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Puzzling It Out

This morning both pups are on the loveseat behind me. The morning has dawned dark. The weather zones for my state seem to have reversed this year. Normally up north here we get all the snow and cold for the winter. Lately, the southern end of the state has had all the fun. And they are welcome to it! We have had some snow and bitter cold to be sure but nothing like what is normal for us.

Mom and I talked for a few hours yesterday. She is so bored but doesn’t want to do anything. I mostly listened. We want to get together, but I need to make sure the car is ok first. That is all I need is the car breaking down in Traverse. But I am excited to give her her gifts. I think she will really like them,

The Girls did come over for a little while yesterday. It was good to see them again. We want to plan a girls’ day soon. I am going to push for the middle of February or so. I know that our anniversary is coming up but one of them is also going in for surgery at the end of the month. I think it would help to get us all together before then.

I read a little bit on a story idea but then I called Mom so really no writing got done yesterday. I haven’t been very good about that lately. Too much going on. I will have to figure out when to make time as my work week progresses. I am a bit disappointed in myself but to be honest I have tried. I just seem to sit and stare at the page as my mind goes over everything that is unrelated. After about 30 minutes of fighting myself, I just put my pen down.

My days off seemed to go so fast. Everything seems to go so fast anymore. I need to do bills today before work as well. I should call my mechanic to see about getting Angus in. But I won’t be able to until the end of next week. And that check needs to go to my car payment. We’ll see I guess. I will message him and see what he suggests.

I think I will wrap this up and try to get something done around here. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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And We Wait

It was one of the hardest things to do to leave Archie at the vet’s office this morning. I keep telling myself he will be ok but the way January is…. I just don’t trust it. So I am biding my time until 2:30pm when I can go get him. I took the earliest possible time. Stella has wadded herself up behind me on the love seat. I don’t knw how she managed to get the blanket so tight around herself. She is sound asleep.

I was worried about icy roads on the way in this morning. We, thankfully, had no issues. But I will probably leave early to go get him because I miss him and am worried. Everyone has been very understanding of my craziness lately. I am forever grateful. A coworker got me a bouquet of tulips that I wanted. I loved the colors but I decided against getting them because I needed the money for Archie. While I was busy dealing with a cooler that had gone down he got them for me. I did my best not to cry. It was a near thing.

I think I will make Chris breakfast if he wants this morning (or rather this afternoon). He’s not feeling well and I need to make sure I take care of him. He made us dinner last night even though he didn’t feel good. And he has had the patience of a saint this past month while I have tried to deal with all this crap going on. He needs to be taken care of too.

A bunch of friends from work are checking on me. Bless them. I am going to try writing today. I haven’t really done anything with my novel. Not even looked at my research materials. I also need to see about pulling that interview together. At the very least I want to print her responses to my questions. That way I have a paper trail.

I spent a bit messaging with my cousins last night. We have our own private chat outside of the normal family one. I don’t feel the need to include everyone in our conversations. But both are coping since their Mom’s death. My one cousin is quietly going through her Mom’s stuff trying to simultaneously clean out her Mom’s stuff and pack up to move. But all in all they are moving forward. It is hard to believe it has been two weeks already. One week since the funeral.

I guess I will wrap this up and try to keep myself distracted. I will try to include a photo of the tulips I got. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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A lot of craziness going on here. Last night the whole state of Michigan had no 911 services for several hours. Then this morning I wake up to all flights have been delayed in the U.S. due to computer problems. What bothers me the most (besides the obvious) is that my Aunt’s body is due to fly out today. The funeral is Monday so there will be time but it is the principle of the thing.

I busted tail on my novel yesterday. I made some headway but I also found a possible issue. But I could have it work to my advantage. It will take some finessing though. Archie is his happy self but Stella seems a bit sad. It has been going on for several days now. I worry.

