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Wet and Foggy Sunday

This morning is chilly and very wet. The fog is making it’s way down the surrounding hills into our valley. My stress over the upcoming week have gone up and down. The Council President has declared a state of emergency so they will start doing Zoom meetings again. When I get home tomorrow night after work I don’t have to rush around and leave again. I will still have to drive to Elk Rapids the next morning for that meeting (that particular meeting never went to Zoom) but the other meetings will all be Zoom. Yay! I had decided to ask if someone else would cover atleast one of the meetings but if they are Zoom that makes it a LOT easier for me to do all three.

I talked to both my parents yesterday. That way they know what is going on if I don’t respond very often to emails and texts.

I got my voodoo doll yesterday. Dame of the Dead does custom one off pieces and she knew that I loved werewolves so she brought that theme into it. It turned out so well!!

I did some gardening yesterday as well. I got all my seeds in the ground with fresh dirt. So we’ll see how that goes. I planted three kinds of sunflower seeds in the rock garden and then flowers and food stuffs in the memorial garden.

Essie is softly snoring with her face partially covered. Little girl…❤️

I will add a few more photos and get this posted. Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day and stay safe!

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The Death of Time

I’m not sure how intelligible next week’s blogs will be. So I apologize now. There may be quite a few that are just photos. Monday I work until 6pm, go home, feed the girls, drive to Elk Rapids for a meeting then come home and write the article. I have a meeting at 9am in Elk Rapids the next morning and I work at 10am. I’ve already told them I will be late… I will write the article for that meeting that night. Wednesday I have to be to work at 6am (which means a 4:30am wake up). I have a meeting at 6:30pm that night in Elk Rapids. Oh and I have a physical therapy evaluation appointment Friday morning at 10am. After today Friday will be my next day off. And for those asking Elk Rapids is about a 20-30 minute drive depending on traffic.

Yesterday I didn’t get called into work until around 9am. And we were busy from the get go. It seems like most people lost power yesterday (it covered several cities apparently). So not only were people panicking about food but gas as well. At one point I was waiting on the gas window and the courtesy counter at the same time. 😳 After work I zipped home to say goodbye to Chris then I zipped back to work to get groceries.

My goal is nothing today. Yesterday before work I got part of a scene done for my novel. I might pull that out. I may putter in the garden. I may do some housework (I did get the layer of ice out of the bottom of the freezer yesterday). I may just sit and read. I don’t want to start thinking I have to cram all kinds of stuff in today. Although I had better take a lot of photos so I have something to share with you all! Lol

I just thought of the title for this post. I thought it might be too serious or too morbid sounding but it fits. This next week time will cease to exist! Lol. I will add some photos and get this posted. Thank you for your kind words and support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!❤️

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Time to Breathe 🌺

This morning I woke to a lovely text from a coworker seeing how I was doing (we don’t work together that often). I sent her a text back wishing her a fab day with lots of love.

Loooong sighhhh…. a day off. I am running into town as soon as I post this so I can be back before Chris gets up. I will mail the books back to Amazon (I researched both authors and their topics, they were legit but some of the things they said just did not sound right and so I could not read the books… I tried). I was going to try to ride the bike but I heard/felt a snap and pop. I am having problems standing so I don’t think me riding is a good idea. And that makes me angry as I got myself all geared up mentally.

Today will by writing, maybe some gardening (with the back I’m not sure though) and things done around the house. The big task though is finding another laptop. Again. Fingers crossed that there is something I like.

Mom and I were going to hook up today but she decided not to. I think it was the early morning get together. And that is fine. Her sleep schedule has been way out of wack the past few days.

Sorry this is short. I let myself sleep in. But now I need to finish my coffee and get this posted so I can get out the door and back home ASAP. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Small Steps

I didn’t do much with my phone yesterday. I should be done writing my blog by now but it seems to be blowing up (my phone that is). I tried to quick catch up on messages I missed (I felt like crap all day and night so I pretty much ignored my phone) and some of the people who messaged me were up and messaged back.😳 So I politely tried to nip things in the bud. The girls were out here with me but both have gone back to bed with Chris.

I thought about skipping this today. I truly had nothing new to say and I am still not feeling very well. I thought about calling in but the next check goes for my car payment.

One of my coworkers got me this adorable solar powered light. It’s a shaggy black and white dog wearing glasses. The glasses are where the lights are. She said he reminded her of Minions which reminded her of me. ❤️

I am itching to get gardening. Even if it hurts physically. I just need to be outside growing things again. I don’t want to do too much with this warm streak incase we get bad weather again. I do need to get myself some crocus bulbs to plant though. Those and daffodils are such great signs of Spring after a long winter.

I’ll add a few photos I took and wrap this up. I hope to get some writing done on my novel(s) before work. Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

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Happy Spring!

Here is to a better day. I was so out of it yesterday morning I almost forgot to post the blog before I left for work.😱 The sun is out and despite it being chilly there is no frost this morning. I slept as much as I could.

After work I went and got my labs done. After I got home I played with the girls for awhile and sat outside to enjoy the sun. I got a stressed email from Dad. He was depressed and in panic mode. To top of off he’d lost his phone again. So I emailed him back asking if he wanted me to call so he could find his phone. He said to go ahead. After a fifteen minute or do phone call we hung up and did FaceTime. That lasted til around 7:30pm. So maybe four hours? Regardless when we hung up he had his groceries ordered (there was nothing in the house) and was in a much better frame of mind. His body still hurt but he was no longer in panic mode. Monday we will work on writing three letters to send to various doctors.

Part of me wishes I had today off. But I don’t have to be to work until noon so there is that. I just want my body to stop hurting for a little while. I’ll spend as much time as I can outside.

I got next week’s schedule and I am back to my regular Saturday off again. I 0think I will stay home. Monday I have off for the doctor and then I open Tuesday so I can do my meeting that night.

