Good and Bad

Today has already begun in an interesting fashion. For starters Stella never came to bed last night. This morning she was coaxed up to eat but not long after she got sick on the floor. Right now she is under a blanket with Archie next to her using her as a pillow. She seems much better since she got sick. I will give her a bland diet for the next few days and try to get her system back to normal.

Yesterday we went to the park for a walk. Both pups did very well. Archie listens when corrected. Dad and I never talked. He had several opportunities but he never responded. I had surprise company for most of the night so I tried to fit a conversation in twice but nothing. So he will be upset with me. On the flip side I had a really good time with my girlfriend. She and I don’t get together much but when we do it is always a good time. We watched a lot of Supernatural while we chatted (we have both watched the series several times so we didn’t miss anything while we were talking). We talked books and people and so much more. The kids even got a second car ride. We wanted pizza and I recommended what we have at work. So we could still get my discount I drove, I didn’t want to leave the pups at home so we all loaded up in the car.

I had more Crows in the yard yesterday. Same spots, one on the ground and the other in the tree. We also saw a Robin yesterday hanging out, That made everyone feel like Spring might actually be on the way. Our neighbors across the street might be bringing in some beehives this Spring. Our road will have quite the collection of food stuffs up and down the road. Eggs, goats, chicken, ducks and other things.

I think I will wrap this up. I want to make sure Stella will be ok. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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