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Anniversary Plans

Today is the big day! And we did get hit by the weather. I, and others, were so confused when seemingly all the weather apps said that we weren’t getting anything. But you watch the little radar video they provide and even a blind person could see that we would get hit. We got about 4 inches (10cm) of snow. I think our furnace even went out. I remember it running as I fell asleep last night but when Chris got home it sounded like he had to get it going again. I put an extra blanket on him when we got up. He was all hunkered in beneath what we had on the bed. I didn’t notice anything because I was surrounded by the pups so I was warm.

I am very annoyed though. I have been tracking Chris’s gift. It has not moved since it was taken to the post office according to the Post Office app. I know sometimes it moves and will be delivered but it won’t appear on the app. Well nothing was delivered yesterday and I now have no arrival date for the gift. So now I will be empty handed. Which wouldn’t irk me as much if it wasn’t such a perfect gift to just randomly find. (And I trust the seller, I have dealt with them before.)

I have pulled out Mom’s gifts from Christmas so hopefully I will not forget those when we leave. I showered last night before bed that way we wouldn’t both be waiting to shower. I still don’t know what to wear. Since it is our anniversary I did kind of want to dress up. But with that much snow I’m not sure that the girlie thing is gonna work for me. It might be a cute top with my jeans and boots. I might even throw on some make up. The trick then will be to not rub my eyes.

I suppose that I should get this posted and try to work on my novel, even if it is just research. Thank you to everyone who has commented recently! I love hearing form you! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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