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What We Can Learn

This morning is the opposite of yesterday. As bright as it was the shadows today are darker. The sky looks cold and about to cry. Essie doesn’t feel well this morning. She didn’t eat breakfast and has been outside several times. Moose and Stella are curled up in the pile of blankets on the couch. I need to pull out two of those blankets to go in my car, Angus, soon. Moose needs to go to the vet this morning to get further tests on his kidney disease. His medicine should arrive today as well. Lol. I just let Essie back in and she made a beeline for the couch and is currently looking for a spot to lay with her siblings.

As I was watching and chatting with customers it struck me that all the “old” people were once young and all the young people will (possibly) become old. I listen to the stories of the older folks and laugh with them at the antics they got away with when they were younger. Then there are the older ones that flirt shamelessly cheeky monkeys that they are. They all have stories to tell. They have lived adventures we never can, survived things that we can’t understand. To ignore them is a shame on us. No matter how old they still have things to teach us.

And the young do too. They can teach us how to live life instead of worry about every little thing (although the pandemic is making a lot of them grow up and worry too soon). Thy remind us that we have imaginations that can take us anywhere, we just need to follow our hearts.

I guess the point is that we can still learn from each other. If we make the effort. Stay safe and thanks for reading.

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Finding a Path

This morning I am frustrated with myself. I got nothing done that I was supposed to. I spent the day outside either puttering in the yard or on the phone with family. None of my writing got done or even looked at. I can’t seem to find a rhythm to it all. With all the lack of sleep it has been hard to get motivated. I think I was able to catch up on some of it last night and the night before. But tonight and tomorrow… I don’t think I’ll get that much. We’ll see.

I look around the room at everything and see my past. So much of it…. Are there still things I want to do? I’m not sure. I’ve tried things I wanted to do (scuba diving comes to mind) to find out that I can’t or don’t want to anymore. So now what? Where do I go from here? No idea.

There are a lot of clouds out this morning. I feel cloudy myself. I don’t know what the day will bring (a week ago it brought a snow storm) but I had better face it. If I stop now I might just have enough time to write the article before work. Sorry it has been a bit of a downer post. I will share some photos I took yesterday though. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Bits and Pieces

We slept in a little later this morning since I don’t work until 1pm. Sleep last night was much better than the previous night. Yesterday we actually had the sun out for awhile in the afternoon which seemed to improve everyone’s moods. I tried to get some decent shots of the sun coming through what is left of the leaves. (I have to admit that taking photos outside makes me sad because the leaves are all falling off the trees and the weather is becoming bitter cold.)

I covered two meetings last night for the paper. Both were fairly short but interesting. I need to do my word count today and send it in. Then I can make my car payment. Today before work I hope to get bills paid. I will do what I can and finish tomorrow since I have the day off. I also want to try to get some more research done for the novel for NaNoWriMo since that is mere days away. Speaking of days away I need to figure out what to do for Chris for his birthday. It is a week from today. Aaaaannd I have no clue what to get him. As usual. Lol.

I got some really cool photos of the moon last night. The clouds looked like waves on a beach. I tried both the Nikon and my phone. Of the two the phone did a better job of getting the shot. It’s still not what I wanted but it was better than nothing.

I got my cool skull from my friend the Dame of the Dead yesterday. I love it!

Moose has been with me here in my office all morning. He normally is in and out (mostly out). Every once in a while I look at him and realize what a big dog he is. I have always had big dogs (Max was a chocolate lab/Akita mix and he was 130lbs) so I don’t think of them as big or small. They are my dogs. But this morning I look at Moose on the floor by me and he looks like such a big boy.

I’m thinking I should go through and get rid of things in the closet I can’t or won’t wear. It will take some courage on my part. As Chris will tell you I am fighting growing older tooth and nail. There are things I need to get rid of because I will use them as ammo for self abuse. I have enough of that as it is. So one day soon I will sit down with a trash bag and go through my closet (sorry our closet). I can promise you that I will be keeping pretty much all my tees and tank tops. I have many many years of memories wrapped up in all of them. Mom suggested making a quilt but I can still wear them one and two do you know how many quilts I could make?! Not to mention I won’t want to put them on the bed because I don’t want holes in said tee shirts. So.

I should wrap this up so I can get bills paid and play with the kids for a bit before I head to work. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

Ed. Note: I guess I have used up all my photo slots on my blog. I will try to subtract a few so I can add a few.

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The New To Dos

So we slept in this morning. Thing is I feel like I got up with minimal sleep. I can’t believe how tired I am right now… And of course my brain is going rapid fire as to what I need to get done today. Not too much as it turns out. I got a lot done yesterday before work. I am glad I did since it reduced the load for today. I even remade a To Do list for today so that I get as much done as I can.

I can’t believe that October has almost gone. Where did it go? Why didn’t I get to spend any time with it before it left? Maybe the winter months will be just a brief. I hope… But still, time is going way too fast.

