Winging It

I changed things up a bit this morning. I got up at quarter to five and fed the dogs before I headed out to work. I was back an hour later and headed to bed. When I got home Archie insisted that we do the welcome home love on the love seat. Even if it was 6am and completely dark. Stella wanted a bit of the love too so I spent a few minutes giving scratches and kisses. Then we went back to bed. I could’ve gotten up several times but I didn’t. I probably should’ve to keep my sleep schedule somewhat normal.

When I did get up I had to remind myself not to feed the dogs a second time. I have had Archie to scratch as I read and stare out the window. Stella came out for a little bit and got some cuddle time. I had a pup on each side. I think both have a little bit of cabin fever. I am debating about whether or not to go get their meat for Monday and Tuesday. It would get them both out of the house for a little bit. And everyone could finally meet Archie. If I was feeling really adventurous I could go to the park with them and take a walk around the loop. Many possibilities…

I need to work on my writing. I need to atleast dabble in a few short stories. Something. Nothing has attracted my attention to write about anything. I did get my interview published on for this month. They are still looking for articles to add but I just can’t seem to do it. Everything feels very blah at the moment.

Tomorrow is Mom’s birthday. We chit chatted the other day. We keep making plans to get together and one of us seems to always back out. I would like to do something for her but I am not sure what. She still hasn’t gotten her Christmas stuff yet. I am tempted to see if she would come out here since I have been the one driving to Traverse. I may send her a text and see. I still need to pick that bookshelf up from her as well.

It sounds like the house is waking up. I will wrap this up and get it posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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