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It feels good to get things done around here. All three animal cages got cleaned out, floors swept, carpets vacuumed, counters cleaned (Chris did dishes for me), tables washed…. The house feels better. I know there is still a lot of work to be done but it is a big dent. Getting the bookcase from Mom will be a big help.

Mother Nature gave us rain from late afternoon right through the night. There was some blue sky this morning but that had been completely covered by thick grey clouds. More rain soon I am guessing. The plus side is that 3/4 of the snow is now gone. That being said Thursday is supposed to bless us with up to 8 inches (20 cm) of snow. Because welcome to Michigan, lol.

Regardless, Friday is our big day. I am happy to say that Chris’s present will arrive before our anniversary. I did get one of my gifts early (the stinker). The kids/pups and I watched four of the movies from my new Hammer Horror movie collection. Giggity!

Yesterday also saw me get my article turned in and I had a rep from the brewery finally get ahold of me and aske me what I needed for my event. Sooooo I replied to his email. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully we can get some fun swag to give away at the event. I think I will start putting flyers up on Sunday. That will give me almost a month to the day to drum up business for the event. I will have to work a few hours on my day off but oh well. I need to figure out what I am going to make (I went through their website and got a few recipes for both food and cocktails) and how it will be set up.

Ok, I guess I should get things wrapped up with this and work on some stuff here before work. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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