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Working Plans

It’s always an interesting mix between my phone and my laptop. There are some of your blogs that only show up on my phone, others just my laptop but some will show up on both. So I guess it’s a good thing I write with both tools so I am able to read everyone’s work atleast once a week.

Yesterday was crazy. I was able to do my actual job two hours after I arrived. So once I finally was able to get to work on liquor and beer I felt like I was way behind. I am grateful that the “stagers” came and put out the three pallets of beer for me. I stocked as best I could (my very small liquor order arrived in the middle of all this so I put that out before getting back ti my beer cave) before they got there but the beer was leaving faster than I could put it out.

I have no idea what today is. I know my work schedule but beyond that… I am tired but atleast I can see progress being made at work. I still have big plans that I need to start pulling together to keep the departments doing well during the slow season.

I see I am running out of time. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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I didn’t cough once last night so I managed to get solid sleep. I still feel a bit off though. Today is my “make your own schedule” day. My goal is to be to work by 10am and get things filled as best I can. My liquor order is sadly non-existent. Over half of what I ordered is unavailable. Sooooo this week’s order will be pretty big. We have sold out of a lot. I am trying to come up with new gimmicks for my various departments. I am bringing in gluten free beer (this is actually for Chris, but I figured he can’t be the only beer drinker that doesn’t do gluten) and I want to put little signs with the new stuff like “Goes great in orange juice!” (this will go by a new peach vodka I am trying… and yes it does since I tried it before I recommended it). So we will see if this goes well or not. I am still working on my course (I need to really buckle down on this on my next day off) and recipes. If any of you have any recipes for either cocktails that you like or food dishes that use alcohol feel free to recommend them.

I am really bothered by what I am hearing out back. It is a very angry dog. It sounds like someone is taunting it because I hear snarls and angry barks then laughter (from a child). Now if something happens it is the dog’s fault. Not the individual antagonizing it. That really ticks me off. Take responsibility for provoking the animal and creating the situation! I see that way too much. And the angry dog noises from out behind us I seem to hear atleast once a day. I am glad that we have a sturdy fence. I don’t want any dog fights if the dog does get loose.

I tried working out yesterday but my body is rebelling against it. My joints feel like there are pinched nerves (especially my lower body). My lower back is also having none of it. I can feel things becoming enflamed again. So I guess no working out for me. I need to figure out what else to do. The yoga seems to be ok but not if I do it every day. (Pardon the rhyme.) If I do it every day then my body starts to do the same thing as doing an exercise routine. I am worried that with the cold weather coming up that everything will start clenching and hurting again. With the warmer weather my muscles will relax some. With the cold comes shivering etc.

I see that I need to wrap this up. Stella has been out here with me (when she’s not out enjoying the sun). I am going to hate to shut the sliding glass door when I leave but I don’t want to leave it unlocked while Chris is sleeping. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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No More Salads

Way too early. Especially considering last night. But I am hoping to get out early so… Why stores do not wash their lettuce before making salads is beyond me. We were starting to feel a little better so Chris went to Kalkaska to get some groceries (sometimes you just want to shop without everyone knowing who you are). While dinner was on the grill we ate the salads he brought home. Not long after that Chris got really really sick. I was honestly worried I would need to take him to Urgent Care or worse, the ER. I had my own not so happy experience a few hours later (I had eaten something before whereas Chris had eaten nothing but the salad) when I decided to shower.

So this morning I am feeling rung out and my throat thinks is has been cleaned with a metal brush then coated is phlegm. Coughing hurts. A lot. But I need to go to work so I can do my liquor order. So I am going in extra early to get it knocked out hopefully before the store opens. Then I will try to get the cigarette order done. After that I need to make sure the beer cave is filled.

