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Nature’s Wake Up

I have peepers on one side of the house going and birds on the other. The peepers slowly become silent as the sun becomes more prominent in the sky. I am so tired. We were very busy and I had all new people so if I wasn’t ringing I was putting out fires. All being said everyone did pretty well. Ohhhh! I hear a peeper right outside the sliding glass door! ❤️

I have the month of June off from the paper. I am excited about going to class again. Writing and having to have it done as a requirement I think will help me immensely. Pages will be required each week. so I will have to find time somewhere. I don’t know as I am looking forward to my road trips. Driving to Ohio is considerably longer than going to Bay City and staying in state but still. I promised and this will probably be the last time I see my aunt.

Since I have most of the day to myself, once I get home I should put pen to paper. I have tomorrow off (thankfully). If the weather continues to be rainy then I will be out of the gardens and on the page. If the rain lets up I will sneak out and weed like crazy. That wet dirt will make things so much easier!

I need to wrap this up and get out the door. I appreciate all your comments! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Choices, Choices

I feel like a deer in headlights right now. I had planned on just staying around the house today. I asked a friend if she was interested in going for a walk with Stella and I this morning around 10am earlier this week. She said no because she had to work. So I didn’t worry about it. Well I sleep in and I wake to a text from her asking where we are and if we are going for a walk. I respond with “give me an hour” since I needed to feed Stella and do this. No answer. No answer. Now she doesn’t know if she wants to go. I am trying to convince my brain that there really is no rush. We get there when we get there. But my mind is rushing around trying to put the day together if we are going for a walk.

I am sore from the past few days. It has just been busy and us being short staffed I am all over the place trying to help out. I did get pulled aside by both the store manager and the store owner on separate occasions complimenting my work skills and ethics. That was nice to hear. The manager meeting went well. A bit of dirty laundry was aired. I was pleasantly surprised that the parties involved followed my advice. A lot of things got discussed. I missed a little bit when I went up to help but I forgot to ask what was said. I heard something about June before I got out of ear shot.

I got a TON of photos yesterday. The sun was out, and life was good, so I was clicking away. I will share some today and some tomorrow. I also have some photos of the new edition, Nina. He had he named the first day. I had her as Jessie but she’s not my car so Nina it is!

I am determined to work on my novel today. I also need to mow the backyard. The front is turning into all sand as more and more ant hills take over. Stella and I walked through the front yard the other day to get mail and I kept finding ants on me long after we came back in the house. The backyard is full and lush. I do need to pick up all the broken limbs off the ground though. I meant to do that the other day. My swing might go up today too. I will need to check the forecast. I should wrap this up if I am going to get anything done. Thank you for your awesome support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Digging into the Future

I am glad I pulled my plants in. We got a frost warning for last night. But I don’t think it got that cold. I saw no remnants of frost on anything and since it is very overcast there should’ve been something. That being said it is still a bit too chilly to put anything outside. My plants that were in the long window box have given up. They needed more root space than the box had.

Friday will be another busy day off. I want to get the gardens around the front of the house done and I want to get atleast one of the three raised beds dug out. I am still trying to learn to use the composter. Things are going in and getting turned. I want to get some Dairy Doo from one of the local gardening places. Yes, it is a fancy name for manure. I want to mix that in with the dirt in the raised beds. Once that has been put in I’ll let it sit for a few days before I plant anything.

Stella and I also should go for a walk that morning. I am hoping to not have anyone at the park again. If we do our one loop then that will be a 1/2 mile. I ought to call our friend and see if she wants to meet us there. I hope I don’t have too much planned. There is so much to do and since it is just me…

This morning Stella is behind me sleeping on her back. I got to meet her miniature doppelganger last night. Two of my close customers brought their mini pit and she looks just like Stella but at about half the size. She was a very sweet little thing! I snuck out to see her amongst the chaos of the night at work. I almost fell behind in my drawer counting because I was helping in the deli. I lost track of time. Breaks seemed to be late for everyone too but they were more than understanding.

