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Guess Who’s Taking Classes…

Today’s big news is that I signed up for an online class.  Actually classes.  It’s a creative writing collection of courses through Coursera.  I am paying for them so I will get a certification at the end.  Chris didn’t seem too enthused when I told him.  He thought I would go for a photography class.  I don’t think he sees the use in me taking this course since I already know how to write stories.  His second guess when I said I was taking writing classes was journalism.  He knows I can earn money doing that so that would be normal to guess.  But creative writing seems like a waste to him.  Mind you he’s said none of this.  This is all what I am reading into his response.  I didn’t mention that I was paying for the courses.  (You can take all the courses on there for free but you won’t get certified and you might not be able to access everything available in the course.)

I am taking the classes because I am hoping that talking with other creative writers I can get more consistent with my writing.  And I am stuck in my novel so I am hoping that I can use that over the course exercises and get that back on track.  I already have ideas after the first class.  It started yesterday.  I have done everything but write the 250-350 word story and critique others.  I cranked out a rough draft last night before bed (one of the reasons I didn’t get to bed until almost 1am) and I hope to tweak it today and get it submitted.  The twist for it is that they have listed 12 random words and you need to use atleast 6 of them in every other sentence to create movement.  I got a bug after watched a bunch of diverse short documentaries last night.

So that is where I am right now.  This morning I feel a bit run down.  I felt like this last night so not sure if it is merely the continual heat or just me coming down with something.  I think I will wrap this up and go read or work on some writing.  Oh and they are letting me finish the guitar class if I want to (I was almost done before I stopped… maybe one or two hours of work left I think) so I guess I’d better tune the guitars back up and get at it.

Thanks so much for reading and thank you for your thoughtful comments!  Stay safe and have a great day!

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Grey Clouds but a Silver Lining

I am happy to report I may have made a break through in my novel.  A dream last night got me pondering things so before I even cracked my laptop I sat and scribbled some notes on paper.  That may be the project for the day.  The morning dawned bright but it looks as though it will rain.  Another sign to put my head down and do some serious work on the novel.

I was concerned about Stella yesterday as she was too mellow.  She just cuddled with me when Chris got ready to go to work.  Normally she is all over him as he gets dressed and puts his shoes on.  Not yesterday.  She wasn’t lethargic she was all about playing and chasing her ball and getting love from both of us.  But she wasn’t her usual busy self.  We’ll see how she is today.

I am thinking I will sit outside to write for as long as I can before the rain starts.  There is a lunar eclipse tonight but I guess people in North America (and a few other spots) won’t be able to see it.  I was rather bummed because for once I could be up when it happened.  Then if it is raining tonight it would be a moot point anyway.  I did get some nice photos of the moon last night.  Again wishing I had a better camera.  I am excited to see what details I can get.  I can’t seem to get the phone camera to pick up violet or the vibrancy of the pink clouds being underlaid with that burning orange that we get in our sunsets.  And I tried a kind of cool shot with a spider but it did not turn out as I wanted it too.  I am hoping that this will be a possibility with the new camera.


Moose is on the floor beside me.  He has been constantly by me since going to the vet.  I want to get my bicycle out and start going up and down the street. Yesterday was just too hot by the time I got the idea in my head.  Today might be a good day to start that.  Once I finish this I think I’ll tool on out to the garage and make sure the tires and such are in working order.  If they are then once Chris is awake and situated I will throw a leg and pedal for a bit.  I need to change things up.  And it is good practice for riding the motorcycle.

I’ll share two more pictures from yesterday as well.  Thanks so much for reading!  Stay safe!

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Dreams Then Poof! Not

Have you ever been woken up from a deep sleep dream and been really confused as to where you were for a bit after you got up?  That’s where I am this morning.  Essie woke me up and I had no idea where I was at first.  As a matter of fact I still feel a bit loopy.  So I apologize if this seems all over the place.

I’m glad a was dragging my feet about making puppy treats as I will have to cut out our go to peanut butter and oatmeal one for Moose.  I have a few other recipes I can use.  Most of the stuff the kids like are no longer on the menu.  I am grateful that Moose likes frozen veggies since he can have those.  His new food is very expensive at the cheapest places ($95 for 27.5lbs (12.4 kg)).  I am very grateful that the vet gave us the food.