Oh and tomorrow’s post will be very brief. I have to be to work at 6am. I can’t bring myself to be up earlier than 5am to get everything done. I get out at 3pm so my logic is I will finish up what I don’t get done today. I feel better knowing that I still will have time. As Chris pointed out our friends won’t really care but I do. And really it’s not too much to do. I can slide on a few things but not on others (the mouse cage has GOT to get done).

Moose is in here with me sleeping on the floor. He seems to be as tired as I. The plan after I do this is to go and do some running before Chris gets up. I had intended to lay out clothes but forgot. I will have to wing it. I don’t want to wake Chris.

This will be a short one too I think. Sorry about two in a row. I just looked at the clock and saw how late it was. I still need to put returnables in the car, load up the kids (probably just Stella and Moose)… Since I haven’t had time to take any photos I will sneak out now with the kids. Thanks for reading and as always stay safe!

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A Fall Day

I am embarrassed to say that I wasted my first cup of coffee this morning. Maybe I should say that I sacrificed it to the house spirits…. I fed the dogs then was trying to get organized to get on here and started the Keurig. Moose came out of the kitchen to get me when I heard the sound of liquid splashing. I had forgotten to put a mug beneath the spout. I hit the stop but the damage had already been done. When I started it up again it merely sputtered a few drops into the newly placed mug.

It is chilly enough that all three dogs are snoozing covered by their blankets. No snoring though and that is unusual for them. I am hoping that we can spend time outside today. The sun is out but the wind has picked up again. I would like to keep the memorial garden uncovered overnight but we’ll see. I covered it last night even though it was only supposed to get down to around 49F (9C). Good thing I did because it got down to 39F (3C).

I am thinking I might take Moose and Stella and go for a drive to get some photos of the colors around here. I thought about leaving early for work one day (I seem to be closing most of next week) and bring my camera but I don’t want to leave my camera in the car nor do I want to bring it in the store. And I don’t think my phone camera would do the colors justice. I may use my phone anyway. It’s better than nothing. The trees look like they are big flames with the colors in the leaves. The big hill I pass on the way to work is starting to noticeably change as well.

I think this is going to be a hard winter for a lot of us physically. I notice that on the cold days Essie seems to be hurting and I know that Chris and I do. Mom and Dad both have bad arthritis in various parts of their bodies and they are experiencing more pain as the seasons progress. I wonder if this will be the year I get the kids winter boots. I think I can swing it with bills. I just hate ordering via the mail because I would like them to try them on first. I am also curious as to how the kids will react to having them on. Lol.

I see that I have gone on a bit this morning. Thanks for reading and stay safe! And thanks for all the wonderful comments!

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Quick Check In

I think Moose wants me to start moving the laptop into the living room again. He doesn’t want to sleep on the floor in here for very long. It is raining pretty good here this morning. The rain has made everyone very sleepy. Even me. I only woke up once last night.

I took Stella and Moose for a little ride yesterday. I didn’t take the camera but I did pull over a few times and use the one on my phone so I do have some fall color photos to share. I also managed to get a lot done yesterday. The garage has been swept out and the house picked up etc (I do need to vacuum when I get home today). I am also caught up on classwork.

I got up extra early so I thought I had more time. I did get Moose to eat some of his breakfast by feeding it to him. He actually showed interest but wasn’t sure so I gave him some on the fork. He ate it so I kept going. He ate most of it for me.

Where did all my extra time go? Sheesh. Ok. I guess I will put my photos on here and get ready for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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The Big Day

Well the day is finally here!  It is hard to believe that I turn 48 years old today.  So much has happened over the course of my life… and so much is yet to happen.  I really am at a loss as to what to write about this morning.  I have spent a bit on Facebook this morning saying thank you for my birthday messages.  It gives me the warm fuzzies to know that people take time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday.  ❤

I think Moose is not happy.  Stella has taken to coming in the office with us in the morning.  Her spot seems to be at my feet under the chair.  He stretched and I told him “Good stretches!” and then Stella stretched as well.  Lol.

I’m sitting here looking at all the things I have collected over my years.  I have so many memories packed into my office!  And not just mine.  I have stuff from my parents trip to Italy as well as things from my Aunt Rita (well she was my great aunt).  I guess you could say they are little cast offs from people I care about.

Do you ever sit in a room and look at things and just let your mind wander?  That seems to be what I am doing this morning.  Mom sees my room as cluttered because there is so much but to me it is my history made accessible.  My book shelves are crammed full and then some but they are organized.  I have my knickknacks pretty much all over.  I have flags, posters, autographs, framed photos, license plates etc on the walls.  I even have a bunch of flies that Chris tied stuck to my corkboard.

Since my mind doesn’t seem to want to stay focused I will share a few “full” photos of my office.  It is my happy place.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!  Stay safe!


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Taking Time to Breathe

First off happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends!  As I am going through and reading blogs this morning this is a reoccurring theme so I will add my well wishes to the pot!

