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A Stormy Bit

I am up earlier than I want to be, incase I need to go into work early. We got hit with nasty weather yesterday and last night. As a matter of fact the wind is starting to pick up. But a coworker lives down a two track that is a mess when this stuff hits. But some idjit in a big truck thought is would be fun to tear it up along her two track so with the weather she wasn’t sure if she would be able to get out. I told her to shoot me a message if she needed me to come in for her.

I went to bed way early. I was just too tired. But I feel as though I haven’t had enough. Stella got me up around 2:30am to go out but we went right back to bed. Both pups are asleep behind me. I know Stella is starting to feel sore from playing with Archie. I have been trying to distract him so he leaves her alone for a bit.

Still no word on getting my car in. I am trying not to be an ass about it but I really need to get my car in! Why this mechanic? Because he has been very good with my vehicles and if I don’t have all the money at once I can pay him the following week.

Both the store manager and the store owner have gotten involved in the issue with my one distributor. Since the store manager got to witness the mess the guy made and the fact that he was talking smack behind my back (we have never met) has ticked both of them off. The store owner has set up a meeting with them to straighten things out.

I am gonna wrap this up. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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