Nuts, My battery saver just went on. I forgot to plug both my laptop and Kindle in yesterday. This may be cut short. The day is again grey. It has been so long since I have seen the sun! I hear the birds out back. I did get the feeder refilled yesterday. It was completely empty with the exception of a bit of suet.

I don’t know how work will go. I hope well. I hope quickly. There will be a lot to do. I guess I will add a few photos and get this posted. My mind is all over the place. I am sorry of all the disjointed writing. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Adding a Little More

What craziness…. All that snow we got last week? All but gone. There are patches of snow here and there but nothing significant. We are slated for more rain and the wind has gotten pretty strong too.

I just want this work week over. Today is when I do my inventory. One of my beer deliveries won’t come until Saturday so I am grateful for that. I have no idea how long my count will take. I am hoping it doesn’t get too crazy up front while I am in back trying to get things counted.

Yesterday I found out two of my customers have died. One was a widower that had just lost her husband this Summer. The other, and this is the one that hurts the most, was a young farmer. He was in several times a week and always chit chatted. Such a sweetheart. He was killed in a head on collision Monday.

After the chaos of work I drove to Tractor Supply to get kibble for Archie. I also got a bunch of toys and two gardening books for me. All the toys went over well. The pups played with each other and separately with the various toys. Hopefully they keep the pups busy while Chris sleeps.

I guess I should wrap this up and get today’s madness started. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Craziness of It All

The temps are on an upward trend. There is even rain in the forecast. Which means that there is going to be a lot of melted snow. The weather has been so weird! Archie just loves it. The only weather he doesn’t like to be out in is rain. But if I go out with him I can usually coax him out. Stella wants none of it. She will go running around playing with her brother in most weather though. For that I am grateful.

Yesterday was a bit underwhelming. My neck issue has turned into a migraine issue. It is a little better today. I am hoping that the heat from my shower will not make things worse. I need to take my shower before work because it is just going to be too crazy to do it before tomorrow night. I am going in at 11am instead of my usual 12:30am. It will make for a long day but I need to start my inventory prep as best as I can.

I did get work on my novel done. It is mostly back story. Oh and I ordered a few research books. I know nothing about the people of Norway so I got a map and a few books to research them. Part of the novel I think is going to take place there. As I tried to write I had more questions than I had answers.

Oh boy… I just got an email asking if I had a meeting last night. I think they forgot that I quit. Aaaaand I am an idiot. It is still December. BUT they did not have a meeting this month so I am covered. Times like this I am so glad that I quit. There is too much going on. It is hard to keep all the balls in the air. My editor was very nice and sent me back a very nice email thanking me for the past four years. Wow. Four years.

Nuts. I just looked at the clock. I need to get into the shower if I am going to have enough time before work. I also need to water my plants and check the bird feeder. That will probably need to be filled as well. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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I am becoming frustrated with WordPress. I seem to have problems almost daily. And it is the same set of problems. They fix it for a while and then it comes back. They have tried to tell me it is my system, but I have done what they recommend, and nothing works. Some of my computer savvy friends have suggested that it is too many changes on their end are causing the issues and that the problems I am experiencing are not being addressed just temporarily fixed until another change comes down the pipe. Regardless of the what and whys it makes me want to change servers.

I did manage to sleep in. I didn’t make it very late last night. I tried but my body refused. Right now I have two tiny bundles behind me. Great big Archie is in the same size ball as Stella. Both are snoozing away. I’m not sure what today’s goals are. I do want to work on my novel. I am still waiting on the last of the delayed Christmas gifts to arrive. They should’ve been here yesterday but no one seems to have gotten any mail yesterday. Another project is my plants. All need to be watered, some need to be repotted and I think it is about time that I replace the food spikes from 6 months ago. My tomato plant that I was so proud of seems to be on the way out.

Gah… I have a catch or fluid build up on the right side of my neck that I can’t seem to get rid of. It hurts and inhibits me turning my head. I am not sure what to do about it. I have tried rubbing it out but only seems to last as long as I am rubbing. Hot and warm water do not help. As a matter of fact that seems to make it worse.