And on that note I really need to get going. Thanks for reading and stay safe❤️

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Good Times Looking Forward

I am listening as a cement truck goes from around the corner from us to a few houses down. I wonder what everyone is doing on their properties. There is so much that we want to do here! From simple to the complex. We get a little started then it tapers off. I am not sure how to fix that. I had planned to tear into my motorcycle engine (the’92, not the 2014) over the summer and there she sits in the garage. I had planned to plant in my raised beds this year. I got two of them partially weeded but no further. Don’t get me wrong, I have done a lot. All the gardens around the house I have kept up on. I have kept all my plants outside watered (since the hoses are wonky, I am using a small watering can). I have lots of peppers growing. Geez. That is the only thing I can think of that I have really kept up with. Well, there is my blog. How disappointing.

On a happy note, the three of us had a great time yesterday. I brought home two big squirt guns for us to play with. I thought it would be something fun and cooling to get us outside. I was right! We had so much fun chasing each other around the yard! After we did that for a while, we played frisbee. It has been a long time since we did that. Stella even played! She liked trying to snag the frisbee. Problem is she tends to chew it once she gets it. As we played Chris was also grilling/smoking us dinner. It turned out awesome! We watched tv and chatted while we ate. We needed that downtime together.

This morning I woke up ready to enjoy my two days off. I am trying to figure out what to do. I keep leaning toward cleaning up my office. There is stuff all over the floor that needs to be moved. But to where… I also need to find room for a bookcase. Mom is giving me one of hers. It is a good sized one that will alleviate some of the piles in the house. I think I have a spot but that means moving things around a bit.

My body is also letting me know that it is not doing well. There are a few aches and pains (my wrist doesn’t want to heal properly for one) and my chest feels like something rather large is sitting on it. So, I will take things as gently as I can, but I still need to get things done. I have videos I need to watch for work (for my certification) and I need to go over the paperwork for the court case. And of course, work on my novel. It is supposed to be very hot today, so we’ll see what happens. I also have a hankering for jazz today. I miss my stereo on days like today. I would just like to put on some of my cds and let the music fill the house. I guess I will see if I can find anything on Pandora. I prefer my cds because I like the music on them versus someone throwing random music at me that I may or may not like but beggars can’t be choosers.

I see that I have gone on extra-long this morning. Sorry about that. I appreciate you listening to me go on. And thank you for your comments as well. It means a lot. Stay safe!

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Too Much?

It is a sleepy sort of morning. I actually slept the whole night through, for which I am grateful. Yesterday was a bit chaotic at work. All the products being delivered in the back and no room for. I spent pretty much my whole morning scrambling to get my beer cave (a big walk-in cooler that customers can go in to see further selections of my stock) filled back up (there has been no upkeep since the previous manager left… well very little) and I had no idea where anything was. Add to that the usual things a shift manager is required to do (breaks, returns and any issues that might crop up) and I was beyond ready to leave at 1pm.

I did manage to get the front of my coolers restocked and I had help to get some of the inside restocked, but the inside was a mess. And not from customers. When some of the distributors came in, they just put their product wherever never mind what the stickers say. I asked one of the carry outs if she would do what she could to fill the rest of the inside for me. When I got home and relatively calmed down, I sent a message to my manager asking how I was supposed to do all this and be a shift manager. Did he want me to come in earlier or stay later? Because it wasn’t going to be able to be done in the time frame of a normal shift for me. Not this time of year. I have no response as of yet. I also called up the paper and asked if there was anyone that could cover my meeting that night. I inadvertently demonstrated my exhaustion by calling the paper’s owner by my editor’s name. I mean I was embarrassed enough backing out on what was supposed to be my first article back after taking the month of June off but then to make that faux pas?

