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PT Day

I am looking out the window into grey skies. The grass is a rich green. Fortunately there is no snow falling from the sky. Mother Nature seems to be confused again as to which direction the seasons are going. Last week at this time it was summer weather. Now it is a rain snow mix with winter temperatures.

I think Essie has finally settled somewhere. She has been in and out of the bedroom for the past 30 minutes. Out here for a few minutes then back in bed. Then back out here. Then in bed. I also notice that the girls are more needy when I bring the laptop out versus work on my phone.

I go in this morning for my physical therapy evaluation. Part of me is looking forward to it and hopefully some answers. The other part thinks that it is just going to get worse again. But in order to get an MRI to see what is wrong I have to go through physical therapy. Wouldn’t you want to diagnose the problem before you start doing any treatment? The whole thing is just frustrating. Hence my attitude. I also have to leave extra early because I am supposed to get the 15 minutes early for paperwork and then extra early on top of that because they have expanded the hospital massively since I had PT there for my shoulder so I have no idea where I am going in the buildings.

I did sleep in a bit but the fact that I still had to get up to an alarm irks. It doesn’t feel like a day off. I am just tired, I hurt and thus crabby. I’ve tried to keep my crabbiness to myself but it will slip out once in a while.

If I am going to download photos I need to wrap this up. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Wipe Out

I apologize for not getting to read anyone’s blogs this morning. My meeting last night went for a total of three hours. With not much sleep I am exhausted physically and mentally. After today I just have my physical therapy evaluation in the morning. I am so tired I am writing this on my phone. I don’t have the energy to turn on the laptop.

So I lieu of me whining I am going to share some photos I took yesterday. I hope you like them. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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Learning a New Thing

Here I am back on a laptop trying to get used to writing that way again. I think I have everything imported or downloaded that I needed. Now I just need to remember to use it all. I do need to figure out what to do about the printer. I am missing a certain type of port on this laptop for be able to plug it in. I am not sure if I can use it without it or not. Something to do this weekend.

Yesterday was very hectic for me. Work was busy. I was only 45 minutes late after the meeting. I thought it would be longer. Then the day actually flew by but I am so very tired from everything going on. Tonight’s meeting is at 6:30pm so I might be able to get to bed a little earlier. I work at 9am tomorrow til I think 5pm. Then the dreaded physical therapy evaluation at 10am Friday morning. But I can sleep in the following two days.

This keyboard is just a little off from what I am used to so I have to go back (which takes longer because those keys are in different spots completely from my old laptop). But I am happy with my purchase. I do need to see if I can adjust the screen brightness. I did not realize how bright it would be in the dark this morning. I am too tired to go set it up in my office so I just moved it to another corner of the table so it won’t reflect into the bedroom. I will try to remember to take some photos of it as well as get some more details for tomorrow’s post. And it is bright. I just walked away to get some thing and coming back to it in the dark is blinding. Ouch!

I feel like I am being rushed this morning. And I just discovered that Me touching “save draft” on here does not save it to drafts on my phone app. That is frustrating. I will have to add photos after I post it then. Normally I would save it to drafts then access it via my phone app to download the photos I add. No more apparently. That being the case I will quickly finish this so I can add photos before I leave. My left shift button doesn’t feel right when it’s pressed. Oh well… I need to get gone. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Quick, Quick!

This morning I have Stella up with me who wants attention. This is the same pup who seemingly barked at everything once we went to bed last night. I am exhausted. Work knows that I will be late because of this morning’s meeting. On the plus side my article for last night’s meeting has been written and sent in.

So I will add a few photos and get this posted so I can get to this morning’s meeting. Hopefully it doesn’t last longer than an hour. Please don’t let it last longer. I will write that article after work. Then I just have one more meeting.

Essie is out here with us now. Silly pups….

