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Time to Breathe 🌺

This morning I woke to a lovely text from a coworker seeing how I was doing (we don’t work together that often). I sent her a text back wishing her a fab day with lots of love.

Loooong sighhhh…. a day off. I am running into town as soon as I post this so I can be back before Chris gets up. I will mail the books back to Amazon (I researched both authors and their topics, they were legit but some of the things they said just did not sound right and so I could not read the books… I tried). I was going to try to ride the bike but I heard/felt a snap and pop. I am having problems standing so I don’t think me riding is a good idea. And that makes me angry as I got myself all geared up mentally.

Today will by writing, maybe some gardening (with the back I’m not sure though) and things done around the house. The big task though is finding another laptop. Again. Fingers crossed that there is something I like.

Mom and I were going to hook up today but she decided not to. I think it was the early morning get together. And that is fine. Her sleep schedule has been way out of wack the past few days.

Sorry this is short. I let myself sleep in. But now I need to finish my coffee and get this posted so I can get out the door and back home ASAP. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Weeding Things Out

My brain is still back in bed. My body is struggling to wake up. Need more coffee…

The girls did very well with their vet appointment. Both have put on weight but it is muscle according to the doctor (it better be with all the playing! Lol). Stella gained 4lbs and Essie gained 3.5lbs. I had to double check the paperwork. They are both on heartworm medicine and flea & tick medicine. So hopefully no issues in that realm this year.

I think I may work in the yard tomorrow and get some seeds planted. I don’t think we got the promised rain at all. We need it. That being said the gardens are coming alive in rapid fashion this year! The best example is the daffodils. They are starting to bloom this morning.

I got my research books yesterday and I can’t say that I am happy with them. The one book is not a book at all but an empty journal. No place did it say that it was an empty journal. I need to do a bit more research on the other two because terms they use I have not heard before and I don’t trust that they know what they are talking about. I am tempted to send the whole lot back.

So the big question today is do I write or garden before work? I think I will try to do both. If nothing else I will bring the plants back outside. But I do need to make more headway on the novels. Maybe one finished character sketch.

Mom and I talked for several hours last night. By the time I went to bed I was exhausted. I tried watching a movie (thankfully it was something I’d seen before) but I kept falling asleep. That’s right. It was The House That Dripped Blood. A lovely Hammer film with a wonderful cast that included Christopher Lee, Ingrid Pitt and Peter Cushing among others. One of my favorites! After the long day I was glad to close my eyes.

I think I will do one more cup of coffee then pay bills and do some things around here. I hope you enjoy the photos! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Still Nothing

Essie didn’t get up with me this morning. Thus is the first time since I lost Moose that I have been alone in the morning. I don’t like it. I know she has been hurting. She seemed a bit lethargic last night. We did a lot of playing yesterday. Maybe too much for her.

I no closer to finding out what is wrong. Nothing was found in the first round of tests so another batch of tests have been ordered. I have another appointment next Thursday.

A bright spot is that I received a letter from my pen pal here in the States so after work today I will drop her a few words. I have a meeting tonight and I have set an alarm. I am pretty sure with everything going on I would forget otherwise.

Another bright spot is that I did some work on one of my novels. As I read through Tim Waggoner’s Writing In The Dark I put a lot of that to immediate use. Right now I am working on my cast of characters. With my surfing novel I have my characters and their back stories done and the basic plot but I’m not happy with that plot. At least as far as it goes.

I guess Essie heard my heart breaking. She came out to be with me. She isn’t interested in going outside or eating. I know Chris was only in bed an hour when I got up.

I got some good photos yesterday. It was warm but really dark out. I expected rain but there was none. I will share my photos and then spend a little time with Essie before I have to leave. Thanks for reading and the support! Stay safe!

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Figuring It Out

This morning I am sitting in the dark in the living room. Both girls ate out here with me. Stella usually goes back to bed. It’s nice enough that I’ve got the door open to outside. The clouds seem to have rolled in overnight. But we are supposed to get rain today.