I have today off, and I am supposed to have a writing date with a friend. We were supposed to meet in Kalkaska, but I don’t know if I really want to go anywhere. I feel bad because I am forever making excuses not to leave the house on my days off. There is so much of the world I am missing because I am just too tired to go anywhere and do anything. Monday I will be all over and exhausted. I have a morning meeting, after that I will drive to Traverse to get some paperwork from my bank, then go to Mom’s and help her with some stuff and a meeting that night. Tuesday morning I need to be at the courthouse by 9:15am. Then Wednesday morning is when I go to get my tattoo fixed. I feel my panic rising even thinking about it. Add all the new challenges at work and my brain starts to shut down.

Maybe I’ll just stay home today. I think I have all the ingredients to make a quiche. We can cook it in the smoker. Chris said he would be happy to hide out in the mancave while we do our writing. It is a cooler day so we can sit outside (there are several spots to choose from) to write if we want. I just need a break from the outside world for a bit.

Ok, I have gone on long enough. I need to wrap this up. Thanks for listening. Stay safe!

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Focusing on Forward

The person I want to talk to at the courthouse was not available today. So, I will try tomorrow. Meanwhile I am hoping to share some ideas about work with the store owner this week. Some of them are specific to my liquor department (I am bringing in new items and would like a small display on the counter), some I am incorporating other departments with mine (I would like do to a mixology class once a month and incorporate food pairings) and the last encompasses the whole store and possibly both stores (I will be suggesting a monthly newsletter). I am very excited about all the ideas. I realize that two of the three suggestions will probably be laid directly in my lap. But I am excited for them so we will see what happens. I think all three will benefit the store.

I did my first liquor order yesterday. As I wrote earlier, I added a few new things. Small but new. Hopefully those will sell and allow me to continue to add as the season goes on. It will be tricky though. I have to try to figure out what is selling to the locals versus what is selling to the tourists. Then I can lighten orders accordingly once tourist season is over. But it is doable.

I have spent a lot of my down time reading Duma Key. I had forgotten how really good it is. Especially if you can really relate to the lead character. I did get a few photos yesterday. I saw that my fairy rosebush was in bloom. It has been budding forever. I also had visitors in the form of butterflies and even a deer on the other side of the fence. She didn’t seem to mind me taking photos of her or talking to her.

Today has dawned a bit chilly. The temperature reads at 56F (13C). Yesterday it was almost 90F (32C). I watered my plants when I got home since we have gotten none of the promised rain over the past few days. My swing is out and I used it yesterday. It was weird to feel the tree move me when the strong winds shook it.

I see that I need to get myself together to get ready for work. I still have a few things around here that need to get done. Thanks for reading and thank you do much for the wonderful comments! They mean a lot. Stay safe!

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Looking For the Path

I felt good when I was sitting in bed just doing nothing. Now… Stella is doing something odd too. She hunkered down on the love seat behind me, so I covered her up (it is almost down to freezing this morning). Every time I turn around to check on her, she is sitting with her head up just watching out the window. I expect her to have her head down and asleep. I am using her to distract me from myself.

Yesterday was hell at work. Everything that could go wrong did. Gas pumps were going down, we had no sale signs to put up until late (maybe an hour before I left the signs arrived from the other store), I was the only one concerned about getting any signs put up… I had new people that I was trying to train and keep busy, but everyone spent a lot of time standing around but me. I got home exhausted, and Chris tried to leave me to my own devices to unwind. I am so grateful for that! All I seemed capable of was watching tv. Oh, and throwing a ball. Stella was happily entertained.

I am dreading facing another day. I let myself stay in bed as long as I wanted. I am trying to coddle myself a bit where I can. I don’t expect others to. I want to hunker in and do some writing this morning. It might just be in my journal, but I need to do something. (The sun came out as I typed that last sentence then disappeared.) Maybe that will help. I am still on the fence about taking the writing course. It would mean driving to Traverse every Thursday night after work. I think I can swing it financially. I would be giving up one of my meetings. But I think that would be ok. I need to decide soon though. The class starts in June. And it could very well be filled up. So I guess I call tomorrow and go from there.