I find myself behind in what I wanted to get accomplished today.  I am trying to get everything done but at the same time I need to take some time to rest and regroup.  I think I will do as much as I can with my classwork today and since I have Monday off I will finish up then if I need to.  I don’t need to beat myself up with this.  I am finally getting into a good head space with my life.  I don’t need to let this mess things up.

Today is going to be my pre-birthday celebrations.  Since I work all day tomorrow I will spend time with Chris and the kids having fun today.  I cannot believe that I will be turning 48 tomorrow.  They might be doing something for me at work.  We’ll see, lol.

I passed my first set of classes and received my certificate yesterday.  I printed and saved a copy.  Just four more to go!  I do like the instructors so far.  They are diverse and articulate about their trade.  Although I do prefer the current instructor she is also more exacting about what she wants from her students.  Which is good but…. 🙂

I have Stella and Super Moose in her with me.  Super Moose is when he completely stretches out like he is flying.  Stella is stretched out beneath my chair.  The sky is overcast but it is still a beautiful day.  I got my plants more dirt and finally put the dirt in the respective containers last night.  I can’t believe how well they are all doing!  I have some green peppers coming in and the tomatoes are still growing.  I think the big plant is cherry tomatoes.  The ones have not gotten any bigger that a golf ball so I am just waiting for them to ripen.  I have never grown beans before so I don’t know what to look for in regards to what to harvest but they are very happy plants growing up the side of the tree.  The few tomato plants I have in there with them are doing very well.  I think I have some cucumber plants in there as well.  I kept the seed packets for what I put in there.  I just need to find them again.

I need to wrap this up and get to some of my classwork.  As always thanks for reading, stay safe and have a great day!

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Living Now But Remembering the Past

This morning has dawned cool and wet.  My back is telling me I did too much yesterday.  Which concerns me as it hurts because of the amount of time I spent standing.  This does not bode well for future employment.  I had this problem become very bad towards the end at Younkers.  That being said I did get a lot done.  I even uncovered our games from many years of dust.

Our games have not seen much use.  I am the one who will pull out  a deck of cards occasionally.  But I have been using my Minion cards that I received from a friend.  We also have Go, Chinese checkers, multiple chess boards, Scrabble, Cooking Scrabble, dominoes, Mancala… as well as a bunch that are not stashed beneath the table like Clue, UNO and some puzzles.  I remember when we were constantly entertaining and the games would be in constant use.  Now the kids have all grown up and friends have moved on.  Family too.  Mom and I don’t get together hardly ever anymore.  Dad and I haven’t talked in a few weeks because his internet service in Canada has suddenly decided to change his service to another company and charge him more if he uses anything (phone, computer or streaming services) til then.  I don’t understand how they can do that but this is the information Dad sent in an email to all of us.  Nothing til the middle of this month.  Which worries me because Dad will be completely cut off.

On a more positive note I did get all my classwork done and turned in.  I might start my next one this afternoon.  I would start it this morning but the kids are getting restless.  I may end up moving the laptop back into the living room on the mornings again.  We’ll see.  Essie did not eat this morning.  She has gone in and out of the office a few times.  I need to sit down and make one of my numerous lists as to what need to be done (money, job, etc).

I found another tomato on the plant yesterday.  It is small to be sure but it is there and growing.  I watered everyone yesterday because it has been dry but this rain should help move things along.  I need to replenish the dirt in the memorial garden as well (see what I mean about making lists?).  The dirt is settling as it dries so more needs to be added to keep the roots covered and add more nutrients.

We had a beautiful sunset on Saturday and I managed to get some gorgeous photos.  I will share a few.  Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Ending One Chapter and Writing a New One

We got good news yesterday!  Essie is cancer free!  The lump was benign.  I have been worried for so long it is going to take some doing not to be.  This afternoon I take Essie in to get her staples out.  And hopefully this will be the last vet visit for a while!

I need to make some changes around here.  Specifically to myself.  I need to figure out where I am and where I am going not that the scares with the animals is over.  I can focus on myself and school.  I need to do my class work today.  If nothing else I need to watch the videos today and then I can work on the writing portion this weekend.  I have been very good about keeping up the house so I do not have that as an excuse.

I will also try to work on alteast one of the novellas.  Hopefully both but I know if I work on the fiction (versus the horror one) I will get stuck and not work on either one.  The goal is to work on the horror one (that seems to be coming along quite well) and then sit and mull over the fiction one.  I am not sure why it has stalled out.  I keep saying it is because I don’t know enough about surfing (mostly the practical side) but I think the big thing is I’m not sure where the story is going.  I have all these great plans and they don’t feel like the right thing.  If they aren’t the right thing then what is?  So If I get one story worked on I can sit and mull over the second one and not feel guilty.

Tomorrow is August already.  I can’t believe how much has happened in the past 7 months!  And good grief my birthday is coming up… I suppose I should get myself moving.  Atleast I should watch some of the videos for class.  (The dogs want me to go outside and play with them so maybe I’ll wait?)  I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on my various posts and give their support and good vibes for Essie.  It means a lot.  Thanks, as always, for reading and stay safe!