The big push through this week is going to be inventory. It has to be done by Friday. I get several deliveries Friday so that needs to be stocked so I can get it counted. My distributors have been over ordering my stock (despite me leaving several notes as to when our inventory was) so it is going to be a major pain. I already told Chris that I am not sure what I am doing on Friday. Since it is a major delivery day I am also getting the kids who are supposed to stock said product from the distributors. They don’t arrive at a set time so I need to figure out when I can count my beer backstock (having inventory the day before a major alcohol holiday is a bad bad idea). I don’t want to have to come back after my shift but I may have to. I can get liquor done easily (but I order my own stock so…). I received three pallets of beer yesterday. That is not all going to fit out. I am getting more Friday. I also need to educate everyone on how to use a deduction sheet. Once my backstock is counted nothing should go out. But with New Year’s this weekend that is going to take a big chunk of my sales. So I have to put up a deduction sheet. Not everyone knows how to use them. Sooooo my work will be cut out for me.

Archie is letting me know that I have been at this too long. He is sighing and his paw is on my shoulder nudging me. I have a few new photos to share. It has been dark and dreary here. I hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Blizzard Chronicle, Day 2

The wind is raging outside. We’ve probably gotten the promised 2 feet (61 cm) of snow and more. The wind is blowing things around just making things messy in general. We can barely get out of the sliding glass door. I don’t think I will be able to get out any other door to get to the garage. That bothers me because I will have to leave it unlocked when I leave if I go out that way.

We closed at 7pm last night due to the storm. This morning we aren’t opening until 9am. Fortunately I got my liquor order done yesterday so I didn’t have to be there extra early today. I think I was able to get ahold of everyone about the time change for opening. Some of the regulars will be put out. They will have to cope.

I just got a message from a coworker asking if we were even going to be open today. She says even the county trucks are getting stuck. I told her to stay home if it is too bad. They live about 20-30 minutes away on a good day. No idea how long it will take them in this stuff.

The pups are having a hard time getting out to go potty. It’s just too deep. Archie seems to like it though, the weirdo. He got sick this morning. Not sure what. Probably the book he shredded while I was at work.

I had better get going. Gonna be a long day. Thanks for reading and stay safe! I do have some photos of this weather but no time to download them. I will add them tomorrow.

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Getting Closer

The temperature drop is on the way. Yay. I was supposed to go shopping with the Girls on Friday but I might have to bail. I am going to have to get up at 4am to do my liquor order since we are closed on Sunday for Christmas. I need get in touch and tell them. That will be a bummer because a. I wanted to spend time with them and b. I have a few more bits that I want to get.

Archie is restless this morning. He let me sleep in (it seems that Stella has taken to sleeping on the love seat the past two nights) til almost 9am. We went to bed at a decent hour. I think that helped.

We had a Christmas miracle! Dad actually called to talk. Acted like nothing had ever happened. He calmly said that he was staying in his apartment and was looking for a nurse to stop by a few days a week. While I was glad to hear from him I was still a bit frustrated. I think we chatted for about 4 hours.

I did spend a good portion of my day on my novel. I am trying to make headway with my main character. Chris said home because he got sick on breakfast. For once my constitution was stronger than his. I didn’t have any issues. We had the same thing to eat. It tasted good but unfortunately something in it wasn’t.

Today will be more work on the novel and at the very least watering the plants. I also need to do a little baking. I have to have a dish to pass for tomorrow. I am thinking of going the easy route and just doing biscuits or something. I haven’t decided.