I am trying so hard to get everything done in our yard. I did make a decent dent in the side garden, but I still have the front, back and raised gardens to do. I also need to get the backyard mowed. Maybe a good cry is what I need. I don’t know. There is so much to be done and not enough time for it all. I think I will cancel the barbeque for work. There is too much going on for everyone. I can’t get it all done before everyone comes over. And several coworkers will be post-surgery. So maybe later this summer I will try again. Right now there is too much.

I see that I am no longer an employee. The past month or so I have been just scheduled as manager. Before those of us who were night managers would kind of rotate thorough and be manager one night, cashier another and gas window another. Not me. And I see that I will be working Sunday mornings while my coworker is recovering from surgery. I usually close on Sundays. This week will be two closes and three opens. The bonus is that this will be a busy weekend and I actually get to leave before things get really ugly.

I see that I have gone on quite a bit. Thanks for listening to be complain and brainstorm a bit. Stay safe!

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Let the Busyness of Living Commence!

I sit here nursing my first big mug of coffee for the day. I look across the room at my little tiller that I need to finish putting together. I got it out of the box and everything laid out when Mom called last night. She cancelled for today. I am a bit upset because I raised a bit of a stink because I requested the day off and did not get it. Then a coworker offered to work it for me so I could spend the day with Mom. However I cannot message that coworker and offer to take my shift back because I said I would go and pick a friend/coworker up at the airport a 3:30pm today. So I will try to give Mom a call before I leave for the airport (Mom sleeps late and probably won’t see the message I sent her until well after noon).

Stella is asleep on her back on the couch. When she stretches all four legs go straight up in the air and the paws come together. Then they all fall back and there is a big sigh. I know her ball is still on the bed so we’ll have to find something for her to play with in the meantime. If she even wants to play. She has been snoozing.

I am trying to figure out what to do with my day. Get the tiller put together and work on the novel top the list. I also need to pull my cold weather gear from the car. I am going to cross my fingers that I won’t need any of it. I also need to check on a friend to make sure she is doing ok. She has been in a bad place mentally and I try to check in with her atleast once a day. I also need to check in with both my parents, even if it is just messaging (I worry that if Mom and I start talking it will be several hours until we hang up now that I think about it). I also want to spend time with Chris since this is his one day off. I have tomorrow off but I have a meeting at 9am and another at 6:30pm. Oh and I need to write down that last Thursday’s meeting has been rescheduled to this Thursday before I forget. I also need to start cleaning the house if we are having people over on the 20th for the BBQ. Which also means I need to start looking seriously at picnic tables. And I need to plan the day as well as set money aside for the meat. I am asking people to bring a dish to pass. I might have a few sides just incase. I have a sign up sheet in the office but most of the we’ll be there’s have been verbal. So I need to write down how many people are coming so far.

I guess I ought to wrap this up and get it together. Stella has gotten off the couch and shaken herself to let me know I have spent enough time on this. She is ready for her attention now, lol. On that note I hope you all have an amazing day! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Learning and Loving

It is a good sign. The sun is out. It’s not exactly warm but it will have to do. I may take Stella out for a walk on the property, just to get her out of the house. I thought about taking her with for my tattoo but that will be a several hour process and I am pretty sure that she doesn’t want to be stuck in the car for that long.

I am hoping to enhance the final product of the tattooing by telling him that I plan to send a photo to both Kane Hodder as well as the magazine HorrorHound of the finished piece. Fingers crossed! 1:30pm is my appointment. I need to leave a few minutes early to go to an ATM to get the money out. I am both excited and apprehensive. I know that he has but a lot of time and effort into the flash work for this. (Flash work is the drawing the artist makes so you can see what is going to be tattooed on you. Usually this will be a general outline with as little or no detail as the artist chooses. This will also be the stencil that is used on the body for the piece.) And I know that he wants to go as big as he can to get in the detail on Kane’s face. But I just can’t spend $500 on a tattoo right now. That was the price for the size that he had drawn up. I about choked.

