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Sun And Rain Then Back Again

The sun was actually out when we got up this morning. In the little bit we have been up a thick layer of clouds has moved in. And you know what? I am all good with that. You know how you wake up and the sun just annoys you and you want clouds? It doesn’t happen often for me but today is one of those days. I am burnt out. I need a day off. Long days dealing with people has tapped out my inner resources. All I have done the past few nights is literally come home and gone to bed. I just have to get through tonight and I have tomorrow off. I am wondering if Essie will eat more if I am home. She did eat some breakfast this morning (it looks like she didn’t eat dinner last night). I know that if I work too much she will get into a funk some times. I don’t know.

I am grateful that I don’t have to be manager tonight but tonight will have it’s own challenges. We are having 10¢ off a gallon for our gas today. Guess who is working the gas window and courtesy counter tonight? On the flip side I think I will go in a few minutes early and try to get my car gassed up. With the short drive it usually takes a while before I need to put gas in. I am lucky and I have been able to gas up the past few discount days.

Nuts. I just realized that I missed going to the local butterfly house. As of yesterday it has closed for the season. I meant to go on a day off but I got so caught up in things here that I forgot. Oh well… I guess I need to wait til next Spring when they reopen. I am kinda bummed. I had hoped to get some photos while I was there.

I keep trying to think of different photography opportunities. Places I want to go but that I can take photos as well. Extra incentive to get me out of the house. There are several raptor rescues that I would like to go to. I can drag Chris along too because he loves those types of birds. So much I want to do but so little energy to do it.

Speaking of which I want to try to get some work done on my novel. I haven’t touched it this work week because I literally have had very little time to do anything other than this and play with the dogs for a little before I start it all over again. That is a big goal for me tomorrow. Spend atleast an hour on my novel. There is so much clamoring for my attention tomorrow! I am going to have to make it a point not to rush anything. And my mind replies, “But there is so much to dooooo!” There in my friends lies the rub.

All right… I need to wrap this up so I can get some time on my novel before work (I don’t have to be there until 2pm today so I get a whole two extra hours to work on things around here). Thank you for all your comments and support! I really appreciate it! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Up And Down We Go

Today’s major task is to balance what I need to do with rest. My back was bad enough at work that I asked to go home. I should’ve probably gone to ER but I can’t add a big chunk of money to my already expanding medical bills (it’s about $300). So here I am. I do have the day off. I do also plan to call to try to get an appointment with my GP (this is only $40).

Yesterday just felt like a disaster for me. It feels like so much went wrong. And it’s not so much that things went wrong as they changed in rapid order. Home, work…. me.

The girls got a special treat yesterday. I tore up three rotisserie chickens for wraps. They only save the clean white meat for those. I hated to just toss them into the trash so I put them in a baggie and that was their dinner. Happy girls! Essie channeled her inner Moose. She laid on the bed and I held the bowl for her as she ate. (It kind of freaked me out that she did that. She always insisted on getting down and going to the kitchen to eat.) But it was a little something special for them.

Oh, so the interior lights in my car (the ones you can turn on and off) are NOT my friend. This is the second time I was searching for some thing in my car and forgot to turn them off. And went to leave the next day with a dead battery. This time was even more irritating because I told myself I needed to remember to turn them off. I still forgot (I was searching for my phone that had fallen out… not in the car but in the driveway). So Chris was a jewel and jumped Angus so I could go to work. Sadly despite my best efforts it didn’t charge anything that short distance. So after work Sunday I had to message him to once again come and jump Angus so I could come home. And after that shift (it was now after 10pm because I was closing manager) I was just wiped out. I had no tears left to cry.

I did get some fun photos last night. I didn’t try any filters but I just changed the mode and that kept the shutter open longer for more light. I think they turned out pretty good. I also found a wild looking maple leaf that was turning it’s colors. Oh and I got my Kitchen Witch from an artist friend of mine. I’ll share that too, She smells like cinnamon (the Kitchen Witch, not my friend 😉). Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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What Is A Day Off?

It is way way too early. I am not a morning person. I have to remember to leave a little early so that I can make sure to get everything done before we open at 7am. Well the gas window will open at 7am. The rest of the store opens at 8am. But my relief doesn’t get there until 8am so I am essentially running the store by myself.

Yesterday went well, all things considered. I don’t feel like I had much of a day off. I was out the door for my hair cut before Chris was up. I got back home and paced for another hour or so before I realized that I still had to get my tabs for both the bike and car. So off I go to the Secretary of State. Usually you can get in and out within 15 minutes or so. Not this time. The woman who was being helped took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. She had to go get something from her car at one point and I’m pretty sure she felt everyone looking daggers at her. Then I hear people talking about having an appointment (I thought it was weird that the little number ticket machine was tucked in the corner). I got online and lo! Apparently appointments are now required. In the end that was fine because I ran out of time to wait.