Poor Essie. Her hips are really starting to give her grief. She has a lot of problems getting up after laying down or sitting. Unless she can get a running start she needs help getting up on things. She’s also been drinking a lot of water lately. She almost didn’t eat her breakfast but I coaxed her. Some of the things she is doing reminds me of Moose after he was diagnosed. I hope that we are not having a repeat performance. I believe both girls are due for their annual check up soon. I will ask them to check Essie for that.

Before this gets too long I will add some photos and get this posted. I got some photos of the stars last night. I’m not sure how they will look on a big screen but I’m pretty pleased with how they look on a small one. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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News… To Be Continued

The recommended medicine had the reverse effect on my body last night. So instead of sleep I got sharp pains starting at 4:30am. I was planning on going to get my bloodwork done this morning before work but I just couldn’t. I was so desperate to get some sleep. I still am. So the new goal is tomorrow after work. I get out at 2pm so if I am lucky I can be back home before Chris leaves for work.

The two big concerns are colon cancer and Crohn’s disease. Thus further tests. I didn’t go into Traverse and look at laptops (or fix my phone) yesterday. I got groceries and came home. Essie especially was happy to see me. I think she thought I was going to work when I left.

The afternoon weather was rain/snow/sleet. I got some decent photos with the camera. I am finally starting to get the hang of things. (One reason I’ve not moved onto the next lesson in my camera course is that I want to make sure I have a handle on the current lesson.) I think I got some good shots. Let me know what you think!

I really miss Moose right now. My body is rebelling against me so I think I will wrap this up. I hope you like the photos. Thanks for reading and for all the support! Stay safe!

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Working Through the Anxiety

I sit here in the dark with Essie waiting to head out the door to go to the doctor. Part of me wishes I had gone for a later time. I am just so tired. I’ve been clock watching and dozing since 5am.

I got a lot done yesterday but I still forgot “little” things I wanted to do like putting the cleaner down the drains or setting everything out for today. It’s no big deal but it feels like it.

I repotted the avocados. Well I put them in dirt. I pulled the bag of Miracle Gro dirt in to warm up. I didn’t want to shock the poor things. They seem to be doing ok so far. I am debating about repotting a few other plants but I’d rather do it while it’s nice outside.

The house got vacuumed, dishes got done, laundry got done. I even spent some time on my novels (yes both of them). It’s not much but it’s something. Nervous energy.

I’ve been going over my list of issues to ask the doctor. That hasn’t helped my anxiety. And there is no telling if or when I will get answers to my questions.

And I think I might come straight home after my appointment. I don’t know how long my appointment will take so I am leery about setting up an appointment to get my phone fixed. That and I just don’t want to drive to Traverse. I think the most I will do is get groceries afterwards.

Time to get gone. I didn’t take many photos yesterday but I will share what I have. I’ll make it a point to take some today. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Coconut Creamer vs Snow

I am glad that I filled the bird feeder. I woke up to about 2 inches (5cm) of snow. The crows overhead sound as annoyed as me at the unwelcome intrusion of it. It should all be gone again either today or tomorrow (temperature and possibly some rain) but it is disheartening all the same. Winter just needs to go away. When I opened the door to let the girls out to go potty Stella stood there and looked at me after she saw the snow. I did coax her out though.

My small consolation in all this is my coconut creme creamer in my coffee. I will be drinking a lot of coffee today with that in it. My big splurge yesterday.

I don’t know if any of my readers are horror fans like myself but if you are there is an amazing social media site called Slasher. I had to download an app for my phone and it threatens to suck me in like Facebook did but it is so cool to have someplace to go to talk about and see horror everything! I belong to a few Facebook groups that are horror based but this place covers a lot more ground. There are musicians, film makers, writers, fans, artists…. it is an amazing collection of people and work! Everyone so far has been super friendly. I’m very excited!

Seriously?! I heard a blue jay just squawking and now I know why. It’s snowing out. Even the birds are sick of it! Snow is no longer pretty. White or otherwise. (As I take a large sip of my coconut flavored coffee and glare out the window…lol)

I need to do some work around the house today. Dishes, vacuum etc. I also need to figure out when to make my appointment to fix my phone screen tomorrow. I’m going to be out and about so I might as well go to Traverse and get it done. It’s under warranty so I’m good there. I had hoped to look at laptops as well. I just want to stay home. It’s all I can do not to cancel my doctor appointment for tomorrow.

Books need to be read and worked on as well today. I am going to try to finish my one book review and get that sent in to various places. So I guess I should stop procrastinating and do my thing. I’ll add a few photos. I tried to get one of the crows this morning but he started to take off as I took my photo. Then I couldn’t adjust my lens fast enough to get anymore as they flew away (more joined as he flew). Take care! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Another late night. I just couldn’t shut my brain off. At work there was a lot of tears as a coworker’s current situation unintentionally opened old wounds for others. I did my best to listen, hug and dry tears.

Physically I hurt. It’s mostly my core. Then the anxiety kicks in for Wednesday’s doctor appointment. I don’t want to go. I don’t like doctors. I made my appointment for early in the morning so I wouldn’t be pacing around the house til I had to go.

I have Tuesday and Wednesday off this week. So I work straight through the weekend. I figured I would get Wednesday and Saturday off. So we’ll see how that works.

I made myself stay in bed this morning. I was awake at 7:30am but I was still wiped out from yesterday. I did finally fall back asleep and actually feel better for it.

Essie is following me as I wander through the house. My anxiety keeps ratching up. Part of me wishes that I had Thursday off instead of Tuesday. I think I will add some photos and wrap this up. My anxiety is getting the best of me. I’m sorry this isn’t a more meaningful or positive post. Thanks for reading and stay safe!