Rallying Forward. I Think.

The sun tries to brighten things up but seems to get swallowed back up by the clouds. Then it fights its way back through for a few minutes before the clouds recapture it. The clouds are also shaking down a dusting of snow. Later this week we will end up with warm weather and rain.

Many of us are looking forward to our gardens. I still haven’t started any seeds. I have my seeds but I need more dirt and a place to keep them once they are growing. I also have my friends that are hoping to go riding on our motorcycles this year. Several people have penciled me in for rides this year. I also need to push my writing. Most of my creative juices have been going into work lately. I don’t resent it like I did when I was at Younker’s. At my current job I am appreciated. That being said I do need to take some spare time and focus on my writing. I will pull the books and magazines out to read but what I need to be doing is putting pen to paper.

Archie has a new pool. One of my coworkers had it and it was never used. It is just a small kiddie pool that blows up. I haven’t pulled it out to check size or anything yet. Since he is running hot during the cold time of the year I’m sure he will be melting come summer. I am hoping that he will want to get into the pool and just lay like Max did. If not I will find some use for it.

I was going to take the kids to the park for a walk this morning but it is just too cold. It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow so I am going to try then. Archie likes going places with me and both pups like going for walks. Archie listens very well on a leash. I need to do training with him. Either go somewhere around here for it or do it ourselves. He is very smart and I think he would have fun with it.

My laptop is ready to shut itself down since I forgot to plug it in to charge last night before bed. So I’ll add a few photos and get this posted. I appreciate all of you reaching out! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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