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One day closer. Archie is on his dog bed chewing a bone. Stella is behind me asleep beneath a blanket on the love seat. Mother Nature gave us several inches of heavy wet snow last night. Today she is supposed to warm things up and give us rain. Depending on which weather person you listen to. I am merely hoping the main roads are clean so that I can make it to Elk Rapids and back safely.

I hate everyone walking on egg shells around me. I try very hard to keep the anger out but some little thing will go wrong and I snap. And the harder I try to control it the worse it is when I snap. So I try to keep everyone at a distance. I am going to have to tell them that they shouldn’t even ask me anymore to work extra shifts. My mental health turns rancid.

Mom’s birthday is coming up. It is Monday. I might try to go into Traverse 1. assuming I have the day off and 2. assuming she is still speaking to me. We butted heads last night because she tried to call me and I was at work. I explained that to her and then had to reexplain why I was at work. She remembered nothing of our previous conversation (which included a rant about my job and long hours). And I was the bad guy because I pointed out that I had already told her all this. This did not help things at my end any more than it did at hers.

So we’ll see how things go. It sounds like there will be random give aways at the tasting this afternoon. Atleast I will be fed. I have told everyone at work to make sure I am out the door by 1:30pm to make sure I get to Elk Rapids in time. It sounds like most of the managers don’t really want to go. This isn’t the first time we have dealt with Spartan/Nash but they want to show us their wares. And it breaks up the monotony of the day at work.

I ought to wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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