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Let the Busyness of Living Commence!

I sit here nursing my first big mug of coffee for the day. I look across the room at my little tiller that I need to finish putting together. I got it out of the box and everything laid out when Mom called last night. She cancelled for today. I am a bit upset because I raised a bit of a stink because I requested the day off and did not get it. Then a coworker offered to work it for me so I could spend the day with Mom. However I cannot message that coworker and offer to take my shift back because I said I would go and pick a friend/coworker up at the airport a 3:30pm today. So I will try to give Mom a call before I leave for the airport (Mom sleeps late and probably won’t see the message I sent her until well after noon).

Stella is asleep on her back on the couch. When she stretches all four legs go straight up in the air and the paws come together. Then they all fall back and there is a big sigh. I know her ball is still on the bed so we’ll have to find something for her to play with in the meantime. If she even wants to play. She has been snoozing.

I am trying to figure out what to do with my day. Get the tiller put together and work on the novel top the list. I also need to pull my cold weather gear from the car. I am going to cross my fingers that I won’t need any of it. I also need to check on a friend to make sure she is doing ok. She has been in a bad place mentally and I try to check in with her atleast once a day. I also need to check in with both my parents, even if it is just messaging (I worry that if Mom and I start talking it will be several hours until we hang up now that I think about it). I also want to spend time with Chris since this is his one day off. I have tomorrow off but I have a meeting at 9am and another at 6:30pm. Oh and I need to write down that last Thursday’s meeting has been rescheduled to this Thursday before I forget. I also need to start cleaning the house if we are having people over on the 20th for the BBQ. Which also means I need to start looking seriously at picnic tables. And I need to plan the day as well as set money aside for the meat. I am asking people to bring a dish to pass. I might have a few sides just incase. I have a sign up sheet in the office but most of the we’ll be there’s have been verbal. So I need to write down how many people are coming so far.

I guess I ought to wrap this up and get it together. Stella has gotten off the couch and shaken herself to let me know I have spent enough time on this. She is ready for her attention now, lol. On that note I hope you all have an amazing day! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Learning and Loving

It is a good sign. The sun is out. It’s not exactly warm but it will have to do. I may take Stella out for a walk on the property, just to get her out of the house. I thought about taking her with for my tattoo but that will be a several hour process and I am pretty sure that she doesn’t want to be stuck in the car for that long.

I am hoping to enhance the final product of the tattooing by telling him that I plan to send a photo to both Kane Hodder as well as the magazine HorrorHound of the finished piece. Fingers crossed! 1:30pm is my appointment. I need to leave a few minutes early to go to an ATM to get the money out. I am both excited and apprehensive. I know that he has but a lot of time and effort into the flash work for this. (Flash work is the drawing the artist makes so you can see what is going to be tattooed on you. Usually this will be a general outline with as little or no detail as the artist chooses. This will also be the stencil that is used on the body for the piece.) And I know that he wants to go as big as he can to get in the detail on Kane’s face. But I just can’t spend $500 on a tattoo right now. That was the price for the size that he had drawn up. I about choked.

There is so much that I want to do and learn! I don’t know where to start! I was looking for a book I had gotten on local rocks (it seems to have grown legs and wandered off) and I see my dvds for photography, writing, yoga… Then there are all the research books I have. Archaeology, learning to write ancient Egyptian, learning Italian, learning Latin, learning French (a refresher for me since I had it in both high school and college, but I am very rusty). And don’t get me started on all the gardening and cooking books and magazines (mostly acquired from Mom)! There is just soooo much! Oh, and sailing. I forgot about that one. And guitar. I have a LOT of guitar stuff from previous classes. But you get the idea. There is so much that I am interested in and want to learn/learn about that I honestly don’t know where to start. Maybe I do. If I write everything on individual slips of paper and put them in a container, I can pull them out at random. Maybe spend a week working on whatever it is then put the slip back in the jar.

