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Here and There

Grrrrr… nothing like being exhausted and then finding out I could’ve gotten an extra hour of sleep. But it is too late to remedy the situation. This morning I have both pups at my back. Not much traffic outside though. That is due to the fact that the weather we were supposed to get Wednesday arrived late yesterday. It was just a steady snow for hours. When Stella hit me up to go out around 2:30am the backyard looked untouched. And I know there was a lot of running around out there before bed.

Yesterday had a slow start (everyone was staying home) and when I left I had to get my car out of a 1/4 inch (.65cm) of ice. I don’t expect us to be that busy today. All our deliveries were on time yesterday. But today might be a different story. I did get to meet and talk with another one of my reps yesterday. We looked my beer cave over and I picked some new rtds (ready to drink) beverages for the Spring.

I guess I ought to get myself together. One of my friends should be coming back from visiting her son soon. She said she has started her sober journey so a bunch of us have gotten together to give her a nice homecoming. It will be good to see her again. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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