I got a lot done yesterday. It was nice to get the meeting done and my articles finished early on. I/we even got complimented for accurate reporting by the council. 😁 That felt good.

I get out at 1pm today. I’ll get groceries after work. I need to pick up my pace on my other writing. Or maybe I need a new routine? I want to get more writing done but when? Times like this are best. Everyone is asleep. But I can’t cram all my writing into an hour or less in the wee hours of the morning. I am not a morning person. So that leaves the other end of my day. I just need to make sure I don’t stay up til all hours.

I took some sunset photos yesterday. I’m sure that there is a scientific explanation as to why the colors show up better on my phone camera rather than my Nikon. I wish my Nikon did the colors as well. That is one of my biggest frustrations. But if I take photos of flowers etc the colors are beautiful….

I don’t know if you have noticed the random long clouds going across the sky photos. It’s not the exhaust from airplanes. They are natural cloud formations. I am just curious as to why they are there on a regular basis. You don’t see them every day like they have been appearing. Normally maybe once a month if that.

Oh! I forgot to share! So Mom asked if she and the girls could stop by to drop something off. I said sure. She dropped of McDonald’s AND the archaeology books I was drooling over at the bookstore the other day!

I’m going to download some photos from my camera. With the warmer weather you can see the buds starting to come out. I also tried to get some of the flowers I have inside. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Big Day Out

Mom and I had a good time yesterday. It scared me to see her various health failings. Especially her breathing. She pulled out her emergency inhaler twice to use it while we were walking downtown. We ate at Firefly then we walked downtown for a little bit. One stop was of course the bookstore. It was weird having the little pathways that we were expected to walk. In a book store one does not take a path, one meanders all over lol. Mom and I had a good laugh when I handed her a book I found and she was looking through the same book. We were both very good and only got a few things at the book store. My big focus seemed to be on Ernest Hemmingway. I had forgotten that he and his family had vacationed up here for years. He wrote many stories about it. I’ve never read any of his novels but I wanted to read some of his short stories. So I picked up a copy of The Hemmingway Stories selected by Tobias Wolff. There are many of the Michigan stories in the collection so I thought I would give it a try. Then I found a book put together of his writing lessons if you will. So then I had to make a decision. Which one do I get? Mom stepped in and said pick one and she’d buy me the other. Happy day!

We walked by the local tobacco shop… it’s actually grown into much more than that really. It has been there for years and has been a staple of downtown. As it has grown it has added a small smoking bar among other things. I really enjoy going in there. The smells are amazing! We get our tax guy cigars from there as part payment for doing our taxes. They also have a very cool statue out front. I got a photo. (I’d thought about bringing my Nikon along but I have no trunk in the car and I didn’t want to leave it out in the open.)

Mom and I also exchanged left over gifts from the holidays. One of the things she’d gotten me was a skeleton dressed as a mariachi with a plant growing in his hat. Unfortunately he head got broken off his body. Mom was going to toss him but I said I could fix him. So she kept the plant alive and when I got home yesterday I glued him back together. He now resides next to my desk in my office.

Fair warning, tomorrow’s post might be short or all over the place. I have to be to work at 6am which means that I will be up at 4:30am (the same time Chris goes to bed). The flip side is that I get out at 2pm. I do the same thing on Wednesday but I get out at 1pm. We’ll see how that goes. This is also the triple meeting week (Monday night, Tuesday morning and Wednesday night). I have come to dread this week.

But I want to read some of my new books before work so I will stop here. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Wrong Place Wrong Time

Oh what a night…. Being followed by the police, helicopters and a reaction to medicine. Sigh. It started innocently enough. A coworker asked me to follow her home (she lives next door) after work last night. She had a headlight out and a police car had pulled into the parking lot when it looked like she as going to leave. Instead she pulled to the back by where I parked. By the time I finished counting my till he had left. I follow her home. As we turn on to our road… there he is waiting. She pulls into her driveway and I pass him, grab mail and park in the garage. He sat there for about 30 minutes after we got home. She left about 15 minutes after we got home. When the officer finally left he went the direction she did. I locked all our doors needless to say. Maybe an hour or so later a helicopter flew very low over head. It wasn’t lit up at all but for three red lights. It passed overhead atleast twice. Around 1:24am (I looked at the clock) a heard a gun shot across Valley Rd (just Northeast of the house).