Yesterday was Stella’s Gotcha Day. I found her on the side of the road four years ago on that day. Today Essie has been gone 3 months exactly. I look on the table beside the laptop and I see my glass and silver heart box that I got at the resale shop the last time Linda and I were together. Moose’s scarf (that he always tried to shake off) is tied to my leather satchel. Good memories and bad this morning. I’m trying not to get bogged down by the bad. I have plenty to be thankful for and a big future ahead of me. Stella is sitting beside me telling me that there is love and attentions that need to be given at this moment. So I’d better wrap this up. I don’t have any new photos to share but I will share Stella’s Easter photo. I might even send it to Cadbury candy to see if she can be the next Cadbury bunny! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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It’s Here! It’s Here!

I feel like a deer in headlights this morning. I just wanted to keep sleeping. I could probably curl back up right now if I wanted to (and I do). The snow stopped not long after dark. We got a lot but with the strong winds it is hard to gage. I am torn about waking Chris. He asked me to wake him around 10:30am so he could plow the driveway before I went to work. I think I can make it out but if I get stuck then I will feel like an idiot. I will probably wake him….

I got all the muffins made yesterday. A dozen each of banana, strawberry and banana/strawberry. I took notes as I went. The freeze dried strawberries needed no extra anything for flavor. The bananas however I added cinnamon. Their flavor was just too subtle. But the whole thing is a work in progress. We’ll see what everyone thinks once I get to work.

I made the FedEx driver’s day, lol. I went running out in shorts, and tshirt and boots to meet him in the driveway. I also told him he was my hero. He had brought my much anticipated Scoobynatural box! I loved everything in it! There was a winter hat (it is a bit tight on my head and I have a small head), a sweatshirt with the Mystery Machine and Baby, two plastic plates with all the characters on them, a Scooby Doo dog tag charm, a pair of Scoobynatural socks, a stuffed killer dinosaur (it’s from the beginning of the episode), a really cool pen, a neat coin/chip with Dean on it and three buttons with various things from the episode on it. Well worth the wait!

I got a mess cleaned up in the bedroom too. My desk has a shelf underneath the table portion. Unfortunately the books and magazines I had on there became too heavy and it broke. I noticed this several weeks ago but never got around to it. I knew it would be more than just picking things up. And I was right. It was about a two hour project. But it is done and I even cleaned off the top of the desk (I have a bad habit if piling things on top and on the chair). The whole thing is useable again. The big thing was going through it all. It was a HUGE walk down memory lane for me. A few tears were shed.

I need to remember that I am covering the Kids’ Christmas Party at the park Sunday. (I can wear my Supernatual scarf and my new Scoobynatural hat!) I don’t know why I am so exhausted this morning. I even went to bed early. Tonight will be me coming home to feed the girls, shower and hop into bed. My alarm is set for 4:30am. That usually gives me enough time to do this before work. Another 6:15am Saturday. But I will get out at 2pm and I have Sunday off. So.

I had better wrap this up so I can post this before I get Chris up. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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Here, There and Everywhere

Have you ever been woken up in the middle of a dream and you can’t get you mind out of the dream space? That is me this morning. I got out of work early last night (yay! for team work) but we stayed up til our now usual time of 1am. I covered the girls up with blankets so that their eyes were covered too. Meanwhile I continued reading. I have pulled out a novel that I read many years ago but I remember nothing about, The Northbury Papers by Joanne Dobson. It is one of those academic cozy mysteries. (I have a soft spot for the academic world where you can do research and learn.) It is a well written novel.

As much as it sucked to have COVID I think the time off alleviated the swelling in my spine. My body aches like it has worked out, not like it is in pain. So I am hoping that I can maaaaybe start to exercise again. Working in the deli last night was a big deal for me physically. I didn’t have any of the usually problems that I had previously. We’ll see how today goes. I am going to spend some time in the kitchen as I need to make muffins with the freeze dried fruit for work. Some will have to be sampled here as well of course… 😁

Essie had me almost in tears last night. She got down off the couch after sleeping beside me for a while and her back legs would not work. She was all but dragging her back end. Things improved when she got going a bit but still. She thought she could jump on the bed (we have it on the floor) but she barely got her front paws on top. I know she is 11 years old but I am not ready to lose her. Moose’s one year anniversary is fast approaching. I can’t believe my baby boy has been gone a year already. But I cannot see me without my dogs.

