that to walk in.

I should wrap this up so I can get my day going officially. I have new photos that I am going to share with you (finally). I hope you like them. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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I didn’t get out of bed until 10am this morning. Mind you I didn’t get to bed til after 1am, but still, I slept in for once. I still feel like I could sleep for a few days it feels good to have slept in. When I called last night to find out about jury duty I was so relieved to hear that it had been cancelled. I don’t mind doing jury duty. I just needed a day off. (More than one but I’ll take what I can.)

The sun is out and we have blue sky for miles. It is still very chilly (46F/7C). I worry about friends and family in Florida. One of our friends that moved back up here lived in Florida for several years. Where he lived is completely underwater according to the news. I am trying to get ahold of my Aunt and Uncle that live down there but no luck. They have several cats and I am pretty sure that they would stay as long as they could.

I am trying to figure out what I want to do today. There are several things that come to mind, but nothing that I have to do. I have both reading and writing on my list. Mom got me a guitar music book. It is pop hits (that she has never heard of, lol). I might pull that and a guitar out. If I do pull out my guitar I might try my hand at the classical stuff again. Classical and Spanish guitar are my favorite to listen to. I also am thinking about taking Stella for a walk at the park. It is a bit chilly but we both need to get out and do something physical.

But I need to wrap this up. I sent a text to my friend who is having issues. I try to check on her every few days. She adores Stella so I send a photo of her and some encouragement. This morning she needs to talk. So I will share some new photos and get this posted. Thank you to everyone for the love and support! It makes more difference than you know. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Big 5-0

Somehow, I managed to make it 50 years. I have done so much… Yet it feels as though not much time has gone by. This year is kinda special because everyone is going out of their way for my birthday, family and friends alike. I have decided to call this the “Fabulous 50s”, not nifty 50s.

Stella has been in my lap almost since she has gotten up. She is on a bland diet so see if that will help. She is also on a cancellation list so if someone cancels and she is still not doing well I can get her in. They are booked solid til September. I know she’s not doing well. But I will try to keep her happy til we can get into the doctor.

Yesterday we went to the Secretary of State and got my tabs. I was pleasantly surprised to get in and out within 5 minutes. I did not know if I would be made to wait because I had no appointment. I walked in and up to the counter and did my thing. So both the car and motorcycle have their new tabs. I called the vet’s office while we were in the parking lot in case they could get her in. Since they couldn’t we went to the park for a walk. She has strained her left shoulder, so we took it slow. I’m not sure what she did. It seems to come and go. I am trying to be positive but a Momma knows. She is doing a lot of the same things Moosie did after he was diagnosed with kidney disease.

I have people stopping by throughout the day to say hi. Mom wants to get together so I hope she would consider coming out here. I don’t know when everyone is stopping by. Dad wants to chat as well. I feel a bit like a queen waiting to receive her tributes, lol. But since I have the day off people have just offered to drop by with cards and to say hi. I am extremely grateful.

We just had a brown out with our electricity. No weather to speak of, blue skies and no clouds or wind. Just sunshine and warmth. So I had better get this posted before it happens again! Thanks for reading and thank you so much for your concerns. I appreciate the suggestions. Stay safe!

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Slow But Focused

This morning I am in a bit better headspace. I hope the day goes well. I think I will be busy today as my liquor order should be waiting for me. With the locks changed I don’t know as anyone else will make the effort. I could be wrong. We shall see.

I still haven’t gotten my car in about my brakes. No answer from my mechanic yesterday. I can limp the car to and from work but more than that and I have to borrow Chris’s truck. Poor Stella has not been for a walk all week.

I did my best to try to relax yesterday. I did notice my anxiety still kicking in. I don’t think my mind will do a shut down like Tuesday. I don’t know what everyone will say either. Speaking of which I need to get myself together and head out the door for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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I didn’t cough once last night so I managed to get solid sleep. I still feel a bit off though. Today is my “make your own schedule” day. My goal is to be to work by 10am and get things filled as best I can. My liquor order is sadly non-existent. Over half of what I ordered is unavailable. Sooooo this week’s order will be pretty big. We have sold out of a lot. I am trying to come up with new gimmicks for my various departments. I am bringing in gluten free beer (this is actually for Chris, but I figured he can’t be the only beer drinker that doesn’t do gluten) and I want to put little signs with the new stuff like “Goes great in orange juice!” (this will go by a new peach vodka I am trying… and yes it does since I tried it before I recommended it). So we will see if this goes well or not. I am still working on my course (I need to really buckle down on this on my next day off) and recipes. If any of you have any recipes for either cocktails that you like or food dishes that use alcohol feel free to recommend them.

I am really bothered by what I am hearing out back. It is a very angry dog. It sounds like someone is taunting it because I hear snarls and angry barks then laughter (from a child). Now if something happens it is the dog’s fault. Not the individual antagonizing it. That really ticks me off. Take responsibility for provoking the animal and creating the situation! I see that way too much. And the angry dog noises from out behind us I seem to hear atleast once a day. I am glad that we have a sturdy fence. I don’t want any dog fights if the dog does get loose.

I tried working out yesterday but my body is rebelling against it. My joints feel like there are pinched nerves (especially my lower body). My lower back is also having none of it. I can feel things becoming enflamed again. So I guess no working out for me. I need to figure out what else to do. The yoga seems to be ok but not if I do it every day. (Pardon the rhyme.) If I do it every day then my body starts to do the same thing as doing an exercise routine. I am worried that with the cold weather coming up that everything will start clenching and hurting again. With the warmer weather my muscles will relax some. With the cold comes shivering etc.

I see that I need to wrap this up. Stella has been out here with me (when she’s not out enjoying the sun). I am going to hate to shut the sliding glass door when I leave but I don’t want to leave it unlocked while Chris is sleeping. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!