There is so much that I want to do and learn! I don’t know where to start! I was looking for a book I had gotten on local rocks (it seems to have grown legs and wandered off) and I see my dvds for photography, writing, yoga… Then there are all the research books I have. Archaeology, learning to write ancient Egyptian, learning Italian, learning Latin, learning French (a refresher for me since I had it in both high school and college, but I am very rusty). And don’t get me started on all the gardening and cooking books and magazines (mostly acquired from Mom)! There is just soooo much! Oh, and sailing. I forgot about that one. And guitar. I have a LOT of guitar stuff from previous classes. But you get the idea. There is so much that I am interested in and want to learn/learn about that I honestly don’t know where to start. Maybe I do. If I write everything on individual slips of paper and put them in a container, I can pull them out at random. Maybe spend a week working on whatever it is then put the slip back in the jar.

Yesterday was Stella’s Gotcha Day. I found her on the side of the road four years ago on that day. Today Essie has been gone 3 months exactly. I look on the table beside the laptop and I see my glass and silver heart box that I got at the resale shop the last time Linda and I were together. Moose’s scarf (that he always tried to shake off) is tied to my leather satchel. Good memories and bad this morning. I’m trying not to get bogged down by the bad. I have plenty to be thankful for and a big future ahead of me. Stella is sitting beside me telling me that there is love and attentions that need to be given at this moment. So I’d better wrap this up. I don’t have any new photos to share but I will share Stella’s Easter photo. I might even send it to Cadbury candy to see if she can be the next Cadbury bunny! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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It’s Here! It’s Here!

I feel like a deer in headlights this morning. I just wanted to keep sleeping. I could probably curl back up right now if I wanted to (and I do). The snow stopped not long after dark. We got a lot but with the strong winds it is hard to gage. I am torn about waking Chris. He asked me to wake him around 10:30am so he could plow the driveway before I went to work. I think I can make it out but if I get stuck then I will feel like an idiot. I will probably wake him….

I got all the muffins made yesterday. A dozen each of banana, strawberry and banana/strawberry. I took notes as I went. The freeze dried strawberries needed no extra anything for flavor. The bananas however I added cinnamon. Their flavor was just too subtle. But the whole thing is a work in progress. We’ll see what everyone thinks once I get to work.

I made the FedEx driver’s day, lol. I went running out in shorts, and tshirt and boots to meet him in the driveway. I also told him he was my hero. He had brought my much anticipated Scoobynatural box! I loved everything in it! There was a winter hat (it is a bit tight on my head and I have a small head), a sweatshirt with the Mystery Machine and Baby, two plastic plates with all the characters on them, a Scooby Doo dog tag charm, a pair of Scoobynatural socks, a stuffed killer dinosaur (it’s from the beginning of the episode), a really cool pen, a neat coin/chip with Dean on it and three buttons with various things from the episode on it. Well worth the wait!

I got a mess cleaned up in the bedroom too. My desk has a shelf underneath the table portion. Unfortunately the books and magazines I had on there became too heavy and it broke. I noticed this several weeks ago but never got around to it. I knew it would be more than just picking things up. And I was right. It was about a two hour project. But it is done and I even cleaned off the top of the desk (I have a bad habit if piling things on top and on the chair). The whole thing is useable again. The big thing was going through it all. It was a HUGE walk down memory lane for me. A few tears were shed.

I need to remember that I am covering the Kids’ Christmas Party at the park Sunday. (I can wear my Supernatual scarf and my new Scoobynatural hat!) I don’t know why I am so exhausted this morning. I even went to bed early. Tonight will be me coming home to feed the girls, shower and hop into bed. My alarm is set for 4:30am. That usually gives me enough time to do this before work. Another 6:15am Saturday. But I will get out at 2pm and I have Sunday off. So.

I had better wrap this up so I can post this before I get Chris up. Stay safe and thanks for reading!