It is starting to mist snow. The flakes are so fine it looks as though someone just blew a bunch of dust off of their hand. The wind seems to have died down. The other day snow devils were all over the place. In strong winds you expect a few but they were popping up everywhere you looked. I don’t have any new photos to share so I will save this and pull out my camera. I hope you have a fab day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Changes and New Adventures

The light was a weird grey orange when we woke up. It has since become grey. The snow has been steady so we will have a few more inches by midday. I have found a few new bloggers to read this morning. It has been interesting to read their stories. Some have been about heartbreak but most have been about new adventures.

I got Essie to eat this morning. She refused to eat last night. I told her when we got up that Momma just had one more shift to work and then I had a day off. I am grateful that I have nothing to do tomorrow. Atleast outside of the house. I do have muffins that I need to bake. I finally got the freeze dried bananas and strawberries so the plan is to make banana muffins, strawberry muffins and banana/strawberry muffins. I need to make sure I write down the recipe as I got that way if it turns out we can print it out for people to get when they purchase any of the freeze dried fruit. I am excited about it but at the same time I am going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Last night at work was chaotic. We have everything out of the coolers so that the floors can be redone. Despite signs directing people where to go it they are looking for things people still come and ask where this or that went to. As cold as it is some of the floors might not be done for several days because the sealant will take longer to cure. Equipment is going down in the deli too. Everything is going to be replaced soon (the owners are remodeling and replacing as much of the old equipment as they can). It’s like the machines know they are going to be replaced so they are going out on their own terms, lol. Since I work in the deli tonight I am not sure what I will be walking into. I know at one point we will be shutting the deli down for a remodel.

I am excited because my Supernatural box is supposed to arrive tomorrow. AND rumor has it that it will be filled with goodies from the Scoobynatural episode! Giggity! So I will have some fun photos to share on Friday! (Supernatural is a tv series that ran for 15 seasons. Most of us who have watched it love the series and the characters.)

I should probably wrap this up and get this posted. I’m not sure how long or short Saturday’s post will be. I am closing manager on Friday but I have to be back at 6:15am on Saturday morning. I hope you all have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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And Then There Was None

Well my friends, this morning is not the brightest for us. None of us wants to be up. We are all tremendously tired. Essie won’t eat again. She is snoring in front of the bedroom door. She did not come out with me this morning when I got up. I actually had to call her. Stella came right out when she heard me making breakfast.

I am exhausted. I spent all my energy yesterday. Day 5 of 7. So here I am on day 6 and facing a 10 hour day. There are things that need to be done around here but I just sit and stare outside with no motivation. It is simple things like warm water for the turtle’s bath, water my plants, grab cookie cutters for a friend at work. Simple and easy things. This morning is the complete opposite of yesterday.

I just covered Stella up (she is behind me curled up in a tight little ball) and she let out a big sigh. I’m pretty sure that if I opened up the bedroom door, we would all crawl back into bed. I did finish reading my mystery last night. But then I also read Art Matters by Neil Gaiman (illustrated beautifully by Chris Riddell). And I thumbed through Find Your Joy by Jennifer King Lindley. Writing this makes me thing that I need to get on Goodreads and update my reading list. I like the fact that I can just scan the cover with my phone and it will pull up the title. That makes it so much easier.

No photographs were taken yesterday since once I finished with my review (yay! I finally did it!) Chris was up and I had to hop into the shower and get ready for work. (I had a slight pause there. It dawned on me that the person I did the review for might want to know that I did the review so I sent a link.) I might try to get a few photos to add to this. I just have no energy.

