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The Frustrations

For once I am not sitting on the floor. Stella is on the couch. Archie has gone back to bed. They both got in trouble after breakfast For not going out to go to the bathroom. It is 4am and I don’t know how long Chris will sleep so I need to make sure no accidents will happen. But neither of them did anything beyond walk out the door. Stella got me up around 2:30am to go out and they both went. I hope it is enough.

I didn’t sleep well. When I did sleep I slept hard, so that seems to have taken a lot out of me. I’ve been in pain for several weeks and it flared up very badly last night. I just hope the shift goes quickly. I would rather be home.

Chris got the fridge to fit. It looks very nice and he had it done before I got home. I had planned on helping him when I got home. Be both agree that this “old” fridge he got for $25 is a lot better than the one we had.

It must be cold out. The furnace has just turned on for the third time since I got up. I don’t know what work will be like. It is Super Bowl Sunday here in the States. We’ll probably be busy late afternoon before the game but before that????

I need to wrap this up and get it listed. Thank you to everyone who has reached out.❤️ Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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