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The Wall of Truth

It’s gonna be a long day and I really don’t want to be a part of it. These nine and ten hour days dealing with the public short staffed is wiping us all out. I am fried. No sleep because once I got to bed a storm rolled through for the next few hours and I had two freaked out Pittys to try to comfort as I fought the medication that was making me tired to take care of them. And then I’m back up at 8am to be to work by 10am.

I have tomorrow off. I plan to get groceries after work so I can stay home Saturday. I’m so tired on my days off I don’t want to do much of anything let alone make an effort to communicate with the outside world. (Side note… I have the sliding glass door open for the girls and our resident chipmunk just stepped in to say hi.)

My mind is drawing a blank as to what to write next. The birds are singing away. The skies are overcast but the temperature is rising. Weather-wise it is very comfortable. Both girls have gone back to bed.

I can never seem to take my medication on time. I always miss one or more doses. I do take them as soon as I realize. I have alarms set to remind me now. That being said my alarm for tomorrow morning’s pill is going to be turned off. I’m not getting up to an alarm. I will take the medicine when I get up. If I am up at that time all well and good. If I get up to an alarm I won’t be able to get back to sleep at all. And I desperately need a good night’s sleep. Several actually.

I’m going to wrap this up so I can head to work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

I forgot to share a bit of happiness the other day. Remember way back in February when I decided to do the penpal thing? I got two penpals, one in the States and one in England. I wrote to both but I only got a response from the on in the States. I figured she had changed her mind or my letter made her think she didn’t want me for a penpal. WELL! I got a letter from her! 😲❤ I got an oversized envelope with some tourist maps and such as well as a since little card filled with writing front and back. (I find it interesting that both my penpals use blank cards whereas I use plain lined paper.) She seems to be a very nice person. She is a teacher and had been extremely busy with all the online learning/teaching for the past few months. The pamphlets she sent are of the area her Mom lives (massive gardening area) and where she lives. Both places look beautiful! I am so excited! I remember having penpals as a kid. I loved it! And when I was moving around in my 20s my parents and I would send this long missives to each other every week. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

I really would like to stay home today and just try to relax. I slept pretty hard last night. I was just going to try the new medication but I was beginning to hurt too much. We we soooo busy yesterday! If I wasn’t ringing on a register then I was helping out in the deli. The deli has been short staffed for several nights now and they have even busier than the checkouts most days with everything that needs to be done. So I go back when I can to help when I am manager. Tonight I am just a cashier. A mixed bag tonight.

Since I am stuck on my novel I have gone through my library and picked out a book on creativity hoping that I will loosen the grip of the mental block I have. I also discovered that I love my library! I spent a bit just looking through all the various books I have and I would get them all again. It’s like walking into a place that has all your favorite books. And I can reach back into each time when I got those various titles and be right there all over again. I love my books!❤

Stella is asleep on the couch and Essie is in and out. I heard some rustling earlier and I look out to see the girls chasing each other through the yard while playing hide and seek. Silly pups! I’m so proud of how they have adapted!

I should get going. I will need a little time to upload the photos and it will depend on how much space I have. I might need to go back and thin out the photos from posts past! I hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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So What’s Going On?

And here we are in the early morning again. Sigh. Why you ask? Because a coworker has to take her granddaughters to school at 8am and she is scheduled to work at 7am. So I said that I would go in and work a few hours for her so she could do that. Then I will do a little running before going home for a few hours then coming back to be closing manager at 1pm. Hopefully I will be sleeping til my regular time the rest of the week.

So the MRI was yesterday morning and I received a call a few hours later asking me to call. After a little bit of phone tag I finally got to talk to a nurse. Apparently I have arthritis and a severely pinch sciatica nerve. I have another muscle relaxer to pick up after my first shift (I am expected to take both muscle relaxers every eight hours despite the fact that they make me go to sleep) and they are contacting a pain clinic in Traverse. Apparently I am getting some kind of shot. Hopefully it works better than the cortisone shot I had to get for my shoulder. It hurt to get it but did absolutely nothing for the pain. I am also nervous as it is in my spine so…

I called the paper and asked if someone else could take my meeting last night. They found someone who could. I thanked them both. I was gong to call my parents but in the end I just spent time with the girls. I fell asleep twice outside I have been so tired. But after my naps I did feel a little better. The girls and I watched “National Lampoon’s European Vacation” and then “Goonies.” It was my first time seeing “Goonies” and I had fun with it.