My consult went well. My doctor is very nice and knowledgeable. And yes I am still getting a colonoscopy. No idea when. That mess took about 2 hours (mostly waiting). I got home and spent some time with the girls. Then Facetimed with Dad. Then talked with Mom. Then did dishes. And laundry. Oh I did get a bunch of the milkweed pods cut off and redistributed around the property so hopefully there will be a bunch more milkweed next year for the butterflies. I got no writing done. By the end of the night I was too tired to do anything but read and even that didn’t last long.

Right now I have both girls up with me. Stella is behind me on the love seat and Essie is to my right on the couch. Good gad. It just dawned on me that at this time tomorrow I will already have been at work an hour…. That being said I need to wrap this up. If I am going to add photos I need to delete some old ones and that will take some time. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Mapping the Days

Essie is in my face insisting I not do this. It is day seven of seven in a row and you can tell the girls are done with it. Essie will usually wait until I am done writing this before demanding her love but this morning… Stella is asleep on her back on the couch. With the top of her head wrapped in a blanket no less. Silly puppies!

I don’t know how tomorrow is going to go. There is just so much to do! My appointment is at 7:30am (no idea how long this will take), Mom and I are supposed to hook up (I was hoping for lunch somewhere in the middle but apparently we are doing it at her place), go to the bank, get an oil change and be home before Chris goes to work. I am hoping to be able to do this before I leave but I am getting up at 5:30am so I hope I have enough time. Tomorrow’s post might be very brief.

I keep watching the clock. I have to be to work at noon today. I think I am a mere cashier so hopefully I can get out sooner rather than the usual later. I am tired. Mentally and physically. No sleeping meds tonight so I can be functional on little sleep. Needless to say the novel has been collecting dust. I’ve not done much journaling either. No writing might be part of my problem.

I am messing around with some of the settings on here to see if I want to change anything. I kinda like the big “E” on the first paragraph. Doing it on each would be a bit much. I need to spice this page up as well as my photography site. I also need to upload more of my photos. I share them here and don’t put them on my actual photography site. 🙄 The girls are really getting restless. I might cut this short. I’m sorry this is more of a whine today. No cheese and crackers to share either.😂 Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Time to Relax

There is an annoying little squirrel chittering away in the maple trees beside the back of the house. We have that one and then the chipmunk that chitters when he gets spooked and runs through the yard. The squirrel is loud enough that I have trouble hearing the birds. I don’t mind sharing but don’t mess with the groove we have going. Loud chittering can be done in another tree in the yard (we have plenty). NOT the trees right by the open door.

An day off. I’m not sure what to do with myself. There is so much that needs to be done. I need to finish that beta book review and review my friends book. I keep putting both off claiming mental fatigue. The thing is I said I would do this for both of them and I am not. No stipulations were given. So those two need to get done today. I am halfway through the novel so if that takes me say two days I will be ok with that. But those two things really need to get done.

I keep getting reminders of Moose both here and at work. It is very hard not to cry. If I am at home I will cry. But at work I still need to keep it together. I miss my boy very very much.

I need to make notes of whom to call Monday. I have to call the nurse and tell her that I never received a call from the pain clinic for my back. I have the number of another doctor that a coworker uses for her back issues (they are similar to mine) and she loves him. So I may ask for a referral. We’ll wait to see what the pain clinic does (if anything). I am not enamored of driving to Traverse this time of year. Alllllll kinds of tourists have begun to swarm up here from all over. I don’t mind sharing but it is ugly up here with everyone venturing out for the first vacations since COVID hit. We have more people in our little town than ever before. My problem is that they come up here and feel entitled to all this. I’m sorry but you aren’t. Then there is the mess that they make and leave. This is our home. You need to respect it and us. You don’t go to someone else’s house and just throw things all over and leave do you? No. So don’t do it here. I want a card that has all that printed on it so I can hand it out.

The girls are sleepy this morning. We are overcast and supposed to get some much needed rain. I want to wash my car so that will help. Lol. With the mayfly hatch the other day the front of my car is just covered. Then there is all the mud. He’s tan so you don’t see anything until you get up close. Then you see how dirty it is. The outside plants need to be watered as well. I’d better get going. Projects await! Have a great day! Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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Travels Great and Small

It looks as though we will have another beautiful day.❤️ We want to grill today so I need to slide to the store before 1pm. I feel kinda bad because it is Easter but there it is. I am leaning toward taking the motorcycle (pardon the pun) but it will depend on the temperature (the frost still hasn’t melted) and my body. Right now it hurts. I might take Angus (my Subaru) for groceries then take Rogue (my motorcycle) out got a ride later today. We’ll see.

