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Taking Time

Sorry for the late post. I decided to sleep in. Yesterday at work I was pretty much going nonstop once I got in the door. So when I got home I was pooped. That being said it felt good to chill in front of the tv for a bit. Chris got me a video game for one of the systems. It is “Friday the 13th” and is based on the movies. Aaaand since Kane Hodder was used as the Jason in the game I was really excited to see what was what. I am not a gamer by any means. Once in a blue moon I will pick up a controller to game. After a long day there was something a bit relaxing about being able to play Jason Voorhes. You can play a camp counselor as well (I’ll get there, just not yet). Both types of characters have some pretty cool stuff going for them. So, we’ll see what happens.

Both pups are behind me trying to sleep. I say tries because Archie will stretch out and squish Stella more. He is using her as a pillow. I was the pillow last night. He is a big cuddle bug. Something had him spooked earlier out back. He wouldn’t leave the porch. He just stood and stared. When he wanted me to see he got his deep soft woof, but he did not take his eyes off the distance. It was weird. I couldn’t see anything or hear anything. I sniffed the air and didn’t smell anything odd or out of place. But I sat there with him for a few minutes trying to see what he saw. No joy.

I have today and tomorrow off. I am back to my regular routine. Today will include getting the plants watered. It is dry enough in the house that Mondays and Thursdays I need to water the plants. Normally it is just Thursdays. I can’t wait for Spring when I can start pulling the plants outside and get my gardens going. It is going to take a lot of work but I am going to try to such it up this year and just keep at the gardens every day. There is enough to do that I should be able to just keep going from garden to garden. I need to start my seeds soon. But I don’t have enough room once they start to take off to keep them like I did last year. So I’m kind of dragging my feet.

All the snow we got the other day is all but gone with the warmer temps and strong winds. That being said the temps have dropped like a rock so what was left has frozen solid. The forecast keeps bouncing around so who knows what Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

I should get this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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