Chris is very happy with his car. I will get some good shots with my camera either tomorrow before he leaves for work or Friday. Tomorrow’s post might me a bit short as it is the usual 6:30am to work thing. I wasn’t able to get any new photos yesterday so it will be a few repeats. Thank you for all the wonderful comments! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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I’m Sorry… What Just Happened?!

Life has been interesting. The friend I went to work to take home the other day? He has COVID. He was sick enough that he decided to go to the hospital. He is in bed rest for 5 days. He has a doctor appointment on Monday but I told him to call and tell them he has COVID since they probably will reschedule him. It’s a tough one because it is about his brain aneurism and he really shouldn’t put that off. I called and texted people I’d been in contact with to let them know (why his son, who lives with him did not call the store to tell anyone is beyond me… he talked to a coworker and told her) including the store owner and our store manager.

On a positive note I got a small patch of my gardens cleaned out. It’s the small one between the fence and the side porch. But I dug everything out except the flowers. I would like to put fresh dirt in there too. Dare I get a bag from work? Last time there was literally trash and clay mixed in. I might. One bag… maybe two ought to take care of it. I tried to get out before it got too hot but my car was finished maybe and hour and a half after I dropped it off. Once I got the call that my car was done I walked over (his shop I right around the corner from us). After talking for a bit I drove home and got back into the garden. I was almost done when I found out about my friend being sick so the whole phone call texting took more time. By the time I finally finished that small patch I was ready to drop. I think I overdid it a wee bit. But it’s done.

The lilacs are blooming as it the small apple tree in the back. I will get photos to share later today. Today’s batch will be repeats. I am always pleased every year to find various new plants that I did not plant pop up. I see by the clock I need to get my self moving. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Finding the Good in the Bad

I know there will be some of my readers reading this to hear about some of the drama and trauma of yesterday. I am choosing not to write about that. Instead I am choosing to write about the good that happened.

I have a dear friend that is in recovery. I have done my best to be there for her as much as I can. Last night was one of those times. I asked her to come over as much for me as for her to be honest. I don’t know if the neighbors were happy with us or not (I haven’t heard any complaints so I think we are ok) but that doesn’t matter. We had a blast! We talked and played and danced and sang. When she came over I had a few goodies waiting for her. The big thing that I wanted to give her was a beautiful abalone butterfly necklace. I wanted her to remember that she was an emerging butterfly no matter what. And that she was loved. She’s been through a lot of crap in her life. I wanted her to have something with her that would remind her that she is loved. That she is worthy. She had a good cry over it. I guess no one had ever given her anything nice before.

This morning I hauled my sore and still exhausted tush out of bed and drove over to drop the car off. My mechanic had been up late as well doing an emergency repair on our mail lady’s Jeep. We both looked wiped out. I know I felt the better of both of us. (I just feel so good inside after last night despite the late hour that we stayed up til.) After I finish this I think I will do one of two things. I want to work on my gardens along the front and side of the house. They are looking very scraggly and unloved. The other thing is my novel. I am looking wistfully at my chair and table outside. I should do the gardens first as the temperature is supposed to get extreme again today. I can write in the house or wait til closer to evening if I want to sit outside to write. Ooooo! I can put my swing back out!

So I guess I will wrap this up and get my self outside. I do have some new photos to share (finally!). Tomorrow’s post might be a bit short as it is another 6:30am work day. I want to thank everyone for their support. It means a lot! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Springin’ Thunder

What a mess. Thunder and lightening when I got home meant a freaked out pup. And then she was warm because the house had been closed up. I finally gave up and gave her some Benadryl so that she would sleep around 1am. More storms today and tonight. Since I have to be back at 6am tomorrow morning I don’t see me getting much sleep. But there it is. Yesterday was chaos for most of the shift. The gas pumps crashed once again. We had new people training. We got busy enough for all three registers to be in use at one point. And we aren’t even in to tourist season yet.

