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Forwarding… mostly

Oh I am done adulting…. I got home from work to hear that the fridge has gone down again. Chris has ordered parts to try to fix it again. Meanwhile roughly half of our fridge is in the snow outside the door. The rest has been lost. I saved what I could when I got home. We might have leads on a replacement but I have no idea.

Archie is out here with me. Stella has stayed with Chris and is in bed with him. On the plus side I have the next two days off once I get home this afternoon. It looks like I am back to my regular schedule. Mostly. On several days I am there until 3 pm instead of 2. That means I won’t see Chris at all.

This will be a short post as I seem to be running late. I hope that is not an indication of the day. Fingers crossed! Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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