I did upgrade the site so I can start posting some photos again.  I am looking forward to that.  I also decided to get myself the camera.  I am scared now because I got something for me.  What if I need the money for something else in the future?  I can’t let myself enjoy the moment and learn something new?  Something I need to work on.  Something good happens and I seem to automatically find the bad.  If I do it.  If someone else does it for me then the burden of making a mistake is no longer mine so I relax.

But I will share a few photos today.  I have been able to get some cool shots with the phone camera.  I am excited to see what I can get with the new one.  It should get here on Tuesday.  I will share pics of that probably Wednesday.  Lol.  Meanwhile I will wrap this up and show off some photos. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Considering Options

I was proud to see my state mentioned under peaceful protests this morning.  The police in Flint, MI actually joined in the peaceful protest yesterday.  Hopefully something good will come of that.  The day has dawned with full sun and bird song.  Cliché but there it is.  The kids have been rotating in and out.  Right now Stella and Moose are in with Essie out.  Stella has been out pretty much since they finished breakfast.  Once I am finished with this I will be moving the plants out.  I think (with the exception of a few plants) I will be leaving them out for now 24/7.  The nights look to be warming enough that it should be comfortable for them.

Today is the first day of June.  That is also the first day of summer for most of us in our heads.  So much will be going on from here on out.  I find myself making daily lists to keep track of everything.  Meetings to cover, vet appointments (please let this be the last for a while!), things to do around the house, places I need to check in at.  With life seemingly coming to a standstill one day looks very much like the last.  I can understand why retirees have problems keeping track of appointments and such.  I set an alarm on my phone to remind me when I have a meeting to cover otherwise I would probably just roll on with my night and forget to attend the meeting on Zoom.  Truthfully if I did not have the time and date on my electronics I would be lost.  Even calendars don’t help when you don’t have a clue.  Speaking of which I need to switch all the calendars today.

I am contemplating on upgrading this site so that I can post more photos.  I really think some of them are good and would like your opinion but the free account won’t let me add any photos even if I deleted some of what I have.  The only way will be to pay for it.  I probably won’t use most of the other “upgrades” although I should probably look them over if I do this and learn to use them.

I am still torn on whether or not to get a camera.  I have Mom’s old Cannon but it is near impossible to find film and get it developed anymore.  Atleast it is here.  And I want to try to capture things as I see them.  Not as the i-phone sees them.  And if I practice I might even be able to get paid to take my photos.  Not to toot my own horn too loudly but some of the stuff I have managed to do with the phone camera is pretty damn good.  If I can get a real camera then I am excited to see what I could accomplish.  Then there is the laptop.  I want to replace it because it is old enough that I can’t get a useable current copy of WordPerfect.  I need a newer computer for that.  And I really do need to get a word processor on my laptop.  Simple things like word counts (I count my articles by hand still) and being able to send things to editors and keep track would be a godsend.  But I need to take care of Moose and the Jeep first.  I don’t know how much the Jeep is going to cost to fix.  Hell I don’t even know what is wrong yet.  I know the problems it is having but not the causes.  So I sit on my hands some more.

I need to get things going so I can get through my to do list.  I hope you have a great day!  Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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Hitting the Line

I think things finally hit home last night.  By 7:30pm I was ready for bed.  I’d talked to both my parents and I was able to finally file for unemployment.  Other things happened that I was trying to process.  But by 7:30 I was done.  I didn’t even read in bed.  Lights out I was done.  I woke up at 11pm with a full blow panic attack.  I finally took some sleep medication because it just kept getting worse.  I would calm my mind on one topic and it would find another equally freaky topic to get my anxiety up about.  (It is trying to do that now.)  I slept around 12 hours.  I feel a bit better mentally but I still know there may be more to go through today.

We woke up to a bad frost and a dusting of snow this morning.  It is supposed to get up to 50F (10C) today.  If it does we may be out in the yard so I can try to get atleast one of the raised gardens cleaned out.  I only have a third of one right now.  I need atleast one to get the garden started for food stuffs.  If the weather stays like this I’m not sure what to do.  The kids need to play even if I’m not up to it mentally.

