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One Thing and Another

This morning it is just Archie and I on the love seat. I just looked outside and it seems to have changed from rain to snow outside. I just hope the snowfall doesn’t thicken until after I get to work. I don’t like driving in the dark as it is. Blinding snow will not help.

I think pretty much everything in the fridge either has going bad or is bad. The fridge has been limping along for a bit. Things just aren’t staying cold. The freezer is keeping things frozen for the most part. I’m not sure what we will do. Christmas is right around the corner and there are still gifts to buy. I need to replace the other set of brakes on my car as well.

I don’t know if I missed a meeting last night or not. There was nothing in their Facebook page (they list the meetings every week with times and dates). I called to verify and was told next week was the meeting. But when I looked at their transcript for last month’s meeting it said the meeting was scheduled for last night. I sent an email to my editor to let her know the situation. I guess we’ll see next week!

I need to wrap this up. I am hoping to remember everything I have going tomorrow as well…. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Shuffling the Holiday Cheer Around

The winds have been blowing since yesterday. The power has gone out and come back on. We got a little of the promised rain last night but with the temperature drop what precipitation we get will be snow. We are also under a winter storm advisory. Things are starting to get interesting.

Yesterday found me all over the place. I did get most of my running done but I got home a few hours later than I hoped. Mom and I spent time chatting over coffee at her place then we went out to lunch. We both had a very good time. Times like this I wish she lived closer. She needs to get out more than just to the senior center and the store.

I have also agree to add two more articles for the paper this month. I asked if they wanted someone to cover the Kids Christmas this weekend and Santa is coming to the Village Market on the 19th. They said yes. So I will be covering both along with photos. I enjoy doing articles with photos. So Sunday after work I will buzz over to the park and do my thing. I need to remember to bring my camera to work. The event starts at 1pm so I will have missed the first hour. I am tempted to ask is the night shift manager would mind coming in early so I can get there when it starts. I would like to get some photos of Santa arriving. I will talk to her today when I go in. I also need to drop off the stuff I got yesterday from Mom and my friend for the event.

Despite having two days off I have not touched my novel. Part of me is angry with myself but then there is the feeling that there is something cooking with it. That is needs to be left alone for right now. So I am not going to beat myself up for not working on it. I am going to trust the process.

I need to figure out a way to make sure I don’t forget my extracurricular activities. I get so much going and then I will get lost in the daily regular projects and completely forget the extras. Like I need to draw names for the Secret Santa at work today. Which reminds me, I should bring something to draw from. A Santa hat or some such. I could bring a stocking. That also reminds me that I need to get a stocking for Archie (I kept saying Moose in my head). This is why I have tons of lists all over the place..

I ought to wrap this up. My mind is whirling with things that I need to do. I did not get any new photos yesterday so it will be some repeats. Sorry about that. I hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Deciding What Matters

We got up much earlier than I anticipated. But that is ok. I feel the need for my quiet time before the world wakes up. The pups have been fed and are off and on behind me sleeping (Archie has been up and down, I think he gets too warm up there with Stella). The morning is overcast and the temperature seems to be dropping. It is creeping ever closer to freezing. And I am ok with that today. I have today and tomorrow off but one of those two days I need to do some running. I have to go to Kalkaska to get some winter headbands to donate to the local Christmas event and Mom asked if I would stop by. I am feeling a bit exhausted and really want to stay hunkered in at home. So I am debating about going today (which leaves all day tomorrow to stay home) or tomorrow (which means no “day of rest” before my workweek starts). I am thinking tomorrow. I need to get my new boots treated so that they will be protected from all the mess I will be walking through over the winter. Once I get them cleaned and get the Sno-seal on they have to sit for a bit before I wear them.

I am also feeling the need to write today. I try to write every day but on those days when the mood hits I try to make an extra effort. And since the kids are snoozing that will make it a bit easier. I will probably pull out a few research books and read as well.

Things were slow enough at work that I put up the Christmas decorations. Only to find out that the closing shift manager had planned to do it that night. She wasn’t too happy with me. But if no one says anything then I am not a mind reader! I thought it would be a nice surprise for the store manager since he loves Christmas. Thursday will begin our nonstop Christmas music. Atleast it is not for several months in a row. Just a few weeks.

The family spent some quality time together last night. We had an amazing dinner while we binge watched “Wednesday” on Netflix. We agree that they did an amazing job with it. We both grew up with the original “Addams Family” and “The Munsters” tv programs. They did it justice and did not make it woke. It was modernized but still very true to the original. I highly recommend it!

