Apparently I did too much while I was dreaming. I feel like I’ve gotten no sleep. I would crack an eye at the clock and promptly fall back asleep. I got to spend some time with some dear friends yesterday. It was a nice change. However my anxiety kicked in not long after my friend left. I am worried that my whole day will consist of that. Dad has just texted me that he is in a very bad way physically and mentally. I dread talking to him because he wants me to just pick up and go to Montreal. It’s not that easy. It’s not like when he was still living in Detroit and I could be down there in a few hours. There is nothing I can say to help him. He does not want to be helped anymore. He just wants to be gone.

If I am going to leave the house today (I feel the anxiety pushing hard) I might take the kids (the pups… they are my kids) to the park and go for a walk. That might help all of us. I notice Stella is a little off. She has been for several days. I can’t tell you exactly what but… She is not herself. I don’t know if it is a bout of depression or if it is something physical. I think she has her yearly physical coming up soon.

The sun is out and it is blue skies. For some reason that seems to make everything feel worse. I think I will load up the pups in the car and head to the park. Maybe that will help. Thanks for reading and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Anxious”

  1. As always, your photos are so beautiful, Jill. I can see you trying to find the silver lining even thought you’re so tired. You must be so stressed and anxious about your Dad, too. I sometimes think our parents don’t know the full story of when they need us to help – to them it’s “easy” but to actually DO IT is very difficult. My heart goes out to you. I hope you will get loads of rest today and that your ‘kids’ (that’s so cute) will feel better soon, too. Sending you all big warm hugs from Perth Summer, J xxxx

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