I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Inclement Weather In and Out

Oh the weird world that is my lack of sleep! Last night Essie insisted that I bring my book in the bedroom and read in there. I had been reading on the loveseat. She would come and get me like she wanted to go outside but she would head for the bedroom. On the third hint is said ok and we all went in. Around 1:30am she started getting restless because she didn’t feel good (I guess she didn’t eat dinner). She was all over the bed then in and out of the bed. I offered to let her outside but she would not go. Finally around 2:30am she got up in a hurry and was getting sick. Chris got her outside in time. She seemed like she didn’t feel much better when she came in. She just sat down on the floor and looked so sad and woebegone… I sat on the floor and loved on her for a few minutes before she was ready to go back to bed. Stella meanwhile had gotten jealous of the attention and did a few quick short zoomies through the house. She finally got in bed with us and we tried to get back to sleep. Rotating cuddle bugs and my back kept me moving around the bed a lot.

Last night and this morning the fog has been very thick. You can barely see across our yard. I did discover something cool last night. We have several peepers in the big pond by the deck! So we get sung to every night. The light has to be out though. Very seldom will you hear them sing with the outside light on.

The grass is growing thick and green in the backyard with all this rain. The trees and plants are budding like crazy too. I had better wrap this up so I can get going. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Wet and Foggy Sunday

This morning is chilly and very wet. The fog is making it’s way down the surrounding hills into our valley. My stress over the upcoming week have gone up and down. The Council President has declared a state of emergency so they will start doing Zoom meetings again. When I get home tomorrow night after work I don’t have to rush around and leave again. I will still have to drive to Elk Rapids the next morning for that meeting (that particular meeting never went to Zoom) but the other meetings will all be Zoom. Yay! I had decided to ask if someone else would cover atleast one of the meetings but if they are Zoom that makes it a LOT easier for me to do all three.

I talked to both my parents yesterday. That way they know what is going on if I don’t respond very often to emails and texts.

I got my voodoo doll yesterday. Dame of the Dead does custom one off pieces and she knew that I loved werewolves so she brought that theme into it. It turned out so well!!

I did some gardening yesterday as well. I got all my seeds in the ground with fresh dirt. So we’ll see how that goes. I planted three kinds of sunflower seeds in the rock garden and then flowers and food stuffs in the memorial garden.

Essie is softly snoring with her face partially covered. Little girl…❤️

I will add a few more photos and get this posted. Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day and stay safe!

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The Death of Time

I’m not sure how intelligible next week’s blogs will be. So I apologize now. There may be quite a few that are just photos. Monday I work until 6pm, go home, feed the girls, drive to Elk Rapids for a meeting then come home and write the article. I have a meeting at 9am in Elk Rapids the next morning and I work at 10am. I’ve already told them I will be late… I will write the article for that meeting that night. Wednesday I have to be to work at 6am (which means a 4:30am wake up). I have a meeting at 6:30pm that night in Elk Rapids. Oh and I have a physical therapy evaluation appointment Friday morning at 10am. After today Friday will be my next day off. And for those asking Elk Rapids is about a 20-30 minute drive depending on traffic.

Yesterday I didn’t get called into work until around 9am. And we were busy from the get go. It seems like most people lost power yesterday (it covered several cities apparently). So not only were people panicking about food but gas as well. At one point I was waiting on the gas window and the courtesy counter at the same time. 😳 After work I zipped home to say goodbye to Chris then I zipped back to work to get groceries.

My goal is nothing today. Yesterday before work I got part of a scene done for my novel. I might pull that out. I may putter in the garden. I may do some housework (I did get the layer of ice out of the bottom of the freezer yesterday). I may just sit and read. I don’t want to start thinking I have to cram all kinds of stuff in today. Although I had better take a lot of photos so I have something to share with you all! Lol

I just thought of the title for this post. I thought it might be too serious or too morbid sounding but it fits. This next week time will cease to exist! Lol. I will add some photos and get this posted. Thank you for your kind words and support! Thanks for reading and stay safe!❤️

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Powerful Even When Powerless

Well this morning has started out very interesting! Total silence outside (there are people back down the two track to the west that have a generator going 24/7). I also got a text from work saying they had no power. And I have no idea when this post will upload because apparently our internet is out. My phone did not charge last night so I am on the floor in the living room plugged in to my speed charger. Incase you haven’t guessed we have power. I stuck my head outside and there are a few people with no lights but not many. I am guessing either Cherryland Electric or Consumers Energy is having the problem. Unless it is something work specific now that I am thinking on it. I think work has the same electric company we do.