Nuts. I just looked at the clock and I need to get rolling. Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day! Be safe!

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Sleepless In Michigan

Once again I am struggling with the early morning hours. I got my MRI for the morning thinking I would have the rest of the day. But I am so very very tired… I literally fell asleep while going through posts this morning. I’m not much better now. Part of it is that I stayed up so I could spend time with my family. Not late but enough that my lack of sleep from the night before has seriously caught up with me.

Yesterday the back got to the point I was going to be immobile. My leg would not work after a spasm (and my back was spasming a lot) and we were busier than all get out. It was just two of us from 7am until 10am and we had lines most of the time. There was no one in the deli til then either so I did a few orders in between waiting on customers. Everyone was very nice though. My coworkers were awesome. By the end of the shift I was miserable and almost in tears. I almost couldn’t drive myself home.

Chris was a jewel and took care of me as best he could once I got home. We had steaks, corn on the cob and pasta salad for dinner. The girls were very good too. Essie followed me everywhere. I slept pretty well once I got to bed. I am limping again this morning but not as bad as last night. I have to be there by 8am for the MRI. I still have another…. 45 minutes before I have to go. Apparently I overestimated how long my morning routine would take. Both girls have eaten breakfast and gone back to bed.

My rock collection is growing through no fault of my own lol. One of my customers is a rock hound like myself and brings me stones from his various “therapy sessions’ as we call them (because just wandering in the woods or along the water looking for rocks is a great way to decompress). When I got out of work I had a small pile of rocks piled next to my car. It made me smile and grimace at the same time. I thought it was so sweet of him to do that but I also had to bend down and get them off the ground, something my body was loathe to do.

I should get going. I can use this extra time to take off my jewelry and such for the MRI. It will save time at the hospital. Hopefully we get the results soon. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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To Sleep or Not to Sleep

I am up before the sun. My alarm had been going for about 15 minutes before I heard it. fortunately I heard it. Poor Essie doesn’t know what to do. She was such a love and came out here with me and even ate her breakfast. But she is so very tired so she keeps going back to bed. Then coming out here to be with me. I am too blessed to have her!

So you may be wondering why I am up at such an ungodly hour. Honestly I am too. I am also wondering what Essie is now chasing outside. I am going to guess a deer going through our property. Anyway, I am up after a mere three? yes three hours… for work. One of my coworkers is coming in to place an order so he offered to show me what I need to do to open the store. And with everything that needs to be done (rugs put down, tills put in, etc) I thought it better to go in early since all that needs to happen before we open at 7am (which is what time I am scheduled to be there). I closed last night and got home around 9:30pm or so. Aaaaand you know that you can’t go right to bed. So after discussing or respective days I was still awake so I decided to watch a movie. And I was still awake. I was still awake when 1am rolled around. My body has quickly gone to night mode with closing pretty much all the time. Before I could stay up maybe an hour or two and be able to atleast get some sleep before getting up again. Ha ha ha says my brain! No more!

I look at the clock and see that time is passing quickly. It is almost time to get ready and get out the door. I don’t even have my first cup of coffee under my belt…😥🥱

I might have time to add a few photos. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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I am not feeling it this morning. I am tired and I hurt. My friend’s wake is today but I have to close to I can’t go. Today will be a long day regardless because it will be a 10 plus hour day for me. Then I will be back at 6:20am tomorrow morning to open the store (for the first time).