On the plus side I was commended by the store owner for my efforts and told that I would be getting a raise. The phrase used was “a significant raise” so I am a bit excited to see what happens. The store owner also he would kick in some money for the barbeque that I have planned. That will help with the meat portion. Unfortunately the event has been put off until June 10th now. At the rate we are going it will be shelved. It is going to be our busy time and everyone is pretty much going to want to go home after work instead stop off at a barbeque (free or not). We’ll see. With several people graduating it is hard to find a decent date for everyone in June. I’m not going to offer it later since we just get busier as the summer goes on. There is no point. We’ll see.

I am dropping off my car to get the brakes done Friday morning at 9am. I have the day off so that will make sure I stay home to get things done. So any running I need to do I ought to do Thursday after work. I might get some gas for my little tiller and give that a whirl on Friday. I may or may not leave a few minutes early and go to the Dollar General to get a few things. I have several graduations this month myself and I have a few gift ideas but I need supplies to pull it together. I also need to remember that I have a meeting Thursday night.

I got no writing done yesterday. I tried. I just sat and stared at the blank page for about 15 minutes. My brain was too fried after work. I will try again today. Things have cooled off (mostly from the day yesterday as it reached 90F (32C) because it is the same temp as it was at this time yesterday) so it is comfortable. Stella is asleep on the couch. I have a window open as well as the sliding glass doors so there is a nice cross breeze.

Chris brought home a bunch of stuff from Mom’s Monday night. A small composter was part of the goodies. I have that set up in the yard. It may move once I figure out what I am doing (Mom also included “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting”). It is so nice to see all that green outside! I have moved a few of the plants out there to stay for the season. I might move a few more out there today. But for right now I need to wrap this up and get some work done on my novel. I hope you have an amazing day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Feeling Broken

This morning neither Stella nor I feel good. We were both in a funk last night and this morning isn’t much better. We woke up with upset stomachs around 2:30am. Stella had to keep going out. This morning she went out and stayed out a long time. She is curled up on the couch under some blankets. I am not much better. My body is having a hard time getting around. I think/hope that it is temporary from everything I did over the past few days.

I am not in a good head space either. Part of it is lack of sun but part of it is watching things around me fall apart. I talked with one of my coworkers (he was a friend even before he started working with me). He has been in Floridia for the past month visiting family. He drove down because he had several stops along the way. He is in his 80s. Turns out he had a stroke while he was down there. He seems to be ok but I’ve not seen him in person yet. He can’t drive his truck so he has flown back. He will arrange to have the truck shipped back. But we talked and he is going to stop by the store to talk to me. I’m not sure if he will have to quit or what. Then Mom pulls a “who’s that?” when I ask her if she would reach out to a mutual friend. I tried to remind her of who the person was. A few hours later she claims that she was only joking. She knew who it was. I’m not so sure.

On a positive note I did get work done on my novel. That’s all I have. I’m sure there are other things but right now my mind isn’t there. So this will be a short post. I will have to recycle some photos as I got none taken yesterday. I hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Brewing Something New

I am drinking this morning’s coffee via French press. The Keurig decided that it was done. Just after Chris finished the descaling cycle. So, thankfully, we have other means of brewing our coffee in case of emergency. The coffee is questionable as it is a hodgepodge of many put together. It doesn’t taste bad, just different. I will get some preground at work tonight. I prefer to grind it myself as it keeps its flavor and richness as it is brewed but the grinding process is not a nice idea when loved ones are sleeping.

Another disappointing writing day. As in it did not happen. I tried but I let things get out of hand with other things around here. A headache did not help matters. So I will try again today. I am up earlier and it seems that I got to this faster due to my homepage not working. But I think Miss Stella negated that when she got up. She came and sat next to me and I just sat and scratched her while I read you blogs. Then some more when I was time to write this. Every time I tried to get her up to go eat she seemed to collapse further into my lap.