I hope you have an amazing day! Thank you so much for reading and letting me know what you think! Stay safe!

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Blustery Morning Cognations

It is way too early. Essie is in and out of the living room. She just left again. She was snoozing on the couch but as soon as I started typing she got up and left. I keep hearing an old Dunkin’ Donuts ad in my head, “Time to make the donuts…” because that is exactly why I am going in early. The night manager comes in at noon and has offered to let me go home early. I think I will take him up on it.

I will need the extra time if a coworker remembers to bring in the freeze dried fruit. He has a dryer at home that he has been playing with. He and the store owner are talking about trying to sell some of the stuff he has made in the store. So of course my mind thinks, “Ooo! We can put recipes with the fruit! Then people who are skeptical of eating them out right can cook with them!” Then of course I mentioned me making muffins, pancakes, and waffles to see what each medium would taste like. Aaaand this got mentioned to the store owner. Lol, so I will be baking when I get home this afternoon. I said I would bring in the muffins tomorrow. I will make strawberry, banana and strawberry banana muffins. I will make pancakes and waffles if I have time but if not I will try it another day. Everyone is very excited. Even me. So we shall see. I also need to make puppy treats.

I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Hopefully I don’t get called in early tomorrow. I would like that extra hour at home instead of going in. I suppose I could always claim I am working on baking!

I was hoping to do an article for the paper about the upcoming Kids’ Christmas event here but I haven’t heard anything back. We wanted a small piece published before the event. I may try to cover the event as it happens and if they want the piece great but if not I can use it here. It is the 12th so I’d better make sure that I get the day off. I can play with my camera as well as catch up with a few friends!

I also need to do a review and share a link for my leather satchel that Chris got me for our anniversary this year. The strap broke and I was sent a replacement for free. But I will go into more detail when I write the review. I will try to do that either later today or tomorrow. I might be able to get it done while things are baking this afternoon. I promised that I would do this and I don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle of my life.

I don’t have any new photos to share so once again I will share some of my old photos. I was really nice to see posts from bloggers that I hadn’t see post in a while as well as so many new bloggers this morning! I read as many as I could squeeze in.

Wow, the wind is really blowing out there! There is a large tree that is all but laying on a powerline that I see every day on the way to work. On days like this I always wonder if this will be the day that the tree finally pulls the line down. I had better get moving. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Weird World

Well that is odd. I tried to read as many blogs as I could this morning but when I got to a certain point the screen literally went blank. So I scrolled back up to the top and tried again. Same spot everything went blank. It must be an odd glitch in the system.

Essie won’t eat again this morning. She is pacing the house as well. She did go out to the bathroom but she walked away from her food. Is it the canned food? She ate dinner last night. I just don’t know. Is it that I am going to work? Maybe. But I am worried about her none the less.

My trip to Meijers was a bit more successful than I planned. I came home with everything on my list and a few bonus items. I got a shirt with Stitch (from Disney’s “Lilo and Stitch”), a t-shirt with Scooby and Shaggy (this was from the boy’s department but I can still fit in the larger ones thankfully because they get such cool tees) and a hoodie (I don’t need another but I really liked the design on the front). I also came home with a new fish. I named him Blue Maui. He is a Japanese fighting fish. He is very smart and seems to really like me. I talked to him when we walked through the store and on the way home (there are some big corners that we went through and I was worried that it would freak him out sloshing away in my cup holder). I got him a cool bowl. I already had gravel to put in the bottom from my fish tank and the colors even match him. He is varying shades of blue. When I walk toward the bowl he will come and see me. He has eaten twice since he’s been home. I used some of our bottled water for the Keurig for his bowl since our well water is so hard. I plan to get more today at work.

Dad and I talked last night. Mostly about food since he did his online grocery shopping. He has an air fryer so I found several recipes for him to try. But we ended up talking til 11:30pm last night. So I didn’t get to bed until much later than I planned. I did get a lot done around the house. Three loads of laundry (I even got it all put away), two loads of dishes (by hand since the dishwasher has been down) and I even made banana bread. But I really am tired this morning. I debated about times to get up. But I got up earlier than I had my alarm for (which it would’ve gone off right about now).