If I am going to do some writing I ought to get cracking. Once our day gets going I will pass out bones. Archie seems to be doing better now that we have them again (the guys in the meat department ordered a whole box for me and it did arrive… originally we couldn’t find it, so I have enough bones for a few weeks). I also bought a bunch of turkey wings they were getting rid of. My goal is to make turkey soup from scratch. So I will need to get that big stock pot going soon as well. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A Little Bit of Everything

Here we are at our usual dark o’clock Sunday morning time! Stella is beside me on the love seat and Archie is chewing a bone. I don’t know if today will be very busy at work. Yesterday certainly wasn’t with the exception of the two hours when everyone woke and did the mad dash to get stuff before the Michigan/Ohio game. I managed to get a lot done. Unfortunately that mean that all three of my carry outs were looking for something to do. It came down to having them clean shelves aisle by aisle. I have no idea if the night manager continued that or not.

Yesterday was also a time of reconnecting with old friends. I had several friends I’d not seen or talked to reach out yesterday. Some stopped by the store while others called or messaged. It was nice to catch up with everyone.

The pups went for their first walk together. I just took them out on the property but they both did really well (despite having to constantly keep the leashes from entangling). They both had harnesses on and I got shorter leads for both of them out. It was a beautiful day out.

I should probably wrap this up. Hopefully Archie stays out of trouble while I am gone. Yesterday he got into a plant and destroyed it while Chris was in the other room. I hope you have an maxing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe! (I’ll try to get some new photos to share over the next few days.)

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This morning has started in a funk. I didn’t sleep well, anxiety woke me several times. Reading the news did not help. Mostly negative stuff. Both pups are behind me asleep. They cuddle well together. Stella struggles some days because Bear is so very present. She can’t go anywhere without him wanting to follow (much like Stella did to Essie when Stella first arrived).

Today is Thanksgiving and we are due to have company later. I am pretty sure that both are phones will be busy with well wishes for the holiday from friends and family alike. I am just feeling very blah about it all. Trying to talk with either of my parents has become very frustrating. Whenever I send Dad a text and email (I always send both) to ask if he wants to Facetime I either get no response at all or several days later he asks when do I want to talk. Even when I put the date that I am sending it on there. Mom. Mom is frustrating to talk to because she is in her own little world. She has the tv blaring in the background whenever we talk. Talking to her the simple becomes difficult. She has problems understanding a simple explanation or grasping a simple concept. She will laugh at things that I am serious about thinking the situation is funny. Texting isn’t any easier. I try to be patient. I really do. Even when they get upset with me because I don’t talk for very long (they forget that I am still working full time etc).

I feel guilty typing all this but today it is how I feel. I can only do so much. I try to take care of everyone as best I can. I fall short a lot I know. But I do try.

I don’t have any new photos to share. So I will have to go back through my library on here and pull up a few to share. Sorry this has been a bit of a downer post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Doing a Bit of Planning

I did get up earlier this morning. Around 8am. But I was in bed by 6:30pm. I felt decent when I got up but, as the day wore on I felt worse and worse. So I hunkered down in bed and read. I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 8pm. I may have been asleep even before that. But I am up and ready to try again!

Poor Archie Bear is trying hard to adjust to our schedules. Both pups are on the love seat behind me. Archie is ready to get his day started once he has eaten his breakfast. Unfortunately that just means he can run around outside for as long as he wants but he has to be quiet once he comes back in. And he tries to be quiet but once he gets going on a bone (it seems to be his morning toy of choice) all bets are off. He is learning the words “shhhhh” and “quiet” though.

Stella is curled up in a wad of blankets wearing her hoodie. I still need to size Archie Bear for his. I am dragging my feet for two reasons. 1. He really doesn’t seem to get cold when he is outside. He goes tearing through the yard playing. 2. He is still growing. With as big as he is at 6 months old I’m not sure how big he will get. I know we will go through several collars.

Oof. Bear has draped himself over my left arm. So I am trying to type this one handed. I want to figure out who we are getting gifts for this year. And I have pulled together a Secret Santa pool at work. And I am doing a horror Secret Santa thing as well. I almost forgot. I have ideas for all of it but I need to organize myself. And do I want to send out cards this year? If I am doing that then I need to start getting addresses. (Since I seem t be going whole hog here, if you want a card too send me your address and I will do my best to get one out to you!)

I need to wrap this up. I don’t have any new photos to share. It is warming up and the snow melt just looks messy. I will share some older ones and try to get some fresh photos for tomorrow. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Crazy Makes Crazy

I don’t know who I am more disappointed in, Mother Nature or the Weather Channel. My phone went all red last night with storm warnings. We were supposed to get all this snow etc. we barely got dusted. Up to a foot of snow was the prediction.