Maybe I need to wear my helmet cover 🧐

I want to spend time on my writing as well today. Even if a few pages are all I do. I started fleshing out some of my characters the other day. I still don’t see them clearly in my mind’s eye so I know more work needs to be done.

The Robins have been here and singing since we got up. Spring is definitely here! I wore shorts to work yesterday and several people commented. I compared myself to a Robin saying that if you saw me in shorts you know Spring is here. That brought many smiles. 😁

I miss loading up the dogs in the car to go for a ride.

My boys❤️🐾

I am trying to be positive… I am debating about doing some yard work today. I don’t want to do too much uncovering if we are still getting frost at night. I found a bud yesterday and the daffodils, tulips, irises and day lilies are growing up fast! I am very excited! Since my irises seem to bloom every other year this year should be the big bloom. I have a smaller batch that blooms when they don’t. No idea how I managed to do it. Lol. I think I will work with my roses this year too. So I need to dig out the book Mom got me.

Looking at the clock I guess I need to get crackin’ if I want to get to the store and get things done around here. I just want to thank everyone for the awesome support!❤️ Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Early Morning Blues and Greys

There was a hard frost this morning. The skies are clear and cold. I have been awake since 4am despite my best efforts. And as soon as my body decided it was awake my brain started up. I did try all my little mind tricks to get back to sleep but no joy. I had hoped since I went to bed much later than I should have (binge watched the Formula 1 series Drive to Survive on Netflix) I would be able to sleep through longer than the usual four hours before my body wakes itself up.

I let the doctor talk me into physical therapy. Well it’s more like I have to do physical therapy if I want to get an MRI. Apparently you can’t find out what is wrong until you try to fix it first. 🙄 More test results are pending.

I did get some really good photos yesterday though. The birds were VERY busy at our bird feeder yesterday. I will share those today. I uploaded a few more photos to my Picfair page as well.

I see that I need to get going (wake up way early yet still not enough time?). I need a few extra minutes to download the photos. Hope you like them! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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New Adventures!

Tomorrow is my big day! Tomorrow I get Moose’s tattoo. I will share a photo probably Saturday morning. It has been a month today that I lost my Moose. And not a day goes by that I don’t think about him. I miss him.

Well yesterday was an adventure! I had to go get new tires for Angus, my Subaru Crosstrek. I got there a little early. Once I checked in I noticed that they put my car on the lift but nothing was going on. Mechanics came out and talked with the guys at the desk. Had I told them the wrong size tire? (I was pretty sure I had not but still.) I got called up to the desk and things were explained to me. My tires had been ordered when I made the appointment Monday but they still hadn’t been delivered (I guess they normally get deliveries every day but this week seemed to be an exception). At this point I’m thinking I will have to reschedule. Then he drops the bomb. Would I like to upgrade to the next tire in the Cooper line up for the same price? (He looked at his manager who looked a bit sick but ok’ed it.) Why yes I would thank you! What made all this so amazing was the fact that they had matched a lower price from another shop to begin with. That was $30 or so cheaper. The upgrade to my tires was about $32 a tire so you figure another $128? So I saved about $160 yesterday. AND I was able to come home for an hour or so to spend time with the girls before work.

Then when I got to work I was the greeter at the door. Or as I liked to call it… the Mask Police. For the most part everyone was nice. I had one or two that were stinkers but they left. What really happened is that I ended up chatting with everyone for most of the day. When I am at a register I have a limited time frame to talk to people. But at the door I can literally stand around and talk as long as I want. And I did lol. I met some very interesting people as well. There was the guy fresh from the east side of Chicago who did repo work (who knew that I would be able to carry on that conversation!) so we exchanged stories. The conversation with him started with “What are these things?” (he was looking at boxes of Paczkis). I learned some new and interesting stories about some of my regulars (interesting fact… most of the guys have ridden motorcycles). I even talked fire arms with one of our older patrons. I think I went up a few notches with him because I could talk about them intelligently (thank you Hungee). All in all it was a fun day. And it blew by!

The only bad thing last night was Essie being sick. No idea why. When I got home she wouldn’t eat dinner and you could hear her tummy gurgling and grumbling a few miles away. It was LOUD! We played a bit but she got up twice to get sick then the last time she just spontaneously got sick on the bed. That was around 1:30am. This morning she is fine. She had a good appetite and everything. She also wanted to get up at 8am. Momma was not. Momma was sleeping hard. Ah well. I can try again tonight right? Lol.

This has turned into a long one. Sorry about that. I will share some cool photos I took when I got home from getting the tires. The sun was blazing and we had a hard frost from the night before. Thanks for reading and stay safe!