It’s What Time?

This morning is hard. Mostly because the clocks and my body say it’s 3am and I should be still asleep. But my phone informs me that it is indeed 4am. I look forward to the day they tell us we don’t have the time change anymore. It doesn’t serve any purpose anymore. I am curious yo see if anyone is late to work today.

Archie has smartly gone back to bed. Stella is gonna rough it with me on the love seat. Mentally I am running through my day. It should be pretty smooth. I busted tail the past few days so I only have a few things to do today. I have the option of going home early. I think I might take it if I get everything done.

All the snow is gone again. And it looks as though we will be getting more this morning. We’ll see how much. I suppose I’d better get moving before I fall asleep again. I keep dropping the phone in my lap or on Stella. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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