Oh and the medicine. So I took some melatonin to sleep since my mind was all over. That worked for an hour. Then everything started itching. If I got my skin to stop itching then my throat would start and I would get coughing. I’m sure the poor girls kept getting woken up. Stella at one point was trying to cuddle with me but I was tossing and turning and coughing.

On a good note: When I got seeds for the seed exchange last week I got a kit for cherry tomatoes. It has a small pot etc to start your seeds in. The average time it takes for seeds to germinate is 4-6 weeks. I have sprouts as of yesterday. That’s less that a week. Go me!

Today I just want to hunker in and do nothing. But I want to get some writing done today. I need to do atleast one review that I promised. I’m angry at myself because I have dropped the ball several times with my reviews. Most of the time it is due to circumstances beyond my control but there are those lazy occasions. (And when the venue doesn’t pay I find myself dragging my feet more than not.)

I got some nice shots of the moon last night. This time my Nikon out shone my phone camera. I didn’t have enough time to get the tripod out though. So I had some shots that looked pretty shaky. The clouds were moving fast to cover and uncover the moon (mostly cover) so I took the shots and hoped for the best. A few turned out.

Ok, I’m staring at the pile of books beside me. I need to get going and get writing. Thanks for reading and caring! Stay safe!

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Looking Forward and Looking Back

It was just cold and very windy out when we got up. Now it is white out conditions. Bah humbug. What happened to Spring? Ah well… atleast we are done with February!

I do want to thank everyone for their kindness and support over the past few weeks. It means a lot. Moose has been gone almost two months now. And then everything happening after that…

Last night I had all this that I wanted to say on my blog for today but now it is all gone. And I can’t write it then post date it to automatically upload. If I do that then I won’t write anything in the morning. That will throw off my routine. And if I break that part of my routine then I will have to start over. This has been the one constant writing for the past three years. Even if it has only been a line or two to say I wouldn’t be on it was something.

Yesterday I pulled out my copy of Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. It was my first writing book. It was even signed by the author. Point it I am trying to get back to basics. I am going through the book like I did when I was a beginning writer. And in return it is inspiring me like it did when I was a beginning writer. That was all I did before work with my writing. And I think it was enough for the day. I have tomorrow off so I am hoping to get some novel work done. My meeting isn’t until Thursday night so I am free and clear to write what I want tomorrow. I don’t think I will call my parents. Maybe just texting or email. There was less stress and anxiety Saturday. We’ll see.

I am just looking around my room. Many dreams and memories stored here. A lot of things I need to go through as well. And I think I will start. Sorry this is one of the shorter ones. I’ll add a few pictures to brighten things up. Thanks for reading and thank you again for the support. Stay safe!

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Bits and Bobs

It has been snowing for a few hours now. Bah humbug. I have been reading more blogs this morning than normal (since I finally have my weekend off) and now my coffee is cold. Lol. We slept in til almost 8:30am. I spent a few minutes lounging in bed loving on the girls. I dreamt about Moose last night. I won some kind of coin operated game and got three balls for him to play with. He was a happy boy. The girls were there too.

I finally got photos of the knives I got Chris. I’ll share them on this post. I also got a refund for my shipping from Amazon since the one knife was late. I thought that was a pretty decent thing to do. It showed up the next day and the delay probably wasn’t their fault but I appreciate the gesture.

My one article is set to go live on March 1st. I still have my interview and two reviews to do. I think the interview will be a cut and paste from our exchanges. I started reading the short story collection that she helped put together. It’s very good abut I’m sure it’s not for everyone. In fact I think most of the people I know would put it down in short order. Just because it is very graphic. It deals with body horror. I am enjoying it because it is something new for me. Like I said the writing is very good.