I guess I am done. Chris has gotten up early and now the dogs are getting too loud. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Spreading Smiles

I tried to sleep in. I really did. But I just wasn’t meant to. Last night was late but worth it. I had forgotten that we invited the Girls over for game night. We thought about it last Sunday but I had my meeting in the morning so staying up wasn’t much of an option. This Sunday I had no prior commitments. We ended up making up our own rules for the game (aka none) and ended up in tears at times because we were laughing so hard. The pups were ready for bed almost as soon as darkness fell. Unfortunately for them it was a few hours later that we actually went to bed. It has been a busy week for all of us. With various meetings and events going on outside the house to all the unexpected company we have enjoyed.

Yesterday’s work shift went pretty well too. I got gifted some amazing goodies. Even better I got to give gifts and spread some much needed smiles on my own. I got some yummy cookies and a bowl of homemade mac and cheese (that will be my comfort food later today) as well as some melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles and an awesome collection of knife shaped ornaments with horror icons on them.

I need to nurse my banana tree. Somehow (I think when poor Archie got spooked by something) it got pushed over in the pot. It doesn’t feel like the main stem is broken so I have propped it up and given it some extra food to help it heal. I need to sit down and get a plan together for everything. I’ll start with the basics. Who needs to be repotted, what am I going to plant where for my upcoming gardens, where and what kind of greenhouse I am going to put up.

Archie’s new bed arrived yesterday. I had intended to keep it til Christmas but he couldn’t get comfortable yesterday morning so I decided that I would give it to him after I got home from work. I also gave Stella her new body pillow. Both have gone over well. They both love the new huge dog bed. It is big enough for both of them to stretch out on. This morning I have put a few blankets on there for him.

I just glanced at the clock and saw the time. I need to wrap this up and write my little article on Santa’s arrival at our store on Saturday. I hope the photos turned out (I’ll share some here). Then it will be on to my novel I think. I am very excited about that. Ahhhh the first snowplow of the season! (It just rumbled by.) Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The day feels off. I’m not sure why. It could be just the wind that has picked up stirring things about. I always seem to feel weird on windy days. I hope the day goes well. Not having to look ahead and see when my next meeting is feels off too. Both pups are behind me on the love seat asleep.

I am hoping that I will work more on my novel now. I noticed that my words were more sparse when I tried to work on my novel while I was writing articles. I was unconsciously paring my wording down like I do when writing my articles. Minimal description and very cut and dry. I didn’t like it but I couldn’t seem to get out of the habit. When I covered the meetings I wrote what happened. I didn’t add any emotions to it. I didn’t fluff it up. To me that wasn’t reporting. As a result my fiction dried out. I think that is why I stayed away from it so often. It was hard to constantly switch gears between the two. I may pull out some of my creative non-fiction books to revisit.

Yesterday was spent cranking out over 1000 more dog treats. I think I am going to revisit what I had decided to give everyone. I have since added some names to my list and I really don’t want to make more treats. I also haven’t pulled any out for my two. I gave them a little from each batch (I adjusted the peanut butter content… and no it didn’t seem to matter) but I haven’t made any for them. It was all gifts.

I am excited for the kids Christmas goodies to arrive. I am getting Stella a new body pillow (Archie has chewed open the end of the one she has) and Archie is getting a great big dog bed. He seems to have taken to laying on Stella’s body pillow on the floor (we tied up the open end). I may give them to them early. It’s not like they know anything about our holidays. I just realized this will be Archie’s first Christmas!

I had intended to get more photos yesterday but I didn’t get any. Well I did of the kids with my phone camera but those photos take up a lot more room on my media then when I take them with the Nikon. So once again I will be resharing photos instead of giving you new ones. Sorry about that.

Today will be a long day for the kids. Chris needs to leave early for work so it will be an 8 hour day for them. I am hoping I can get out at a decent time. I don’t think we’ll be too busy. I just need to make sure everything is done. My phone has just informed me that we have a winter weather advisory until 10am tomorrow. We’ll see if anything comes of it. The way the season has gone thus far I don’t think we need to be too worried.

I should wrap this up and try to get some writing done. Even if it is just research. I hope that if I keep pushing myself I will do it. Thanks for reading! Have a fab day and stay safe!