I did start writing a book review I said I would do on a recent purchase of mine. going through the book is amazing. It is well done and hard to put down. But I did find a wee discrepancy that just catches in my craw. One of the women covered in the book is married to another motorcycle racer. He is famous and raced in many venues, and won. However. Yes he did race as a fill in in MotoGP after the death of Marco Simoecilli but that was the only time he has raced that venue and he certainly has never won a championship there. The way the author has worded it this rider has won MotoGP championships. It’s just a small sentence. And it might be just that, improper wording. She did not mean to imply that he had won any championships in MotoGP. But as a lover of that venue of the sport it really irks me. So what I plan to do is send a private message to the author (we are friends on Facebook) trying to politely ask what she meant and then explain how it came across. The rest of the book is amazing! But that little discrepancy…. It’s like a small stone in my shoe that I cannot find and get rid of.

We have a new couch in the living room. The futon is gone sadly. I prefer it to the couch but it was time for a change. It had been broken by Minion many years ago so we could not fold it back up. But the couch is tall enough that it is blocking the AC unit. So that will be moved to another window so when it is on it cools more than the back of the couch. That being said it is nice to not have the AC on. It is cool enough not to need it but I prefer the quiet so I can hear the critters outside (there was a woodpecker hanging out on the porch watching me this morning) and I have the windows open to get the breeze.

I guess both the girls are feeling the way I do about today. Essie only ate a little of her breakfast. Stella ate nothing at all.

My rose bush is opening more and more blooms every day so I am trying to get photos every day. My outdoor plants seem to be doing well. I need to water them this morning yet. But they may be ok since it has cooled off. I will check them. But I do need to wrap this up so I can get going. I hope you all have a great day. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Too Much Is Just Enough

I am gonna pay for all I did yesterday but I am ok with that. I got so much in the yard and house done! It was a struggle sometimes to get the tasks completed but I did it. The house is vacuumed, floors swept, laundry done and put away, dishes done (first load put away), all the plants watered (inside and out), and I got the weed whacker out and cleaned around my faery rose bush, the memorial garden and around parts of the front yard (trees, porch, motorcycle pad and the mailbox). I got the girls’ medicine as well as groceries before Chris got up. Truthfully the only thing I disappointed myself on is my writing. I didn’t pick up my pen until just before bed. And that was only for two pages in my journal.

My rose bush out front is blooming! I have never had so many buds in the 20 years that we have been there! She seems to be reaching out in a double spiral with the plant at the center. There is also one pink rose bud. This plant usually had one big bloom and it is usually the colors of a sunrise. This year I have atleast 30 buds on the plant and all but one are a deep scarlet. The faery rosebush out back is just covered in buds too. I am just thrilled with all my plants this year!

Both girls were ready to get up at 8am this morning. I was shocked. Both came out of the bedroom with me. After breakfast they got their lovins from me and both have been outside ever since. I am enjoying the weather, heat and all, myself. I know a lot of people are miserable in it. But for once I am happy with it.

I have to pick up a big can of cheap beer for Chris to take with him tomorrow. It is our friend’s wake. I can’t go because I am closing manager and truthfully I don’t know if my back would let me do the long drive. So I will send some of his favorite beer and my love.

It will be hard to pick out photos for today. I was busy with both cameras at some points. The poor dogs kept following me as I’d go back and forth either changing my lenses or exchanging my Nikon for the phone camera. But I will pick a few to share and get this posted. Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a great day! Stay safe!

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Riding the Slide

They always say that the third day is the worst. And this time it is. I can barely walk but I need to do my running today. Just two places but I don’t really want to go anywhere. I was asked to work tonight but I said I couldn’t. Some good news though. I have an MRI scheduled at 8am Monday morning. Hopefully this means that I will find something out soon. My inner cranky person says, “Watch, it will be just like the other tests and come back with nothing wrong!” Sigh…

I did get some seeds planted yesterday. I need to water the inside plants today. Mother Nature took care of the outside plants last night. Thankfully the storm was early evening so I was able to be awake with the girls. They actually took things better than normal. At one point Essie was asleep.

I got some really good photos yesterday…. YAY! I just glanced over at my orchid and the third bloom has opened!!!!! ❤❤❤❤ I will share a photo. I was going to try to get up to see part of the eclipse this morning but in the end it was just too much. I wanted to take picture but I needed a special filter so it didn’t mess up my camera. I found some ways to make homemade filters but it just didn’t work out so I turned off my alarm and stayed in bed.