I am sitting here falling asleep as I write this. I got to bed at a decent time but my body is playing catch up still. So it just feels like there is never enough. Just a few more days and I will have a mini vacation. I am taking Monday through Thursday off next week. Hopefully my content on here will improve. Both pups are out here with me. I am looking forward to having family time next week.

I am doing more at work as I seem to have inherited the various Red Bull reps that have been coming. Red Bull is now distributing their own product instead of relying on a second party. There have been several while they try to get everything started and get a feel for this new addition to their work. The current rep is very nice and very ambitious. He wants to add all kinds of things. I have been helping where I could but I now seem to be the middle man with him and various people in management. He kept me busy the last portion of my day.

Speaking of that I just looked at the clock and I need to get my backside in motion. I have more stuff waiting for me at work and who knows what they weather is going to be like. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Bright In the Dark

The struggle is real my friends. I am struggling to function. I have fallen asleep several times while trying to do this. Both pups want to go back to bed but are staying up with me. I am grateful.

Yesterday was a success at home and at work. At home the pups were angels while I was at work. At work I managed to get everything but my price checking done. My liquor order came in and it had a bunch of my gift sets so I had to do some rearranging as well as putting new prices into the system. I got the beer cave filled and my back stock rearranged. as well as my cigarette order completed.

I was struggling to stay upright with my daytime cold medicine. I usually do the liquid gels but we only had the caplets so I went with them. Once again they made me sicker. I found myself struggling not to pass out as the medicine made me very lightheaded. The flip side is that without it I could get a tickle in my throat and start coughing uncontrollably at the drop of a hat. I did just that because I did not take my last does of the day. I just couldn’t.

One of the bright spots was one of my customers who makes his own jewelry gave me a beautiful glass capsule filled with opals.❤️ I just love it! I will try to get a photo of it at one point.

I see by the clock I need to get myself moving. A storm is supposed to roll through today. We’ll see how bad it gets. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Big BIG Changes

This will be a somewhat brisk and possibly garbled post. So much has gone on in the past 24 hours! I have given my notice at the paper. As much as I love my job there I just can’t give them the quality articles that they deserve. I have so much going on with all my new responsibilities at the store I am cramming my life into my two days off. And when (like today) one of those days off has two meetings that makes everything harder. Today will be crazy because yesterday we brought home a new family member. His name is Bear (we both keep calling him Moose on accident because he is so much like him). He is 6 months old. He is a very good boy and listens for the most part. He is actually very well behaved for his size and age (at 6 months he is the same size as Stella who is 5 years). I had forgotten about the meetings when the opportunity to get him came up. So I will run to Elk Rapids for the first meeting and then come back home to hopefully a happy family (Chris and Stella are still in bed… Bear won’t sleep in bed so around 6am I came out here to sleep on the couch with him because he was crying). I don’t know what he will do on his own. We have a cage set up for him for when we are both gone (that will be later tonight when I go to my second meeting). But you see what I mean? my life is just getting so busy that I have to let somethings go. I sent an email to both the newspaper owner and my editor. I said I would work through the rest of the year but after the first of January I would be done. I haven’t heard anything yet.

Bear (I keep calling him Moose… sigh) is wandering checking things out again. He has pulled out most of the bones from their toy box. He and Stella seem to be getting along well. He is a bit too busy for her sometimes. And a bit too much in her business. But no fighting or anything. And I need to get this posted. Posts this week are apt to be a bit crazy so I apologize now. I will get photos of everyone today (hopefully). Sorry about no pics today. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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What Just Hit Me?

I am hoping that this is just a really bad cold. I can’t call in because there is no one to cover my shifts. I would give a lot to have the next few days off but it’s not gonna happen. I didn’t sleep much despite being tired. My body just aches to the point of hurting. Stella has been very patient and stayed by my side pretty much all day yesterday. This morning she is behind me on the love seat under a blanket.

Despite feeling crappy I did get some things done around the house. I caught up on dishes and I got my plants watered. I was going to try to clean the mouse cage out but I just ran out of energy. I won’t be able to tackle it until I get home from work tomorrow. I need to get the turtle cage and snake cage done as well. Those will have to be different days.

I tried to go through my media on here yesterday but I did not get very far. I underestimated the emotional toll of going through all my photos. I did as much as I could. So that will be another project for another day. Even if I do it once a week. I tried working on my novel but I did not get very far. I ended up with a lot of notes in my journal. Atleast it is something.

This week’s liquor order was very small. The lion’s share was not available from my one distributor. I mean nothing was available from them. I have no idea what is going on with them. This isn’t the first time either. I am going to sit down with the store owner and see what he thinks. That won’t be until Friday though. I still might shoot him a text. I might call the distributor as well to see what is up.

I suppose I will get this posted so I can try to get ready for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!