Chipping Away at It

Today will be busy in a good way. Once this is posted we are heading to the park for our walk then a quick stop at the store to get some eggs and bread (Chris is making breakfast). The temperature is not any warmer than yesterday unfortunately. That just means I’ll need to bundle us up. Stella can wear her hoodie. Archie doesn’t seem to get cold but I do have a coat that will fit him. I’ll bring it with just in case. The sun is out so that will help.

Something else I need to do today is call and set up a doctor’s appointment. I am not thrilled by the prospect, considering all the bs from last time I went in with a problem. But I do need to get some things addressed one way or another. My regular physician is not longer in the area so once again it will be the Russian roulette as to who I end up with.

I finally remembered to call the guy we have do our income taxes. We should have all the paperwork together. We will go over everything one final time and then get it sent in today or tomorrow. Then that will be one less worry.

I need to feed the birds as well as my plants today. The feeder is probably getting empty. I’ll do that before we leave. I’ll take care of the plants when we get back. I should still have my container that I use to put the plant food in to mix it with the water. I have heard several new bird songs the past few weeks at the feeder. One time it was blue jay singing a song I had never heard before.

It is getting to be that time. I’ll share some photos and get the kids ready to go. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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