I need to make sure we are out the door and headed to Pearl’s by 3:30pm today. I am rather excited. This will be the second time we’ve eaten out since this whole thing started last year. Speaking of which… I had to check to see if the restaurant that Mom and I went to for her birthday would be open. Looks like we are good to go. We just need to make a reservation.

I have been monkeying with my camera to no avail. I am trying to get the frame rate slowed enough that you can see the snow falling. Right now with both the Nikon and my phone if I take a photo when it is raining or snowing you don’t see the rain or the snow. And the photos I got this morning would’ve been beautiful if I could’ve frozen the snowfall (pardon the pun). Oh ho! It looks as if the sun is trying to come out!

Well geez. Essie is all up in my business! I got up to take a few photos (with both the Nikon and the phone) and she heard the shutter clicks and thought I was done in here for now. So I guess I’d better stop here so I can add the various photos and thus go spend time with her. Lol. Thanks for reading! Thanks for caring! Stay safe!

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Pinball Mind

I feel like I am on an island chronicling my stay. Lol. Day 6 of 6. The end is in sight! I close tonight then I have the next two days off. I am so tired though… I will get sleep tonight. I will not binge watch CSI. Lol. I do have a new short story collection that got released today. It dropped on my Kindle this morning so I made sure that it downloaded.

Sweet…. I forgot (with everything I had going on this week) that I had a meeting next Tuesday. Thus I had not handed in a note for my schedule next week. But I just sent a text to the store manager and he has taken care of it. It still feels weird to have my job take care of me.

I find that I am feeling better now that I am journaling again as well as doing this. So I guess I need to keep it up. I had a good talk with Mom last night. We took some trips down memory lane. She was really pleasant. Not that she isn’t normally but she was very positive and good energies. It was good conversation.

I am sorry this is a rambling piece. I am just so ready for a day off that my mind is all over the place. I got the plants watered this morning before I did this. My orange plant and my avocados are doing really well too. I got both of the orchids watered. One takes four ice cubes in her pot and the smaller one gets soaked in water for 15 minutes.

I worry about friends and family in Texas. They currently have Michigan weather and they are not at all equipped for it. Not even the transplants. It will be a wild ride for everyone this winter it seems.

I’ve not done much with the camera this week. I have taken some photos of the girls and my plants with my phone. I will probably share those instead of repeating some of my outdoor shots. Since I have all the focus of a bee on a windscreen I am gonna wrap this up. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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From Inside the Clouds

The sun really struggled to come out for a while this morning. But it got swallowed up by grey clouds filled with snow. I did get some photos before she disappeared. I feel much the same way. I felt good, mentally, when we got up. Now… like I am lost in the cold snow filled clouds. The snowflakes are steadily getting bigger and falling faster. Makes me wonder how much snow we will get. One of the smaller woodpeckers has hunkered down in the middle of the trunks and gone to sleep. (For those of you that didn’t know the maples that I have the bird feeder in is actually a group of four trees grown up together. I don’t know the logic behind it as the person that did it was supposedly a “Master Gardener” with a degree but there it is.)

I am partly looking forward to work because it will get me out of my head but at the same time I will have to be social. I don’t really want to talk to anyone. Speaking of my head I can’t seem to get rid of this headache either. Might be the weather. The snow is coming in from the West so we’ll probably get a lot. The bird feeder has gotten very busy all the sudden. I think I will try to fill it when I am done writing this.

Today is the first day of a seven… no six day stretch. But I am not working any really long shifts and I don’t have to be to work any earlier than 9am on any given day. I’m grateful. That will make things easier. I don’t have any meetings this week. Just one the following week. I do need to get my head straight and get my article and two reviews written. Maybe I will try today. I have rough drafts done so all I need to do is fluff them up a bit. We’ll see. I couldn’t focus much yesterday so I read a lot until everyone got up then I pretty much lost myself in CSI. When bedtime rolled around I read some more.

I will add the photos I took this morning and get this posted. Then I need to try to do some stuff around here. Thanks for reading and stay safe!