I didn’t do anything once I was able to get my unemployment taken care of.  Chris was up not long after that.  I think I called Mom.  Hang on… Moose was having a nightmare and crying in his sleep.  I had to go and love on him.  Well the laptop has informed me that I an almost out of battery.  Apparently in my excitement for attaining the unemployment access I forgot to plug in the laptop to charge.  And my typing has gotten bad.  I am going back and fixing mistakes as I go way too much.  So I am going to stop back from this for today.  I hope everyone is staying safe.  Thanks for reading.  I hope you have a great day!

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A Bit of Positive

It’s funny how I can go to sleep happy and looking forward to the next day but when I wake up I have no positive going on.  Part of it is all the latest in the news.  I think I wake up and my subconscious is like, “How bad is it gonna be today in the world?” so I am very blah.  Moose has an upset tummy (I listened to it through the night the poor guy) and hasn’t eaten.

I am proud to announce that I will be doing a bi-weekly column in the paper on things to do while you are stuck at home.  It’s only to be 250 words but I can put  lot of information in that.  I am very grateful for this because it looks like the meetings have been all cancelled until May.  That it a huge cut for me since that paycheck pays my car payment and the motorcycle insurance.  So I am going to be doing a mad scramble.  I will need to get cracking and see what I can write and get out there ASAP.  All that aside I am very excited to do the articles because there is so much you can still do at home!  I am writing about things to do online as well as things for those that might not have online access or just want to step away from it for a bit.  So I have some virtual tours as well as ideas for puttering around the house.  So far I have four pages of ideas.  I need to figure out how to present them all.  Themes?  A how-to-do-it one for each idea (one online and one at home)?  I don’t know yet.  I want to sit down with the list today.

I surprised myself with the whole thing.  I pitched it to my editor as something someone could do, not necessarily me.  I thought since everyone would be reading the paper more it might be a good idea to include a little something like that.  I was told it was a good idea if I wanted to run with it.  (I have to admit I did let out a yelp when I read that.)  I immediately sat down and came up with a bunch of ideas.  An within half an hour I had written the article and sent it in.  THAT really surprised me.  I wasn’t sure if they wanted it for this weeks paper or not but I cranked it out an sent it in.  So I will let you know if I sent it in in time for it to make it into this week’s issue.

I should probably wrap this up and try focusing on my other writing.  I should also send out some queries to magazines and such to see about getting other stuff out there.  Wish me luck!  Thanks for reading!  I hope you and yours are safe and have a great day!

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Future Plans and Immediate Goals

I had my blog topic last night when I fell asleep.  Apparently I left the idea somewhere in my dreams.  Last night I binge watched Netflix’s F1 series since the second season has been released and I am in need of a racing fix.  I did save two or three episodes for today.  Maybe two.  That made for F1 dreams as well.  I couldn’t tell you anything else about my dreams other than they involved F1.  Good times!

I managed to finish reading about three books yesterday at work.  And pull together a to do list for myself.  I forgot to bring my phone charger so I didn’t do much with my phone to pass the time.  So today the plan is to atleast get on Goodreads and update all the books I finished and rate them.  I want to do a review of each if I can (not all today).  I also have my pile of books that I want to write a review for (unpaid so it will go on here and Amazon as well as Goodreads).  So I will be kept busy.  I also need time with my novel.  I have been neglecting it trying to get my review book read.

Another thing I want to do is sit down and make a list of my goals, both long term and short term.  I need to set something up so that I am not floundering about what to do next and how to get where I want to be.  My very own treasure map if you will.  Once that has been put down on paper I will have something to reference when the going gets tough.  And to just check up on myself once in a while.

I need to fill my propane for work and get kibble today.  I will probably take the kids with.  Will I take all the donation stuff today or tomorrow after work on the way to Mom’s?  I’m still not sure.  I will pass the place both days so six one half dozen the other.  I will wait to go until Chris gets up though.  I know it will be loud when we get back and I will have 50lbs of kibble to bring in and there is no really quiet way to do that.  All three dogs need to make sure the bag is ok before I can set it down.  Lol.

