I am up way too early. Stella was sleeping on the pillow beside me when she sounded like she would be sick. She wasn’t but I am worried about her so now I am awake. She still isn’t her normal self. I’m not sure if it is her diet or if she just needs space from Archie. She will want to go out and Archie is all about it because that means she wants to play… even when it doesn’t.

I got things done around the house yesterday. We even did our walk but it was damn cold. I put Stella’s hoodie on under her harness. Archie just tooled along like it wasn’t quite a bit below freezing. Due to the cold we only did one loop of the trail, so only a 1/2 mile. But we got out and that is what matters. Company came over. My friend that went to Arizona to take care of her son stopped by with the books I had loaned her as well as a beautiful clump of amethyst she got me. We had a good chat. Laundry, dishes, and counter tops got cleaned and the floor swept.

I feel off today. It might be anxiety over my event coming up Monday. I am still pulling things together and need to talk with people for last minute instructions. I had planned to leave a few minutes early for work and go to the post office to mail our income tax stuff but I remembered that they are closed when I am headed to work for their hour lunch. So that means I need to load up the pups and do it earlier. I also need to make some phone calls. I didn’t get to all of them yesterday.

Everyone is noticing the crows and ravens that have started showing up here. No idea why they are coming over. I enjoy watching them though. I need to figure out where to am going to relocate the bird feeder as well as put a few bat houses and such once Spring gets here. I want to add a few more feeders and some hummingbird feeders as well. We’ll see. I suppose that I should get the pups loaded and out to the post office. It won’t take long but it gets them out of the house for a few.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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