WordPress is acting weird right now so I think I will add the photos and get this posted. (The grammar suggestions keep going on and off.) All that snow we had is all but gone. The temperatures have gone up enough to melt it and we have had steady rains. And the wind has been strong and steady the past few days. I am watching the trees bend and dance about. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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First Day Back

I fell so rushed. I am not. I have plenty of time. I just feel like I am under the gun because I am going back to work for the first time in… almost two weeks? I think it would be two on Saturday. Wow. It doesn’t seem like that long. But here we are.

Yesterday went well. Not long after Chris got up I was looking through some things I had printed for story ideas and I had a bit of an epiphany with my novel. I will have to get rid of most of what I have already written but that is ok. I scribbled about a page of notes and ideas.

Meanwhile Chris put the turkey in the smoker for a bit before we decked it out and put it in the oven. I made the stuffing and a pumpkin pie from scratch. We rotated use of the oven over the course of the day. Everything was ready to go by 5pm. The food turned out awesome (what I could taste of it… I was a bit bummed at that).

The only downside was the several inches of snow that we got and Essie not feeling good. She would not eat. She just sniffed any food that was offered. She would play and if the play did not continue she went right to sleep. She was scaring me. In the end Chris got her to eat some turkey as he was cleaning the meat off the bird after we ate.

Anyone who says that dogs do not understand what we say is wrong. Case in point, I asked Chris last night if he wanted me to shut the door like normal when I got up or just leave it open. He said not to worry about shutting the door. So what happens? Essie gets up with me, eats, goes outside and goes back to bed. Then Stella comes out, eats, goes outside and goes back to bed. Normally they both will come out to eat and while they are eating I will shut the bedroom door so they stay out here with me. They know the drill.

Ok, I had better wrap this up and get myself together. I need to leave a few minutes early because I am pretty sure that no plow trucks have gone by to even salt this mess outside. I did get a few photos so I will share those. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Whimsy of Turkey Day

It is actually darker than when we got up over an hour ago! Geez… The wind has been steadily picking up too. Stella is behind me on the love seat covered by a blanket. My poor Essie is up and down on the couch, in and outside, with me and at the bedroom door on the blankets. It was actually her that got me up at 7 or 7:30 this morning needing to go out. Her tummy has gotten louder and louder. I wish I knew what was wrong. She didn’t have anything out of the ordinary and she is not one of those dogs that goes randomly eating things (that would be Stella).

Today is Thanksgiving and Chris asked me to get him up at 10am so that he can get things started on the smoker. I also need to get motivated as I will be making pumpkin pie from scratch. I have a small pumpkin, that is in perfect condition still, that someone left outside at work. It is the perfect size for a pie. Someone left it about mid October and I adopted it. I plan to save the seeds and use them for the garden.

It will be just the four of us again this year. And honestly that is ok with us. I am trying not to think if my work schedule the next three days. I was a bit concerned to not have anything deposited yesterday since that is normally when our direct deposit goes in. Apparently the new banking system puts it in late if there is a holiday that week? I’m not sure but when I asked the store manager what was up he said that things would be in our accounts on Friday. He also added that if I needed money before then to let him know, which I really appreciate.

Sleep was elusive last night. I got a few hours but I don’t know what time the curtain got closed in the door way because the bedroom was too dry. Even though the water was going on the stove once that curtain comes down it’s like shutting the door. I almost came out to sleep on the couch. I kept coughing and could not get rid of the tickle. It feels much better since we have been out here. I have also turned the burner up.

I have not photos to share so I guess before I can post this I need to take a few. It is so dark and blah…. On a high note I do believe I may have a slight twist to put in my novel. I think it will work very well. I just need to get it down on paper. Once I mull things over a bit…. But photos first. Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a fab day! Be safe!