Everything at Once

Yesterday was unintentionally busy. I got my bills paid, made a hair appointment (just a trim and it’s for after work today), set up a doctor’s appointment (next Tuesday) and touched base with most of the people concerned with my event Monday. Oh and I got my brakes done. The AC compressor needs to be replaced as well but my car is new enough my mechanic is having a hard time getting the part from anywhere but a dealership. Since my car will still function as it is my mechanic will be shopping around for parts and contact me with prices ASAP.

The new norm in the early mornings seems to be that Archie gets up with me, gets his love, breakfast and goes potty. Part way through his breakfast is when Stella gets up. She eats, maybe goes outside then hunkers on the couch with me under a blanket. When Archie comes back in he goes back to bed with Chris. Until he hears me getting ready to go. Then he’ll come back out for him good-bye love.

I need to double check finances. With everything happening at once I need to make sure I have enough to cover everything. I also need to get Archie more kibble and more canned for both of them. I may swing by Tractor Supply after work this weekend to get things. We’ll see.

My clock says I need to head to work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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