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Looking Ahead

Just two more shifts… The pups are curled up behind me. No one can seem to get warm this morning. And that seems to make sleep all that more attractive.

It is supposed to warm up again today so a good portion of the mess we got should start melting again. Despite complaints this really hasn’t been a bad winter. It has just been cycling through all the seasons a lot.

It will be another overtime week. The money will be nice but I am tired. Working that extra hour takes a toll. We usually start getting busy which makes it even harder to leave. This coming week I will only be working three days. A mini vacation if you will. Our anniversary is Friday so I am taking Friday and Saturday off. But I could not face working 10 days straight to do it. So I am taking my usual days off (Monday and Tuesday) then vacation days for Friday and Saturday.

I ought to get this posted and get out the door. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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