Work In Progress

This morning is not much better than yesterday. Work will be interesting as I have no one opening my gas/courtesy counter today. No one until noon. My opener has been going home sick the past few days. I finally talked her into staying home. I worry about her. If she still isn’t good tomorrow I may end up working a very long shift.

Things are as done as I can get them for Monday’s event. I have even gotten a few more people stopping by to check things out after work. I am hoping we will be busy with the event. If this goes well then I will talk to my reps about doing various events featuring their brand as the season goes on. I am already talking with one brewery for the end of May/ beginning of June for a event for them.

We are currently under a “winter storm warning” that has barely brought any snow. It’s just cold. We’ll see what they day brings. I need to get going for work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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