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Going Italian

Aaaaaand here we are at o’dark thirty. Both pups are asleep behind me, despite getting in trouble before bed for destroying yet another pillow.

We made our first batch of homemade pasta together last night! It was a lot more complicated than I first thought. If I followed Gordon Ramsey’s recipe it would’ve taken a lot long than it did. He said to roll things through 10 times on each setting. I have I think 8 on the new pasta machine. 😳

I had planned on making the first batch myself but when the dough was rolling out longer than I could hold I had to have help. It was a fun mess to make together. And to be fair the ravioli didn’t turn it too bad. Now that I know what to do I can plan things a little better. Like the ricotta inside the raviolis can be spiced differently and the boil time can be different.

There is some of the dough leftover so maybe spaghetti or another type of pasta tonight. We do have some meatballs…

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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