Essie got up with me and ate some breakfast but Stella hasn’t gotten up at all. I’m not sure if she’s mad at me or if it’s the new dog food I am mixing with our regular stuff. Or both.

I have the window open slightly and I’ve been listening to a bat search for food. Nature is definitely in Spring mode!

I had to bury a rabbit yesterday. It showed up next to the house yesterday morning. Essie was barking like she was trying to get something to react to her. It was the rabbit but it was in really bad shape. By the time I got back home from town it had dragged itself a few feet from where it had been and was all but gone. About an hour or so later it died. I buried it out behind the garage and put a chunk of cement on the grave so hopefully it won’t get dug up.

I didn’t get a whole lot done yesterday due to not being able to breathe properly (funny considering yesterday’s blog title). I did get the way to Moose’s grave cleared completely and I got fresh dirt mixed in around the memorial garden. That was probably too much to do but I needed to do something. I played as much as I could with the girls.

I got a lot of photos though. Both with the phone camera and the Nikon. I will sift through those and share what I can. It is so wonderfully quiet this morning…. being able to hear the bat hunt in the front yard is really cool.❤️ I need to download photos so I can (oooo! an owl is out there too!) be ready for work whenever the power comes back on. Thanks for reading and stay safe! I hope everyone has a great day!

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Time to Breathe 🌺

This morning I woke to a lovely text from a coworker seeing how I was doing (we don’t work together that often). I sent her a text back wishing her a fab day with lots of love.

Loooong sighhhh…. a day off. I am running into town as soon as I post this so I can be back before Chris gets up. I will mail the books back to Amazon (I researched both authors and their topics, they were legit but some of the things they said just did not sound right and so I could not read the books… I tried). I was going to try to ride the bike but I heard/felt a snap and pop. I am having problems standing so I don’t think me riding is a good idea. And that makes me angry as I got myself all geared up mentally.

Today will by writing, maybe some gardening (with the back I’m not sure though) and things done around the house. The big task though is finding another laptop. Again. Fingers crossed that there is something I like.

Mom and I were going to hook up today but she decided not to. I think it was the early morning get together. And that is fine. Her sleep schedule has been way out of wack the past few days.

Sorry this is short. I let myself sleep in. But now I need to finish my coffee and get this posted so I can get out the door and back home ASAP. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Weeding Things Out

My brain is still back in bed. My body is struggling to wake up. Need more coffee…

The girls did very well with their vet appointment. Both have put on weight but it is muscle according to the doctor (it better be with all the playing! Lol). Stella gained 4lbs and Essie gained 3.5lbs. I had to double check the paperwork. They are both on heartworm medicine and flea & tick medicine. So hopefully no issues in that realm this year.

I think I may work in the yard tomorrow and get some seeds planted. I don’t think we got the promised rain at all. We need it. That being said the gardens are coming alive in rapid fashion this year! The best example is the daffodils. They are starting to bloom this morning.

I got my research books yesterday and I can’t say that I am happy with them. The one book is not a book at all but an empty journal. No place did it say that it was an empty journal. I need to do a bit more research on the other two because terms they use I have not heard before and I don’t trust that they know what they are talking about. I am tempted to send the whole lot back.

So the big question today is do I write or garden before work? I think I will try to do both. If nothing else I will bring the plants back outside. But I do need to make more headway on the novels. Maybe one finished character sketch.

Mom and I talked for several hours last night. By the time I went to bed I was exhausted. I tried watching a movie (thankfully it was something I’d seen before) but I kept falling asleep. That’s right. It was The House That Dripped Blood. A lovely Hammer film with a wonderful cast that included Christopher Lee, Ingrid Pitt and Peter Cushing among others. One of my favorites! After the long day I was glad to close my eyes.

I think I will do one more cup of coffee then pay bills and do some things around here. I hope you enjoy the photos! Thanks for reading and stay safe!