Something strange… my laptop has informed me that I have an Amazon package arriving today. I have ordered nothing. But my bunny that I ordered several months ago should be arriving Saturday! I am sooo excited for this crazy bunny! I’ll share photos when I get it as well.

I don’t know what to do today once I get home. It is weird having two days in a row off. I am used to having to cram everything into one day. I still have housework that needs to be done. Maybe that will be today’s goal. I need to spend time on my novel. Crap. I still need to finish the novel I am beta reading. I feel like such a bad person right now over that. So much has been going on but how many times could I have made an effort and just forgot about it. Note to self: don’t volunteer for that again!

Well I need to wrap this up and get my running done. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Hiding Out

My heart aches as I write this. I found out last night that we lost a dear friend in an accidental fire. I Don’t want to be awake at this ungodly hour nor do all the things that I am slated to do today. Stella kept barking at things until I finally yelled at her to stop. That was around 2am. I was asleep by 11pm. Chris got home at 3:30am. I have been awake since 6am.

There is so much to do today. The meeting, work (I am going in a little early to water the plants for a coworker)…. Work is going to be interesting. I am on my own in the deli from 2:30pm on today. I got that little bomb dropped on me when I went in yesterday. I know that they are going to bust tail to have everything they can done for me but still… This whole being short staffed is starting to wear on us all. Everyone would rather stay home and get their free handouts rather than work. And to be fair you can earn more money staying home getting the handouts than if you go get a job. The whole thing is messed up.

I apologize for the less than happy words that seem to be pour out onto the page. I am just exhausted mentally and physically. Hopefully the next tow days will help me get into a better frame of mind. I did get some beautiful sunset photos that I will share. And Essie is feeling better. She ate all of her dinner and most of her breakfast. I am grateful for that. Thanks for reading and all your wonderful comments! Stay safe!

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What Just Happened?

Yesterday was in no way what I intended to do. I did get the outdoor plants watered (several times because it was so very very hot out) but that was it. I had planned to lay out. Nope. During the first round of watering the plants we had an unexpected visitor come over. So I woke Chris and we all spent time catching up. When our friend left I was trying to pick up the house a little and I hear “Oh God!” from the living room and all I see is that Essie has collapsed and it twitching. I come running and trying not to freak out. (Essie had not eaten breakfast nor would she drink any water.) From then on I watched her like a hawk. Which turned out to be fairly easy as she was following me around all day. Maybe around 5pm or 6pm I managed to get her to let me put a cool washcloth on her (she hates baths and getting wet in general). She slept a lot. I stayed in the house most of the day. No writing got done because I was too worried about Essie. I finished reading the Tony Hillerman I had been taking to work. I started reading about old New Orleans (I didn’t do any research books because I knew I would not retain much). Late last night a little before bed I got Essie to eat a few strips of beef (think beef cut for stir fry) and she did drink a little water.

Mom was blowing up my phone texting what I should do for Essie as was another friend. Since Essie was resting comfortably I said thank you to both of them via text (they were both calling and texting) and shut off my phone. It was just too much. I know they meant well. But I knew they would be hurt no matter what I said if I did not follow their instructions. I would be a bad Mom. So I gave updates to everyone this morning. Mom will probably be mad at me for a few days. Oh and I guess she tripped and fell about halfway down the stairs again. So.

I have a meeting tomorrow morning that I have to drive to. I am terrified that I will forget it with everything going on. Ok, I just set an alarm to get up at 7am and another for 8:30am so I can be out the door. I don’t know if I should dress for work or not. I think I will have enough time to come home to change.

So yeah…. I read and (thank you Chris) I watched several horror movies that I have wanted to see on HBOMax. Nothing else got done. It was better for my back to be sure. But there is still that sense of frustration from not get what I had planned done. So this morning I will try to get some writing done on the novel. To that end I will get this posted with a few photos. Thanks for reading and stay safe!