I am out of coffee in my mug and I need to get moving and get some of this writing done.  Thanks so much for reading!  Have a great day!

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Dreams and Games

I had a dream I was running way late for work (that last 30 minutes before the alarm went off) and now I am.  Weird dreams from my past mixing with the present.  Weird is the right word.  Oh well.  I did come up with a cool tattoo for the next time the local tattoo parlor is having one of those Friday the 13th specials (you get a tat for $13).  Since they only do smaller ones I thought (for those of you familar with Stephen King and It) A small red balloon.  So I did get something useful out of my weird dreams this morning!

Yesterday because sunny and warm as the day progressed.  We had the door open and toys were tossed and dogs chased.  By the time we got to dinner I felt like someone just flipped my off switch.  I was just suddenly exhausted.  But the kids had a fun day.  We did a LOT of tug-of-war and tossing of toys.  I even got a big scene in the novel written before Chris got up.  Mom and I had a good chat.  She hadn’t played solitare with cards in so long she wanted to make sure she had the game right.  Which got us talking about canasta, card decks we have, backgammon, 31 (don’t ask, I just know that it is some kind of card game) and… nuts.  I can’t remember the last card game.  But it was kind of fun.  I will probably be printing up various game rules for her over the next week.

Everyone has gone back to sleep.  Today is rather scary at work.  The last of the personal property goes out today.  The only thing that will be left at the lot are four vehicles.  To my knowledge no one else has been hired.  So I am just counting down my days I guess.  I don’t want to have to find another job.  But since I still have this one I need to get moving.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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Post Mardi Gras

I slept so hard the alarm woke me up this morning.  That almost never happens!  But it has been a good and busy week for me so I am not surprised.  That and I was dreaming that I met Vincent Price and we were sharing some new beer.  Good times!

Yesterday’s meeting lasted almost 2 1/2 hours.  It was interesting but my tummy kept rumbling.  Fortunately no one noticed.  Once I got him I got half the article written and then spent a little time with Chris before he left for work. Once he left I got the article finished and sent out.  Which is good.  Now today I can focus on my reviews and my novel.  Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to warm the trailer up at work.

The kids are all curled up asleep.  Poor Essie work with an upset tummy.  She has been gurgling all morning and won’t eat.  Hopefully she will feel better by dinnertime.  If not I have tomorrow off so I will be with her.

I am looking forward to doing my thing at work.  I have all my goodies packed in my bags so I have everything I need.  I even have some books on writing to help inspire.  I may have some company though.  Glenn called and chatted yesterday.  We haven’t seen each other since before Christmas.  And we live in the same town!  Tells you how much I get out!  But he may stop by with some coffee so we can chat.

I need to get myself together.  Thanks for reading !  I hope you have a great day!

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Goals and Meeting Them

Tomorrow is our anniversary.  28 years.  But since we both work we will celebrate it today.  Steaks are coming up to room temperature for later.  The sun is out and there are no clouds in the sky.  This is a good thing.  That being said Moose won’t fall back asleep.  He is moping around.  I’m not sure what is wrong.  He’ll just sit and watch me.  Sometimes I can pet him.  Other times he walks away and sits down and just looks at me some more.  I’m not sure what I did.

Yesterday was a productive writing day.  I got more done on the work in progress as well as a short story started.  The Universe must’ve heard me too because I got my current issue of Writer’s Digest in the mail as well as my latest book to review (which is soooo good!).  Today’s goals are to read more in the review book, go through my two new writing magazines and try to get a little further in the novel (I guess that is what the work in progress is turning out to be).  Outside of writing I need to try to figure out what is wrong with Moose and try to spend equal time with everyone (extra with Chris).

I am going to “water” my orchid for the first time today.  I don’t know what they “watered” her last at the store but the dirt seems dry so I will give it a go. Incase you were wondering why “watered” it is because the directions say to put 6 ice cubes in the pot and walk away. It seems mean to put ice cubes in a pot for a plant in the middle of winter. That and I was always told orchids were very temperamental so it seems like something it would not like. But (again according to the directions) this orchid is supposed to be extremely easy to care for. Sooooooo ??????

My coffee needs refilling, my writing needs to get written and my Moose needs my attention (I’m being stared at again). Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!