Let’s See…

I am glad I have the day off. Overnight a heavy wet snow has fallen. The kind that will weigh down on power lines and cause issues. So if something is gonna happen I’ll be home. I am also glad that I went out yesterday and got some groceries. On my list was bird seed and the pups and I filled the bird feeder almost as soon as we got home. The bird feeder was pretty much empty. The weather has made our feeder a popular spot this morning. I managed to get quite a few photos with my Nikon.

The plow trucks have made several passes getting the heavy snow out of the way. It is just above freezing here so hopefully the temperatures don’t drop too far. Everything freezing on the roads would make things a bit treacherous. I am hoping Chris takes the truck to work but I am not holding my breath. If he can get the Mustang out he will take her.

Today is Mom’s birthday and she is sick. She wasn’t feeling good the other day when we talked. She thought she was coming down with something. So I definitely won’t be going over today. She is like me and when she is sick just wants to be left alone. The pups and I can stay hunkered in.

I have been binge watching the original CSI tv series. I remember all that I learned from them. Now I have furthered my education enough that I can see where they are making mistakes. But I still love the series. Unfortunately that means a lot of time spent on my butt in front of the tv. That will be something that changes once Spring gets here. I just let Archie out to play. Stella is asleep behind me.

I have started some more seeds. This time it is from lemons. I have been squeezing whole lemons and mixing them with water. They have a massive amount of seeds in them so I decided to try to grow a tree like I did with my orange pips. I’ll let you know if we get any growth.

I guess I will wrap this up and see about working on my novel. Maybe try to come at it from a different direction. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

3 thoughts on “Let’s See…”

  1. Your photos are sooo gorgeous!!! I love the black and white feel to them and how delicate the birds look, perched on branches heavy with snowfall. I hope your Mom feels better soon and hope your doggos look after you and give you lots of cuddles. You’re writing a novel!!! OMG!!! I’m SO excited for you! What’s it about? Or is it going to be a secret until it’s on bookshelves/kindle/all over Amazon?

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