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Keep On Comin’

We are only six days into the month and already it has been crazy. We have a new fridge. That works. But it doesn’t fit where the old one was (which is now totally dead). So for the time being it is plugged in but sitting at an angle where it is supposed to go. But it works. I will pull the last of the stuff from outside in and put it in the freezer.

I did get one of my promotions started at work. I pulled together a punch card promotion for my shooters (small bottles of liquor, also called airplane shots). I plan to have a shot of the week and if you buy one you get a punch on your card. If you buy two of any of the other flavors you get a punch n your card. Once that is filled you get a discount on your next purchase. it just started yesterday so we’ll see how it goes. I am also running a recipe contest that you have to use the shot of the week in. The recipe can be a drink recipe or a food recipe. At the end of the week I will pull them out and have people vote for their favorite one. Whoever wins gets a $10 gift card for the store. So we’ll see how it goes.

I have heard nothing new from the Brewery I contacted. I am still going to do the event, I just need to figure out how to word the flyers. I am debating about how early to put the flyers up. I don’t want to do it too early but I want to get people excited about it so they come. Sooooo…. in looking at the calendar I think that maybe the end of next week would be a good time. That would be about a month to the day. I also need to pull things together for the event. I am worried because they are redoing the store around that time. I have no idea where my set up will be. I’d prefer in front of the beer cave but that is at the back of the store. And I have no idea when this moving of the store’s internals will take place.

I did take a few photos of the repotted plants as well as my one cactus that after several years has actually started to bloom! I had no idea that this cactus bloomed. I just thought it was a cool looking cactus. I am very excited to see what she does! I think I might be able to include a photo of the little display I have set up for my promotion as well.

I see that it is late. The pups are snoozing behind me on the loveseat. Archie has been busy this morning with a bone but, much to Stella’s chagrin, settled on the loveseat with/on her. We’ll see how the day goes. I might see if I can get them playing outside. The snow might be too deep still for a walk on the property. It’s not that we can’t navigate through the snow so much as if Stella’s paws are constantly sinking in the snow her paws will get colder faster. Then she will start the holding a paw up because it is too cold thing. Archie seems to not care about the cold. Unless you get that soul chilling wind that we had a few days ago. Anyway, I need to get his posted. Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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