The tourists are starting to trickle back up. I am not looking forward to tourist season. I never do but what will make things worse is lack of staff. If we have a huge season this year (and I think we might because everyone has cabin fever) it will not go well. We might even lose good people because of the actions of one person. Such drama! Work can be very much like a soap opera.

Stella is across form me on the couch asleep. I might take her for a walk before work. If I give myself 30 minutes to work on my novel and do nothing but I should have time to take her out.

I need to replace the brakes on my car. I also need to check my air box again. The last time there was hesitation on acceleration it was because there was a nest in my air box. Stella also needs to go in for her annual visit. I need to call today to set that up. (She has just curled up into the tightest ball she can make. Hang on while I go cover her up.) I will also mail out the next to last of my medical bills. I will just have one big one left that I should be able to get rid of in short order.

In order to get myself going I need to wrap this up. I just keep finding new thing to talk about, lol. Thank you for all the support, love and encouragement. I really appreciate it! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Blown Away

The wind is still blowing. Maybe not quite as strong as yesterday but it’s up there. Power went out just before I left for work. Chris had to go and get the garage door opened for me. We had never tried to figure out what to do to get the door open in case of power loss. It is easy once you know the secret. So thankfully I wasn’t late. I also got things squared away with my tattoo. He wants to go bigger to get the detail in. I’m ok with that.

There is so much going through my mind right now. Work was a zoo with the power outage. All of Rapid City was out but us. But the gas pumps went crazy every time the power blipped. So I wanted to try to reset all of them. I had four pumps down but not enough “Out Of Order” bags for the handles. So two of us parked our vehicles at the other two pumps. But it took around three hours before I had all the pumps empty so I could reset everything. It wasn’t any less crazy inside the store. Other things I am thinking about are trimming my turtle’s nails. They are way over due. I also got a read through of the first page of my novel from an editor so I am going over what she said in my head. Mostly I am working on my novel in my head.

I did get some interesting photos of the weather last night. I am going to add them and then try to get things going around here. I need to get to work an hour earlier than yesterday. Tomorrow’s post might be even shorter due to the fact that I need to be to work at 6:30am. Regardless thanks for reading and stay safe!

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And So Begins My Busy Season

I need days off from my days off anymore. I spent time outside again (the sun was out more often than not). I pulled out some of my gardening tools from the shed and contemplated where I needed to start. I also read and worked on my novel.

Stella was also very busy yesterday. She was running around the yard after her ball for quite a while. Then I got the idea that we would go for a walk on the property. It had been many years since I had walked the property and Stella had not been walked on it at all. So I put on her collar and leash and off we went. She did very well. I let her sniff where she would for the most part. I think we wandered for about 30 minutes or so. Once we got back to the house we played some more.

Since I had a meeting in the morning I decided that I would take her with to the night one. It usually isn’t very long and the weather was nice so I didn’t worry about leaving her in the car. And I took a puppy treat for her to check while I was inside. She did very well on her own and had a blast on the drive. Once we got home it was more playing while I watched some movies. As a result we are both pooped. I got up this morning and got both my articles written before I did this. Right now Stella is asleep on her back on the couch.

Some other fun things that happened yesterday… I got another bloom on my day lily that is potted inside, I have two more blooms on my orchid AND I got my replacement book and signed mask. (This sounds petty but I don’t like the autograph as well on the new mask… it looks rushed.) I started reading Kane Hodder’s biography then realized that I have several books that I am already reading. Including some that are research for my novel. So I guess we’ll see what happens.

I really don’t want to go to work. I have plenty to do here. I did get laundry and dishes (all except I think three things) done. I have yard work that needs to be done and more things around the inside of the house that needs to be done. There is also the novel that needs to be worked on. But none of that is paying the bills right now so I need to get myself together to go in. I’ll share a few photos from yesterday. (I hope. I noticed that WordPress isn’t letting me get the space back if I delete photos now. I’m not sure if this is a temporary thing or if they are trying to get me to upgrade my plan.) Thanks for reading and stay safe!