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Stormy Head

Between the weather and lack of sleep I have the most exquisite headache. Archie got up with me but Stella is still in bed. I think this is why I don’t nap well.

The snow is still falling. What were footprints in the snow a mere few hours ago are now barely dents. The furnace is almost constantly on. It is a day you just want to hunker under the covers and sleep until Spring. The storm warning has been extended to 7pm tonight.

Oh damn. I just realized that on top of everything else I have to work until 3pm. Which means I won’t see Chris unless he stops by work before he heads out to his work. That extra hour is going to be difficult today. Especially if this headache doesn’t let up.

I was busy pretty much the whole time yesterday. I didn’t get home until after 10:30pm last night. I have no idea if any of our deliveries are going to arrive. If it is slow I might spend time in the beer cave and see what needs to be moved around. I had one of my new vendors stop by last night and I think I might be having another event at the end of May with the help of one of our local breweries. Fingers crossed!

I need to get this posted and head out. Looks like we still have internet. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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